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AUTHOR'S NOTE: It's funny. Never really thought about marrying a woman before, but after today's episode, I would so marry Doris Wolfe. I LOOOVE her. Major props to Orlagh (love the name) Cassidy. This took me all of about ten minutes to write so hopefully it's not too discombobulated.
SPOILERS: Week of April 13th…the best week of TV ever!
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By Karjens40


Well. I did not see that coming. Nope, not so much as a clue. I stand up here at the front of the church, wearing my best "Mayoral" expression, trying to look composed and sympathetic, yet inside I was as confused as everyone else present. For an entirely different reason though.

When I volunteered to perform this ceremony, I have to admit to feeling no small sense of anticipatory amusement. Not because I enjoyed the thought of the heartbreak that I knew was coming for somebody, but because I fully expected the Olivia Spencer of old to finally make an appearance. I expected her to do what she did best and take what she wanted, creating a spectacular scene in the process. It seems I underestimated her. Again.

I used every stall tactic in my arsenal to get her to do something. I used as many subtle hints as I could think of, which was hard enough as subtlety is not my strong suit. When it came to the part where I asked if anyone objected, I finally said to hell with subtlety and all but told her to speak up. When she shouted out "NO!" I thought I'd finally reached her, but the irritatingly stubborn woman retreated again. She just told me to continue, all the while standing there, red faced and weeping and Natalia looking no better.

As a last resort, I feigned a phone call from the City Council. I needed time to think of something else to get Olivia off that cross she was hell bent on getting on. It's strange really. I'm not exactly sure why I care. Olivia and I have never gotten along and after that press conference I gave a few months ago…not one of my finer moments, I have to admit…. I had thought she'd set out to destroy me. Her finding out my secret changed a lot of things. Eventually. We both had someone we could finally be honest with which turned out to benefit us both. It's been very difficult for me, carrying this all by myself. I don't know. Maybe the reason why I want to help her is that she has an honest to God shot at something that I've resigned myself to never having. If she'd only stopped acting so damned noble. I try not to snort in laughter at that. Noble was not a word that would normally be associated with that particular woman.

Olivia wasn't fooled by that phone call for a minute. She came over and took the phone and I tried once more to get her to act. I saw Natalia out of the corner of my eye watching us. Part of me couldn't help but think she was wishing for the same thing.

Finally, Olivia gave me no other choice and I started back with the ceremony. As Frank poured out his heart, I watched a devastated Olivia trying to be strong and a devastated Natalia looking as if she was going to pass out. Poor, love-stupid Frank. This whole thing was a train wreck and he didn't have a single clue. I honestly don't know how he couldn't see it. Natalia looked as if she was going on trial for murder and Olivia's feelings were plastered all over her face. While I tried to remain professional, I found myself looking at the bride in frustration and the inner bitch in me started clamoring to come out.

Natalia is the nicest, sweetest, most giving person in town, but what she was doing to Frank and Olivia, not to mention herself, was just either beyond blind, or was more selfish than I or anyone else had given her credit for. I wanted to shake some sense back into her. It turns out though, I didn't need to.

When she began her vows, I had pretty much figured this was it. This was going to happen and three lives were ending instead of a new family beginning. At that second I realized that if this is what love is, you can have it.

When Natalia began to speak of love coming from God and that that love should be accepted and cherished, I did feel a flicker of hope. Maybe she was secretly telling Olivia she was okay with loving her. But the flicker faded as her words didn't really change anything. She was saying them to Frank.

Then she surprised me. Me, who's seen and done pretty much everything. Natalia stopped, looked at Olivia and bolted in tears, leaving everyone, including me, staring blankly and wondering what the hell just happened.

I looked at the stunned faces of Frank and Olivia and couldn't feel any sort of triumph. Not that I had expected to. Not really, but when Olivia went after her I had to force myself not to shout the FINALLY that was bubbling up in my throat. Go get her, Spencer, I silently cheered instead.

Now I watch in concern as Frank decides to chase after them. Damn. This does not bode well. I meet the eyes of Buzz and Lillian and offer a smile that was about as real as this wedding. God I could use a cigarette right now.

The End

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