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NPS - A Mystery Solved
By Wonko


"Oh my god..."

Natalia rested her head against Olivia's thigh for a long moment as she tried to get her breath back.  "You said it," she managed to murmur.

"Why are you so far away?"

Natalia smiled slowly, picturing the pout on Olivia's face.  She opened her eyes and the smile spread into a grin as she looked up and saw that the expression on her lover's face could have been lifted directly from her own imagination.  "I was a little busy down here," she said, then relented and slid back up Olivia's body, leaving a trail of kisses like bread crumbs in her wake.

"Mmmm, that's better," Olivia sighed as she wrapped her arms round Natalia's neck and kissed her slowly, sweetly and thoroughly.

Natalia couldn't help but agree with that assessment as she revelled in the heady cocktail of skin and hair and lips laid out before her like a banquet.  "What took us so long?" she whispered, her fingers tangling in Olivia's hair as she kissed her.

Olivia chuckled softly and thought of all of Natalia's What does this means and I don't knows"I have no idea," she lied, deciding that getting to do this again soon - or even right now - was likely to be more fun than telling Natalia that she told her so.  Smiling, she ran her fingers teasingly down the curve of Natalia's spine, getting a little lower each time until suddenly she frowned.

"What?" Natalia muttered, not at all pleased by either the frown or the fact that Olivia's hands had stopped moving.

"There's something on your back," Olivia said.  Natalia sat up quickly.

"Huh?"  She leaned this way and that trying to see but the angle was all wrong.  Olivia scrambled up and peered at the offending object - a thin strip of black pressed neatly on the small of her lover's back.

"It's got some writing on it," she murmured, eyes narrowing as she tried to read it.  "I think it says Nat-something or other."  She frowned.  "NatTracker 2001...that son of a bitch!"

Natalia could feel a headache coming on.  "What?  Ow!"  She swatted at Olivia's hands but Olivia had already torn the offending item from her back, taking a few fine colourless hairs with it.  "That really hurt!"

"Sorry," Olivia said, and kissed the rapidly reddening patch of skin.  "Can you believe that fucking sicko?"

Natalia shook her head.  "I still don't know what you're talking about."

Olivia rolled her eyes.  "Oh come on, the NatTracker?  Who always seems to be able to find you at the most annoying times?  Who would have been able to plant this delightful little device where I found it?  Who, in short, had the motive, means and opportunity?"

Natalia's face went from red to white to red again so quickly it was almost funny.  "I'll kill him," she muttered.

Olivia shook her head as she stood up and tossed Natalia her clothes.  "I've got a better idea, she said.  "But we need to go out to the pond..."

Three months later

"Hey Marina, how's it going?"

Marina looked up and smiled at Reva, just a little sadly.

"Not bad," she replied.  "Coffee?"

"You read my mind," Reva said, settling into a stool at the counter.  "Hey, have you heard?  Olivia and Natalia are going up to Canada to get married."

Marina nodded.  "I heard."

"Isn't it great?"

"Hmm," Marina replied noncommittally, then shook her head.  "Maybe they'll find my dad while they're up there.  Last I heard he was in Canada."

Reva patted Marina's hand comfortingly.  "How long has it been, three months?  When's Frank coming home?"

Marina shrugged.  "He says he's looking for someone.  Whoever it is they're flying around all over the place."

Meanwhile, in Canada

Frank Cooper woke up in his car, cold and miserable, ready for another long day of following the steady signal of the NPS.

Three months, and he'd found nothing but ducks.

The End

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