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By lazydevil69



Olivia stalked into the Mayor's office like she owned the place and demanded to speak to Doris. The terrified assistant simply nodded in the general direction of the door and smiled. These two were always fun to overhear; never fun to have to separate, but fun to listen to.

"Doris," Olivia growled as she walked into the room and tossed her purse onto the nearest chair.

"Olivia," Doris sighed heavily, "I'm really not in the mood for drama, excitement or anything that is actually going to tax my brain. I am too tired for you."

"Oh?" Olivia jumped all over that sentence sensing that something monumental had happened. She just knew that Doris had something to share but couldn't quite place why. "What have you been up to that would cause that reaction? Do tell Doris, please?" Olivia grinned at her own humour. "Were you wearing your fedora again?"

Grimacing Doris replied, "No, I wasn't; I didn't need it. I think I'm in love." Doris blurted as she faced Olivia. Embarrassed, she glanced at the floor and missed the stunned look on the other woman's face.

Oh, my god, Doris is in love? Freakin' hell, what is going on in this town? Olivia thought silently to herself but said aloud, "Well, congratulations, with whom?"

Doris had the good grace to blush a beautiful shade of cerise before she whispered, "Blake Marler."

Olivia wasn't quite sure she'd heard her properly, "did you just say 'Blake'?" Dumbfounded Olivia could only stare at her friend.

"Yes, I did," Doris retorted and then remembering that Olivia had barged in unannounced demanded to know why she had suddenly appeared in her office.

Completely derailed from her line of questioning, Olivia beamed, "Well, happiness must be in the air today because..." and here Olivia paused dramatically and grinned as Doris leaned further forward in her seat to hear her clearly. "I'm going to ask Natalia to marry me, well have a commitment ceremony with me and I want you to be my "best man"?"

Flabbergasted, Doris could only nod her acceptance while Olivia nearly crushed her to death in a huge bear hug. Catching her breath once Olivia let go Doris wheezed, "I have one question though, if I'm standing as your 'best man' who's going to officiate it? I'm the only person in town apart from Father Ray who can perform marriages and commitment ceremonies?"

Olivia sighed heavily and pouted; she hadn't actually thought that far ahead.

Blake grinned as she saw the exasperated Mayor walk out of Towers and stalk her way over to the parked car; she looked like she was cussing up a storm under her breath. Grabbing the door handle and yanking furiously Doris launched herself in beside the other woman and sighed loudly.

"Bad day?" Blake asked, trying not to laugh at the endearing frown on the Mayor's face.

"Ugh, it was a good day until Olivia freakin' Spencer showed up in my office, after that I had an overwhelming need to get a drink!" Doris replied sarcastically. "Thanks for coming to pick me up though."

"Okay," Blake drawled, "What has she done now that's pissed you off so much?"

Rolling her eyes at her 'girlfriend', Doris laughed, "I'm sorry Blake, c'mere…" Doris leaned over clasping the other woman's neck in a gentle grip and pulling her into a hot sweet kiss. Tongues had begun their normal dance in each other's mouth before either of them remembered that they were in a public parking lot and Doris wasn't fully out to her constituents yet. Blake however had plans to change that particular fact as soon as she could.

Blinking back the lust and desire that she felt every time she kissed Blake, Doris found the strength to speak again. "She's only gone and decided that now that Natalia is back for good, she's going to propose to her and she's panicking about how to do it. She actually had the nerve to ask me what to do! Like I have ever proposed to anyone before…" Doris stopped mid rant as Blake's mouth crushed against hers to stop the inevitable tirade about Olivia Spencer.

"Let's get out of here, then we can talk, or whatever you need, okay?" Blake grinned suggestively and turned to start the car.

"I like the way you think Blake, so where are we going, your place or mine?" Doris blushed as she remembered that question from a previous conversation.



Laughing as they entered Doris' house, they didn't notice that they had an audience to their antics until it was too late. Kissing and tugging one another's clothing open was proving to be much more exciting than actually paying attention to their surroundings. It was only the startled squeak, followed by "Mom, what are you doing?" that broke through their lust and the desire to consume one another.

"Oh, shit!" Doris grimaced as she pulled away from Blake's mouth to confront her red-faced and cringing daughter. "Ashlee, honey what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be…?" Doris trailed off, not really sure where her daughter was meant to be but certain it wasn't in the living room; at least not while she had her tongue rammed down the back of Blake Marler's throat and her hands inside the other woman's open shirt caressing her nipples.

"I'm supposed to be going with you to find a new outfit like we had arranged. I'm not supposed to be traumatised by the sight of you and your girlfriend playing tonsil tennis in the living room!" She retorted, almost amused at the look of absolute horror on her mother's face. There was a certain sense of satisfaction in knowing that she'd never been caught necking in the living room, and here she had just caught her mom red-handed; and red faced.

Blake grinned at Doris' discomfort and tried not to laugh as she said, "I'm sorry Ashlee, and I know this might come as a shock…"

"Blake, I'm not shocked, I know my mom is gay. I've known for years that she prefers women, but I never had to watch just how much she obviously prefers them before, so don't make excuses, okay?" Ashlee grimaced at her own tone, she just knew her mom was going to round on her now for using that tone with a guest; she was the Mayor after all.

Doris paled, from her flushed passionate blush to deathly white in seconds; so quickly that the other women in the room thought that she'd pass out and made to grab for her. Blake being closest reached her first. "Honey, are you okay? What is it, what's wrong?" She stammered out as she held the other woman close to her, trying with all her strength to stop the taller woman from taking them both to the floor. There was a time and place for fun time on the floor, but Ashlee in the living room with an attitude wasn't exactly a scene setter.

Doris couldn't breathe; her heart was hammering in her chest and beating out through her ears. She hadn't felt this scared since she was in her final year studying law and exams were two days away. She had gotten nervous before, but never out of control. Now: she was swimming in smog and drowning in molasses as her brain tried to make sense of her daughter's words. She could almost hear her own heartbeat stop, and then valiantly try to start again at her daughter's proclamation.

"Blake, I'm not shocked, I know my mom is gay…" The words echoed around in her brain, like rockets launched on Fourth of July celebrations, until she felt like it would melt and leak out of her ears. They resounded off her synapses and reverberated through her body until she couldn't take it anymore and her body decided that self-preservation was actually an honour after all.

Ashlee watched her mother crumple, powerless to do anything to help as Doris pulled Blake downwards with her. That was the one thing that Ashlee Wolfe never thought she'd see in her lifetime: her mother fainting. Blake stared in horror at her partner lying crumpled on the floor and had the worst case of "Shit, I don't know what to do!" run through her head before reason and logic could take over. She gently laid her out on the cold of the living room floor and tested for a pulse with two fingers at her throat. Finding Doris' pulse regular and strong, she heaved a sigh of relief. "She's fine Ashlee, she's just fainted. I don't think she knew that you knew about her…" Blake trailed off unsure how to continue that particular sentence.

Ashlee just snorted and snarked at Blake, "Yeah, well mom should learn not to moan quite so loudly when she has friends over for the evening; then I wouldn't know!"

Blake looked astonished as she glanced at Ashlee; Doris had actually brought her previous lovers back to her own house? Well, wasn't that a turn up for the books and information that would be filed away and used against her girlfriend in future?

Regaining her composure, Blake gently slapped Doris' face until there was a reaction. "Doris honey, you really have to open your eyes, sweetie, c'mon now, no time for sleeping the day away," Blake teased quietly while trying to control her own emotions; she hated having to be the strong one in a relationship. Doris was much better at that since she had a more dominant personality; well at least in their relationship.

Doris mumbled something that sounded like, 'It's okay baby I don't have an early meeting, come back to bed and cuddle.' Blushing seven shades of scarlet, Blake tried again (slightly louder and slapping a bit harder) to wake her partner. "Come on Doris! You are scaring Ashlee here and I'm not doing much better, you have to wake up!"

Doris groaned loudly and opened her eyes, speaking before she remembered where she was. "Honey, you know that I don't like kinky stuff first thing in the morning, be nice."



Blake almost swallowed her tongue trying to choke back her embarrassment at that comment; they'd only tried that once and it was purely for research purposes for her latest novel.

"Doris, we have company! You might remember that your daughter is here and you just took a swan dive into the floor! C'mon Doris haul ass!" Blake's sudden bout of assertiveness made Doris' eyes pop open wide as the words penetrated her brain.

"Ashlee…" Pasty faced, Doris thought that she might pass out again as she turned to look at her daughter. "I can explain…"

"Don't even go there mother," Ashlee smirked, "I know, okay? I don't care; I just don't want to see it!"

"Ohmyfrillyfreakingoodness," Doris mumbled under her breath as she buried her face into the ever-attentive Blake's chest, the 'girls' a welcome diversion from the chaos surrounding her now. The scent of her lover and the feel of her arms around her almost made Doris oblivious to the melee she felt surrounded her. Her fainting fit notwithstanding, Doris had some serious questions to answer and none of them had anything to do with her daughter currently glaring at her.

The first thought to overtake her was something along the lines of 'since when the hell did she adore the fact that Blake had taken control and bossed her around?' Grinning to herself she remembered it was last Thursday after Ladies Night when they'd staggered home slightly buzzed from the drinks and the dirty dancing they'd done, with their hats still on, for the majority of the night; then Blake had playfully smacked her on the ass as they made their way upstairs to Doris' bedroom.

Doris shook her head gently to clear it of the totally inappropriate thoughts of that night and then tried to concentrate long enough to finish speaking with Ashlee. But since Ashlee already knew, she thought it would be a quick conversation and she'd promise her daughter that she'd be more discreet in future.

Blake decided it was time for her to go home since Doris was going to keep her promise and go shopping with Ashlee. Blake decided not to go with them this time so that during their shopping trip Doris could confide in her daughter about her relationship with Blake and how long it had been going on.

Kissing Blake tenderly goodbye at the front door, away from the prying eyes of her daughter, Doris was trying to tamp down the lust she was feeling. She knew that the upcoming trip with her daughter was going to be awkward and nerve-wracking. Grabbing their coats and calling Ashlee to hurry, Doris' grabbed her purse and car keys then headed out.

Blake meanwhile headed into town to finish some errands she had to run for a planned romantic meal for Doris later in the week. Standing in the queue to pay for her groceries she bumped into Olivia, a particularly nervous, edgy Olivia.

"Hi, are you okay? You look like someone has just kicked your puppy; well you would if you had one." Blake grinned at her joke.

"Hi Blake, you don't happen to know where Doris is do you? I really need to talk to her and she's not answering her cellphone. It's really important I talk to her!" Olivia was almost frantic with impatience.

Blake looked on sympathetically, since she already knew from her previous conversation with Doris what the subject was likely to be about but wasn't about to reveal that knowledge, she replied, "She's gone dress shopping with Ashlee and knowing those two they won't be home until they get thrown out of the shop. Is there anything I can help with?"

Olivia stared at Blake like she'd suddenly grown two heads and grimaced, "No, but thanks Blake, it was nice of you to offer. Doris knows what's going on and I'd really rather keep it that as few people know as possible. No offence intended."

"None taken Olivia, just remember I'm a good listener too?" With that Blake continued her shopping and paid for the groceries before leaving the store with a huge grin on her face, who would have thought that Olivia Spencer would ever be seen nervous publicly?

Meanwhile, in the car Ashlee kept glancing at her mother, almost afraid to ask the questions she wanted to, but too scared of what the answers would be.

"Oh, for the love of God Ashlee, just ask me? I can feel your questions burning the side of my face." Doris exclaimed as she braked at a red light.

Ashlee blushed darkly, her usually pale skin suffused with colour until she could feel her skin burning all the way down her front. "Well, it's kind of hard trying to ask your mom about her love life. I don't quite know where to start." She stammered out hurriedly.

Sighing in exasperation as she noticed the green light and started driving again, "Well if you must know I've been seeing Blake for a while now. I really like her Ashlee and I want it to become a serious relationship. Are you okay with that?" Doris was nothing if not forthright, even with her daughter.

"Of course I am mom! I'm not Rafe Rivera, I don't care that you're gay. I just want you to be happy, but I really do not want to see you two in action again. I think I'm mentally scarred, I never thought I'd ever see you kiss anyone, never mind Blake." Ashlee's blush hadn't receded any and she was still cringing at having this conversation with her mom.

"Is it the fact that you saw us, or the fact that it was Blake I was kissing that's making you so uncomfortable?" Doris quickly glanced away from the traffic in front of her to check the look on her daughter's face.

"I think it's more the fact that I could almost see your tongues down the back of one another's throats!" Ashlee nearly choked on her words and Doris' face brightened like a beacon.

"Ashlee, I'm sure you've kissed someone passionately?" Doris queried, "You've had boyfriends haven't you?" Doris wasn't really sure which was why she was double checking. Pulling into the parking lot of the shopping mall meant that Ashlee could evade that particular question; she knew her mother would come back to it later though. As they entered the mall Doris' cellphone rang with the distinctive tone which told her Olivia was calling.

"Hello Olivia," she replied pleasantly, "what can I do for you?" She grimaced at Ashlee for the interruption. "NO, I'm out with Ashlee, I'll come see you when we are finished shopping. Are you at the Farmhouse?" Hearing an affirmative reply Doris nodded, "okay, then I'll call you when I'm on my way back."

"Sorry Ashlee, yet another Olivia crisis I'm going to have to deal with, but not before we find you the perfect dress."


4 Olivia's proposal

Olivia meanwhile, paced nervously around the living room of the farmhouse as she waited for Natalia to return. The other woman had gone to drop Emma off at Jodie's for a sleepover, and would be back within a few minutes. She'd just completed another circuit of the living room when she heard the backdoor opening and Natalia calling her name. "In here Natalia." Olivia was positive that she squeaked her reply. Nervously running her fingers through her hair, Olivia tried to grin at her lover but failed spectacularly.

Natalia noticed almost immediately that Olivia seemed out of sorts and honed in on her like a heat-seeking missile. Tenderly stroking the older woman's cheek Natalia whispered, "What's wrong Olivia, why are you so jumpy?"

Leaning into the gentle touch and gently kissing Natalia's wrist she took a deep breath and replied, "We need to talk."

Natalia gasped, sentences that began like that were normally never very good. Nodding her acceptance she moved over to the sofa and grinned cheekily. "Do we need a glass of wine for this?" Although she was nervous, Natalia couldn't resist the joke that Olivia would normally make.

"Actually that's not a bad idea, I'll be right back." Olivia chose to escape to the kitchen and used the time pouring wine for both of them as an opportunity to gather her scattered thoughts. Returning with two glasses of red wine and slightly trembling hands Olivia perched on the edge of the sofa almost as far away from Natalia as she could.

"Olivia, you're starting to scare me, what's wrong?" Natalia's brow furrowed, in frustration at Olivia's strange behaviour.

"Well, you know that I love you don't you? Well...I wanted to ask you something... but I'm kind of nervous and a little scared." Olivia rushed her words then took a huge gulp of her wine, almost choking herself in the process. Natalia made a move to help her but Olivia forestalled her with a raised hand, "I'm okay, it just went down the wrong tube." She cleared her throat and tried to speak again, "I know it's not exactly legal in Springfield but I wanted to ask you to marry me, well, actually have a commitment ceremony with me, in front of all our friends and neighbours and show them just how committed we are to one another?"

Olivia had spoken so quickly that Natalia had frozen on "ask you to marry me," her jaw almost hitting the floor in shock. Huge brown eyes just stared at her love and began to tear up with happiness. When the full confession from Olivia finally penetrated her brain she launched herself across the sofa and hugged her for dear life whispering, "of course I will."

The End

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