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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I was at work, listening to tunes and weeping from boredom when the song Wisdom of Wind came on. After about three seconds this idea instantly filled my mind. This really isn't a marriage scene as due to the fact this is set in the Midwest, that's sadly not an option. I'm not sure it's even a commitment ceremony or civil union. I'm not sure what it is. I suppose I sort of see this as the two women taking an opportunity to formalize their relationship and share in it with their friends. *shrugs*. I was going to try and embed the song so that it's clear what shoved this idea into my head but I failed. Not sure the story will work without it. It seems kind of silly now. I took enormous liberties with Josh Lewis but I like him and his relationship (that I've seen recently) with Olivia and remembered hearing that he used to be a minister a while ago. Plus I had a line in mind that would only work with Josh.
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By Karjens40


The ballroom of the Beacon was romantically lit by the flickering flame of several candles. The crowd that was gathered was not large, but it contained all the people that had come to mean so much to the two people involved. There was a gentle rush of whispers as the guests murmured, waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Finally, the soft, haunting opening guitar strains of the song 'Wisdom of Wind' began to play. As the soprano voice of the hired singer filled the air, two figures appeared from opposite ends of the room. The two women paused as they saw each other for the first time since the previous night.

Natalia Rivera nearly faltered as she saw Olivia and her breath caught in her throat. She stood proudly facing Natalia, wearing a formal sleeveless white sheath gown that seemed to be made for the body that wore it. Her hair was swept up on her head and she just looked so heart-stoppingly beautiful. The crystalline green eyes that so often had Natalia close to melting into a big puddle, were looking at her as intently as they always seemed to be, but this time there was a happiness in them that awed Natalia. She couldn't believe she was the one who had put that look on the complicated woman's face.

Hearing a soft chuckle in her ear and a tug on her arm, Natalia turned to look at her son who was walking beside her, looking very handsome in his black suit. She felt tears in her eyes knowing he was finally free, and knowing who had been the one responsible.

"I love you," she said to her son. He smiled broadly at his mother and led her forward.

"I love you too, mom."

Olivia Spencer had to bite her lip to keep from crying as she looked at the innocent beauty standing across from her. The long, full skirted white dress was different than the one she'd tried on for Olivia and was so elegantly simple. So Natalia. She'd never looked as magnificent to Olivia, as she did in that moment.

Deep brown eyes looked back at her and shone with a love that Natalia had spent so long trying to hide. This caused Olivia to shiver, but the slow smile and accompanying dimples nearly did her in all together.


Olivia looked down at her little girl and smiled. "I'm sorry, baby. Your mom was just admiring how beautiful Natalia is."

"She is," Emma agreed happily. "So are you." Suddenly, ignoring the snugness of her gown, Olivia dropped to her knees.

"Are you okay with this Em? Really?"

Emma looked confused. "Do we all get to still live together?"

Olivia smiled. She knew Emma wouldn't fully grasp yet what was happening but she just wanted to make sure her girl was happy. "Yes, baby."

"Then I'm okay with it."

Olivia kissed her daughter on the forehead and got to her feet. "Come on Em. Lead the way."

Rafe and Natalia met Olivia and Emma in the middle, right in front of Josh Lewis who, though was no longer a minister, agreed to lead this unusual service. Everyone present knew this wasn't a legal wedding and was far from formal, but it was something both Olivia and Natalia wanted to do.

"You look beautiful," Emma said looking up at Natalia.

"Thank you sweetie," she grinned. She adored this little girl and couldn't stop from bending down to pull her into a hug and kiss her cheek. "So you do."

Rafe leaned over and kissed Olivia on the cheek. "You make her happier than I've ever seen her," he said warmly. "I can't thank you enough for that. And everything…."

"You don't ever need to thank me Rafe. And what she has given to me… I can't even describe it."

Rafe nodded then grinned down at Emma. "Come on munchkin." He bent down and lifted the girl he considered to be his little sister into his arms, causing both women to tear up.

Finally their eyes found each other.

"You look…" Olivia was for once, at a loss for words.

"You too," Natalia said simply looking at the face that for a rare moment looked stress free and happy. She couldn't resist and lifted a hand to smooth her fingers down the strong jaw. Olivia's eyes slid briefly shut and she took Natalia's hand.

"Uh, ladies?'

Olivia and Natalia turned to look at Josh who was wearing quite the smirk.

"You both look beautiful," he said and his eyes went to Olivia's gown and his grin broadened.

"If you say one word about me wearing white, Josh Lewis…" The threat was there, but the gleam in Olivia's eyes said she was only playing. Natalia and the guests had heard her and laughed, swept up in the strong emotion filling the room.

Josh grew serious as he looked between the one woman he knew very well and the woman he was gradually getting to. He knew their past and never would have seen this moment coming. Not in a million years, but seeing the expressions on their face, he couldn't imagine it now, any other way.

"We're all here today to simply celebrate the love between our friends Natalia Rivera and Olivia Spencer. Of course, this isn't a traditional ceremony, but would we expect anything else from these two?" He paused as there were quite a few mumbles of agreement.

"This relationship certainly came as a surprise to all of us, but I imagine it was even more so to them," Olivia and Natalia both laughed and nodded.

"Regardless of how they came to be here, looking at them today, who among us can't see that what they feel is something very few people ever find. These two women have endured so much and have managed to come through it all stronger, together. They have made each other better because of the pure unconditional love they offer each other. That's something that is very rare these days and something that should be cherished." Josh paused as he looked at the women standing before him.

"Natalia, if anyone on this earth deserves happiness, it's you. You are probably the most giving, unselfish person that any of us have ever met. You've sacrificed so much to raise your son and give him a good life. What you did for Olivia, when you had no reason whatsoever to do so, speaks wonders about your innate goodness."

Natalia noticed Olivia flinch at the reminder of Gus, and she took Olivia's hand, soothing her almost instantly.

"Olivia," he continued and couldn't stop a smirk as he saw an elegant brow lift in warning. "You are an amazing woman in your own right. Strong, independent, proud and one of the most stubborn people I've ever met. " Snickers could be heard coming from the guests as well as Natalia, "but you've protected your heart for much longer than you should have. With Natalia you've finally let go and I've never seen you happier. You two have been so good for each other and the way you love each other and your children should stand as an example for all of us. So, That's it for me," he smiled at them. "Now, Olivia and Natalia have something to say."

"Finally," Olivia muttered, shooting the handsome man a friendly smile. The women then thanked Josh and then turned to each other.

Natalia watched Olivia watching her and as always, it sent her heart straight into her throat. She instantly forgot everything she had written down and decided to speak from the heart. For her, the room was empty, save for the woman standing before her.

"I've never, never, had anyone look at me the way you do," she said softly. "I don't think I'll ever understand it. We are so different, you and I. You have this incredible magnetism that just draw people to you," she smiled, "whether they want to be drawn or not." That drew more laughs and Olivia offered a watery smile. "You are such a fierce and driven business woman that won't let herself be walked on. You're sophisticated and a bit arrogant…"

"Hey," Olivia protested lightly.

"I love your arrogance," Natalia soothed, "but along with all of that, you give such love to your daughters and Rafe…and me, that it makes me cry." Natalia stopped to look at little Emma who was beaming at her with such childish happiness and then to Ava who looked to be equally happy for her mother.

"And God, the way you care for me. You've given me so much, Olivia. You've sacrificed things you love, your heart, your happiness… everything, just for me and you would have happily let me go on not knowing about it. Fortunately I can be as stubborn as you." She sighed and unable to avoid those painfully expressive eyes any longer, she lifted her hand and stroked the soft cheek.

"Remember the book I gave to Emma for Christmas, about the little girl with the magical friend who makes her big dreams come true?" She waited for Olivia's slight nod. "That is you, Olivia. You've made every dream I ever had, come true."

Olivia was crying fully now and Natalia reached up to wipe the tears away.

"From the beginning," Natalia continued softly, "despite how you hid it, I always suspected that you carried this horrible expectation of being alone. Of being hurt, so you went out of your way to make sure it happened. I swear that's all behind you now, Olivia. You will never be alone again. You have a family now. You have me."

Natalia looked at Olivia's damp face and felt her own tears start to form. "You can break my heart with just a look," she whispered. "Did you know that?" Olivia shook her head in response even as she rubbed against the hand touching her.

"It took me longer than it should have for me to see what you were feeling," Natalia continued. "You put on this big impenetrable front, covered with sarcasm, but your eyes, Olivia. They tell so much more than you know. They say everything. How…why I couldn't let myself see the truth for so long, I don't know. All I know is that what I feel for you goes so much beyond the word love, but for now that word will have to suffice. I love you Olivia Spencer and will for the rest of my life."

"I'm sorry this can't be the wedding you dreamed of," Olivia started softly. She lowered her head. She'd tried, but even she was unable to sway the Governor on this.

She felt Natalia's long, gentle fingers pulling her face up to meet hers. "This is exactly what I dreamed of," Natalia whispered sincerely.

"I don't know how this happened," Olivia said. "Neither one of us had any desire to become involved with another woman. I never even considered the idea. My numerous marriages and affairs can attest to that." A loud cough came from somewhere in the back of the room and Olivia turned to look at the comedian, but Natalia's gentle hand on her arm refocused her attention.

"Despite that fact, and despite how we met, right now, I can't remember a single second when I wasn't in love with you. You have touched my heart in a way that I didn't think was possible. Ignoring what I did to you, you gave me the heart of the man you loved. You took care of me and Emma when anyone else would have just given up. When I'd given up. I know you did it for my girls, but you were there for me when I thought I'd die alone." Her voice was beginning to tremble badly. "You were persistent and pretty naggy, but you stayed with me," Olivia smiled to show she was teasing.

"Your compassion and warmth, your determination are simply amazing and it didn't take long before I realized you'd made me feel something I thought I was incapable of." Olivia closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to get her emotions under control enough so she could finish. No one had ever made her as emotional as this woman.

"It's funny. People think you're so delicate and innocent," it was Olivia's turn to touch Natalia's sweet face, "and in many ways you are, but you are also strong, determined and passionate. Not to mention way past beautiful. Your kindness and generosity have changed me. Forever. You're the only person I've ever known, aside from my daughters, who makes me want to be a better person. You have made me a better person."

Olivia gave a trembling sigh. "I will never love anyone the way I love you, Natalia. I will love you until the day I die."

Natalia wiped her tears away with one hand and pushed the loose bangs from Olivia's face with the other. "You and Emma, you always have your hair in your eyes," she teased gently.

Olivia thought about responding but she couldn't. Her heart was too full. Instead she reached up and took Natalia's face in her hands, just like their first kiss and she leaned down and captured Natalia's lips and thrilled when strong arms instantly wrapped around her, pulling her close. The sound of clapping lasted only a microsecond as their kiss continued for what they both hoped would be eternity.

The End

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