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Surrender, Natalia
By alexn


Olivia was unbearably close. Her hair was pulled back away from her face and the green and gold earrings she was wearing made her eyes stand out. She had very little makeup on and Natalia always preferred that look. Her friend had beautiful skin and she caught herself examining Olivia each time she looked away. She concentrated on what her friend's skin care regimen must be. She had only used a little eye liner and eye shade and maybe a little blush. She was simply beautiful. Today her lips were an unusual shade of red.

They'd spent the morning in one of the makeshift offices that Olivia would create in an unused suite. Her own office was too small to spread out in the way that Olivia preferred when she was making big plans. Olivia was in a splendid mood today which made her all the more attractive. In a friend sort of way. When Olivia was relaxed, she joked about everything and had been teasing Natalia all morning.

When Olivia sat next to her on the bed to look through the bids from the florist she caught herself gazing into Olivia's cleavage. She smelled luscious, more than good. The white blouse veed down her chest, her cleavage an abyss into which Natalia had imagined slipping, falling, disappearing.

She wondered what it would be like to trace her finger along the soft swell of her breasts. She had never wanted to touch anyone the way she wanted to touch Olivia, a woman. It was silly and outrageous. Like a school girl crush dormant for a few decades. And that was true, being around Olivia re-awakened so many things inside of her. She was going back to school, working and not letting her son rule her world. She felt stronger and clearer about her future and had decided that she would reinvest the money she had recovered from the failed hedge fund. That would never happen to her again. She had taken business classes and imagined she could start her own business in time. Olivia inspired her and she was sure the crush was actually a wish to know everything about her, to emulate her. But for now the red lips had captured her attention and her imagination.

Olivia was frowning, her lips pursed into a moue.

Her lips were the sort of red a woman would wear with a red dress or with a little black dress on a very important date. She watched as Olivia's lips relaxed as she found the solution to whatever was vexing her on the spreadsheet. Her lips looked soft and lush. There were so many things she imagined those lips doing.

"What?" Olivia asked.

"What?" Natalia deflected.

"You're staring at me."

Panic surfaced. Olivia had never caught her staring before.

"Oh, sorry. I was trying to… guess what color your lips were, your lipstick I mean."

"Surrender, Dorothy."


"The color. That's what it's called." Olivia seemed to blush slightly and it was endearing. "Surrender, Dorothy."

Olivia closed the binder she held on her lap and then dropped it on the bed next to her.

"Like the Wizard of Oz."

"Do you like it?"

"It's incredible. On you. You look incredible with it."

Olivia blushed again and looked away from Natalia.

"It's the sort of color that makes you want to fall into it."

Olivia moved closer to Natalia and reached for the folder Natalia held in front of her. She dropped it next to the binder and then turned back to Natalia.

"It's you who look incredible. Without even trying." Olivia reached out and pushed an errant strand of hair out of the way. She moved her hand to Natalia's thigh and the familiar spark burst inside of Natalia. She was intensely aware of the closeness of Olivia' hand to her core.

"Surrender, hunh."

Something electric passed between them and it emboldened Natalia. She caressed Olivia's cheek and looked into her eyes. Olivia always seemed confident and even now when she felt herself trembling, Olivia seemed sure. It made no sense, they were both who they were and neither of them were the sort of women who did what it seemed what they were heading for.

When Olivia kissed Natalia's wrist, it set off a landslide. Everything seemed to fall away, everything except for Olivia. She could barely breathe and her body craved air and something more. The solution to her problem was right in front of her. She leaned in to kiss Olivia, enjoying the static charge between them, the scent she had luxuriated in earlier, the scent that was all Olivia. Olivia's lips met hers halfway, redirecting the charge between them. The kiss was gentle and sweet at first, then playful and finally built until they were both breathless.

"Is this okay?" Natalia asked afraid to look at her afraid she would misgiving or regret in her friend's eyes. Natalia's world was shifting course.

"I think so," Olivia said. "Is this okay with you?"

"I have wanted to do that for so long," Natalia admitted.

"I didn't know I wanted to do that until we did." Olivia put her hand above Natalia's breasts and gently pushed her back onto the bed and lay down next to her. She leaned over and kissed Natalia again.

"Are you still okay?"

"Better than okay." Natalia leaned up on her elbows and Olivia relaxed against the bed.

Natalia ran the back of her hand down Olivia's cheek and then along her neck as Olivia stretched to make room to feel the entire sweep of her touch.

Natalia stopped at the top of the open vee and watched as Olivia swallowed.

She thought Olivia was nervous until she noticed how her friend's breath had quickened. Natalia's stomach burst to life in response. Everything inside of her was moving in different directions as she let her hand explore Olivia's side. She concentrated on the feeling of her skin through the cotton blouse still enjoying Olivia's scent.

Olivia's breathing was shallow and forced as she let her hand move back up her side stopping just below her breast.

She glanced at Olivia's face. Her friend's eyes were dark and focused on her. When she cupped Olivia's breast through her blouse, it was like diving from a high dive after standing on the board and letting the air dry off her already. She was mid-air when she squeezed the world in front of her and Olivia moaned and her breath caught in response.

The sounds unlocked Olivia's body entirely. Natalia moved gently on top of her careful not to interfere with the range that her hand needed to explore the warm soft mound.

They kissed and Olivia's body seemed to wrap around her this time. She felt desperate to find out what was buried underneath the cotton blouse and satin-smooth bra.

She unbuttoned the three buttons that fastened the cloth barrier together and then stopped for a moment as she stared at Olivia's breast wondering exactly what they were doing. They were women. Kissing and touching each other. Olivia inhaled and Natalia felt her friend's hand underneath her own blouse exploring her stomach and finally kneading her own breasts. She sighed as she felt her body respond and immediately her attention was riveted to Olivia's breast again. She traced the edge of the bra and Olivia's hand stilled itself against Natalia's body. She dipped her finger inside the satin shocked at how soft her friend's body was.

Olivia's breasts looked larger than she had imagined which struck her as funny because she had seen them before when Olivia was recovering after her surgery. Perhaps they too had recovered their strength, she thought as Olivia moved her hands back and adjusted to reach her bra and to unclasp it. The front closing bra hung open, teasing her.

"Touch me."

She would. She would touch Olivia in every possible way.

When she heard the knock at the door, she was confused by the sound for a split second and then she leapt off the bed, away from Olivia who sat up and struggled with her buttons and smoothed down her blouse.

"Who is it?" Natalia called, her voice cracking. She was relieved it wasn't the restaurant manager who would have marched right in.

"It's me, Frank."


"One moment," Natalia called, quickly checking on Olivia and pointing at the misbuttoned shirt. Olivia leapt up and ran to the bathroom.

She opened the door and forced a smile.

"Sorry. I was…on the phone."

"No problem. I know I'm early."


She had forgotten she had agreed to go to lunch with him at The Diner with his entire family. Some sort of anniversary.

"Are you okay? You look…flushed."

"I'm fine." She picked up her jacket and thought about Olivia hiding in the bathroom. She should say goodbye. It was awkward to leave like this. But Frank and she had a date and Olivia knew that. She had asked for some extra time for lunch as a result. Olivia had teased her, implying that she and Frank would be doing more than eating food. She told her no, and the image had bothered her. She dismissed Olivia's comment and now she knew why. And she was going to leave the reason for her discomfort with the thought of being with Frank alone in the bathroom like some…

"You sure?"

"Actually, you know. I'm not. I feel uh feverish and I think maybe I'm getting sick."

She watched him back away subtlety.

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"Me, too. Maybe I shouldn't go. I was pushing myself and I probably should stay home. You know Olivia was feeling feverish earlier, too and I wouldn't want anyone else to feel… like this."

"No problemo. Another time."

"I'm sorry."

"Would you like me to drive you home?"

"No, I think I'll stay here. I can always sleep here."

"Wouldn't you feel better at home?"

"I think I'll feel fine here."

She knocked on the bathroom door.

Olivia opened it and peeked out.

"He's gone." They giggled until they burst out laughing.

"You didn't get dressed?"

"I was feverish?"

"Were you?" Natalia grinned at her.

Olivia stared at her still smiling and took Natalia's hand and moved back to the bed. She pushed Natalia back onto it and then stopped. She went to the door and put the do not disturb sign out and locked the door.

"Where were we?" she asked surveying Natalia laying on the bed.

"Hot. That was it. Yes, scorching." She slipped her blouse and bra off.

Natalia paused.

"What are we doing?"

"Anything you want." She was still holding Natalia's hand and Natalia threaded her fingers through Olivia's interlocking their hands."And nothing if you don't."

"It's the witch. At first I thought it was Dorothy, but it's the witch."

"Oh, I'm a witch all right." She guided Natalia's hand to her left breast.

"What you are is incredible. So beautiful. And soft. Very soft." She caressed her friend's breast avoiding the dark pink nipple. She had never experienced another woman's breast up close like this and she enjoyed the soft sensuality of the moment and imagined how it would feel to finally take her nipple into her finger or between her lips.

"You are overdressed," Olivia said a moment before Natalia's lips found her nipple. Olivia's arm dropped to the bed and Natalia focused on the exquisite feeling of her friend's body. Again it seemed that something unlocked inside of Olivia and she was wrapping herself entirely around Natalia. Olivia's fingers were threading through her hair, her body alive underneath Natalia in a way she had never experienced with another person.

Olivia pulled her away and kissed her frantically until they were breathless again. She kissed the skin on Olivia's shoulder and the dip below her neck.

Everything finally fell into place and made sense. Natalia's heart exploded and she gasped.

"What?" Olivia asked.

"This is where I'm supposed to be," she said. She hadn't meant to speak. She felt exposed and vulnerable and buried her head in Olivia's shoulder.

Olivia kissed her head.

"Come back."

Natalia martialed her courage. "This is where I'm supposed to be, I'm hoping it's where you're supposed to be, too."

Olivia scanned her face and stopped Natalia as she pulled away. She forced her to make eye contact. "I don't know. I know I am doing exactly what I want to be doing with exactly who I want to be doing it with." She kissed Natalia's forehead and then her eyelids. "We can stop if you want. It's not what I want. I want to stay here with you and see where this all leads. And I don't just mean this…" She reached out and caressed Natalia's still clothed breasts. "I am happier when I am with you than I am at any other time.


Olivia smiled in a devilish way. "Except…"

Natalia's heart froze.

"When you and Emma and I are together at home. I'm happy then, too."

"Oh, you…"

"When I thought you were going to leave with Frank, it hurt. I'm so glad that you stayed."

"There is no where else I'd rather be."

"Then take this off." She pushed up Natalia's top. "Surrender, Natalia."

The End

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