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G is for Grove
By Jaina


"This is the best idea I've ever had," Olivia crowed triumphantly.

With her back safely to Olivia, Natalia rolled her eyes. "I'm not sure about that, Sweetie." She turned away from her unpacking and stopped Olivia with a light touch to her arm. Natalia smiled, cupping Olivia's cheek and kissed her lightly. "I think you might have made some slightly more important decisions at some point." 

"Oh, please!" Olivia said with a dismissive wave of her hand. She pulled Natalia closer to her, wrapping her arms around Natalia's waist. "Rafe came with us - on vacation." 

Natalia snorted. "Because you waited until he had leave and then bribed him with a family visit to Disney World." 

"So? He's here, isn't he?" 

Natalia couldn't help but smile. "Yes, he is." She covered Olivia's hand with her own and squeezed. "Thank you." 

"I can't believe I brought you to the 'the place where dreams come true'' and all you want to do is go see orange groves," Olivia muttered. "Oranges, Natalia? Really?" 

"We didn't all grow up on a tropical island, Olivia," Natalia murmured back just as quietly. "And besides, my dreams have already come true. What more do I need?" 

Olivia just shook her head and pulled Natalia closer. "When you say things like that..." 

"I know," Natalia agreed. "You make me feel the same way." 

"Good," Olivia said firmly. "I love you, Natalia Rivera. And don't you ever forget it." 


The End

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