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By still_nina


It was late, but Natalia was still sitting at the table in her kitchen, a big smile on her face.

"That wasn't exactly fair."

She turned and looked at Olivia, standing in the doorway with a grim expression on her face. Natalia frowned. Olivia had been laughing with Emma as she'd chased her daughter up the stairs. As far as Natalia knew it had been the perfect Christmas that Olivia had wanted for little Emma. Something had put the other woman in a bad mood, though, and Natalia had no clue what it was. "What are you talking about?"

"Giving me the key in front of Emma. It's not like I could've said no with my daughter standing there and pleading with me." Olivia walked over to the table and stood beside Natalia.

Natalia had seen the relief on Olivia's face when they'd agreed to keep living together and she knew she wasn't mistaken about that expression. If Olivia had talked herself into picking another fight, by viewing the way she'd received her house keys as manipulative, Natalia wouldn't let her get away with it (even though, she had to admit to herself that it had occured to her that the chances that Olivia would say no were minimal if she brought it up with Emma present).She turned awkwardly in her chair, so she could look at Olivia directly, before speaking: "Oh, come on. Admit it; you want to stay here as much as Emma does."

"That's beside the point and you know it."

"No, it isn't and even if it was; all's fair in love and war." Natalia grinned and looked directly at Olivia. She could actually see how her words had caught the other woman off guard, but against her usual instincts she didn't avert her eyes and instead watched as Olivia's expression turned from uncertain to determined.

"Really? Love and war, huh? So which one is this?"

If asked, she'd later point out the wine she'd had with dinner, but whatever the cause, Natalia faced Olivia and with a smile that called every claim of innocence into question, she got up and turned towards the door. Before she left the room, she stood on the tips of her toes and whispered right into Olivia's ear: "We'll see."

The End

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