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U is for Underestimate
By Jaina


Olivia Spencer smiled. Everyone had thought she was going to fuck this up. Hell, so had she. But, here she was, still with Natalia, ten years later, with nary an affair or separation to their names. 

Oh, sure there had been adjustments and rough spots. There had been days that Olivia was so frustrated that she wanted to cry, weeks where Natalia had hardly even looked at her and she thought she would go insane. Days where she lost track of what had made them work so well together, let Natalia down. 

But that was all in the past. This is now. The day she gets to renew her vows to the amazing woman who's the love of her life. 

"Ready to do this? Again." Natalia asks from beside her, a small smile dancing over her lips. 

Olivia just squeezes her hand. "How 'bout you? Think you can put up with another ten years with me." 

"Maybe." Natalia's smile widens. "Let's find out." She leans over and kisses Olivia. 

Olivia is expecting a peck, she gets a deep, searching kiss, Natalia reminding her of everything they share and everything still to come. Her hands slip to Natalia's waist, trying to tug her closer. Natalia laughs against her lips, soft puffs of air and then she pulls away. She's practically halfway down the aisle and Olivia's still standing there, half in a daze, staring after her. 

"You coming?" Natalia asks with a teasing smile, the naughty glint in her eye apparent only to Olivia.

And all Olivia can do is smile and shake her head, because Natalia knows her. She doesn't underestimate Olivia; she challenges her to keep up. Olivia loves every minute of it. She smiles. 

"Not yet, Sweetheart," she murmurs under her breath. "But soon, if I have my way."

The End

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