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How Could I Not?
By OtaliaNut


There are days when I think I can't do this anymore
But how could I not?

There are days when I think I am just wasting my time
But how could I not?

There are times when I think this is not meant to be
But how could I not?

How could I not try?
How could I not at least try?

Natalia, you are worth all the bickering, all the anger, all the tears, all the pain and all the waiting.
You bring such joy, heal so many hurts, fill so many empty spaces, correct so many wrongs.

Without you, I am broken
With you, I am whole
Without you, I am lost
With you, I am found
Without you, my world is gray and dark
With you, I have found the light

How could I not?

The End

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