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By Kayleigh


Natalia was very aware of the fact that Olivia was not a morning person. She was sure that waking up in the morning was on Olivia's list of her least favourite things to do. But Natalia really wanted to talk to Olivia……………. and kiss her. Not necessarily in that order, she mused. She really wanted to make sure things were good between them. It was hard to misinterpret the night before but she needed to be sure. She wanted to talk to a completely sober Olivia in the light of day. She glanced over Olivia's still-sleeping form to check the time. 6:21 am. On a Saturday, no less. There was no way she'd get away with waking Olivia up. Maybe if I brought her some coffee….. Natalia couldn't help but grin. Olivia couldn't be mad at her if she brought coffee, another Olivia fact she was glad she was privy to. Once her objective was decided she focused on the next part of her plan, untangling herself from Olivia without waking the other woman. Natalia was finding herself once again wondering why she'd waited so long to act when it came to the beautiful woman before her. Everything just felt right. Like this was where she was supposed to be. Even with Gus it hadn't felt so good. Even with him she'd never felt quite comfortable in bed. She liked her own space and always felt a little claustrophobic when someone held her while she slept. Apparently that wasn't the case with Olivia. Who knew she'd be a snuggler? Natalia giggled to herself. Who thought I would? Natalia paid extra attention to her position. The night had started with them lying side by side holding each other; it seems it had ended with their legs entwined and Natalia spooning Olivia from behind holding her close. Natalia couldn't help but close the distance and kiss the back of Olivia's neck. The woman smelt amazing and Natalia felt so privileged at being able to get so close to her.

As Natalia began to roll away to get up she felt a hand reach back and settle on her waist. Natalia stayed still and waited, but was only greeted by a slight snore and contented sigh. Natalia couldn't help but smile at Olivia's actions. God, she's cute. She was sure Olivia would take umbrage at the adjective but she found she didn't care. Once again she attempted to extricate herself from Olivia. Just as she freed the last of her limbs she felt the change in Olivia's breathing, signalling that she was waking up. Olivia stretched slightly then rolled completely over so she was face to face with Natalia. Natalia was amused to find that Olivia still had her eyes closed. She reached over and brushed aside a piece of hair that had fallen into Olivia's face. At the gentle touch Olivia smiled and opened her eyes.

"You're still here." Olivia stated happily.

"Where else am I gonna be?"

Olivia just shrugged and Natalia stopped suddenly uncertain.

"Is it ok that I'm here? I mean I thought that we-"

She was cut off by Olivia rolling on top of her and claiming her lips in a passionate kiss. After several long minutes, Olivia pulled back and held herself above Natalia. Natalia was shocked at the feelings coursing through her body. She'd felt passion before but never like this. Olivia was suspended above her looking flushed but very happy with herself. Natalia took a deep breath and stated in a broken voice, "What happened to slow?" Olivia looked down before she replied,

"This coming from the woman with one hand on my ass and the other up my shirt?"

Natalia was about to protest when she realised she actually couldn't, since her hands were indeed placed where Olivia had said they were. She felt the blush fill her face as she turned her head to the side. She dropped her hands. Olivia, sensing Natalia's discomfort decided that now was the time to have their talk, or at least begin it. The only problem was she was far too distracted by the woman beneath her.

"Nat? I liked it, and allow me to stress I liked alllllllllllll of it."

After a few beats Natalia tilted her head up to focus on Olivia. She was unprepared for Olivia's next move. She slowly reached for Natalia's right hand and placed it back on her backside and held it there.

"Whatever you want Natalia, I'm all yours. But I'm prepared to wait however long it takes."

After a quick kiss Olivia rolled off the other woman and stood up. Natalia propped herself up on her elbow and watched the other woman reach for her robe. She couldn't help but admire Olivia's curves, and the desire to see beneath her pyjamas hit her like a freight train. Trying to maintain her composure she asked gently "Where are you going?"

Olivia smiled as she tied the belt, "I'm going to go put some coffee on, you got your 'I-want-a-conversation' face on and I definitely want to be fully awake for that."

"Great minds think alike. That was my plan, although I was going to bring it up here."

"Something tells me if we stay in bed we won't get much talking done."

After Olivia was suitably dressed she knelt on the bed and gave Natalia a quick kiss, "Come on then, let's do some talking. Kitchen?"

"I'll be down in a minute I just need the bathroom."

Olivia smiled, nodded and left the room. Natalia could have sworn she heard her humming to herself.

Natalia took the time to use the toilet, wash her face and freshen herself up. As she caught sight of her face in the mirror she was a little surprised at what she saw. She looked like she'd had a good night's sleep, no dark circles in sight. She looked healthy and glowing and it made her heart skip a little. After examining her face she looked down at what she was wearing, an old nightshirt she'd had for what seemed like forever. It was comfortable and one of her favourites, but as she tilted her head to the side she decided it wouldn't do. It was nowhere near sexy enough. As the thoughts ran through her head she quickly realised that she wasn't planning a conversation but a full-on seduction. She quickly ran into her bedroom and changed into a green silk nightgown and matching short robe that Olivia had bought her, at the time giving the excuse that she was giving Natalia advice on Frank. Natalia now smelt a rat on that front. Natalia quietly tip-toed downstairs, clearly picking up the sounds of Olivia in the kitchen. The sound of spoons in cups was coupled with the distinctive aroma of coffee. Two coffee cups were now set on the table, minus the bottle of vodka from the previous night. Olivia's back was to Natalia as she entered the kitchen, her bare feet making no sound on the tile. When she reached Olivia her confidence dimmed a little and she gently placed both arms around Olivia's waist, buried her face in Olivia's hair and breathed deep.

"Something smells good." Natalia supplied whilst pressing small butterfly kisses down the nape of Olivia's neck, not sure how she'd be received.

"It's the coffee." Olivia retorted shakily. Empowered by the effect she was having on Olivia, Natalia dipped her mouth to just under Olivia's ear and whispered in between kisses "No. Definitely not the coffee."

Olivia felt her head tilt to give Natalia better access; she was mildly surprised to hear a loud moan. She was even more surprised when she realised she had made the sound herself. Not being able to stand it any longer she turned herself in Natalia's arms and was wholly unprepared for the sight of Natalia in the very expensive nightwear she'd bought her a few weeks ago. She'd bought it on a whim and it wasn't until she found herself re-reading the same page of a report three times later on did she accept the fact that she'd bought it because she wanted to see the other woman in it and hadn't stopped picturing it all day. When Natalia has asked about the gift later on Olivia had shrugged it off as her trying to help Natalia's love life. Looking at her now she knew she'd been dead on with her choice. The green complimented the colour of Natalia's skin perfectly and made her eyes seem impossibly darker. The look on Olivia's face made Natalia bolder still.

"You lied. You said this was for Frank, but it was for you. You thought about me wearing this. You wanted to see me. Didn't you?"

"Natalia, I-"

"Please tell me. I won't be mad. I want to know."

Olivia couldn't argue with that sincere tone of voice, although it sounded raspier than usual.

"I saw it one day when I was shopping and I had to get it. All I could think about all day was you wearing it. I got absolutely nothing done. It was beautiful and I wanted to get it for you. I knew it would suit you."


"So what?"

Natalia held her arms out to the side so the robe slid open even further.

"Do I live up to your expectations?"

"Better than in my dreams."

At those words Natalia surged forward and met Olivia in a bruising passionate kiss. This time she let her hands wander. Letting them map out the places she admitted she'd wanted to feel and see for months. As her hands untied Olivia's robe Olivia ripped her mouth away.

"What the hell happened to slow? You're killing me woman!"

Natalia smiled and cheekily replied "Global Warming."

"What about Global Warming?"

"Didn't you know Liv? They melt Glaciers really fast." Suddenly becoming serious she continued.

"I want you. All of you. Now."

"What about the coffee?"

"The coffee can wait."

This time it was Natalia who led the way upstairs, two cups of coffee left forgotten on the kitchen table.

The End

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