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Natalia's Secrets
By Doubleyoo


Olivia sighed. She normally loved shopping, was, in fact, known for her purchasing prowess. She readjusted the bags in her hands, glancing around the store awkwardly. Natalia had said she needed to drop by on their way out, and had fairly dragged Olivia in here. Olivia glared at a little blond salesgirl who tittered nearby, refolding strips of foamy pink lace that needed absolutely no adjustment whatsoever. The teenybopper finally felt the white-hot prodding of laser-sharp green eyes, and moved away from the table without looking back, unsure of what exactly was causing her unease and rubbing the back of her head absently as she wondered if the latest bleach job had burned her scalp somewhat. Olivia rolled her eyes. Why couldn't Victoria's Secret ever hire smart salespeople?

Olivia huffed, turning back to the dressing rooms. Natalia was in one of those dressing rooms. Natalia was in a bra and panties in one of those dressing rooms. Olivia whimpered. Dammit! She'd been so good lately, so patient. She'd been waiting around for Natalia to be ok with them, with her. Then, she'd been waiting on Rafe to be ok with her. Now… now she didn't know what she was waiting on. The whole town knew about them, thanks to Reva and her big fucking mouth. Rafe hadn't really even cared, too caught up in his own problems to care if his mom was dating a lady- well, a woman, Olivia corrected herself- just as long as Natalia was happy. Which she was, worrisomely so.

Olivia was beginning to suspect that Natalia would never be interested in the physical side of things. She knew it changed nothing, that she would still be in love with the younger woman, still be devoted to her, still be completely monogamous with her. She would just also be doing a whole damn lot more masturbating than she'd ever been obliged to do in the past. She was used to having people tend to that need for her. She wanted Natalia to tend to that need for her. She really wanted that.

Aaand, fuck. Now she was soaked. She was freaking soaked, panties sopping and full, standing there holding fifteen fucking shopping bags at the Victoria's Secret in the middle of the Springfield Mall. God…DAMMIT!

This was all Natalia's fault. She'd been so damn touchy today, rubbing up against her in the clothing racks, pressing shirts up to Olivia's chest, just to "see how they looked on her." Olivia didn't usually cup her clothes to the ribs just below her breasts to see how they'd fit across her rather well-endowed figure. Olivia's motto was that if it was too tight, then it just made what was barely contained within that much more enticing. Natalia seemed to feel otherwise, or so her actions implied.

Well, that or she was trying to cop a cheap feel, but Olivia knew better than that. Didn't she? She'd also been very fresh with her eyes, lately, constantly letting them remain in places on the hotelier's anatomy that Olivia was pretty sure a good girl would not allow her eyes to be. She'd seemed to have recently forgotten what personal space was, and had additionally taken to randomly showing up at Olivia's suite way too early in the morning, when she knew good and goddamn well that Olivia would still be in her robe, fresh out of the shower. She would bring coffee, and would sit too close to Olivia on the bed, talking to her about nothing.

The past couple of times, she'd even stayed on the bed while Olivia dressed in the closet, all too aware of the supple body residing on her bed as she covered her own in her businesswoman's armor. Natalia had started having Olivia and Emma over for dinner three or four times a week, and she would practically force wine down Olivia's throat, then insist that the older woman had had too much, and that she should spend the night. At this point, half of Olivia's closet was back at the Farmhouse. The very last time it had happened, last night in fact, Natalia had followed Olivia into her room, speaking timidly of a nightmare she'd had the night before, and asking Olivia to hold her while she slept. Olivia had been very proud of herself, having held her all night without once slipping on her promise to wait for Natalia to make the first move.

The first move… Olivia's eyes suddenly burst wide open, her eyebrows climbing her brow as her jaw dropped. Natalia had been making the first move. Natalia had made about three hundred moves at this point. Good GOD! Natalia was trying to seduce her, but, being Natalia, she had no idea how to really do it, and she was too afraid to say anything. She was waiting on Olivia to start the physical side of things. She was waiting on Olivia to respond to the welcome mat she'd laid outside the door to her body. She was apparently waiting on Olivia to get buried under a pile of clue-by-fours. Suddenly, Olivia's eyes darkened, narrowing to jade slits, and her lips slid back into a lustful smile.

Natalia was in the dressing room. Natalia was in her underwear in the dressing room. Olivia dropped her bags into the corner, and walked back into the small foyer. Yes. Just there, the end one. The door was slightly open. Olivia gulped, screwed up her courage, and stepped inside. There stood Natalia, clad only in a hot pink matching bra and panty set, the material so skimpy that dusky areolas rose above the delicate bra cups, and olive black curls could be seen through the panties. Olivia locked the door behind her.

Natalia looked at her, dark eyes smoldering. "Took you long enough." And then Olivia's lips were on hers, hands wrapped around her back to slide down olive skin and cup her bare- dear Jesus, it was a thong- bare ass cheeks. Olivia had often imagined their first time. It was meant to be sweet and gentle, with candles and champagne. She should have known better; that wasn't their style at all.

She tore her mouth loose to press hot kisses down Natalia's neck, nipping and sucking her way to the younger woman's straining chest. She jerked the bra cups down, but left the bra on. It forced the pert breasts even higher, the nipples straining, begging for Olivia's mouth. She complied, wrapping her lips around one, then the other, swirling her tongue around the tight buds. One hand slid down to cup Natalia's center through the scrap of pink she called underwear. Olivia grinned around her mouthful of breast. She was so buying this outfit for Natalia.

Natalia fell back to lean against the mirror, not caring that her sweaty body was leaving an imprint on the smooth, glossy surface. "Oh," she whimpered. "So good." Her arms wrapped around Olivia's neck, hands in sun-kissed golden hair. "Aaahh!" She moaned, the noise echoing in the little room.

Olivia released her breast and stood up straight again, bring her mouth to Natalia's ear. "You'll need to be quiet, baby, or everyone in here is going to know I'm fucking you." Natalia shuddered as Olivia slid her now aromatic hand up from the Latina's center, to the center of her abdomen, then sliding back down again, this time slipping under the panties.

"Oh, God," she groaned, unable to hold it in as long, dexterous fingers glided inside her folds. They stroked back and forth in the wetness, playing at her entrance, then circling her clit, then back to her entrance, then her clit. "Oh, Olivia. Oh, now, please, now!"

"Now, what, baby?" Olivia wanted, no, needed to hear it. Her other hand worked the fastening to her own pants, undoing the button and zipper, sliding inside so she could touch herself. She wanted to come with Natalia. She needed that.

Natalia's hand reached down, pulled Olivia's out of her pants. "Mine," she whispered, and slid her hand it to replace it, and suddenly, Olivia was working hard to hold back her own loud moans and groans. Natalia's fingers were mirroring exactly what she was doing to the dark beauty. "Olivia?" Natalia's lips were right next to the older woman's ear; she nibbled the lobe to see what it would taste like.

"Yeah baby?" Olivia's breath was coming in gasps now. God, she wanted her inside.

"I need you to fuck me now." With that, Olivia slid two fingers deep into the younger woman, and felt herself speared at exactly the same moment. They both froze, overcome, then they started rocking, their hips finding the other's rhythm with ease. They increased their speed, eyes locking, bodies straining, the wet sounds their hands were making the only noise meeting their ears.

Natalia shattered first, followed over the edge by Olivia mere seconds later. Their hips jerked, spasmed, and stilled. They came to rest, leaned against a steamed mirror, fingers still inside one another, and their lips met, slowly, languidly. "Take me home, Olivia." Natalia's voice trembled as she withdrew her fingers, feeling Olivia do the same. "I want to be able to scream your name the next time I come."

Olivia grinned wickedly. "Ok, but first, were going to buy this bra set." Before Natalia could speak, Olivia had unsnapped the bra, pulling it off, and dropped to her knees, jerking the underwear down, freezing when she saw what was right before her eyes. She leaned forward, ran her nose through dark damp curls, inhaling the spicy fragrance. She tilted her chin up, intent on a taste, when a sharp tug on her hair snapped her out of her sex-induced haze.

"Home. Now." Natalia pulled her to her feet, turned her toward the door, and whispered in her ear before pushing her out of the dressing room. Olivia grinned goofily, and put the underwear in her pocket. Turned out, Natalia already owned that set; she'd just been waiting for Olivia to strip her so she could see it. Now, though, with the fabric all bunched up in Olivia's purse, she was going to be buck-ass-naked inside those tight jeans…

Olivia's smile turned wicked. There was a nice abandoned field they'd pass on the way home. Natalia could scream her name there, too. She went to get their bags. Olivia Spencer, woman on a mission.


Emma came running into Olivia's room, bootied feet sliding on the cool morning floor. Olivia sat straight up in bed, jerking her thick down comforter up to her shoulders in a reflex of having been startled awake, her eyes wide with alarm. "What is it, Baby?"

Emma stared past her mother's newly upright form for a moment, then her eyes bounced back to Olivia's face. "Nothing. I was just worried because Natalia was here when we spent the night last night, but she wasn't in her bed this morning. It's ok, though. I didn't know you guys had a sleepover!"

"We- wha-?... Oh, right. Yeah." Olivia finally registered the warm body curled up next to her own, still sleeping merrily away.

"Ok, well, I'm gonna go watch cartoons. I wanna come to the next sleepover, though!" Emma gave Olivia her most endearing puppy dog eyes.

"Yeah, sure, ok." How could she say no?

"But, Mommy?" Emma stopped at the door and waited for her mother's attention until she got it. "I want to wear pajamas at the sleepover. It's too cold to be naked!"

"Buh…" Olivia sputtered. Dammit. She looked to her right, and froze. There, bare from the waist up, was Natalia, sleeping like a baby on her back. Naked. With the boobies.

Olivia grinned. Sleepovers were fun!

The End

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