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By lazydevil69


Part 1

Blushing furiously at her actions Blake Marler's fingers flew over the keyboard on her laptop while her heart raced at an alarming rate. The instant message that had just popped onto her screen was from her. Blake was curious as to why this woman wanted to arrange a date with her for later that evening. She was even more curious at her own reaction because she really, really wanted to say yes.

They had met accidentally when a careless spelling of a friend's name meant she'd sent an instant message to the woman instead of her intended recipient. The other woman had replied and they had been chatting for a few months now. They seemed to get on really well, sharing several common interests and her friend had previously mentioned that it would be nice to meet in the real world.

Blake didn't really like the anonymity of hiding behind an online persona, so she was pleased that the other woman was brave enough to ask her to meet in person. They would finally get to meet face to face and discover if they did actually like one another as much as they thought they did.

Screwing up her face in concentration and taking a huge breath Blake pressed the send button on her laptop. Her blushing face was still a beautiful shade of scarlet when she released her breath in a slow sigh. Laughing at her own temerity she grinned to herself and thought "I've just agreed to my first date in a long time; with a woman!"

Doris Wolfe, not really renowned for public displays of emotion, squealed aloud bringing her startled assistant rushing in through the open office door.

"Mayor Wolfe, are you okay? I thought I heard you squeal?" The worried woman stared hard at her employer trying to figure out if her boss was okay or had finally lost it.

"I'm fine, thank you; I just received some very good news. You can go back to work now." Doris managed to control her voice but the light blush dusting her cheeks betrayed her inner emotions. Glancing back down at her desk and the amount of paperwork littering it she realised she'd need to get it all done before she could leave. Closing her current instant message screen and moving her laptop out of the way she grinned happily to herself as she prepared to return to work.

Just as she picked up her pen and started writing notes in the margin of the report she had started reading a sharp knock at the door and the dulcet tones of Olivia Spencer interrupted. "Hi Doris, need a favour, feel like helping out?"

"Since when are you and I friends Ms Spencer?" Doris retorted sarcastically. "Go ask someone who actually likes you."

"We're not, but it's not a favour for me, it's for Blake." Olivia's tone never changed but the raised eyebrow at the Mayor showed that she was getting irritated.

"What does she want, and why can't she ask herself?" Doris blurted, she didn't think Olivia knew Blake that well.

"Dunno, she asked Natalia to babysit Clarissa; but she and I already have plans this evening, so Natalia asked me to speak to you since I was coming to City Hall anyway." Olivia explained.

"Why does she need a babysitter? Blake Marler never goes out, well… except to work." Doris was intrigued.

"Well, apparently she has a date tonight. Someone she met online has asked her out and since they're fairly local she said okay." Olivia had barely finished speaking as Doris' face flamed in a blush that covered her neck too. 'It can't be her. No way. That's just too co-incidental. It can't be her. Can it?' Olivia watched the blush spreading up the Mayor's face with a chuckle, there was a story behind that blush and she was going to find it out; starting right now. "So, will you be able to babysit for her or not?" Fanning her face with her report Doris replied in the negative causing Olivia to frown. "You're not just saying that to piss me off Doris are you?"

"No Olivia, as much as I really enjoy thwarting you at every turn, I actually have plans that I can't get out of. Sorry, but I can't help." Doris sounded almost genuine in her apology.

Olivia's eyebrow almost crawled off her forehead as she realised something, "you have a date, don't you?"

Doris' face flamed again as she tried to deny it but her fair complexion didn't hide blushing very well. Muttering under her breath about needing to control this situation she stood and faced Olivia head on. "Olivia, my private life is none of your business. Now, please leave? I'm very busy as you can see and I would really like to be able to leave on time tonight. Infer from that what you will, I really don't care. Now, leave, please?"

Olivia just laughed at Doris' attempt at self control and turned to walk away calling back over her shoulder as she was pulling the door closed behind her, "you do realize that I will find out Doris. Just wait until I tell Natalia this little bit of gossip."

Later that evening, leaving Towers hand in hand with Blake, Doris was sporting a huge grin. Once they'd both gotten over the initial shock of the others' identity they decided to go on with the date anyway, laughing and talking the whole evening until they realised how late it was getting.

As they were leaving Doris had opened the door to allow Blake to leave first which meant that their bodies brushed against one another gently. Catching the older woman's hand before it could be lowered completely Blake tangled their fingers together as they continued walking and glanced shyly at Doris asking, "Is this okay?

If Doris had grinned any harder she would have split her face, "of course it is, I don't mind. Do you want me to take you home?" The blush suddenly travelling up Blake's neck showed Doris exactly what direction her friends' thoughts had just gone in. "Blake?"

"Hmm? Oh, sorry Doris, my mind kinda derailed there for a minute. Uhm, if you wouldn't mind my company for a little longer you could come in for a night cap?" Blake blushed harder than ever as she bravely made the request while they walked to the car.

Delighted by the bold offer and blushing slightly, Doris nodded her head and grinned her reply, "sure, I'd love to; that would be great."


Part 2

Natalia simply shook her head in wonder at the flights of fancy her partner's imagination took when she implied that Blake and Doris were dating. She'd never heard of a more unlikely couple than those two getting together. Shaking her head with a grin on her face at her lover's vagaries she returned to prepping the vegetables for dinner.

Olivia meanwhile had stalked off upstairs to shower and change out of her work clothes all the while muttering under her breath that she was under appreciated and that there was no one who ever believed her; even when she was telling the truth.

Seated around the family table half an hour later Olivia once again brought up the subject of the Mayor and Blake dating and they'd apparently met online; allegedly accidentally. How Olivia knew this little tidbit of information she wasn't telling, but that's what she'd heard and that's what she told Natalia; again.

"Olivia, there is no way that Doris Wolfe is gay! She's the Mayor, for goodness sakes, even if she was a lesbian she'd be terrified to come out and publicly go on a date with Blake of all people." Natalia responded between mouthfuls of pasta.

Olivia slowly lowered her glass of wine and replied, "Natalia, think about it please? Blake suddenly asks you to babysit; when was the last time she needed a baby sitter because she was going on a date?" Closely watching the slight furrow of Natalia's brow as the thought registered that Olivia might just be right, Olivia continued. "You asked me to check if Doris could do it, since she's the only other adult we both know who's normally free in the evenings. Correct?" Olivia lifted her glass again as she waited on Natalia agreeing again.

"Okay, I will agree with your line of reasoning so far." Natalia replied skeptically.

"So, I asked Doris, but she's also got a date… so Marina gets to look after Emma & Clarissa after much begging and bribing… you put two and two together and you get Blake and Doris out on dates… together." Olivia grinned smugly over the rim of her wine glass.

The drive back to Blake's house was filled with coy glances and gentle finger caressing when they stopped at a traffic light. Doris could barely concentrate on driving every time Blake ran the pad of her fingertips across the back of her knuckles which were gripping the steering wheel so tightly her knuckles were almost white. Biting back a gasp Doris almost crashed the car when Blake leaned across the gap between the seats and whispered, "Doris, I've never been with a woman before, are you gonna teach me what to do?"

Of all the things that Doris expected Blake to say that wasn't it; she'd expected directions to her house or something mundane like checking on her daughter, but not a request for initiation into the pleasures of Sapphic loving. Completely speechless Doris could only gape as she pulled up into the driveway and slammed the car into park. Practically sprinting around the car to open the door for Blake, she offered her hand and helped the slightly shorter woman up and straight into her arms intending to hug her in thanks for a great evening; Blake kissed her, hard.

Blake may not have been with a woman before but she certainly knew how to kiss, she firmly planted her right thigh between the Mayor's legs and twirled them both so that it was Doris who was leaning against the car, the door carelessly left open. Doris gasped in surprise and Blake took the opportunity to plunder her mouth with her tongue before drawing back breathless.

Noticing the open car door, she grabbed the keys from Doris' startled hands and slammed the door shut before using the keypad to lock it. "Let's take this inside before the neighbors bring out the fire hoses to cool us down." Blake panted while reaching for Doris' right hand and tugging gently towards the house, and some privacy.

Finally, finding her ability to breathe again, Doris murmured, "and she wants me to teach her how to be with a woman? Kiss me like that again and I think I might just melt!" Following Blake inside, she made it as far as the interior of the front door when Blake pounced again.

"Doris, I want you, right here, right now… the bedroom is too far away and I'm not taking 'no' for an answer." Blake led her soon to be lover into the living room and onto her huge sofa. "Do you want a drink?" She asked, ever the hostess but hoping the other woman would say no.

"Yeah," Doris gulped out, she was so out of sorts with the sudden bout of assertiveness from Blake that it had momentarily startled her speechless. She watched in awe as Blake sauntered back from the kitchen with two goblets of wine and huge grin splitting her face. Recovering her ability to speak, she asked, "What happened in there that's making you grin like that?"

"I just realised something is all." Blake's grin got bigger, if that was even possible.

"Care to share?" Doris asked, accepting the glass and taking a sip from a beautiful Merlot.

Blake just laughed, "Oh, nothing; I just realised that I'm about to have sex with Mayor Doris Wolfe!"


Part 3

Doris snorted her wine through her nose and almost choked at the words, through her coughing and spluttering she managed to mumble, "Who are you and what the hell have you done with Blake Marler?"

Blake seductively walked over to Doris and leaned over the seated woman; giving her a perfect view of the cleavage revealed by the low cut blouse she was almost wearing and whispered. "Doris, it's been a long time since I've felt like this about someone else. I like you…really like you and I want…" She trailed off, not quite sure how to articulate the need burning in her core which was pulsing through her veins like molten lava.

Doris finally found her equilibrium and raised her glass to her mouth with a seductive grin on her lips as she took a small sip of her wine. Leaning back into the sofa she all but purred, "Why don't you come down here and show me if you can't actually tell me what you want?"

Blake blushed and finished her wine in one large gulp before moving closer to the reclining woman who looked so comfortable lounging there on her sofa. Gently settling herself next to Doris she couldn't help but stare at the longing lingering in Doris' eyes; She couldn't quite believe that the look was being directed at her. "Doris, I have no idea what I'm doing, or what I'm supposed to be doing." She whispered quietly.

Hiding her smirk behind the rim of her glass again, Doris replied, "Well, you seemed to know what you were doing when you kissed me, so why don't we start there and see what happens?" As she finally placed her glass on the table at her side.

If it was at all possible Blake blushed even harder than before but Doris forestalled any further conversation by leaning forward and gently brushing her lips across Blake's, teasing her bottom lip with her tongue. Gasping at the sensation Blake inadvertently let Doris' tongue enter her mouth as her hand raised to gently tangle in the long reddish blonde hair.

Blood pounding in her ears and every fiber of her being suddenly on fire, Blake raised her own hands and wrapped her arms around the neck of the woman currently kissing her senseless. Holding on for dear life she reciprocated the kiss by allowing her own tongue to tango with her partner's. Heat and tingles spread throughout both women as they parted for breath and settled into one another's arms breathing hard. "See, that wasn't so bad now, was it?" Doris grinned smugly.

Blake gently swatted Doris on the arm and suddenly shy after her earlier wanton display asked shyly, "can we do that again?"

Doris took about one second to think about it before leaning in and kissing her again, this time she didn't tangle her hands in Blake's hair; she clasped one hand on Blake's hip and pulled her closer until Blake was almost seated on her lap. Gently, she teased with her tongue while her hand started to wander further and further up Blake's side closer to her breasts.

Aware of what Doris was doing and thoroughly enjoying the sensations coursing through her Blake was powerless to prevent the erotic assault on both her mouth and her body. She boldly traced her fingers, which had previously been tangled in Doris' hair, down the back of Doris' neck playing tenderly with the fine hairs there. The resulting groan from Doris made Blake's core almost combust, she'd never heard such an erotic sound just from playing with the hair on the back of someone's neck. Filing that little piece of information away for future use Blake pulled back slightly, breaking the kiss.

"Doris, we need, really need to take this upstairs…now!" Blake's face was flushed with desire and anticipation and her pupils were dilated so much that there was almost no color showing. "I know what I said before but I really, really want you in my bed; naked and now!" The assertive Blake appeared to have returned to take over.

Blinking away the lust and desire in her eyes Doris stared at Blake as if she'd grown another head, "Are you sure? You know that once we start this that there won't be going back for either of us?"

"I'm sure; now, are you coming?" Blake held out her hand towards her soon to be lover which was gladly accepted with Doris muttering, "not yet, but if you keep kissing me like that I won't need sex!"

The trip upstairs took almost three times as long as it normally would as they stopped every couple of steps to continue kissing. At one point Blake had Doris pinned to the wall so hard that the picture hanging behind her actually fell off the wall. Breathless and apologetic Doris tried to offer to replace it but Blake waved her off with a casual, "never liked the damned thing anyway, don't worry about it. Now, are we going to bed or not?"

Doris hesitated, almost swallowing her tongue at such a casual dismissal of an obviously expensive piece of artwork, then obediently followed Blake up the final stairs and into her bedroom. Blake had taken advantage of Doris' absence and pulled back the sheets of the bed and tossed the excess pillows onto the far side of the room floor. Doris had a quick glance around the room and liked what she saw, it was quietly elegant, like its owner; and the bed was absolutely huge. "Is that a king size?" She asked incredulously.

Grinning like a cat that caught the canary Blake grinned while she perched on the edge of it, "Yeah, want to come over here and try it out?"


Part 4

Doris blushed from her naval to the roots of her hair but bravely stepped forward towards the bed. The assertive side of Blake and the sudden switching back to shyness was throwing her completely off her game. She took a deep breath as she sat beside her on the bed and turned to face the smaller woman.

Blake surprised her with a scorching kiss which Doris felt all the way to her toes; her brain catching up with her libido decided to take over and she began to dominate the kiss, taking control away from Blake. Plundering the other woman's mouth with her tongue she tasted the sweet wine Blake had consumed with their meal and the subtle flavor of the woman herself. Losing herself in the hot, wet, passionate kisses Doris leaned heavily into Blake until they were laid sprawled along the bed.

As soon as Blake became aware of Doris' breasts pressing against her own she gasped and pulled away, panting breathlessly she whispered, "No wonder you prefer women; that is one of the most awesome feelings I've ever had."

Grinning as she continued to nibble her way down Blake's throat to her pulse point, Doris murmured against her skin, "Just wait til it happens when you're naked." Sucking gently at the raging pulse in Blake's throat Doris was sure she'd be leaving a mark there for all to see the next day and for Blake to try to explain, but her body had taken complete control now and she wanted; no, needed to have Blake naked and writhing beneath her.

Removing her hand from Blake's hair, where it had been tangled again, she slowly trailed her hand down the other woman's front and started to loosen the buttons on her blouse. One by one they popped open revealing even more delicious flesh for her to feast on. Her kisses moved from Blake's throat down towards the unexpectedly ample cleavage usually hidden under her choice of clothing. As Doris gently kissed and nibbled at the skin at the top of her breasts Blake let out the most sensuous moan Doris had ever heard. Spurred on by her partner's obvious pleasure Doris continued to trail kisses across the woman's upper chest while her hands wandered across her torso to the fastening on Blake's trousers and opened it. The zipper slid down easily but Doris stopped there and returned to Blake's mouth to kiss her; once again tangling her hands in her hair.

Blake was panting heavily by the time Doris pulled away again and began nibbling and sucking along the other side of her neck. "Doris, please… you're driving me crazy here." She panted, her chest heaving, if there was one thing she now knew about Doris Wolfe it was that she was a damned good kisser. Blake could feel the smug grin against her throat and the low growl Doris seemed to emit at her words.

"What would you like me to do Blake because I really like what I'm doing now; you taste so delicious?" Doris could barely be heard as she mumbled against Blake's throat.

"I want you to…oooohhh….. I want you to fuck me." Blake almost couldn't get the words out as Doris had gently slipped the cup of Blake's bra out of the way and was sucking on her nipple; drawing the sensitive skin into her hot wet mouth had caused Blake to momentarily lose concentration.

Doris almost got whiplash as her head suddenly popped up; the nipple she'd been teasing slipped from her mouth with an audible pop. "Ah, uhm, yeah? Really?" Wonderful coherency there Wolfie… she thought to herself, like she needs a blathering idiot trying to make love to her.

"Yes Doris, really, really, right now, please, I can't wait much longer." Blake sounded almost desperate in her need for release.

Only too happy to oblige Doris finished undoing Blake's trousers and slowly slid them down long silky legs. Gently slipping them off and dumping them on the floor she then trailed soft kisses back up the length of Blake's inner leg, alternating kisses between the right and left. The maddeningly soft kisses were driving Blake higher and closer to ecstasy, her moans and soft sighs music to Doris' ears. She slowly kissed her way back up to the silky underwear Blake was wearing and smiled at the barely there panties. "Were you planning on getting lucky tonight Blake, or are these normal for you?" She whispered softly, glancing at the lacy, almost see through panties.

Blake mumbled something incoherent so Doris simply ignored it and continued her journey up the length of her body, placing gentle kisses wherever she felt the need to. She had bypassed the other woman's pubic area completely and was concentrating on kissing every inch of her tummy, only to discover that Blake was extremely tickly and would squirm with every kiss. Smiling, Doris kissed more firmly and the squirming stopped; almost disappointed as she'd enjoyed the squirming, Doris leaned up on her elbows and asked Blake to remove her bra while she gently tugged at the woman's panties to lower them.

As she obeyed the request, Blake muttered, "You have entirely too many clothes on for my liking Doris… start stripping." Doris rolled to her side and quickly stripped herself down to her underwear, her skirt and blouse joining Blake's clothing in a heap on the floor. Rolling back she encountered an entirely naked Blake Marler and gasped in surprise. The woman was beautiful; all soft curves and gentle strength.

"Blake, has anyone ever told you that you are absolutely stunning?" Doris gasped as she reached for her and kissed her passionately. Blushing brightly Blake simply grinned and returned the kiss with equal fervor.


Part 5

Blushing from the chest area upwards to her cheeks Blake lowered her eyes and tried to hide the tears forming there. "Blake, has anyone ever told you that you are absolutely stunning?" No one had ever said that to her before with such passion in their voice and such tenderness in their eyes. Blake believed she could quite easily fall in love with Doris right there and then on hearing those words. Leaning into her longer body she kissed Doris tenderly and whispered, "Not the way you've just said it, you make me feel stunning just by the way you're looking at me."

"Well, whoever they were, they're fools not to have appreciated you properly."Doris asserted, before gently pulling Blake on top of her as she rolled fully onto her back, "Now, I'd like to kiss you again until neither of us can breathe…"

She didn't get to finish the sentence as Blake leaned down and kissed her, hard; putting all of the feelings Doris was bringing to the surface into the kiss. Tongues tangled in hot, open-mouthed kisses while hands began to traverse the length of each others' bodies, learning the curves and angles and the tickly bits to be avoided; as well as the hot spots which made the other moan loudly.

Doris had her hand on the small of Blake's back when she felt a small, warm hand finally cup her breast, teasing her nipple through her bra. Breaking the kiss Blake sighed in pleasure and demanded that the underwear Doris was still wearing was removed.

Teasingly, Doris replied, "If you want it off, then I'm quite sure you know how to unfasten a bra?" She was rewarded with a gentle slap to the arm before Blake popped the front fastener to reveal Doris' breasts; nipples fully erect reflecting her obvious arousal.

Blake just stared at the beauty before her, she'd always thought that there was more to Doris Wolfe than the garish blazers and acerbic sense of humor, but she didn't realize that underneath there was a figure most women would die for. "And you said I was stunning, have you looked in a mirror Doris? You are gorgeous." Shifting slightly and accidently brushing her thigh against a very sensitive, very wet area between Doris' legs she moaned and leaned heavily into the other woman and kissed her passionately. Trailing away from her mouth she nipped and kissed her way down the other woman's throat, deliberately marking her just above her collar line.

Moving lower still, her thigh still brushing against Doris' pussy she felt her lover squirm and try to push her hips up and into the contact. When Blake closed her mouth around Doris' nipple and tweaked the other she knew that there was only going to be one outcome; they were both ready, and their orgasms were going to be simultaneous.

Doris dragged her fingernails down Blake's back, sure to leave marks there for anyone to see if they looked, and clenched her fingers into Blake's buttocks. She knew she was close, but she wanted something more. She wanted to be inside Blake and she wanted Blake inside her. Shifting one hand between them, she glanced at Blake for permission and saw the quick nod granting it before she slowly drifted her fingers closer to her destination; a very wet, very ready destination.

Blake followed Doris' example but had to shift slightly onto her knees so that she was slightly straddling the other woman's thigh to give her access. She kept one hand braced on Doris' shoulder for balance and continued kissing her as she felt Doris enter her very slowly and gently. Blake slid her fingers through the neatly trimmed hairs on the Mayor's body and discovered just how ready she was. Entering her hot, wet pussy felt like coming home, Blake had never felt anything so good in her life and groaned in pleasure; both at the feeling of entering Doris and at the erotic assault Doris was conducting on her body.

Breaking the kiss to be able to breathe properly for the first time in a few minutes Doris sighed, "Blake you feel so good, you are driving me crazy with what you're doing; are you sure you've never been with a woman?"

Blushing but nodding, Blake found she was almost unable to speak as Doris had just hit her g-spot and was tenderly stroking it, causing small convulsions to wrack her body. "Doris… I'm gonna… Ahhh Doris!" Blake's orgasm coursed through her like liquid fire, causing the shorter woman to crumple on top of Doris, her fingers still inside the other woman triggered Doris' orgasm as the slightly deeper penetration hit Doris' g-spot and caused her to call out the other woman's name loudly.

Neither woman could move for several minutes, so they lay there in a sweaty tangle of legs and arms tenderly kissing and gently caressing each other; their touches intended to be gentle and soothing rather than inflaming the fires of desire again.

Blake recovered her voice first, "That was amazing; can we do that again?"


Part 6

The next morning they parted with a gentle kiss before leaving Blake's house for their respective jobs and a promise to meet for dinner that evening. Blake made Doris promise to come to the house because she knew that there was no way she'd be able to get a babysitter for Clarissa again at such short notice without raising suspicion. Not that the spectacular hickey on her neck wasn't going to be a cause for gossip anyway, but she wanted to avoid as much gossip about her love life as possible. Waving from the doorway she watched Doris drive away with a pang in her heart and a sad smile on her face; she really did think she was falling for the Mayor, and falling hard.

By 10:30am Doris had had enough of paperwork and set about getting herself a cup of coffee when she spotted her laptop. With a cheeky grin on her face she powered it up and opened her instant message program. Just as she had hoped she saw that her lover was online; or at least showing as available.

Bigbadwolfe: Hi, are you around or have you just forgotten to switch messenger off?

Goddessofcaffeine: No, I didn't forget, I'm here cheeky!

Bigbadwolfe: I was just thinking about you while I was getting a coffee.

Goddessofcaffeine: Were they nice thoughts?

Bigbadwolfe: No, they were kinda naughty… memories are wonderful things… scarves too, you've left quite the mark just ABOVE where my collar would hide it LOL

Goddessofcaffeine: Yeah, they come in handy when you're dating a vampire… you should see the size of the mark you left on my neck!

Bigbadwolfe: I'm sorry?

Goddessofcaffeine: Oh no you're not… you are enjoying the fact that I'm the one that's in public and having to explain it… you get to hide in your office all day! ;-)

Bigbadwolfe: I'll make it up to you tonight after dinner? What would you like me to do to make it better?

Goddessofcaffeine: Well… a repeat performance would be nice… *blushing

Bigbadwolfe: well, well, my little tiger has claws after all… is it too mushy to say I miss you?

Goddessofcaffeine: aww, no its not - who knew you were such a softie under that big tough exterior?

Bigbadwolfe: I never claimed to be tough… and I think I proved last night that I can be gentle and tender…

Goddessofcaffeine: Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings sweetie… I was kidding… I know you're a ball-buster at work but at home you're a softie

Doris' heart almost leapt out of her chest when Blake mentioned at home, the implication that she felt at home with Doris was overwhelming her already hammering heart; she knew she was falling in love with Blake. There was just something about the other woman that was so endearing that it had crept up on her unexpectedly and she was positive that she was gonna fall ass over teakettle for her.

Bigbadwolfe: Sorry, I kind of zoned out there for a minute… what time did you want to meet for dinner?

Goddessofcaffeine: Anytime after six is fine with me… and I miss you too, I wish you were here right now.

Bigbadwolfe: Do you want me to bring wine or anything else with me?

Goddessofcaffeine: No, just yourself and an overnight bag just in case you want to stay over?

Blake's bold presumption that Doris would stay again threw the older woman off kilter and had her momentarily speechless and unable to respond.

Goddessofcaffeine: D? You still there? What's wrong?

Bigbadwolfe: Sorry, just kinda zoned out there for a moment. Do you really want me to stay; I mean your daughter will be there?

Goddessofcaffeine: Don't worry about that, she's normally in bed for 8pm and you're not really a screamer so we should be okay…ROFLMAO

Bigbadwolfe: You are incorrigible; I think I've unleashed a monster LOL… oh damn, gotta go… someone just walked into the office… damn, it's Olivia! See you later.

Goddessofcaffeine: OH, okay… good luck, sees ya later… MWUAH


Part 7

Doris didn't bother replying but swiftly shut her laptop as Olivia Spencer waltzed into her office unannounced and without even bothering to knock; again. "Such a delight to see you again Olivia, what favour do you need this time?" Doris asked sarcastically.

"Actually nothing, I just popped by to see how your date went last night?" Olivia answered innocently, but the wicked gleam in her eyes proved that there was more to her visit than she was letting on. "I went by Company earlier and noticed that Blake was wearing a scarf even though it's really warm in there and now here you are wearing one too, so I was wondering…?" Olivia trailed off grinning.

Doris blushed darkly and gave herself away before she even opened her mouth to deny it. "Okay, fine; I went on a date last night with Blake, but you had better not say anything to anyone else!" Doris warned.

"Oh, come on Doris, you know I don't have any secrets from Natalia and that is one secret that I just can't keep from her!" Olivia was outraged at the implication that Doris wanted her to lie to her partner.

"Well, no one else then. Please Olivia, I really like her and want to make it work." Doris whined; a rather unusual attribute for her. Before she could clarify her meaning any further her computer bleeped to indicate a new instant message.

Olivia's eyebrows almost leapt off her face as she grinned, "I bet that's her now; checking to see if Olivia 'freakin' Spencer has eaten you for lunch yet!"

The blush on Doris face, which had receded, darkened her cheeks again as she opened her laptop with a mumbled "excuse me" in Olivia's direction. Without even realizing it she smiled brightly when she saw that it was in fact Blake who was IM'ing her. Quickly reading the screen she typed out a quick reply and closed the laptop again before turning to face Olivia once more.

"I know it's only 11:30am but how would you like to go for a drink or three Olivia? I have a sudden need for a drink and don't really want to drink alone." Doris didn't sound depressed, she sounded positively giddy.

"Well, I'm not normally one to turn down drinks Doris but I do have a hotel to run and a daughter to collect from school later." Olivia replied.

"Well then, ask that beautiful partner of yours to pick up the slack for you just this once?" Doris actually blushed harder as she referred to Natalia as beautiful. Olivia's brows almost met in the middle at the same time; her jealous streak rising to the surface.

"Okay, let me give her a call and see what she says?" Olivia pulled her phone from her jacket pocket and hit speed dial one.

Twenty minutes later Doris and Olivia were sitting in the bar at The Beacon enjoying their drinks, safe in the knowledge that Natalia knew how to run the hotel and that she'd arranged for Jane to collect Emma from school and look after her for a few hours.

"Okay Wolfie, spill the beans; just what in the hell are you doing dating Blake? She's straight for fuck's sake!" Olivia wasn't really outraged; she just couldn't comprehend how Doris had managed to sweet talk Blake into her bed.

Doris started to blush again. She really was getting sick of the way the color in her face gave her away when she was trying to keep things private; Olivia Spencer could spot a lie a week away, so she knew she'd have to tell the truth. "Well, a few weeks ago, I got this really cheeky, flirty instant message pop up on my screen. I read it and thought that it was a practical joke at first, you know what law interns are like; they just love their little jokes." Doris paused to take a sip of her drink and risked a glance at Olivia's face.

Olivia wasn't laughing like Doris thought she would be, she was nodding sympathetically, she'd been on the receiving end of practical jokes the staff at the hotel had played on her, so she totally understood where Doris was coming from. "And then?"

"I replied asking who they were and they asked who they thought I was and from then on it was just banter, we arranged to meet online the next evening and have spoken almost every day since then. We finally arranged to meet last night and I found out the person that I think I've fallen in love with is Blake Marler." Doris confessed.


Part 8

Natalia sat at the kitchen table cradling a hot cup of tea, having just finished a late lunch with Olivia and stared at her partner in total disbelief, "Really; Doris and Blake sporting matching hickeys? Olivia, please tell me that this is one of your practical jokes to get me back for earlier?"

"Honestly Natalia, they were both wearing scarves but they weren't high enough up their throats to hide all of the marks." Olivia chuckled at just how obvious the two of them were being while trying to be nonchalant. Natalia snorted in disbelief and just raised her eyebrows at her partner as she continued her tale. "Plus it was like a sauna in Company today, everyone else was running around in short sleeves or vests but Blake had on a blouse with the buttons all done up and the scarf on obviously trying to hide it." Olivia's green eyes sparkled with mischief as she related the events of her morning to her partner. "I'm honestly not kidding; when I went to speak to Doris she couldn't stop blushing and then over drinks she told me that she thought was falling in love with Blake."

Natalia sprayed her mouthful of tea all over the table and blushed crimson at the accidental spraying. "You are joking?"

"No, I'm not, why do you find it so hard to believe? She told me that I was to 'just ask that beautiful partner of yours to pick up the slack for you just this once' which I wasn't too happy about; but I knew that she needed to talk to someone about it and since I'm the closest thing she has to a friend I went with her and that's what she told me!" Olivia was peeved that Natalia found the whole situation incredulous. "I mean, everyone thought it was ridiculous when you and I got together, but they got over it and now accept us. Why can't you just get past the ridiculous and accept that Doris is falling in love with Blake?"

"I'm sorry; I know I'm being awful, but we 'fit' I just can't get my head around Blake and Doris together." Natalia's face flamed with embarrassment at her admission.

"I know, it is kind of a weird combination, but you really should have seen her whole face light up when she got that instant message from Blake. It was like a supernova had been lit up inside her. I think it's the real thing for her this time." Olivia grinned, obviously plotting something based on the glint in her sea green eyes.

"Whatever it is you're planning Olivia Spencer, don't you dare do anything to ruin it for them? If it is true love, then we need to support them." Natalia changed her tune and spoke with that tone which normally stopped Olivia in her tracks. Grinning Olivia just nodded, she wasn't going to do anything to upset either women, what she was going to do was surprise them both.

Doris opened her laptop and closed it again with a wry grin on her face. She knew she was being really sappy and out of character for her tough Mayoral image but there was something about Blake Marler that she just couldn't get out of her head. She had left Blake's around seven thirty that morning to go home and change for work; it wouldn't do to give the rest of her staff the opportunity to gossip if she turned up in the same clothes as the previous day.

They all knew that she was gay and didn't really care; occasionally they even made jokes about "finding her a decent woman to settle down with" but the teasing was always carefully gentle. Doris tolerated it with an indulgent smile… she much preferred the teasing to the outright hostility she'd been expecting when they'd found out.

Grinning to herself again, she wouldn't wait another three and a half hours; couldn't wait until dinner to talk to Blake again so she opened her laptop again and logged into her messenger. Blake was showing as available, so she sent a message straight away.

Bigbadwolfe: hey, miss me yet?

Goddessofcaffeine: Of course, even though you've only been gone a few hours it feels like days. I know I'm being mushy but I miss you.

Bigbadwolfe: I was just thinking the same thing...Can we meet later for a coffee?

Goddessofcaffeine: Sure, I'd love to. Company? Or do you want to go somewhere else?

Bigbadwolfe: I really don't care where we go B, I'm not gonna hide anything about us. You know I really like you and I'm not ashamed to let everyone else see it.

Goddessofcaffeine: Good, because that's exactly how I feel too. How about I bring you a coffee at the office & that way we can have some privacy?

Bigbadwolfe: Now, that sounds like a plan that I like ;) I don't have any meetings this afternoon, just paperwork, but it can wait for a while.

Goddessofcaffeine: Good, then I'll see you in about twenty minutes then?

Bigbadwolfe: Looking forward to it already

Goddessofcaffeine: You do know that the first thing I'm going to do is kiss you breathless, so you best make sure that your office door is locked!

Bigbadwolfe: LOL, you are SO bad… but in such a good way… who knew you were such a little devil underneath that innocent exterior?

Goddessofcaffeine: Well, you do… now. LOL See you in twenty… be ready for me?

Bigbadwolfe: always…

Goddessofcaffeine: LOL, now who is being a devil…see you soon… kisses


Part 9

Doris closed her laptop with a huge grin on her face and turned back to her paperwork, yet again she could hear the familiar footsteps of Olivia Spencer's heels in the corridor outside her office; hanging her head and groaning she tried to compose herself for another verbal sparring session with Olivia.

Olivia rapped her knuckles on the door as she entered Doris' office, "I knocked this time Doris, so don't even think about giving me a row for bad manners!" She grinned at the startled look on the Mayor's face.

"What do you want now Olivia, I am actually very busy you know?" Doris ground out.

"You weren't too busy to drag me out for drinks this morning Doris, or is this your penance for having skipped out on work to go boozing with a buddy?" Olivia's smile just kept getting wider and wider.

"No, Olivia, the fact that you and I are friends now is my penance!" Doris smirked at the slightly shocked look on Olivia's face. "Oh, come on Spencer I was joking and you know it!"

"Okay then; I come bearing good news!" Olivia was positively beaming, her smile almost supernova in its intensity. She handed Doris an envelope with a wink and then turned to leave the office without saying another word.

"Just wait a damned minute Spencer! What the hell are you up to?" She fingered the envelope nervously, desperate to open it but at the same time terrified since she didn't know what Olivia had planned.

Olivia just smirked, "Let's just say that Natalia has brought out the romantic side of me. Enjoy yourselves!" She winked at the Mayor and walked out of the office grinning like a loon and humming a jaunty tune. If this didn't get her into heaven then nothing would.

Doris just gaped at the contents of the envelope; she'd just been given a passkey to the Honeymoon Suite at the Beacon and an all expenses paid weekend for two; the contact telephone number & appropriate payment for a reliable babysitter for Clarissa, one Olivia had used when Jane hadn't been available.


Part 10 - Blake's POV

When I arrived at her office, with two cups of coffee, I did exactly what I'd promised and kissed her breathless. I knew that I wanted her; preferably there and then, on her desk in her office. The coffee sat on the low table in front of her desk completely forgotten as we lost ourselves in passionate kisses, her hands traversing the contours of my body and seeking skin underneath the clothing I was wearing.

Her beautiful eyes gazed at me as her fingers ran the length of my ribcage and headed south. Her breathing was shallow and rapid as her arousal overtook her ability to control her emotions. Her hand gently caressed my tummy muscles and slid further down to the apex of my legs.

Her mouth had that slightly kiss-bruised swollen look as a result of our frantic coupling, her soft lips full and enticing me in further to investigate the softness of her now gentle kisses. Needing to feel her I grabbed her and pinned her against me as I backed her up against her desk. I had no idea what I was doing, only that I wanted to taste every last inch of her luscious body and pleasure her until stars exploded behind our eyes.

I revisited her mouth with teeth gently biting at her bottom lip and tongue invading that succulent warmth. I was crazy with desire and determined to re-investigate just exactly what was underneath the clothing she had on.

One swift tug and the loose fitting blouse she was wearing parted company with its buttons and opened to reveal the luscious beauty of her bra-clad breasts. I gazed in awe as they swayed gently with the sudden movement. I licked my lips at the thought of wrapping my mouth, and then tongue, around them and feasting on them.

I heard the gasp of surprise as my hot mouth breathed on the skin surrounding her nipples as I removed her bra and doubled my efforts to hear it again. I slowly trailed my tongue from the base of her breast to the nipple while exhaling slowly to add to the intoxication she was feeling.

Her hand had long since stopped its journey along my body as my impatient side took over. She had closed her eyes at the sensation of my tongue on her breasts so I demanded she open them. Startled from her sensual haze she opened her eyes to reveal that her pupils were hugely dilated. I grinned and redoubled my efforts.

Travelling south, my tongue blazed a trail from her breasts to her tummy, trying to avoid the tickly spot just above her belly button. Moving slowly downwards I could anticipate her taste again; beautifully sweet and tangy like a peach. Her soft downy fur protecting her sex felt like silk on the skin of my fingers.

Making fast work of the fastening of her trousers I pulled them lower to discover that she wasn't wearing underwear. Chuckling I asked if she had planned this only to be told that she had hoped we would come together today. Laughing at her unintended double-entendre I continued my journey.

Razing my tongue against the hot flesh I was gratified to hear her squeak at the sensation. Who knew that Doris Wolfe could squeak? I gently caressed her ass as my hands followed the path on her back that my tongue was travelling on her front.

Her breathing faltered as I gently pushed my tongue between her folds and caressed her lips. I could feel the moisture gathered there beginning to leak onto my chin and attempted to lap it all up before it got there. I felt her knees start to buckle as they failed to hold her weight against the desk and gently supported her as she slowly slid to the ground.

In the position she'd landed in her knees were bent and she was presented to me like a gift as her descent had forced her knees apart. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth I changed position and reapplied myself to making her scream my name in ecstasy.

As I continued my ministrations I could hear her breathing change again and knew that she wouldn't be able to last much longer. I intensified my efforts with my tongue and added the sensation of my index and middle fingers moving gently inside her whilst my thumb grazed across her clit. The whimper of pleasure I heard assured me that she was enjoying my attentions and prompted me to try something I hadn't ever done before but longed to try. I moved my other hand back to her ass and gently caressed her other opening. Not hearing a refusal I took permission for granted and continued my attention there along with my fingers now sliding gently into her.

As she relaxed further into the dual sensations of our encounter I found myself in a quandary. I wanted to taste her, fuck her and kiss her all at the same time. Moving slowly without removing my hands I climbed the length of her beautiful body and ravished her mouth.

Bucking hard as her orgasm shot through her like lighting she bit on my tongue drawing blood. I was the one howling in ecstasy as I followed her to release and felt the shattering of my heart as she whispered her love for the very first time.


Part 11

Blake and Doris met the following day for lunch in Company, shyly glancing at one another; barely able to stop blushing. Doris knew that she'd admitted in the throes of passion that she was in love with Blake but had yet to admit it without the adrenaline of an orgasm coursing through her body.

Blake knew that she was also in love with Doris but was terrified to admit it just in case Doris had only said it during their lovemaking and hadn't really meant it. She was quiet and thoughtful until Doris reached over and gently squeezed her fingers.

"Hey, are you okay, you're awfully quiet today?" Doris asked, concern mirrored in her eyes.

"Hmm? Oh, yeah I was just thinking about how quick this thing between us is moving. It's not too fast is it?" Blake queried concern evident in her tone.

Sensing the opening she needed to declare her love properly, Doris was quick to reassure her partner, "no, it's not too quick. I told you yesterday that I love you. I may have said it in the throes of passion but I meant it Blake." Doris was blushing even harder at her whispered admission. "I love you Blake Marler."

The sigh which flowed from Blake was heart-felt and filled with relief at the quietly spoken declaration. Her earlier fears had been proven unfounded and she could reciprocate her love for the beautiful woman sitting opposite her. "You know, I was thinking that you'd only said it because it was the right thing to say at the time; do you really mean it?"

Glancing up sharply from the coffee cup she was drinking from Doris glared, "of course I meant it. I meant it then and I mean it now." Softening her gaze and gentling her tone she queried, "Would you like me to publicly declare it to prove it to you?"

Rushing to re-assure her love Blake quickly said, "No, no, it's okay. The fact that you've said it while we're both fully clothed and in public is enough for me. People will find out soon enough."

"Oh really? You sound really confident about that fact Blake, what are you planning?" Doris wasn't sure if she should be worried or not. She may be out to her staff but the general populace didn't really need to know about her sexual preferences.

"I was planning on telling Olivia Spencer; I'm sure she'll take great pleasure in telling everyone else for us?" Blake grinned cheekily.

"Actually, I don't think she would; I asked her to respect our privacy and she's done a great job of keeping it secret so far." Doris was blushing again at the admission, concerned that Blake would think she was trying to hide their relationship.

Blake's eyebrow's almost launched themselves off her forehead and into her hairline as she stared at her partner, "really? She knows and hasn't said anything publicly?"

"Nope, not a word. The only thing she has done in public is wink at me and ask how many scarves I have." Doris grinned hugely at the reminder of the days they'd both had to wear scarves to hide the matching hickey's. "In fact, Olivia Spencer is so supportive of us that she gave me this for us!" Doris pulled the envelope Olivia had given her from her bag as she spoke and handed it to Blake.

Blake accepted the envelope and glanced up at Doris, trepidation written all over her face, "what is it?"

"Look inside and find out Blake, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised." Doris grinned.

Emptying the contents of the envelope onto the table Blake took a moment or two to realize exactly what she was looking at and then squealed loudly, "Oh. My. God! Olivia Spencer did this for us?" Blushing furiously as the realization of how loudly she'd just announced it, she lowered her voice, "She's given us a passkey to the Honeymoon Suite at the Beacon and an all expenses paid weekend for two; the contact telephone number & payment for a babysitter for Clarissa? Why would she do that?" Blake finished her query with tears in her eyes.

Doris grinned as she leaned over to gently wipe the tears from her lover's face, "Olivia Spencer isn't the big toughie that she likes to portray; underneath it all there is a heart of gold and a romantic streak a mile long. When she found out about our 'messages' back and forth she thought it was so cute and romantic. She told me that she'd do whatever she could to support us and that the weekend to ourselves would mean that we could get to know one another properly without distractions."

Unable to stop the tears from flowing Blake simply leaned across the table whispered, "I'm so glad you and Olivia are friends," before she closed the distance and kissed Doris soundly. Retreating from the kiss before it escalated into the realms of adult entertainment in a public place, Blake grinned again; "but I'm so glad it's you that I accidentally sent that message to. I love you Bigbadwolfe!"

The End

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