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Hero Myth
By Juri


Part 1

"I don't feel good," Emma squeaked pitifully, coughing wetly into a tissue as Natalia leaned down to kiss her forehead.

"My poor sweet baby girl," the Latina murmured, slipping into bed beside the miserable child. It was a beautiful Saturday morning; the sun was out and the temperature was above 55, for once. The air was full of bird song and fluffy bumble bees lazily searching for the first flowers of the season. It was a perfect day for exploring, or a picnic, or even just lounging in the backyard. So of course Emma had woken up with the flu.

"Would you like a popsicle for your throat?" the woman offered, hoping to distract her would-be daughter from her pain. Emma shook her head, eyes shiny with tears. "How about a movie? We could have a flu party on the couch?" Another sad shake of the girl's head, followed by a sniffle. Natalia felt her heart clench; her poor baby! "Is there anything you want?"

"Tell me a story?" Emma croaked, curling into the woman.

"Whatever you want sweetie. What book would you like?"

"Want a story about Unicorns and Space Pirates and Princesses..." Came the rambling response. Natalia frowned for a moment.

"I don't think we have that book."

"Can you tell me anyway?" Emma pleaded, blinking up at her. Her heart melted and she smiled.

"Okay sweetie. Anything else you want in the story?" The girl thought for a moment.

"You and Mommy and Aliens too." The woman giggled, the story already forming in her mind.

"Tall order, but I'll see what I can do."

They settled into bed, Emma lying against Natalia's chest, wheezing softly. Stroking baby soft hair, the woman began. "Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away-"

"That's Star Wars!" Emma exclaimed, rolling her eyes.

"Oh, you're right. Let's try that again. Okay, once upon a time, in a far away land there lived a Princess-"

"Named Natalia," again the girl interrupted, bouncing slightly in place. "And she had a Unicorn, and she was the nicest Princess in the whole world."

"Who's telling this story, huh?" Natalia teased, tickling the girl until she giggled an apology.

"Okay, okay, sorry!"

"Right, so, there lived a Princess named Natalia," the woman paused, waiting for a moment before continuing. "And a dreaded Space Pirate named Olivia…"


Part 2

Captain Olivia Spencer – known to most as the Dread Pirate Queen - stared out of the view port, watching, almost bored, as the surface of the planet raced up towards her ship. She had no worry of crashing, knowing that her crew feared her wrath more than death and that they understood that the ship was worth more to her than any one of them. Within the hour a marauding party would be assembled and she would be leading them in yet another brash and daring raid that would rocket her infamy to new and dazzling heights. Glancing down at her nails as she buffed them to a shine, Olivia smiled; it was good to be Queen.

"What does 'infamy' mean?" Emma asked, coughing quietly. Natalia smiled gently, reaching over and grabbing another tissue from the bedside table.

"Blow." She commanded, waiting until the girl complied before answering her question. "It means famous, but for doing naughty things."

"Like what?"

Her reputation, which she proudly encouraged, was the result of a lifetime of hostile takeovers, ransoming, lying, cheating, and the occasional stealing of candies from babies.

"Mommy doesn't steal candy from babies," Emma giggled, shaking her head.

"Well, this isn't really your mother, remember? She's a scary space pirate. And really, what's worse then stealing candy from babies?" Emma had to agree. Then she frowned, looking a little scandalized.

"She doesn't kick puppies, does she?" the girl asked, voice filled with quiet horror.

"Of course not, sweetie; not even make believe Olivia is that mean." Natalia bit her lip for a moment to keep from laughing; it wouldn't surprise her if the real Olivia had at one time engaged in puppy-kicking, but there was no need for Emma to think so. Especially since nowadays Olivia Spencer wouldn't dare, for fear of Natalia's Disappointed Face, the Latina's secret weapon against the Dread Pirate Queen - err - hotelier.

"Approaching the surface Captain; the men are waiting for your orders." A gruff voice spoke over the communication system, breaking Olivia out of her thoughts. She glared momentarily, before smiling and standing.

"Have a team of twelve ready to go; I'll expect them to be prepared by the time I reach the bridge." She purred, reaching for her gun and sword.

"Ay Captain." Before the line was cut she could hear her crew scrambling, and she held back a cackle. Whoever said it was better to rule by love than fear obviously wasn't a pirate.

When she stepped onto the bridge, Olivia was pleased to see a group of a dozen men waiting, standing tensely at attention. "Relax boys, before you sprain something." She joked, walking up to her first mate. "You have the ship, Mr. Lewis. Keep a light in the window." She walked to the hatch, not bothering to check if her men were following; if they knew what was good for them, they would be at her heels.

"Ay Captain; good luck." She glanced back, green eyes flashing, cat-like.

"Keep your luck, all I need is myself." Mr. Lewis gulped and Olivia laughed, continuing out of the ship.

"Whoa," Emma breathed, her eyes wide as she looked at Natalia. "Story Mommy is scary." Natalia giggled, petting the girl's head, covertly checking her temperature. Warm, but not alarmingly so.

"Yeah she is. But don't worry, she gets nicer. How are you feeling sweetie?"

"Ok." The girl smiled, snuggling closer to her second mother. "What about Princess Natalia? How are they going to meet?"

"Well, I was just getting to that," Natalia replied, pulling the blanket up further and tucking the edges under them. "Princess Natalia lived in a big white castle, on top of a big green hill…"

Natalia sighed, picking at non-existent lint on her brand new dress; she was bored. After being caught yet again helping the kitchen staff prepare dinner for the palace, she was locked in her room by her nursemaid. Princesses should never mingle with commoners, the old, wrinkled woman had scolded. And certainly, never, ever, get their hands dirty. Princess Natalia blew out a frustrated breath, ruffling her bangs. That was a bunch of fiddlesticks is what that was. Some of her best friends weren't royalty and always had dirt under their fingernails.

From the courtyard came the sounds of yelling and explosions. Concerned, Natalia moved to her window, gasping at what she saw. There was a large hole in the protective wall that surrounded the palace, and despite the smoke, the princess could see a small group of men – and was that a woman – pouring through. As they stepped into the clearing, Natalia's heart skipped a beat. She recognized that woman from the NewsFeeds: the Dread Pirate Queen Olivia!

The woman in question looked up suddenly, straight to Natalia's window. She felt paralyzed by those green eyes, and for a moment she wondered if the stories about the Space Pirate having powers were true. It was rumored she had once captured a dragon, and made it trade its life in exchange for its magic.

"Dragons?" Emma asked, sounding incredulous. Natalia paused, blinking in confusion; she had really started getting into her tale.

"Well, yeah… I mean, if there are unicorns, why can't there be dragons?" Emma seemed to contemplate that for a moment, before nodding.

"Okay, just checking. Keep going please." She prompted. A small sneeze and coughing fit stopped Natalia short.

"Oh, poor baby. Wait right here, I'll get you some juice."

"Okay," Emma replied miserably, turning her head to gaze longingly out the window. Big, puffy white clouds drifted lazily across the blue sky.

Slipping out of the bed, Natalia re-tucked the blankets around the girl before hurrying out of the room. "Oh!" she squeaked, almost running smack into her - girlfriend? lover? – housemate. Shaking her head, she unconsciously reached for the older woman's hand. "You scared me!" Olivia smiled, the corners of her eyes scrunching in amusement.

"Oh, I know my infamy precedes me; I promise not to steal your candy."

"I'm not a baby!" Natalia said, sticking out her tongue playfully and moving past the other woman, heading towards the stairs.

"Nope, you're my princess," she heard Olivia whisper, and turned suddenly at the stop of the stairs. Looking back, she couldn't help the giggle that escaped her lips. The older woman looked horrified, like a frightened rabbit ready to bolt. She walked back, smiling sweetly as she reached the frozen woman. Gently she reached up and cupped Olivia's cheek.

"Dread Pirate Queen's are such softies." She murmured, raising up to kiss Olivia's nose.

"I'm going to go get our daughter her juice now. If you like my story so much, why don't you join us?" Not allowing the older woman time to react, she turned and hurried down the stairs, smiling to herself even as her heart beat furiously in her chest.


Part 3

Olivia Spencer was not a morning person; if she had it her way, nothing would exist before 9am. So when blurry eyes dragged themselves over to her alarm clock, she was very confused – concerned even – when she saw the numbers: 7:38. Had she really missed an entire day? It had to be, because there was no reason she could think of that she would have woken before Natalia's coffee on a Saturday…

The shrill sound of small birds reached her ears. Ah, that explained it. Spring had sprung, bringing with it annoying noises that she never would have been exposed to if she hadn't moved out into the middle of nowhere. Olivia sighed, hand reaching out and launching a pillow towards the incessant twittering. Her lips curled into a satisfied smirk at the startled squawk outside her window. That'd teach 'em to wake her before the caffeine was ready. Rolling over, she snuggled back into her rumpled sheets. Natalia would be getting up soon, checking on Emma before making breakfast. She could practically taste the eggs.

After a few minutes of drifting between sleep and wakefulness she sighed again, rolling onto her back and glaring. She should really be more proactive if she was going to make this thing with Natalia work. Today, that meant getting up early and making the coffee. With a groan, she was out of bed, pulling on a robe over her pajamas.

Walking past Emma's door, she noticed it was slightly ajar. "I don't feel good," she heard her daughter whine, and she stepped closer, hand reaching out to open the door fully.

"My poor sweet baby girl," Came Natalia's voice, and Olivia paused, smiling as she pressed her ear closer to the gap. Natalia's love for her daughter warmed her heart, filling her with a peace she hadn't known she was missing. She couldn't have chosen a better second parent for Emma if she had taken applications.

"Tell me a story," Emma croaked, and Olivia was tempted to enter the room. Something made her hesitate, and as Natalia began to spin her story, she smiled, glad that she had. Dread Pirate Queen? Oh, Natalia was definitely going to pay for that one. She had to stifle a laugh at younger woman's description of her alternate self; stealing candy from babies? Ha!

Lulled into a day dreaming state by Natalia's story, she almost missed hearing her – girlfriend? beloved? – housemate get up and move towards the door. Scrambling, she just barely avoided having the younger woman plow into her. "Oh," Natalia exclaimed, reaching for her hand to steady herself. As soon as her fingers touched Olivia's skin, she felt warmth spread from the point of contact to her heart. Damn, she loved this woman. "You scared me!"

Olivia smiled mischievously, almost wickedly. Oh really now? "Oh, I know my infamy precedes me; I promise not to steal your candy." She teased, squeezing the olive-skinned woman's fingers gently before letting go of her hand.

"I'm not a baby!" Natalia countered, sticking out her tongue as she moved towards the stairs.

"Nope, you're my princess." The words were out of her mouth before she knew she had even thought them. Green eyes went impossibly wide, mouth opening slightly in shock, and she prayed – actually prayed – that somehow, Natalia hadn't heard. No such luck, the Latina turned to face her, and Olivia felt like a deer in headlights. Well that was embarrassingly sappy, and so unlike her.

Natalia giggled, smiling her 1000 watt full dimpled smile as she walked back to her, and instantly the business woman felt her chest unclench a bit. Okay, at least she wasn't angry, that was good. Her breath caught in her throat as the smaller woman cupped her cheek. "Dread Pirate Queens are such softies." The younger woman murmured, raising up to kiss Olivia's nose. Nothing existed but the two of them, the places where they touched.

"I'm going to go get our daughter her juice now." She heard the other woman whisper, and she blinked slowly, brain still frozen. "If you like my story so much, why don't you join us?" Before she could respond, Natalia was already halfway down the stairs. Olivia's heart swelled with emotion, tears coming to her eyes; Natalia had said 'our daughter.' She knew the other woman loved Emma like her own, but for her to say it like that…

"Jesus Spencer, stop crying like a girl; suck it up!" She couldn't help the huge smile on her face as she entered her – their – daughter's room.

Natalia hummed to herself as she poured Emma orange juice and grabbed a sleeve of saltine crackers from the pantry. She was studiously ignoring the nervous fluttering in her belly, instead choosing to focus on the adorable expression that had been on Olivia's face as she realized what she had said. She loved it when the older woman let her guard down, let herself relax enough to be who she really was under all that snarkiness and sarcasm – a closet romantic.

Saturday mornings were Natalia's favorite time with her family. Even before they had admitted their feelings for each other, Olivia was always her softest, her least guarded, on Saturday mornings. When Natalia handed her the giant mug of coffee, their eyes would meet, green the color of sea-foam – her new favorite color – and Olivia would smile that special smile she reserved for her. The younger woman knew that all was right in the world, if only for a while, in those moments. The only thing that kept Saturday mornings from being absolutely perfect was the absence of her son, but soon Rafe would be home, and everything in Natalia's world would be as it should.

Walking into Emma's room, Natalia was confused to find it empty. "Uh, hello?" she called, pausing to listen. She heard giggling coming from the direction of her own room. Back tracking, she stopped in her doorway to observe her two favorite girls as they snuggled in the middle of her bed. "There you are," she sounded almost scolding. "I hope you aren't jumping around too much." They both looked a little guilty, and she rolled her eyes, handing Emma her juice and setting the crackers on the nightstand, before crawling into bed and sitting against the headboard.

Quickly finishing her juice, the girl immediately snuggled against Natalia's side, looking up at her expectantly. She felt Olivia shift closer, so that Emma was safely tucked between them, and she looked up into smiling eyes. "Well, you were saying?" the older woman prompted, smile teasing. Natalia grinned back, nose crinkling.

"Yeah, I want to know what happens next," Emma exclaimed, coughing into her chest. Well, if she hadn't caught the flu before, she certainly would now. She didn't mind though, a small price to pay for precious moments like these with her family.

"Well, where was I… oh yeah, the Princess and the Pirate…"

Natalia glared up at Captain Olivia Spencer, teeth clenching around the gag in her mouth. If she could speak, she would have a few choice words for the Pirate Queen.

"Like what?" Emma interrupted, and Olivia stifled a laugh.

"Yeah Natalia, like what?" she asked, canary-eating grin on her face. Natalia glared at the older woman, before smiling down at their daughter.

"Well, probably like, uh, why was she such a jerk?" it was almost a question. Emma looked mollified and Olivia looked amused. Rolling her eyes, the woman continued. "Anyway…"

The Princess found herself being roughly pushed onto the ground by one of the other pirates, groaning as her bound arms stretched uncomfortably against the chains holding them to the bulkhead of the shuttle. "You look at her when she says you can," he growled, earning a chuckle from his commander.

"Don't be so hard on the little princess," Olivia said, patting the suddenly nervous man's shoulder before approaching the shackled woman. "She's never seen a real pirate up close, have you sweetheart?" The words were said with hollow cheerfulness, and Natalia felt cold fear in the pit of her stomach as the taller woman grabbed her chin with bruising force, dragging her to her knees. "Since you didn't know better, I'll let it go this time. So nice of you to kneel in penance." Then the Captain was gone, leaving the Princess shivering.

Natalia felt tears sliding down her cheeks, but she refused to breakdown; she wouldn't give these ruffians the satisfaction. "If you follow the rules, you'll be returned to your parents unhurt," a kind voice said from behind her, and she turned her head, wiping the tears on her shoulder. "She's in a bad mood, three of the raiding party were captured; she hates incompetence."

"That means when someone messes up," Olivia interjected, knowing her daughter well.

"Oh, that makes sense." Emma said, nodding and yawning before snuggling down into the blankets, reaching back to pull her mother closer, until the three of them were all touching. Natalia moved her arm to pillow the older woman's head, the other reaching out to rest Olivia's hip, trapping Emma between them. They all sighed in contentment.

"She won't kill you if you cooperate. She just wants the money she'll get for you, I promise." Natalia looked doubtful. The pirate, an older looking man with a gentle face, shrugged. "Usually she kidnaps princes, over five now, but it's been true so far."

"Haha, I just bet she does," Olivia chuckled, ruffling Emma's hair.

"Moooooom." The girl whined, trying to smooth it back into place. "Ssh!"

"Yeah, ssh!" Natalia scolded, tongue in cheek.

"Well, excuse me! Please continue."

Within an hour, Princess Natalia found herself being roughly thrown, still chained, into a cold, dark room. "Hope the room is up to your standards, your highness." Captain Spencer taunted, laughing when her captive turned and glared. Her men laughed quietly behind her.


"No, no, let me." The Pirate Queen interrupted, holding out a hand to stall words. She cleared her throat. "You won't get away with this!" she mocked, making her voice high pitched and accented, causing the other pirates to guffaw loudly; they had all heard it before. "Afraid of getting hurt, little girl? Are you going to threaten me with daddy's army?"

"No," Natalia said, shaking her head. "The only person you are hurting is yourself. Even if you never get caught, you are damaging your soul." The pirates laughed louder, but their Queen glared, turning on her heel and walking out the door.

"Re-gag her," she growled.


Part 4

"That Captain Spencer is really terrible," Olivia commented, not sure if she should be offended or amused. She settled for the latter as Natalia grinned mischievously at her.

"Terror of the skies," the younger woman agreed, and Emma giggled.

"Pfft, ha!" the older woman grumbled, rolling her eyes. "And that Natalia, all woe is me helpless! I tell ya, you're setting back the Movement…"

"What movement?" Emma asked, tipping her head back to look questioningly at her mother. Olivia just sighed and shook her head.

"Never mind, I'll tell you when you're older."

"You know, if you don't like the story, you can tell it." Natalia suggested, giving Olivia a look of wide eyed innocence that she could see right through. Oops!

"Oh no, please, I don't want to interrupt the master. Please, continue." Olivia deflected, hiding her face in their daughter's hair.

"Oh no, no, no, I wouldn't want to misrepresent the Dread Pirate Queen Olivia Spencer. Please, take over, show me how it's done." The Latina insisted, biting her lip to keep from laughing at the older woman as she lifted her head and glared.

"Yeah Mommy, tell the story." Emma piped in, squirming until she turned to face her mother. Two sets of eyes looked at her expectantly and Olivia mentally groaned.

"Just had to open my mouth," she muttered. Blowing out a breath, she moved off of Natalia's arm, shifting to reverse their previous positions.

"Well," she began as they settled down again, unable to stop the soft smile from touching her lips. Natalia snuggled onto her shoulder, Emma against her chest. This was maybe what heaven would be like, if it existed. "First of all, it's true, Captain Spencer has powers, but she did not kidnap a dragon and make her trade for them. The dragon gave her magic as a reward for saving her eggs," she corrected, adding a silent so there.

"Really?" Emma asked, sounding doubtful.

"Oh yeah, it's true. In fact, she didn't really kidnap all those princes; they just were in the wrong place at the wrong time." Natalia snorted. A doubter huh; she'd show her.

"Captain?" a hesitant voice called from the doorway, interrupting Captain Spencer's thoughts.

"Come in Mr. Cooper." Soft footsteps coming up behind her, stopping just out of reach.

"How long are you going to keep her in there Captain?" the older man asked.

"Hopefully our demands are met soon," she replied, dodging the question.


"Buzz…" The man sighed, his footsteps retreating back to the door.

"She's scared, all alone, never been away from home… sound familiar?" And then he was gone, leaving Olivia to brood over her memories.

"Buzz is in this story?" Emma asked, sounding pleased, sniffling a little. Natalia had a tissue at her nose in less then a second. Giving the younger woman a grateful look – Olivia did not need to be sick, no thank you – she nodded at the girl.

"Yup; and who is a nicer guy then Buzz?"

"Nobody," Emma replied.

"So, if Buzz is her friend, then she can't be all bad, right?" Olivia was proud of her logic.

"Oh, well done Captain Spencer," Natalia praised, reaching up and brushing a stray lock of hair from Olivia's eyes.

"Thank you, thank you, I try." The older woman replied, trying to ignore how her breath caught in her throat at such a small touch. No need to show the other woman how much even little, off hand contact affected her.

"But what about poor, meek, helpless Natalia? How are you going to save 'The Movement'?"

"Oh ye of little faith," she teased, winking before looking back down at the wheezing little girl. "How are you feeling baby?"

"Fine," Emma insisted impatiently. "Keep going!"

"All right, all right, jeez."

Buzz was right; Captain Spencer hated to admit it, but keeping that scared, helpless woman – girl really –

"Hey!" Natalia squeaked, indignant.

"No interrupting!" Olivia admonished, clearing her throat loudly to show her displeasure. She thought she heard the younger woman grumble, but chose to ignore it.

all alone in that cold, dark room was just too cruel. With a sigh, she stood from her desk, stretching for a long moment, before strapping on her weapons and making her way out the door, fully intent on finding her temporary captive better accommodations.

As she approached the room where they had dumped the princess, an explosion rocked the ship, sending her flying onto the floor! Alarms blared as she pulled herself back to her feet, turning to make her way to the bridge; Natalia would have to wait.

"Captain, are you all right?" Mr. Cooper asked as she staggered in, practically breathing fire.

"Dragon Lady," Natalia whispered; Olivia chose to ignore that too.

"I'm fine Mr. Cooper. Report!" she barked, and everyone stood a little straighter.

"Captain, it's your worst enemies, the Speldings!" Someone exclaimed, and she turned glaring eyes to the view screen.

"Speldings? That sounds like Spauldings," Emma commented, and Natalia stifled a giggle.

"Coincidence," Olivia replied, smiling oh so sweetly.

The Speldings were an alien race known to be fiercer than any pirate or criminal, even the Dread Pirate Queen herself. "Shields up to full, charge the canons!" Captain Spencer bellowed, throwing herself into her chair. Another explosion knocked her to the ground again, rendering her unconscious.

"Uh oh!" Emma whispered, eyes wide. Olivia nodded gravely, gently touching the girls forehead. Hmm, warm, but not too bad.

"Yeah, uh oh. Looks like Captain Spencer won't be saving the day." She agreed.

"But, what's going to happen then? What about Natalia?" the girl asked, looking a bit frightened. Olivia smiled, green eyes flicking upward to catch warm brown ones.

"I wonder. Well, ya see…"

The first explosion threw Natalia across the room, breaking the chains that bound her shackles together, giving her mobility back. "Well this can't be good," she murmured, standing and testing herself to see if she was injured. Besides a few bruises, she was fine. The second explosion knocked her down, just in time to miss being impaled by some badly secured piping in the corner, which ripped through the door, giving her freedom. "I am so out of here."

Running down the corridors, she tried to remember the way back to the shuttles, ducking behind corners whenever she thought someone was coming. Passing through an open hatch, she was shocked to find herself on the bridge, which was a study in pure chaos. "Turn us around, fire at will!" One man screamed, dodging sparks that exploded from damaged machinery.

"We've been boarded!" another exclaimed, eyes on a small screen by the far wall.

"I need a Medic!" yelled yet another – the nice pirate from the shuttle - from a kneeling position next to… the Captain! The woman was unconscious and bleeding from a head wound.

"Oh no!" Emma cried, reaching up at touching her mother's head. Smiling, Olivia took the small hand in her own and kissed the palm.

"Don't worry Jellybean, a little bump on the head won't stop Captain Spencer, Dread Pirate Queen." She assured. Emma nodded, laying her hand over the scar that peek out of the top of Olivia's pajamas. Swallowing the lump in her throat, the elder Spencer looked up, searching for reassurance of her own. Meeting her gaze, Natalia hugged both her girls closer, tangling her fingers with Olivia's.

"Nope, Spencer's too tough. Como hierba mala; like a weed, can't get rid of her." The older woman smiled a watery smile, grateful.

"Um, were was I?" Olivia asked after a few moments, discreetly sniffling. Natalia smiled, squeezing her hand gently.

"Well, Natalia has to save the day…"

"Oh yeah, right! So…"

Natalia slowly backed out of the room, heart stopping in her chest when she felt something hard and warm at her back, like a living wall. "Well, well, well, what do we have here?" She spun on her heel, coming face to face with the even more infamous Alec Spelding.

Natalia couldn't hold back her laughter anymore, body shaking with the force of it. "Hmph," Olivia mumbled. "Everyone's a critic." Emma joined her second mother in uncontrollable mirth. "Hardy har har."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," the Latina apologized between giggle fits, hand grasping the older woman's. "Please continue," she hiccupped, and secretly, Olivia couldn't help but melt before the power of the dimples. Outwardly though, she glared.

"Oh no, you don't like my version. That's fine, you finish."

"Nooo, please Mommy! We're sorry!" Emma begged, turning big puppy-dog eyes on her mother.

"Yeah Olivia, please. We'll be quiet, we promise." Natalia added, pouting. Damn, Olivia couldn't refuse that pout.

"Okay, all right, put those away, jeez! Now, where was I? Oh yeah, Alec Spelding."

"If it isn't Princess Natalia Rivera; what, pray tell, are you doing in the company of these scoundrels? Not good for your image, you know." Alec boomed, deep voice filling the room. The Speldings were a terrifying race, with green, slimy skin, and coal black eyes that were rumored to be able to steal a man's soul.

"No way!" Emma gasped, and Olivia nodded seriously.

"Oh yes." She affirmed.

"W-well, ya see, um-"

"Leave her alone Alec, it's me you want," a groggy voice commanded. Natalia started, but resisted the urge to look back; the Speldings couldn't be trusted at your back.

"Quite right, but I find it interesting that she is here. Still, it's of little consequence." He flicked his eyes to his men. "Take Captain Spencer into custody, kill the rest of her men." Four of the large, disgusting creatures moved forward to comply with Alec's orders, pushing the princess out of the way. The pirates reached for their weapons, and Captain Spencer dragged herself to her feet.

"Now wait just a minute!" Natalia shouted, clearing her throat when everyone froze. "If I'm not mistaken, you owe alliance to my father, am I right?" she addressed Alec, eyes jumping between him and the Pirate Queen. The tall man-like alien clenched his jaw.

"Yes… I suppose I do…"

"Well, then you wouldn't want to insult him by killing his only daughter's private escort, now would you."

There was no way this was going to work, why was she even trying? These pirates had barged into her kingdom, destroyed parts of her home, kidnapped her. Why should she help them? Looking into scared green eyes, she shook her head. She just had to. She would tell herself it was because she couldn't bear to allow anyone to die if she could stop it.

She stepped in front of the Speldings, effectively blocking their way to the Captain. "How dare you attack my escort ship, huh? I am on a diplomatic mission to help… uh…"

"Relations between the Rivera Kingdom and the outer planet systems?" Captain Spencer offered, and Natalia nodded, looking back briefly.

"Yes, that's right! Do I need to call my father and tell him you attacked my ship, while I was on a mission of peace? He will not be pleased." She crossed her arms over her chest, before quickly linking them behind her back. Shackles would be awkward to explain. Alec looked doubtful, and Natalia hoped he wouldn't call her bluff.

With a growl, the large alien snapped his fingers. Instantly, the four Speldings came back to him. "This isn't over, Spencer," he vowed, lips pulling back to reveal large, shark-like teeth.

"Didn't think it was, Alec," the Pirate Queen replied, shuffling forward to stand beside the Princess.

"Princess," the Spelding hissed, nodding once before spinning on his heel and walking stiffly off the bridge.

"Bye, bye now," Olivia called sweetly, and Natalia rolled her eyes. "Follow him Mr. Lewis; make sure he finds the quickest way off my ship."

"Ay Captain."

"There, how'd you like them apples?" Olivia finished, proud of herself. This stuff was liquid gold, she should be selling it. Natalia snorted.

"Well played, very impressive."

"Apples?" Emma asked, and Olivia shook her head.

"Tell you when you're older."

"I'm hungry," Emma announced weakly, coughing into her sleeve.

"Aw, all right sweetie. Would you like some soup?" Natalia asked, reluctantly pulling away and getting up. She held back a groan as her spine popped back into place.

"Uh huh," the girl replied, flopping onto her back in the warm spot the woman left behind.

"Okay baby. Want to lend me a hand, Captain Spencer?"

"Uh, sure, yeah… we'll be right back Bean." Olivia replied, standing quickly.

"Okay." Taking the older woman's hand shyly, Natalia led the way to the kitchen.


Part 5

Natalia smiled to herself as she slowly stirred Emma's chicken noodle soup, stealing shy glances at Olivia every few minutes. The older woman had taken up residence leaning against the furthest counter from the stove as soon as they had entered the kitchen, almost as if she was afraid Natalia would bite. The thought made the Latina giggle quietly; she found the timid side of Olivia endearing. Neither woman spoke, but the Natalia didn't mind; she needed time to gather her wits. Now that she had gotten the other woman alone, she was having trouble figuring out how to start the conversation she knew they should have.

After a small eternity, she heard Olivia sigh and watched out of the corner of her eye as the taller woman straightened to her full height and squared her shoulders. Looking determined, she strode forward, until she was directly behind the smaller woman; Natalia pretended not to notice, intrigued by her – girlfriend? Sex bomb? Boss? – housemate's behavior. Warm, strong arms encircled her waist and she hummed in contentment, snuggling her cheek against Olivia's as the older woman embraced her from behind.

"Awful bold of you, Captain Spencer," she teased, free hand coming to rest on one of the arms holding her to show she was teasing. Olivia chuckled next to her ear, lips brushing the delicate outer shell, and it was all Natalia could do to stop the shiver that tickled her spine. Whoa boy, was it hot in here?

"I have a reputation for being brash and daring, figured I'd live up to it." The older woman countered playfully, kissing the place where shoulder met neck. Natalia forgot how to breathe. "Also, it was either touch you or run screaming from the room. And as scared as I am of messing this up by coming on too strong, I'm more scared of doing nothing." She admitted, burying her face in dark hair.

Natalia felt her heart melt; she knew what it cost a woman like Olivia to admit to something like that. She found herself falling a little more in love with the other woman, if that was possible. Carefully setting the large spoon aside, she turned in the circle of arms, ignoring the butterflies in her stomach and her erratic heartbeat. If Olivia could be brave then so could she! Reaching up, she wrapped her arms loosely around the older woman's shoulders.

"Hi," she whispered, smiling. She saw Olivia swallow deeply, felt tension in her body.


"At the risk of messing this up by coming on too strong, I have to say, I like it when you hold me," Natalia murmured, fingers toying with the hair at the base of Olivia's neck.

"Yeah?" Olivia asked, smiling cautiously. The younger woman giggled, nodding. Here goes nothing.

"Yeah. And seeing as I have you trapped," both chose to ignore the fact that she was the one backed against the counter, not the other way round, "I will add, I also like it when you, uh… k-kiss me…" Darn it, she really wanted to sound confident and suave. But Olivia's proximity was playing havoc on her mental processes, even as it emboldened her.

She knew the other woman was wary of scaring her away, despite subtle and not-so-subtle hints that Natalia was okay with more than hand holding and fleeting hugs. Glacial was just too darn slow! But even though her heart and body were willing, the smaller woman's words were failing. If only Olivia would take that final step and kiss her…

"Um… that's good… because I, uh… like doing it… kissing you, I mean," Olivia stuttered, blushing bright red but relaxing slightly. Did Olivia Spencer just blush at the thought of kissing her? Too precious for words. "Even if, uh, it was just the, uh… just the once…" Natalia smiled her biggest smile and felt Olivia's breath catch. Hmm, file that away for later.

"You could do it again, you know?" she suggested, eyes drifting down to full lips, gulping when a pink tongue swiped out quickly to wet them. She felt the older woman sway a little, and had to bit her lip to keep from grinning. Oh this was interesting; no one would believe innocent little Natalia Rivera would make big bad Olivia Spencer actually weak in the knees.

"I, uh, I mean, uh, huh?" Yup, too precious for words.

"Soups ready," Natalia commented, deciding to let the other woman off the hook… for now. "Why don't you grab a bowl and spoon?" Olivia looked dazed, almost shell shocked. Reaching up, Natalia pecked her lips quickly, before untangling herself. "Come on sweetie, Emma's waiting for her breakfast, all sad and flu-y. And we have a story to finish." That snapped Olivia to attention.

"Right, Emma, soup; got it." She walked almost mechanically to the cupboards to retrieve the requested items, and Natalia had to laugh, moving to her and pulling her into another hug.

"It's okay; we're learning as we go. I promise not to freak out, as long as we're open, and honest, and patient with each other." she promised, catching Olivia's eyes again. The older woman nodded, appearing both relieved and nervous. "Okay?"


"How's the soup, sweetie?" Natalia asked, feeding another spoonful into Emma's mouth. The little girl swallowed carefully before smiling wanly.

"It's good." She assured, but shook her head when the woman offered more. "I can't… my tummy hurts," she whimpered, and Natalia nodded, putting the bowl aside and sliding into bed beside her.

"Its okay honey, you don't have to finish. If you get hungry later I'll make you some more." She soothed, hugging the girl close, kissing her forehead.

"Do you want to go to see the doctor, Em?" Olivia asked from her position by the door, brow creased with worry.

"Nuh uh."

"You sure? I can have Rick come out; he owes me a favor."

"No thank you."

"Oh, I see what's going on here; I think you're mother is trying to get out of continuing the story," Natalia stage whispered conspiratorially. Emma giggled, coughing into her sleeve. Olivia glared, sticking out her tongue.

"It's your turn anyway," she countered, moving forward and slipping onto the bed, beside Natalia this time. The younger woman smiled up at her gently for a long moment, before turning so Olivia was at her back, cradling her body. Emma snuggled into Natalia's shoulder and looked up at her expectantly.

"Okay then. So, uh, Princess Natalia just saved Captain Spencer's butt from the Speldings, right?" Emma giggled and nodded. "Well then, it looks like the pirates owe her…"

Olivia smirked, allowing a snigger to escape her lips. "You're joking right? You couldn't possibly think that I would owe you anything, for any reason?" The words were deceptive; they were said in a light, off hand tone, as if Natalia had done something amusing. But the Princess sensed danger there, like steel wrapped in velvet. They were in the Captain's chambers, where she had been summoned after the Pirate Queen had a chance to organize herself after the encounter with her enemies.

"B-but I saved you! The Speldings, they would have k-killed you if… I… hadn't…" Natalia trailed off, eyes filling with tears of frustration. "You can't be this mean, I don't believe it!"

Now Olivia did laugh, full and long, and the Princess was struck with the beauty of the sound and the woman making it. Surely someone that could laugh like that couldn't be all bad. "What, you think these are for show?" Olivia asked, waving her hands at her weapons. "You think people say those things about me because I'm nice?" Now she sounded almost insulted. Stalking up to her captive, she circled her, like a cat playing with a mouse. "You are in for a world of disappointment, little girl, if you think the universe is all hugs and puppies and rainbows. Let me just clear that up for you right now. The stars are made of fire, not diamonds, they burn you; and space is cold and dark and empty. Nothing is free, and the only one you can trust, the only one looking out for you, is yourself."

Natalia looked at the Pirate Captain for long moments, suddenly filled with sadness and pity. "You're wrong," she whispered, turning to face the woman fully, reaching out unconsciously to take a battle hardened hand in her own. It was cold to the touch, rough from holding a sword, but it curved to fit hers perfectly. "You're wrong," she said again, tangling her fingers with the stunned woman's. How long had it been since someone had dared hold her hand? "People laugh, and they love, and they take care of each other. The universe isn't cold or empty, it's full and alive! If even one person, just one, has known love, then there is hope, and things can't be as bleak as you say."

They stayed like that for long moments, staring into each other's eyes. Natalia wanted to believe that she had been heard, that Captain Olivia Spencer, Dread Pirate Queen wasn't too far gone. She could almost see it in the woman's green eyes, the want, need, to believe those words. Then they turned cold – Natalia could feel the chill - and the other woman yanked her hand away, turning her back. "I've had my men prepare you proper quarters." Natalia knew when she was being dismissed. Lower lip quivering, she walked to the door.

"I hope one day you get proven wrong," she said over her shoulder.

"Natalia?" Emma interrupted, small hand toying with the gold chain and cross pendant around the woman's neck – a gift from Olivia, upon her return to the farmhouse.

"Yes baby girl?"

"Are Princess Natalia and Captain Spencer going to fall in love and live happily ever after?" Out of the mouth of babes. Natalia felt Olivia stiffen behind her, and knew she had to tread very carefully.

"Well… what do you think, sweetie?" she asked, smiling cautiously. Emma smiled back, bright and happy despite the paleness caused by sickness.

"I bet they do! I bet they fall in love, and Captain Spencer buys her a unicorn, and they have lots of adventures, just like you and Mommy," she exclaimed, excited. "Well," she laughed, "except you and Mommy don't have a unicorn or a space ship."

The adults were quiet for long moments, and Natalia could feel Olivia crying against her back, warm, wet tears dripping onto her shoulder, soaking her night gown. Reaching back, she grasped the older woman's hand, pulling it around her. Smiling tearfully, she sniffled.

"That's right baby, how did you guess?" she said, voice thick. Emma looked confused. Small fingers stroked her cheek.

"Are you okay Natalia? I didn't mean to make you sad."

"You didn't sweetie," she reassured, kissing her daughter's fingers and pulling her into a hug. Olivia's arm moved to encircle them both, and she felt the older woman sigh. She rained more kisses onto the girl, who giggled happily even as she yawned.

"Uh oh, someone should probably get some rest." Natalia announced, pulling back and patting Olivia to motivate her to move. She felt her pull away and get up, and for a moment was cold.

"Aww, Natalia!" Emma whined, coughing at her, indignant. Wrinkling her nose, Natalia moved off the bed


"But I wanna know what happens next! The story can't end there!" the girl complained, a mini-version of Olivia's Death Glare on her face. The women couldn't help but chuckle.

"Natalia's right, Jellybean. You need to get some rest." Olivia said, walking to the bed and kissing her daughter on the forehead, tucking her in.

"Don't worry sweetie, the story's not over yet." The younger woman added, brown eyes finding brilliant green and holding them for long moments. "It's just the beginning."


Part 6

3 Years Later…

Olivia Spencer was not angry; to say that she was angry would be akin to saying that the Hindenburg was a fender bender, that the surface of the sun was warm, or that getting audited by the IRS was inconvenient. Truly, even such gross understatements paled in comparison. No, Olivia Spencer was not angry; Olivia Spencer was livid, furious, enraged even. She paced the length of the waiting room like a caged tigress, complete with hissing and growling. Stupid, self righteous, pompous doctors!

"Good Lord Olivia, chill out," Rafe complained, leaning back calmly in his chair; watching her walking in circles for the past hour was making him queasy. His words earned him a glare that would have killed anyone else instantly.

"Yeah Mom, chill out." Emma piped in, imitating her cousin's posture. The woman noticed, however, that her daughter was gripping the plastic armrests hard enough to turn her knuckles white, and for a moment was sympathetic. A pained cry sucked that feeling out of her, however, and she began pacing again.

"What the hell are they doing in there?" she snarled, eyes flashing. "Goddamn quack doctors!"

"Mom! Don't take the Lord's name in vain!" Emma scolded, earning herself a look of incredulity.

"Not in vain, definitely not in vain; in anger!" Olivia barked, before stopping and closing her eyes, taking a deep, steadying breath. "It's been hours, the least they could do is give us a frickin' update." She said through clenched teeth. "Or let me in!" That earned a laugh from the lounging man, which was immediately duplicated by her daughter.

"Right, because we really need to waste man-power scrapping you off the floor again." He teased, and Olivia couldn't help but smile.

"I wasn't ready," she argued, sighing as she moved to sit in-between her children.

Several minutes passed in silence punctuated occasionally by more cries of pain, and Rafe could see Olivia twitching, getting agitated again. He took her hand, waiting until she looked at him to speak. "She's okay, all right? She's done this before." It was said almost irony free.

"I just – I hate sitting out here, helpless... useless." She mumbled, and if it was anyone else, it would be considered pouting. Olivia Spencer did not pout however; she snarked, she criticized, she charmed, and she grumbled, but she did not pout. Wincing, she brought her free hand to her head, worrying at the bandage on her eyebrow.

"Ha, well, you weren't much use in there, what with the passing out four times, almost giving yourself a concussion." Rafe teased gently, squeezing her hand. "Ma will be fine, okay, she's strong."

"I know that, God, if anyone knows that, it's me. But-but she's all alone, and she's hurting, and…" She had to stop, words caught in her throat.

"Liv, the doctors, they're in there with her, okay? They'll take good care of her."

"It's not the same, damnit! She's my wife; I should be in there!" She was on her feet again, pacing, growling, hissing, practically spitting in fury.

What added fuel to the fire was that she had no one to be angry at but herself. She hadn't been this tightly wound, this stressed and sleep deprived in over a year, since the final days before the Beacon had become an official franchise. She had made herself sick with worry, and now she was no good to Natalia. Christ, if only she had taken better care of herself… No more coffee lunches, no more staying up late obsessing about things she couldn't change, or that didn't matter. If she could go back in time a week, she would knock past-Olivia unconscious with a shovel and shove food down her throat.

"Mommy?" Emma's voice broke into her thoughts, small and trembling. Immediately Olivia felt guilty, and she stopped her pacing, kneeling in front of her daughter. Emma hadn't called her 'Mommy' in a long time now. It was always Mom, or Ma – thanks Rafe – or Lady – thanks Buzz – and when she was angry, Mother. Emma was very smart, and much more mature, for the most part, than she had been at her age, mostly concerned with school and helping her mothers. With adolescence a mere 2 years away, sometimes Olivia forgot the she was still a child.

"Emma, sweetie; I'm sorry," she sighed, taking her daughters hands in her own. "I didn't mean to scare you. I'm sure Natalia's fine-"


Natalia Rivera was angry. She was angry at her doctors for removing Olivia from her room, she was angry at herself for not having the strength to argue with them, and she was angry at Olivia for fainting… four times. But more then angry, Natalia was tired, in pain, and scared. She hadn't been in this position in over two decades, and here she was, all alone. Another deep, throbbing cramp gripped her and she whimpered, squeezing her eyes shut and trying to breathe. This was not going according to plan, not at all.

They had been at the hospital for over five hours now; immediately upon arrival, there had been complications. Through her pain, Natalia hadn't really understood all the medical language being thrown around, but the tightness of Olivia's face had told her enough; there was trouble. As soon as she was checked in, she was hooked up at no less than three IVs and four monitors, and she could see the older woman turn a bit green at the sight. She had fainted the first time as the final needle slid into place, crumpling to the ground like a marionette with its strings cut.

The second time she had fainted happened minutes after she had been revived, when the doctor came in to check on Natalia's progress. One look at the large man examining her had put Olivia back onto the floor. Rafe had been called in after Natalia was decent to help get the unconscious woman into a chair; he was never going to let her lover live it down.

The third and most embarrassing time, if you asked the Latina, came a half hour later, when the doctor was describing what a breech birth meant, and what it entailed. The older woman didn't just fall to the ground gracefully, oh no, she had swooned head first into the bedside table. Her eyebrow had needed five stitches. If Natalia hadn't been so horrified, she might have laughed.

The fourth time hadn't actually been a loss of consciousness, per se, as much as a loss of motor function. Olivia had, prompted by nothing in particular, slid out of her chair and onto the floor, landing hard on her butt. That time Natalia had been afraid it had been the woman's heart, even though the monitor didn't go off, but Olivia assured her she had just been thinking too hard and had hyperventilated. The doctor, wary to have what he deemed an 'unstable person' near such a high risk delivery had banished the woman to the waiting room with the rest of the family.

That had been an hour ago, and now, as another contraction hit, Natalia wanted to smack her wife for leaving her alone in her time of need. Who would have thought that Olivia freakin' Spencer would be such a wimp? The doctor approached, talking in soft tones. She was far enough along that he wanted to try and turn the baby manually.

"B-b-but Olivia… please, I need her here," Natalia whimpered, shaking her head; the doctor smiled kindly.

"Ms. Rivera, we have to do this now; the longer we wait, the more risk to you and your baby. And regretfully, I don't think I can afford to have Ms. Spencer fainting when we do this; she may land on you."

"Please, Doctor, I-I can't do this without her here." She begged, tears filling her eyes.

"I'm sorry, but I am going to have to-"


Olivia skidded into the room seconds later, and if Natalia hadn't been in so much pain she would have giggled at the sight of the hurried woman. "What is it baby, I'm here!" The older woman sounded near hysterical, hands touching Natalia's face as soon as she was within range.

"Don't leave me again!" Natalia cried, burying her face in her lover's shirt. "And don't pass out!"

"Right, don't pass out and don't leave, check." Olivia agreed, eyes large and wild as she held Natalia close.

"Okay," Natalia squeaked, peeking at the doctor from her safe haven, daring him with her eyes him to say something about her lover's presence. "Now, we can do this."

Opening the door to the delivery room carefully with one arm, Olivia stepped into the waiting area. "Hey," she whispered to her family, smiling when she saw them sleeping in the uncomfortable chairs. "Psst, hey guys, wake up; special delivery." Stifling a laugh, she watched her children startle awake, eyes widening in shock. "Ssh." She warned, looking specifically at her daughter, but couldn't help the giddy chuckle – was it a giggle? – at the look of wonder on Emma's face. "It's a boy. Ten fingers, ten toes, healthy as a horse."

"Sweet," Rafe whispered as he stood and moved towards her, reaching out to hold the baby. Handing over her son, Olivia beamed with pride. "Finally, another man in the family."

"Finally, a man in the family," Emma teased, reaching out to stroke the baby's head. He squirmed, eyes blinking open momentarily. "Hi little brother, I'm your big sister Emma." She cooed, lifting up on her tip toes to kiss his nose.

"His name is Augustino Spencer Rivera," Olivia offered, swallowing back tears. Rafe's gaze was hard for long moments, before he nodded once, looking back down at the fussy baby and covertly blinking away moisture from his eyes.

"Gus huh?" He paused, face breaking into a pleased smile. "Hey little man; welcome to the family."

"Liv?" a weak voice drifted to Olivia's ears. Putting out her arms, she gently took back her son. He whined, breaths quickening in preparation to cry, and she cradled him close to her heart.

"Duty calls." She joked, glancing over her shoulder quickly before turning back to her other children. "Everything went more smoothly than they thought, so they're releasing her tonight. Do you mind driving Emma home to making sure everything's in order?" she asked Rafe, fidgeting. It was obvious she wanted to rush back to Natalia's side; he was impressed that she had left it in the first place.

"Yeah, no problem. You take care of her, okay?" He was already dragging his cousin away.


Stepping back into the dimly lit room, Olivia smiled at her wife. "Hey sleepyhead; how are you doing?" she whispered, moving to the bed and sitting on the edge. Gently placing the fussing baby in his mother's arms, she leaned down, kissing soft lips. "You're beautiful."

"Right. 'Cause sweaty and unkempt is the new black." Natalia quipped, but her eyes were twinkling, calm and happy.

"You make it work," the older woman teased, brushing a dark curl behind her lover's ear. Turning serious, she brought her face down, until their noses touched. "I love you, you know? With all my heart." Natalia chuckled, reaching up with one hand to tangle her fingers in pale hair.

"I heard a rumor."

The baby let out a sharp cry, startling both women. "This kid's got a set of lungs on him," Olivia joked, stroking his cheek.

"Already complaining? He gets it from you." Natalia teased, blinking and trying not to yawn.

"Ha ha. Here, gimme, gimme, gimme," Olivia demanded, taking the whimpering infant. "Hi handsome, ssh ssh shh, don't cry. Mama Natalia needs her beauty sleep."

"Hey!" Olivia stuck out her tongue. "Uh huh, watch yourself." The Latina warned, but already her eyes were sliding closed and her breath evening out. Within moments, she was breathing deep and slow, body totally relaxed.

Standing, the older woman walked to the window, bouncing the child gently. "See that, Gus?" she murmured, throat suddenly tight, voice thick with emotion. "That's the world. And I promise, I will do my best to make sure that anything you want in it is yours." Raising him higher, she kissed his forehead, and he calmed, eyes easing open. They regarded each other silently for long moments.

Looking back at her sleeping partner, Olivia smiled, a deep sense of peace washing over her. This was it, these people, this town, this was her family; she was finally home. "Well kiddo, we have time to kill before they let us blow this joint. What do you want to do?" A slow blink and a frown were her only answers. Chuckling, she ran her fingertip over the bridge of his nose, utterly charmed when he sneezed. "Careful now, too cute and no one will believe you're mine too." The baby glared as if he understood and she laughed, quickly looking around to make sure Natalia was still out. "There you go, the Spencer glare; that's my boy."

Natalia smiled tiredly, watching through heavy lidded eyes as Olivia held their son close and whispered to him. Thank you God, she thought, tears slipping down cheeks. Thank you for my son, thank you for sending me here, for helping me find this woman. Thank you for our children, for our family. Swallowing hard, she closed her eyes. Thank you Nicky, thank you for keeping her alive and watching out for us. Discretely wiping her eyes, Natalia sighed happily and settled into a peaceful sleep.

Kissing her son again – God, she couldn't get enough of this kid – Olivia wandered back to Natalia, taking a seat in the chair by the bed. Immediately Gus complained, and she rolled her eyes. "Jeez, ok, ok, too much Spencer attitude." His reply was to let out an annoyed squeal, causing Natalia to stir. "Gah! Okay, all right, I'm up, I'm up!" Olivia exclaimed, standing and beginning to pace the room. He quieted as soon as she got to her feet. "Oh ho, very nice." She grumbled, sticking her tongue out at him. He seemed to smile. God Lord, there were dimples! She was in trouble.

"How about I make you a deal little man? You let your poor mother get some much deserved sleep, and I'll tell you a story." He seemed to contemplate it, dark eyes wide as he gazed at her.

There were long moments of silence, and Olivia nodded. "Okay, all right, we have a deal." He blinked up at her, yawning and sighing, and she melted. "Well," she began, cradling him closer. "Once upon a time, in a far away land there lived a Princess named Natalia, and a dreaded Space Pirate named Olivia…"

Once upon a time, in a far away land…

Shivering against a sudden chill, Captain Olivia Spencer turned to gaze at her companion, who was leaning against the hatch door, smiling gently at the Pirate Queen. "Ever feel like someone's talkin' about you?" she asked, frowning. The Princess giggled, stepping into the chamber and moving to stand in front of her love.

"People are always talking about you, sweetie. That's what happens when you're infamous." She teased, wrapping her arms around Olivia's shoulders, leaning in for a kiss when the older woman pulled her closer. They stood like that for long moments.

"Huh," the Pirate grunted, pulling back. "Yeah, I guess you're right…"

The End

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