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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I miss 'em so much! Here's what I think Natalia and Olivia were up to today. Takes place before the flashfoward on the show- so it's still 2009.
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Tell Me Again
By itsalovestory


"Tell me again why I agreed to help chaperone Emma's field trip," asked Natalia as she stepped onto the creaky, old flatbed, pushing up on Olivia's outstretched hand for support.

"Because you know I can't handle a class of 5th graders by myself," chuckled Olivia as she hopped up the step and sat next to Natalia.

Natalia reached down and slipped her hand into Olivia's own soft one. "And, tell me again why we're having said field trip at a pumpkin patch? It's so cold and drizzly. We could be at home; we have ducks there, too, ya know?"

Emma looked at her Mama and piped in. " 'Cause I want the biggest pumpkin to make the scariest Jackie-lantern for Halloween this Saturday, silly," she giggled, little piggy-tails bouncing back and forth as the hayride took off.

Olivia barked out a laugh. "Yah, what the 'Bean said, honey," she stated, pointing to Emma.

"Oh I see. So, you're teaming up on me now? You know I can hardly resist the two of you together." Both Spencer ladies just flashed their trademark smiles.

Emma was grinning from ear to ear as she told her two mommies all the fun things that they could do there on the farm. "Can we get hot cider next? Jodie says its really good with thinnamon in it."

"Cinnamon, baby," corrected Olivia as she scooted closer to Natalia, wrapping her arm across her swollen belly.

"Cinnamon," repeated Emma. "And, then we can go to get the 'umpkins. And, then we can go in the corn maze. And, then..." Emma continued to list off, seemingly in one excited ten year-old breath, all activities they could partake in, together.

The movement of the tractor pulling the flatbed across the field did little to help Natalia's aching and nauseous pregnant body. "And, tell me again why I didn't eat before we got here?" She leaned her head against Olivia's strong shoulder and closed her eyes tightly, willing herself not to get sick all over the hay at their feet.

"Because we were late getting up, lover," Olivia whispered hotly into Natalia's ear with a giggle. Natalia blushed as she remembered the morning they shared in bed at the farmhouse.

"Well, we have to eat when we get off of this dang thing. I don't feel so good."

Olivia simply rubbed comforting circles across Natalia's stomach as they continued the ride. When it finally came to a stop, Emma jumped off the flatbed. Olivia helped Natalia get down from the ride and wrapped her arms around her when she finally was steady on the ground again. They walked a few steps behind Emma and her classmates, just holding hands and enjoying being outdoors.

Emma asked excitedly, "Mommy, can I go with Derek to look at the pigs?"

Olivia bent down to kiss her daughter on the nose. "Sure, just don't pet them. Okay, Em?"

Emma smiled, "Okay, I won't. Thanks!"

Olivia stood back up and took Natalia's hand once again, watching as Emma bounded off with her friend. There was so much joy in her eyes. "Now, let's get you some food. I heard the homemade apple muffins are really good here." They started walking toward the little cafe, when Natalia stopped suddenly. "Sweetheart, are you okay? Are you gonna throw-up? Is it the baby? Is Franchessca alright?"

Natalia turned Olivia toward her and looked deeply into her eyes, seeing protectiveness, and strength, and warmth, and love, and home in those swirling sea-green orbs. She spoke softly, drawing her girlfriend closer, "Tell me again how I got so lucky to share my life with you." Tears formed in the taller woman's eyes as Natalia continued. "Tell me how after everything I put you through, that you forgive me, that you choose me after all that." Natalia looked away as a sudden wave of guilt coursed through her body. Salty tears pricked at her eyes as she closed them.

Gently, Olivia reached over to the younger woman and cupped her cheek in her hand. She began to trace back and forth over the soft, and now damp, flesh with her thumb. "Look at me, Natalia, please," urged Olivia firmly. Finally, brown met green. Olivia smiled. "Because you make me so happy. Because we've all made mistakes and life's too short. Because I. love. you," Olivia stated simply.

Natalia closed her eyes and pulled Olivia into a tight hug, her head resting against Olivia's chest. She murmured, "Tell me again."

Olivia drew back and pressed her lips to Natalia's, sweetly, tenderly. Natalia smiled, broadly now, her dimples showing. Olivia repeated, "Because I love you."

Natalia sighed softly as they embraced, "I love you, too." They stood there for a long moment in each other's arms, each feeling the comfort of the other, their love enveloping and bursting forth from their hearts.

Natalia took Olivia's hand and squeezed it as they headed off toward the cafe again. Olivia tossed her head sideways and winked at Natalia. "C'mon slowpoke. We gotta get some food in your tummy. Don't want you throwing-up from all the mushiness." Natalia

laughed loudly. No matter how much time passed, she would never get tired of Olivia telling her again.

The End

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