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The Courtship of Emma's Mother
By Patricia L. Givens


Chapter Six - Metaphors and Similarities

Emma was asleep on the couch by the time they made it back upstairs. Olivia watched, her heart aching in her chest, as Natalia gathered the little girl into her arms and carried her up the stairs. She followed the two most important people in her life into her little girl's bedroom, quietly lost in wonder as she drank in the loving care Natalia displayed for her daughter. The younger woman smiled at her, inclining her head towards the bed and Olivia jumped forward, pulling back the blankets as Natalia gently slid the little girl between the sheets. She took a moment to pull off Emma's fuzzy, purple bunny slippers before tucking the covers up under her chin and using her fingertips to brush the hair away from her forehead. "I love you, Emmabug." Natalia whispered. She stood and turned, whatever she was going to say forgotten as her lips quirked into an adoring grin. She moved closer until she was pressed lightly against Olivia, then used her thumbs to gently wipe at the tracks an all new batch of tears had left on her cheeks.

The older woman reached up quickly with both hands, capturing Natalia's and holding them still as she pressed their foreheads together. "You're going to get dirty." She whispered.

"That wouldn't be so bad." Leaning up, she captured Olivia's lips with her own, a small whimper escaping her as she lost herself in the softness of Olivia's mouth. She felt a ball of liquid heat growing in her stomach and her fingertips began to tingle as it spread to all points of her body, making it tighten as it sang through her veins. With a small cry of frustration, she ripped her mouth away and stepped back, looking up at Olivia who stood rooted to the spot, her body trembling beneath the force of what she felt for the younger woman.

"We..." Natalia tried to take a breath, felt her chest hitch then tried again; focusing on exhaling to try and calm herself. "We need to go to your room."

Olivia blinked, for a moment she stared at Natalia in surprise. "Okay." She whispered.

The brunette took her by the hand and led her down the hall. They entered the room and Olivia moved to stand at the foot of the bed. She watched Natalia as she closed the door; her heart catching when the younger woman stopped for a moment, her forehead pressed against the door frame.

Then it restarted in triple time when she reached down and turned the lock.

Olivia trembled wildly as Natalia walked towards her. The younger woman's eyes were darker than she had ever seen them, her eyelids heavy, her lips slightly parted as she moistened them with the tip of her tongue. She had seen so many different sides of the gorgeous woman in front of her, but this one was altogether new.


She had brief flashes in the back of her mind to other times when Natalia's eyes had shined like that, odd moments when Olivia had found herself breathless and agitated for no reason that she could define.

The same moments that had eventually led her to realize that Natalia was so much more than just her best friend.

Olivia swallowed. So this was what Natalia looked like painted with desire. The effect was electric; invigorating yet daunting at the same time, and she found herself nearly overwhelmed when Natalia finally reached her. She was so close she could taste the younger woman's breath on her lips and the jolt she felt when Natalia laid her palms against her upper chest, her thumbs reaching out to slide between the buttons of her shirt, nearly caused her knees to buckle. "Natalia..." She whispered, her head rolling back when the soft pads of the younger woman's fingers skimmed tentatively across the skin between her breasts. "What are you doing?"

The need in Olivia's voice was raw, almost aching and Natalia closed her eyes for a moment before gently working loose the buttons on the older woman's shirt. When she reached the last one, she raised her hands back to their original positions and slid her fingers under the cloth, spreading them to brush the shirt aside. Then she opened her eyes, focusing them on the tops of Olivia's breasts. She inhaled sharply, allowing her fingers to trace the top edge of the light gray silk that still covered much of what she wanted to see. When her palms skimmed over nipples already hard from her gentle touch, she felt a shudder travel down her body that settled between her legs with an intensity that made her sway slightly where she stood.

Olivia reached up and covered her hands. "What are you doing?" She repeated breathlessly.

Natalia blinked up at her through unfocused eyes. "Touching you."

"You don't..." She shook when the younger woman moved her thumbs in slow circles, caressing both her nipples and the overly sensitive centers of her palms. She had to remember how to breathe again before she could respond. "You don't have to do this... If you're not... If you don't want to..."

The smile she received in response came from the same angelic face and sweet lips she stared at adoringly every single day, but neither description was remotely correct at the moment. This smile... these eyes... could only be described as knowing... and carnal.

Natalia moved even closer; until the entire length of their bodies were pressed together, their hands trapped between them. "If you think..." She whispered as she nuzzled the side of Olivia's neck. "That there is anything else..." She moved on to her pulse point, licking her skin briefly. "That I would rather be doing..." She grazed her lips up and over Olivia's chin until she reached her mouth, where she punctuated each of her words with a soft kiss. "then you're not... paying.... attention."

Olivia almost laughed and would have if Natalia hadn't pulled her hands free; tangling them into soft, dark blonde stands of her hair, using it to drag the older woman's head down to meet her eager lips.

Olivia had been kissed before; so many times that it was something she was almost ashamed of. Almost.

But Natalia's lips on hers, one of her hands tightly gripping her hair while the other moved down to slide with gentle softness around the back of her neck... It was too incredible to even be labeled a kiss. It was heaven and hell; it was every argument and every conversation, every long look or sideways glance they had ever shared. It was the butterflies in her stomach she had lived with for months. They had finally escaped and were winging their way throughout her entire body until they all converged on her heart, creating an incredible lightness; an incredible sense of rightness she had absolutely no experience with, one that she couldn't process. She felt the tears running down her face before she even really knew they were there. Embarrassed, she pulled back, only to feel her heart swell even more when she saw the same tears on Natalia's face.

The two woman stared at each other for a moment and then burst into happy laughter. Olivia grabbed Natalia and wrapped her arms around her, her hands sliding down to grip her hips possessively as they shared another kiss. When they broke apart this time, Natalia rested her cheek against Olivia's chin before smirking, "You're dirty."

"Hey!" The older woman said indignantly. "You're the one with the hands in the happy places!"

Natalia lifted her head and looked at her, one eyebrow raised in amusement until understanding finally filled Olivia's features.

"Oh!" She flushed. "Well..." She ran her hands across her cheeks, amazed when they came away black. How much freakin' soot could there be in one furnace? Jeez! "I'd like to point out that you're at fault for that too."

"I believe I already offered a solution."

The deer in the headlights look was back. "You..." Olivia stammered. "You... were serious... about that?"

Natalia just smiled. She took Olivia's hand and led her to the bathroom. She left her standing on the rug as she turned on the water, testing the warmth before turning the lever to send it cascading down from the three shower heads Olivia had insisted on installing. "Hmm... at least I finally get to see why you were so excited about this set up."

Olivia blushed, choosing to remain silent about the one nozzle that pulled free to become a hand-held water massager.

"Wow..." Natalia smiled. "Olivia Spencer blushing is something I don't think I will ever get tired of." She used both of her hands to slide the shirt off of Olivia's shoulders, stiffening slightly when she felt the other woman's fingers begin working their way under her sweater. With a nervous grin, she slowly raised her arms over her head and Olivia took her up on her invitation, pulling the garment up and off. She tossed it aside and stepped closer, her fingers hooking through the belt hoops of Natalia's jeans.

With a quick tug they were pressed tightly together again, and Olivia brought her head down, her lips moving Natalia's apart so that she could slide her tongue inside. A tremor ran up the younger woman's spine and Olivia followed it with her fingers, stopping to work the clasp on Natalia's bra before continuing up to tangle in her hair.

Nat didn't stop to think, she didn't wait for her head to supply some reason why she should slow down. Not trusting her ability to deal with whatever held the fabric covering Olivia's breasts in place, she slid her fingers under the edge of it and tugged, trying not to smile when the older woman squeaked in surprise before releasing her to let the cloth be pulled over her head.

Olivia blinked and opened her mouth to say something but Natalia chose that moment to press up against her and all thoughts were lost as warmth touched every inch of her chest. She could feel the taut points of Natalia's breasts pressing into her, could feel the crazy pace of the brunette's heart beat and thought she would pass out from the sheer beauty of her face.

Natalia froze as they came together. Never before had anything been so exquisitely soft, so completely encompassing. She was used to having her body mold itself around hard angles covered with rough hair, but this... This was a complete melding.

Everywhere the two of them touched, everywhere they connected, their bodies fit together perfectly; neither forcing the other to compromise; both simply melting into a fusion of smooth skin and and soft sensations that took her breath away.

Natalia's head spun at the ramifications of what she was feeling, at the overwhelming sense of rightness, and she stepped back quickly, her hand flying up to cover her mouth. "Olivia..." She whispered.

The older woman blinked rapidly, trying to recover from the complete sense of loss she was feeling as she watched Natalia grab a towel and wrap it around her chest.

"I'm sorry." Tears streamed down Natalia's face. "I want to... you don't know how much I want to... but I can't." Without another word she turned and fled.

Olivia watched her go, her heart aching so badly in her chest that she almost believed it would kill her. With a deep sigh, she stripped off the rest of her clothes and stepped into the shower, flipping the dial to cold as she hung her head and wept.

Natalia looked up when she heard Olivia coming down the stairs, her surprise showing plainly when she realized that the older woman was fully dressed and pulling on her coat. "Where are you going?" She asked softly.


"But it's late..."

"I'm a big girl."

Nat bit her lower lip as she tried to keep from crying but she couldn't help the single tear that slid down her cheek.

Olivia saw it and stopped, taking a moment to wipe it away gently with her thumb. She left her palm resting lightly against Natalia's face as she studied her intently before leaning down and capturing the younger woman's lips tenderly with her own. When she pulled back, her own eyes were filled with tears. "I just need to be somewhere else right now. I'm sorry."

Natalia swallowed as her eyes spilled over. "How long?"

Olivia smiled sadly. "Long enough to clear my head. You'll watch Emma?"

"Of course!" She answered without a moments hesitation. "Where...?"

"I don't know." She reached for Natalia's hand, squeezing it gently. "I'll be back... as soon as I can." She finished buttoning her coat and pulled open the door. "I love you." She whispered.

And then she was gone.

Natalia watched her go, her heart in her throat, as she finally allowed her tears to run freely down her face.

"Damn it!" Olivia slammed her fists against the steering wheel as she waited for the car to warm up. She had left because she had needed to cool off before she said something she wouldn't know how to repair, but even the freezing late winter weather wasn't helping. There was only one thing that would help; that had ever helped. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and stared at it for several minutes before finally choosing a speed dial. The phone was picked up on the second ring.

"Hey... It's Olivia. I could use a drink and some... some company. You want to meet me somewhere?"

There was a long moment of silence before the voice on the other end asked, "Where?"

Olivia's laughter was bitter. "I was hoping you could tell me." She listened silently to the directions she was given before she hung up the phone without saying goodbye. Putting the car in gear, she pulled away, never noticing the deep brown eyes that watched her sadly from the living room window.

Olivia looked around as she entered the bar, her eyebrows rising in surprise at the rather classy decor and ambiance of the place. It wasn't Towers but it was still nice in an understated kind of way. The name of the place was Thirteen, why she had no idea, and it resided in an unadorned, unassuming building about twenty miles outside of Springfield. If she hadn't known what she was looking for she wouldn't even have known it was there.

Apparently that was the point.

The bar was crowded, but quiet in a way that denoted its completely female clientele; the music pervasive yet soothing at the same time. It struck a minor chord within her that she felt none of the trepidation that had gripped her on her first visit to such a place. It was as though a decision had been quietly made inside her own mind and none of the possible repercussions mattered anymore.

Walking up to the bar, she climbed onto a stool and smiled at the pretty bartender. "Martini, dirty, extra olives." She sighed when the girl's eyebrows rose on the word 'dirty'. Apparently her tongue flirted even when she didn't want it to.

No wonder Natalia couldn't trust her. Couldn't trust IN her... or in what they had together.

"Whatever it is, it can't be that bad."

Olivia looked over at Doris Wolf and snorted. "You try rounding third base and getting tagged out when you're sliding into home."

The mayor looked at her blankly. "I don't watch a lot of football."

Olivia rolled her eyes. "It's baseball."

"Whatever. I have to say you never struck me as the sporty type either."

"I'm not," She waved her martini glass for emphasis, before becoming solemn again. "Rafe likes the Cubs, so Natalia used to watch the games with him. She and Emma watch sometimes." Her voice was quiet as a small smile ghosted her lips. "She gets so excited when they play... it really is adorable."

Doris leaned in closer, staring at her hard. "You look like Olivia Spencer, and you drink like Olivia Spencer, so I can only conclude that you are a pod person, because the Olivia I know would not be caught dead mooning over anyone."

"I am not mooning!" Olivia snarled.

The other woman smirked as she slid onto a stool. "Whatever you call it, you've got it bad." She opened her purse and began to dig around inside it.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm looking for my wallet."

"Nah... I invited you . This is my bill." She waved the bartender over, leaning across the counter towards her. "What's your name?"

"Desti." The raven haired beauty answered.

"Well... Desti..." Olivia winked at her before she could stop herself. "Get my..." She coughed slightly. "...friend here anything she wants and put it on my tab, okay?"

"Sure." The bartender smiled, showing perfectly even white teeth and great cheekbones.

But no dimples.

Olivia sighed and sat back down while Doris ordered a Manhattan.

"So, what is going on that you felt the need to drag me out into the cold at o'dark thirty on a Saturday night?" She took a long sip before setting the glass back down. "Did Natalia kick you out?"

"I kicked myself out."

She rolled her eyes. "That sounds about par for the course with you two. What happened?"

"I hit a wall. We hit a wall." She sighed. "I keep thinking we've gotten past it and then suddenly it's right there, tripping us up again."

Doris bit her lip, trying to hold on to her patience. "Let's pretend one of us doesn't know what you're talking about, shall we?"

Olivia downed the rest of her martini, waving for another while she chewed absently on the olives. "She froze. We were getting... close... and she just froze. And if it was just a matter of moving too quickly that would be one thing, but she had this look of... absolute panic on her face. Like I was her executioner instead of her..." She shook her head. "I don't know what I'm doing wrong."

"That must be a new experience for you."

Olivia glared at her.

Doris waved her hand in the air between them. "Don't get your knickers in a twist. All I meant was that when it comes to seduction, you've always been ahead of the curve."

"I'm not trying to seduce her."

"Aren't you?" She raised her eyebrows as she pulled her phone from her bag and began to flip through her contacts. "Maybe you just need to take the edge off. If that's the case, I know several young women who would love to spend some time with you. Get you over that initial hurtle... so to speak."

"No!" Olivia's voice rose as she grabbed Doris by the arm. Several women glanced over at them before turning back to their own conversations. She took a deep breath, waiting until the mayor set the phone down on the bar. "It's not about sex... it's not! And trust me when I say that I'm just as surprised by that as you are."

Doris pursed her lips. "Then what is it about?"

"I just..." She paused while the bartender set down a fresh drink, taking away the old one. She stared into the clear liquid for a few moments before continuing. "I used to hear people... talking about love and relationships and I felt sorry for them. I actually felt sorry for them! For their little minds, all caught up in their simple hearts and over dramatized emotions. I would always think, 'Just go get laid! That's all anybody ever really wants.' It's what I always wanted. I've used love to get sex, and I was fine with that!" She stabbed an olive with a toothpick, her anger causing the slim piece of wood to break on the other side of the glass. With a frustrated sigh she leaned her hands against her thighs and hung her head. "But now... when I think about being with Natalia... I'm not thinking about sex... I'm not! I'm actually... trying to find any way I can just to get closer to her, to exist in her eyes... and her smile. I want to show her how incredible she is... and how incredible she makes me feel." She wiped her eyes quickly, then hid behind her martini glass.


Olivia glanced over, startled by the look on the mayor's face. "What?"

Doris raised her eyebrows as she shook her head in amazement. "This is really 'it' for you isn't it?"


"Yeah, it." Doris smirked. "That horrible little four letter word." She finished her Manhatten, smiling when Desti brought her another without asking. "See, here I was thinking that this was just another Olivia Spencer conquest attempt. I mean granted, it would be a genuinely unique trophy to add to your collection, but in the end I just assumed it was yet another catch and release campaign." She laughed in wonder. "But you've actually gone and fallen in love. Ass over elbows from what I can tell."

Olivia frowned, refusing to look away from her drink.

"So... what's the problem? Natalia is a sweet, if simple, woman. If you can convince me you love her, she should fall for any line you toss out."

"Why did I think this would be a good idea?" Olivia snarled. She grabbed her purse and went to stand up only to have the Doris grab her by the arm.

"Wait... wait!" The mayor patted her gently. "I'm sorry. I'm just not used to a... soft and fuzzy Olivia Spencer. I'm really sorry." She looked at her attentively. "Tell me."

Olivia slowly sank back down. "I think... I think she sees this as a chance to fix the mistakes she's made in the past."

Doris drained her glass. "Like a mulligan..."

"Okay, that's enough sports references for the night. This isn't a game." Olivia glared at her.

The Mayor pursed her lips. "I remember a time when everything was a game to you." She shook her head a little sadly. "Natalia must be something really special."

"She is." Olivia said it matter-of-factly, as though it was the most obvious sentiment in the world. "She told me that this was a chance to do things right this time around, because we're both... new..."

Doris snorted. "What is she, twelve? I remember everything about my first time with a woman and I am pretty sure nothing had grown back."

Olivia flushed, remembering her own initial response didn't stop the anger that flashed through her. "Don't do that. Don't make fun of her."

"Okay," She held up her hands. "It sounds like the two of you are in very different places right now. So I guess you just have to ask yourself what's more important; your needs.... or hers."

Olivia didn't hesitate. "Hers."

"Are you sure?"

"If she never touched me again... if all we could ever have is what we've had... I would stay... and wait."

"She means that much to you?"

"She means everything to me."

Doris looked at her thoughtfully. Picking up her phone, she clicked it shut and dropped it back in her purse. "I think we could both use another drink."

Thirty miles away, sitting on the couch in her darkened living room, Natalia stared at the cell phone in her hand as tears streamed freely down her face. Sliding it closed, she hugged it tightly to her chest as she whispered six words she never, ever thought she would say.

Thank you, Lord... for Doris Wolf.

Two hours later Olivia looked up at the mayor through heavy, lidded eyes. "Take me home." She whispered.

Doris's mouth fell open in a perfect 'o' and she began to sputter inanely.

"Not your home!" Olivia rolled her eyes. "I'm nowhere near that drunk. I've just had a lot more than you so... drive me back to the farmhouse. Please." She handed a couple of large bills to Desti. The bartender rang them up and then slid the change into Olivia's hand, her fingers scratching lightly across the center of her palm as she pulled them away. Olivia looked up quickly, one eyebrow raised, her lips quirking as Desti winked at her before moving off down the bar. Sighing, she tossed several bills onto the counter top, stopping in surprise when she found a white slip of paper tucked in between them.

"What?" Doris tried to look over her shoulder. "What is it?"

She held it up and the mayor frowned as she read the phone number written beneath two neatly printed words:

Strings optional.

"Well, that's completely unfair!" she complained. "Do you know how long I've been trying to get her number?"

Olivia tucked the paper into the mayor's pocket. "Now you have it."

"Great, just great." Doris griped. "You stick one toe out of the closet and suddenly you're... Dawn Juan?"

Olivia picked up her purse, slinging it over her shoulder as she smirked, "I promise to only use my powers for good."


Chapter Seven: Banana Pancakes

Olivia looked up at the darkened farmhouse from the car window, a sad sigh escaping her lips before she could stop it.

"Hey." Doris quirked her lips sarcastically. "You're not going to make me be all supportive are you?"

"Well, don't sprain anything."

"Okay... listen, you can't read into her not waiting up for you. It isn't like she knew where you were or how long you'd be gone."

"That the best you can do?"

"What do you want me to say?"

"Tell me everything will work out fine."

Doris sighed. "For you? It probably will. Life likes to piss me off like that."

"Gee thanks." She reached for the door.

"Come on! Do you really want someone who'll wait up for you just to tell you off?"

Olivia stopped. She looked down at the floorboard for several long seconds before finally meeting the mayor's eyes. "Sometimes." She whispered before getting out of the car and making her way up to the front door.

Doris watched her go, her lips pursed thoughtfully. "True love," She growled as she put the car in gear. "What a waste of a perfectly good nymphomaniac."

Olivia stopped right inside the front door. She leaned her head to the side and listened carefully, but there was nothing to hear. Either Natalia was asleep... or she was gone. Panic gripped her for a moment until she remembered that she had seen the brunette's car in the driveway when Doris dropped her off. Maybe she wouldn't get to see her tonight, but she was still in the house and that was at least a small comfort.

She climbed the stairs slowly, stopping in the hall to stare longingly at Natalia's door. She laughed sheepishly when she realized just how much time she had spent loitering outside of Natalia's bedroom lately. It was downright pathetic. Shaking her head, she turned the knob on her own door and entered the room. She closed the door behind her, not bothering to turn on a light as she rested her forehead against it.


Olivia's heart jumped up to her throat as she spun around, her hand flying out to slap at the light switch even though she already knew what she would see.

Natalia was sitting up in her bed; her eyes heavy with sleep and her hair wild around her face. Her mouth was fuller, like it always got when she cried, but her eyes were dry and she draped a lazy smile across her lips that made Olivia's breath catch. The covers had fallen down to her waist and Olivia could see she was wearing a pair of her own silk pajamas. They were loose on the smaller woman in places where they shouldn't be but, somehow, it just made her all the more appealing. "Hi." She whispered when she could finally speak again. "You lost?"

The lovely smile faltered and Olivia felt like kicking herself.

"I'm... I'm sorry." Natalia stammered. "You didn't seem to mind... before... last time." She shrugged. "I guess... I just... needed to feel close to you."

The older woman took a deep breath and tried to smile reassuringly. "It's fine."

The brunette nodded at her slowly. "Okay." She looked down at the comforter. "We need to talk."

"I know." Olivia nodded. "But right now... I'm a little too tired..."

"And a little too drunk?"

"That too." She sighed. "Either way, I just don't have the energy. So... can I get a rain check?"

"Of course. You need to get some sleep."

"I do."

Natalia looked at her carefully for a moment and then nodded. She settled back on the bed and rolled over onto her side, drawing the covers back slightly as she made room. "Well? Hurry up, it's cold!"

It took Olivia a few seconds to collect her chin off the floor. After which she pulled a set of pajamas from her drawers and headed to the bathroom. When she came back out, teeth brushed and face washed, the lights were off and Natalia was lying in bed, facing her. There was something... some cautious joy in her eyes that made Olivia smile. She slid into bed, her eyes closing as the younger woman melted against her, one slender arm and leg thrown over her as she moved in as close as she could get. "Don't force me to make you sleep with one foot on the floor." She smirked.

In the darkness, she heard Natalia laugh. "Don't worry. You're virtue is safe with me."

"You have it?" Olivia exclaimed. "Thank god! I couldn't remember where I left that thing!" She took a deep breath as the woman she loved snuggled even closer and, together, they drifted off to sleep.

She was warm.

That was the first thing she noticed; she was warm even though she could feel that the blankets had been kicked down to her feet.

The next thing she noticed was a softness that was unreal; a gentle weight that spanned almost the entire length of her body and created the most delicious sensations with every inhalation of breath.

The final thing, the one that pushed her all the way to consciousness, was the scent. One of lavender and sweet pea, it seemed to envelope her and fill all her senses with a feeling of happiness and peace.

Opening her eyes, Olivia reached up and gently brushed strands of soft, dark hair from her cheek. Looking down, she felt her throat close with emotion as she gazed at Natalia, who had one cheek pressed against her chest and the rest of her form draped casually across her body. The younger woman had one hand resting next to her face, the other arm wrapped up and around the older woman's shoulder. Her features were completely open and exposed in her sleep, her breath causing a warm tingle against the bare skin above her pajama top.

With a shaky sigh she tightened her arms, causing Natalia to wiggle closer, a soft hum of happiness escaping from her lips as she shifted slightly before going back to sleep.

It was innocent and it was pure and for the first time in her life, Olivia Spencer knew what it was to have enough.

The next time Olivia woke, she was warm but that was all. The blankets tucked tightly around her held Natalia's scent, but the woman herself was gone. Sitting up, she rubbed her eyes and looked around, smiling when the scent of pancakes and bacon assaulted her senses. She stretched happily, wincing when her neck and shoulders popped, a gentle reminder that she had been used as a pillow for most of the night.

Not that she was complaining. Oh no. Not at all.

She was contemplating laying back down and being lazy when another scent caught her attention. This one was... different. And not altogether pleasant. It almost smelled like...

She scrambled out of bed and followed her nose to the bathroom. She pushed the door open carefully, her eyes widening as she stared in disbelief.

Natalia looked up, a huge smile on her face that faded slightly as Olivia walked into the kitchen. The older woman was carrying a small box in her arms and had a peculiar look on her face. "Hey." She pointed the spatula in her hand at the box. "What's that?"

"What this?" Olivia blinked at her. "It's nothing. Just some... junk... I was throwing out." She eased her way towards the back door and Natalia immediately became suspicious.

She moved around the table and quickly cut her off. "What kind of junk?" She asked as she leaned over and tried to peek in the box.

"Nothing important!"

Olivia's voice rose as her cheeks pinked and Natalia knew whatever was in there had to be good. "Why are you trying to hide it?" She advanced on the older woman.

"I'm not hiding anything!" Olivia slid backwards, pulling the box to her side, shielding it with her body.

"Yes you are!" The younger woman laughed and lunged at her as Olivia spun around. She found herself pressed tightly against the older woman's back as she tried to grab the box.

"Jeez, what are you, an octopus?" Olivia laughed, finding it hard to keep ahead of Natalia's hands.

Natalia raised her eyebrows. "Wouldn't that make our relationship interesting!" The innuendo stopped Olivia cold and Natalia grabbed the container. "Yes!" She cried, holding it over her head victoriously before dumping it onto the kitchen table. "What the..." She poked a finger at the twisted shapes of several toiletry bottles and what looked like remnants of two of the older woman's favorite candles... Suddenly she burst into laughter. "Olivia! What part of 'steam travels up through the radiators' did you not understand?"

"Hey!" Olivia's flushed. "That stuff has been sitting there ever since I moved in! How was I supposed to know I should have moved it?" She swept the debris back into the box. "It's not like we talked a whole lot after we lit the furnace!"

The easy laughter immediately evaporated as the two women looked at each other.

"I guess... " Olivia shrugged. "I guess it's time for that talk?"

Natalia nodded. She turned off the stove and sat down at the table, waiting until Olivia joined her. She went to speak but the older woman held her hand up.

"Let me... I... I owe you an apology."

"For what?"

"Last night. I feel like I pushed you. Like you tried to do that... for me."

Natalia was shaking her head before Olivia could even finish. "I didn't do that for you."

The older woman felt a small tendril of happiness climb up through her chest. "You didn't?"

She shook her head again.

"So... you've....thought about it? About us... being together?"

"Thought about it?" Natalia repeated, her lips quirking into an embarrassed grin. "I've gone through two sets of rosary beads."

Olivia couldn't help the shy smile that lit up her face. "Really?"

"Really, really."

"Then... I don't understand...." Olivia looked at her quizzically.

Natalia sighed. She reached out and took Olivia's hand, squeezing it gently. "I've been... trying to work my head around being capable of doing this with you..."

The smile disappeared. "And... you're... not?"

Natalia's laugh was short and almost bitter. "Oh, I'm capable all right. I'm so far past capable, I'm... enthusiastic!"

Olivia held her hands up helplessly. "Still not good with the understanding here..."

She sighed. "Every time... you get close to me, all I can think about is kissing you." She hung her head slightly, unable to meet Olivia's eyes. "And every time you kiss me, all I can think about..." She blushed, squirming uncomfortably in her chair. "All I can think about is getting closer to you... and then my head short circuits and I can't think at all. All I do is feel..."

"And that's a bad thing?" Olivia asked seriously.

Natalia looked at her helplessly. "I am so... terrified of you, Olivia."

"What? Why?"

"Because as much as I loved Gus... it doesn't even compare to what I feel for you." Tears slid down her cheeks. "So what does that make me?"

The older woman squeezed her hand gently. "A woman in love?"

"With another woman!"

Olivia sighed. "Natalia, I didn't fall in love with you because you're a woman. I fell in love with you because you're you. The fact that you're a woman... I'll admit... it was tough to deal with... at first. Now... you smile at me, and I want you. You laugh...and I want you. You do that thing with your hair," She reached out and brushed the lock of hair out of Natalia's eyes. "And I want you so badly that I can't even draw my next breath. And still... you're a woman. I wouldn't want you to be anything but what you are. I fell in love with you. I want you. That's all I know."

"And that's enough?"

"It has to be." Olivia shrugged. "Because I don't feel any different. I'm not the new and improved Olivia Spencer. I'm just me... and for the first time in my life, I'm really, truly in love for no other reason but that it feels right. Don't you get it? There's no profit in loving you! Nothing to gain, no money, no power. All there is, is this place in my chest that used to be empty and it isn't anymore. It's filled up with loving you." She gently caressed the younger woman's cheek. "How could that not be enough?"

Natalia burst into tears even as a smile graced her lips. She climbed into Olivia's lap and threw her arms around her neck, kissing her deeply. "I love you." She whispered fiercely. "And let's be honest," her smile turned slightly playful. "You'll probably end up being more than enough."

Olivia gave her a dirty look and pinched her on the arm.


"You deserved it."

"Maybe." Natalia kissed her quickly on the nose. "So.... now what?"

"Well," Olivia pursed her lips. "I was thinking... it might help us to feel more normal if we went and did some normal things."

"Like what?"

"What could be more normal than shopping?"

"You want to take me shopping?" Natalia's forehead crinkled in amusement. "We have this... big, heavy moment together and you want to go shopping?" She thought about it for a moment and then shrugged. "Yeah that sounds good. What do we need?"

"Well, I could use some new candles..." Olivia snapped her fingers. "Oh, and apparently we need a toaster oven."


Chapter Eight - Clean Up, Aisle Ten

"Emma!" Olivia picked up her purse, checking it quickly for her wallet and keys before moving to stand at the bottom of the stairs. "Come on, Jellybean!"

Emma slowly came down the stairs, a pouty look on her face.

"What's the matter baby?" Olivia brushed the young girl's hair back with her fingers. "Why that sad face?"

"Do I have to go shopping with you?"

"What?" She knelt, bringing herself down to her daughter's level. "You're a Spencer! You've always loved shopping!"

Emma shrugged. "But it's Sunday! I have to go back to school tomorrow!"

"Ah!" Olivia nodded in understanding. "And who wants to waste their last afternoon off with their two mommies looking at toasters?" She bit her lip. "We're not really going to look for toasters, baby, but I guess candles and stuff aren't much more exciting." She kissed her on the forehead. "You can't stay here alone though, Em."

"I know!" The little girl perked up immediately. "Susie invited me over to play with her new computer! She has Spore!!"

Olivia crinkled her nose. "That doesn't sound good. Is it contagious?"

Emma laughed. "No, mom! It's this game where you create your own worlds and things to live in them. It's really cool."

"In other words, it teaches you how to rule the universe?"

Emma nodded.

"Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it?" Natalia commented from across the room.

Olivia grinned at her, throwing her a snarky look before smiling back down at her daughter. "And does Mrs. Susie's Mom know her daughter invited you over?" She laughed at Emma's enthusiastic nod. "Okay, let me call her."

"Yay!" Emma ran back upstairs to get her stuff.

"You are so whipped." Nat laughed from across the room.

Olivia thought about the two women in her life, a small smile on her lips that she could feel all the way to the center of her heart.

You have no idea.

An hour later, Olivia and Natalia stood looking up at their local Williams-Sonoma. The older woman pursed her lips as she fidgeted nervously.

"Sure you want to do this?" Natalia teased gently.

"What? We're just two girls out for a day of shopping right?" Olivia shrugged. "No big deal." Her eyes widened when Natalia stepped closer to her and took her hand firmly.

"I don't want to be just two girls out shopping." She let her thumb graze back and forth across Olivia's knuckles. "I want to be your girl." She smirked. "Out shopping."

Olivia squeezed her hand. She glanced around. No one had seen them... yet. She started to ask Natalia if she was certain she wanted to do this, but the look in her eyes told her everything she needed to know. "Okay then... Let's go."

It was mid afternoon and the store was fairly crowded. Olivia was gratified to see that the few people who glanced at them and then down at their linked hands, all seemed to smile slightly before continuing about their own business. It filled her with a gentle hope as she picked up a wire hand basket and led a smiling Natalia through the store. "So what do we need first?"

"Hmmm," The younger woman did that thing with her lips that made Olivia fall in love with her a little more every time she saw it; pursing them slightly to one side as her dimples appeared in all their glory. "We could probably use some less expensive dishes."

"Dishes?" She looked at her curiously. Then she remembered Natalia's bouts of clumsiness in the kitchen whenever she came near. "Planning on breaking a few?"

Natalia made a face at her. "I don't know what you're grinning at." She squeezed the older woman's fingers pointedly. "Because if you keep behaving like you did last night I see a lot of ducking in your future."

She laughed. "You're going to throw dishes at me?"

Natalia did a cute little head bob. "I am a hot-blooded Latina you know."

Olivia pulled her into the candle aisle, maneuvering their bodies so that she had the younger woman between her and the shelving behind her. She glanced around quickly before leaning in close. "I live in hope of finding out."

Natalia's eyes dropped to Olivia's mouth, her tongue darting out to moisten her lips as her breathing grew heavier. "Yeah?" It was the best response she could manage at the moment.

"Oh yeah." She moved even closer, until their bodies were barely touching, then stopped, her voice tight as she whispered, "You have no idea how badly I want to kiss you right now. If you were a man, I wouldn't even hesitate."

"Well..." Natalia swallowed, unable to lift her eyes from Olivia's lips. "This... trip is about acting normal. So... you should... do what you would normally do... I guess."

Olivia smiled as she slowly closed the distance between them.

"Hey guys."

She pulled back quickly, blinking as she turned to focus on the person speaking while trying to beat her hormones down with a stick. She cleared her throat nervously when she saw Dinah standing at the other end of the aisle. She loosened her grip on Natalia's fingers, only to look down in surprise when the younger woman refused to let her go. Pulling herself together, she plastered a smile on her face. "Hey... Dinah." She half-waved with her free hand. "How are you?"

The blonde cocked her head to one side, a slightly confused smile on her face. "I'm good." She looked down at their hands pointedly. "How are you two?"

"Good, we're good." She smiled at Natalia. "Aren't we good?"

The young woman nodded quickly. "Definitely good." She scratched her chin absently. "So... what are you...doing here?"

"Uhm," Dinah shrugged. "I needed to... pick up some things..." She smirked. "Are we really going to stand here in the scented candle aisle and pretend you aren't holding hands?"

Olivia's lips moved but no sound came out and Natalia's only response was to blush.

Dinah's eyes grew large as understanding filled them. "Oh my god! OH MY GOD!" Laughter bubbled up out of her as she pointed at Olivia. "Are you the reason she sprinted back up the aisle?" She took in the flush on both their faces and grinned broadly. "How the hell did I miss this? You two? Really? The princess and the pauper? Olivia-Freaking-Spencer... the woman who was married to, slept with and/or dated 90% of Springfield's male population, the other 10% being either jail bait or geriatric... has a thing for the woman who... served them dinner?"

"Hey!" Olivia's face clouded dangerously.

"Not that there's anything wrong with that!" Dinah help up her hands. "It's just that... wow..."

Natalia gestured wildly with her free hand. "It's... kinda new. We didn't know..."

"... not for the longest time." Olivia finished for her. "We really thought..."

"...we were just friends." A silly smile lit up Natalia's face. "But... we were wrong... and now we're..."

"...seeing how we fit?" Olivia glanced at Natalia nervously, gratified when she smiled back. "This is our first real..."

"Outing?" Dinah supplied. She had been following the exchange like a tennis match, her head turning from side to side as the two women lobbed half sentences at each other.

"Uh, yeah." Natalia blinked. "Something like that."

"So," The blonde looked at them both closely, unable to miss the glow that surrounded them on closer inspection. "You two are really in love, aren't you?"

The two women nodded silently.

"Is this... a secret?"

"Apparently not anymore." Olivia snarked, grimacing slightly at the soft elbow that dug into her ribs. "No," She amended. "No, it isn't."

"Frank knows?"

"You could... say that." Natalia sighed.

"Well then... Congratulations?" She shook her head at their suspicious looks. "No, really! I mean it. Congratulations." She turned to Natalia. "All the single women in Springfield should get together and buy you a gift basket or something."

The younger woman's forehead furrowed in confusion. "Uh...why?"

She gestured towards Olivia with her head. "For taking Ollie off the market. Means the rest of them actually have a chance at finding a man." She laughed at the dark look Olivia threw her. "Well... I better find Shayne before he wanders off. I'm sure I'll see you two... out and about."

Olivia groaned. She turned to Natalia once Dinah had gone. "You realize that it's all going to snowball from here right?"

But Natalia wasn't paying attention, staring instead at the place where Dinah had been standing. "Ollie?" She looked at Olivia pointedly. "What was that all about?"

The older woman leaned her head to one side. "Really? That's all you came away from that with?" She smiled, gently tracing the line of Natalia's cheek with one finger. "That jealousy of yours is something else."

Natalia set her jaw and stared at her.

"It's nothing!" Olivia laughed. "Once upon a time Dinah and I.... we flirted with being friends. Just friends!" She shrugged. "Turns out we worked better as acquaintances." She took a deep breath. "I could really use a drink. Just one!" She added quickly at Nat's concerned look. "What do you say?" She pursed her lips, her body language become sensual instantly. "Let me buy you a drink?"

Natalia grinned ruefully. "Like I could say no to you."

"Keep that in mind later." She muttered under her breath


"Nothing!" She reached out and grabbed two candles from the shelf. "I like the Lavender and Sweet Pea." Her heart thudded at Natalia's soft blush.

"You mean we're actually going to buy something?"

"This is supposed to be a 'normal' shopping trip, remember?" Olivia shrugged. "When was the last time I went shopping and didn't buy anything?"

The bistro was tiny compared to Company, but quaint and, considering the current situation, probably a lot more comfortable. The waitress smiled at them when they asked for a quiet table, leading them to a booth in the far back corner. Olivia slid in first, surprised but happy when Natalia slid in right beside her. She angled her body so that she could look at the younger woman and was immediately caught by the warmth in her eyes. The waitress had to ask for her order twice before Natalia finally answered for her.

"She'll have a martini, extra dirty. I'll have a hot mocha with whipped cream." When the waitress left, she turned to Olivia with a smile. "Cat got your tongue?"

"Why? Did you want it?" She grinned at the hot flush that traveled up the younger woman's neck. "I'll take that as a yes." She leaned in slightly, breathing in Natalia's scent as she whispered. "Say it again."

Natalia blinked, confused. "Say what?"

"Extra dirty..."

"Olivia!" She slapped her lightly on the arm, hiding her face behind her hands as the waitress returned with their drinks. After giving herself a few moments, she peeked through her fingers to find Olivia grinning at her like the Cheshire cat. "Drink your martini."

"Wow, that was easy." She sipped from the drink, moaning slightly at how good it tasted. She glanced at Natalia, her heart jumping into her throat when she found the younger woman's eyes fastened to her lips yet again. With a confident grin, she reached out and dipped her finger into Natalia's drink, slipping it into her mouth as she relished the look of naked desire it sparked on the brunette's face.

"That's... impolite." Natalia whispered.

"What is?"

"Sticking your fingers... where they..." Her face flushed bright red and she looked down, unable to finish her sentence.

Olivia felt her heart swell with love. No matter what, no matter how mercurial her moods, this woman would always be Natalia. "I'm sorry. Should I have asked first?"

Natalia shook her head quickly, then gestured at Olivia's mouth. "You have a little... " She watched as Olivia blatantly licked her lips. "It's still..." She touched her own lips, trembling slightly as they began to tingle. "Do you want me...?"

Olivia shifted closer. "Please."

Natalia leaned in and, after a moment's hesitation, kissed the corner of Olivia's mouth, her tongue darting out to lick away the imaginary whipped cream. When she leaned back, she was gratified to see the obvious shock and desire in the older woman's eyes. "So." She grinned smugly. "Tell me about this Ollie thing."

Olivia's laughter was immediate and loud. She shook her head. "Nothing to tell."

"Okay," A coy smile curled the edges of Natalia's lips. "Talk to me about sex then."

In retrospect, the younger woman would have to admit her timing could have been better.

Olivia had just taken a healthy drink of her Martini and the half-gasp elicited by Natalia's statement opened up her windpipe to the strong alcohol, causing her to choke. The coughing fit that followed had two of the waiters rushing over to see if she needed assistance and the rest of the small bistro looking at their table in concern. Once Olivia had managed to get her breathing under control, she waved them off, smiling tightly and raising a hand to the rest of the people in the restaurant. "I'm fine! I'm fine! Please return to your normal state of social ambivalence!" She turned to level a green-eyed glare at the woman across the table but felt her irritation completely disappear when she saw the caring concern in the younger woman's eyes, which was completely at odds with the lips that quivered as Natalia tried not to laugh. "So unfair." She sighed.

Natalia blinked innocently. "What is?"

"The fact that you think trotting out that sweet, innocent look is going to get you out of trouble."

The corner of the younger woman's mouth twitched. "Is it working?"

"Of course it is!" Olivia made a face at her. "And you know it!" She sighed again. "How am I ever supposed to win an argument with you when you do that?"

Natalia shrugged. "I guess you're just going to have to give up on arguing with me." A light blush spread across her cheeks as she looked down at the table, her lips curved into a gentle smile. "Which.... means we can get to the making up that much faster."

Olivia felt a warm happiness blossom in her chest. "Why Miss Rivera.... are you flirting with me?"

"Took you long enough to realize it."

The older woman bit her lip. "I could say the same about you."

They smiled warmly at each other, getting lost in each others eyes for several long seconds until the emotion became too great and Natalia looked away. "So," She fiddled with her napkin. "About the sex thing..."

Olivia had just raised her glass to her lips and reversed course quickly. "You're trying to kill me aren't you?" She accused.

Natalia reached up and casually unfastened the top button of her shirt, letting her fingers linger for just a moment against the olive skin beneath. "If I was trying to kill you I would be much more subtle about it."

The older woman licked her lips before taking a sip of her drink, her glass shaking slightly from the trembling of her hand. Her eyes followed Natalia's fingers intently until they rested back on the tabletop. Then she locked her gaze with the brunette's and leaned forward, the fabric of the white button down shirt she was wearing straining against her breasts as the motion caused the gap at the top to widen.

Two could play at this game.

Olivia smirked when color immediately filled the younger woman's cheeks; but the smile faded when she noticed that Natalia's lips had parted slightly, the small pink tip of her tongue darting out to moisten them as her gaze followed the outline of the older woman's breasts beneath the thin silk of her shirt. Olivia looked into her eyes and felt her own breath stop at the desire and need she found there. "Wow." She felt the impact of both like a physical blow to her midsection. "I didn't... I wasn't even sure you liked sex."

It took a moment for the statement to sink in, then Natalia reluctantly pulled her eyes up to meet Olivia's. "What? Why would you think that?"

The older woman pursed her lips. "You just never seemed all that interested."

"Just because I can control my... my... whatever... doesn't mean I don't think about it." Natalia laughed sharply. "I told you... I've actually been thinking about it... a lot... lately."

Olivia couldn't decide if the mixture of lust and innocence that Natalia was exuding was heartwarming or insanely arousing. She decided to feel both and worry about needing a shrink in the morning.

"And?" She crossed her arms and leaned on them, knowing full well the effect it had on her cleavage. She did a mental happy dance when the younger woman became even more flustered.

"And..." Natalia chewed on her lip. "I guess... I just wanted to know what you were expecting... what you want."

"What I want..." Olivia repeated softly. She reached out and covered one of the younger woman's hands with her own, her thumb burning lazy circles across the tops of her fingers. "I want everything... anything... all of you." Her cheeks flushed slightly as she thought about it. "Even if that means making it up as we go along."

Natalia felt the words like a caress. Her heart began beating in triple time and she felt her eyes grow heavy as her body suffused with heat. The reaction was immediate and overwhelming and the fact that is was brought on by nothing but Olivia's soft voice and simple touch made her wonder if she would survive sex with the older woman.

It also made her crazy with the need to find out.

"Is..." She swallowed, trying to will her heart to slow. "How long is Emma's play date?"

Olivia blinked, confused at the change of topic, until she recognized the look on Natalia's face. Her mouth fell open slightly. "Uh..."

The younger woman couldn't help the soft laughter that escaped her. I've actually rendered her speechless. Will wonders never cease. "Do you have a more precise time, Ms. Spencer?"

"Six-thirty..." Olivia finally managed. "But, Susie's mom... did invite her to stay over."

Natalia looked at her watch. "Six-thirty." She pursed her lips. "That's only two and a half hours." Her eyes locked with Olivia's as a smile that was anything but innocent graced her lips. "I think you need to call Susie's mom..."


Chapter Nine - Long Time Coming

Natalia walked into the living room carrying two glasses of white wine. She smiled at Olivia as the older woman spoke to her daughter on the phone.

"You're going to behave right?" She rolled her eyes slightly. "You know what I mean, Em. If you say you want to spend the night with Susie than I expect you to spend the night with Susie and not give her mother a heart attack... You do so know what I'm talking about!" She accepted the glass of wine with a small smile. "Hey...hey jellybean? Let's pretend for a minute that I'm the mommy and you're my daughter, kay?" The smile grew huge. "Alright. I love you too, baby." Her eyes met Natalia's. "She loves you too. We'll see you after school tomorrow. Bye, bye." She closed the cell phone and tossed it onto the table before hanging her head in mock defeat.

"And she's only going to get older..." Natalia grinned.

"Gee, thanks for that!"

"Did you warn Susie's mom?"

Olivia looked at the wine in her hand for a moment before pursing her lips and sliding it onto the table untouched. "If you mean did I advise her to chain my daughter to the bed post, then yes."

Natalia laughed as she settled next to Olivia on the couch. "So..." She looked down at her hands nervously.

"So... We're alone... all night." Olivia slid a little closer, bending down slightly to try and look the younger woman in the eyes. "Hey... are you okay?"

Natalia nodded, a shy smile curling up the corners of her mouth as she took Olivia's hand, twining their fingers together slowly. "I just... " She shrugged as she laughed lightly. "I guess I'm just not used to thinking about it this much.... once it gets to this point..."

Olivia pressed her lips together, moving even closer as she whispered, "What point?" The blush that stained the younger woman's cheeks was instantaneous and she smiled as her heart swelled almost painfully. "Tell me... I need to hear you to say it."

Natalia gave her a long look and then nodded. "The point... " She whispered, her grin turning silly at the end. "...that we're at..."

"That's cheating!" The older woman poked her in the ribs with one finger, delighting in the laughter that broke free from the woman she loved. "You're not allowed to just say the same thing backwards!"

"Who says?" Natalia squirmed, trying to get away from the fingers that were now tickling her on both sides. "Who made you the boss of me?"

"You did!" Olivia laughed as she half-tackled the younger woman, pressing her back into the sofa and laying on top of her. She grabbed both of her wrists in one hand and raised them over her head as her other hand continued its assault. "You took the job! I believe that entitles me to some perks..."

"What?!?" Natalia shifted, trying to wiggle free. "There are laws against this kind of thing you know!"

"Not in this state."

Natalia snorted. "That's not what I meant!" She pulled down on her wrists, amazed when they didn't budge. "You have strong hands." She whispered breathlessly, her own words sending a spike of heat down her body to settle hotly between her legs, where Olivia's stomach was pressed up against her. The older woman used her free hand to push herself up not realizing the affect her proximity was having until Natalia whimpered and laid her head back against the armrest.

Olivia looked down between their bodies, suddenly realizing where she was putting the most pressure and all of her laughter died away. She released Natalia's wrists, groaning when the younger woman's hands tangled in her hair and yanked her forward to bruise her mouth with eager lips.

And that kiss... the lips that pressed fiercely against her own, the tongue that... oh dear god, that tongue... she could feel it, feel it like fire through every part of her body and Olivia thought she would melt from the inside out. For a moment she hung suspended in a place of pure sensation, pure feeling... then Natalia's hands gripped her waist, hesitating for the briefest of moments before sliding down to grip her backside, using it to pull their bodies closer together. The heat low against her stomach intensified exponentially and the thought of where it was coming from drove Olivia to press down with her hips. The groan that tore Natalia's lips away caused her own flood of moisture and she ducked her head, breathing in deeply before pulling away. "Wait!" She panted. "Wait, wait, wait!"

The younger woman looked up at her incredulously. "Wha..." She swallowed, her hands reaching out to cup Olivia's face. "What's wrong?"

"We can't." She shook her head.

Natalia's forehead bunched in confusion. "WHAT? Why?"

Olivia couldn't help the happy smile that hijacked her lips at the disappointment in the younger woman's voice. "Easy, turbo." She ran her fingers lovingly down Natalia's cheek. "I just meant we can't do this....here.."

The brunette looked around in confusion. "You want to go to the Beacon?"

"No!" She laughed before continuing. "I have had a lot of different fantasies about the first time we make love." Olivia said firmly. "And none of them involve this couch. The stove, maybe, but not the couch." A slow smirk curled the corner of her mouth. "At least... not the first time." She glanced at Natalia, looking for a reaction, but the brunette was stuck three seconds back, her eyes wide as saucers.

"The stove?!?"

The older woman blinked. "What? It's not like it was lit or anything!"

"But... but... The stove??" Natalia squeaked, her mind racing as she tried to imagine what activity they could possibly engage in anywhere near, or on, the old range top.

"Hey." Olivia held out her hand, exchanging the smirk for a gentle smile. "Don't try so hard. We'll get around to it....eventually." She wiggled her fingers.

Natalia took her hand, her cheeks flushing as Olivia pulled her up from the couch directly into her arms and a passionate kiss. When they broke free, green eyes studied her intently until she nodded. With a smile, Olivia pulled away and led her up the stairs.

There was a brief pause on the landing as Olivia debated where to go, finally pushing open the door to her own bedroom and leaning back against it as Natalia entered behind her. She closed the door slowly, turning the lock for good measure. Sure they were alone, but why take any chances?

When she turned, she found Natalia looking up at her from less than a foot away, her eyes soft and vulnerable, and she was overcome with a wave of love and honest affection so huge she thought she would drown in it. She felt as though there was an invisible thread connecting their hearts, a lifeline of feeling that required no words to be spoken and took her breath away even on the days when it was stretched the thinnest. "Hey." She whispered, her voice breaking in the quiet of the room.

"Hey." Natalia smiled back.

Olivia moved closer, reaching out her fingers to tuck them into the front of Natalia's waistband, using them to pull her the rest of the way. The younger woman came slowly, her eyes seeming to glaze over as her tongue darted out to moisten her lips.

Olivia stopped pulling when they were a few inches apart. She used her fingers to brush the hair from Natalia's eyes before tracing her jawline, stopping at her chin to gently lift her head. She leaned in and kissed soft lips, lips that trembled wildly beneath her own. Concern filled her chest and she pulled back to gaze into anxious brown eyes. "Are you alright?"

Natalia nodded, a small, shy smile highlighting her much loved dimples as she finally met Olivia's gaze. "It's just.... a lot..."

The older woman nodded in commiseration as she focused on the hammering in her own chest. Her heart had been working double time since they left the bistro and she was amazed her pacemaker hadn't sent her beeper into hysterics. There had been a few moments when it had calmed; like when Natalia had laid her arm across the back of her car seat and gently massaged the tension from her neck, or when she mentioned Emma's school books still being at home. But there had also been moments on the drive when she thought her heart would burst from her chest. Most noticeably when Natalia's eyes had lingered on her hand as she changed gears, her own fingers trailing lightly down that long, gorgeous throat as she swallowed and quickly looked out the window.

Not to mention that it was just a good rule in general to never look into Natalia's eyes at all when she drove. No matter how brief the connection, there was something about the younger woman's dark, gentle gaze that pushed her instantly to the point of internal combustion. More than once she had needed to roll down her window and allow the cold air to soothe the heat that suffused her face and body.

'A lot'. Olivia laughed quietly. 'A lot' was an understatement. "I know what you mean."

"Do you?" Natalia's fingers played nervously with the bottom edge of her shirt. "All day.... all week..." She blushed furiously. "Who am I kidding... for longer than I can remember... whenever I look at you there's been this..." She swallowed as their eyes met, the connection so palpable that the air around them seemed to crackle with energy. "There! That! There's been.... that! ...just under the surface. And sometimes I can... I can deal with it and control it and sometimes..." She shrugged helplessly. "Sometimes it just... consumes me. And I can't think... I can't move... I get caught up in it..." Tears filled her eyes. "And I freeze..."

Olivia swallowed her disappointment. "Hey..." She touched the other woman's face gently. "If you're not ready for this, it's okay...If you need more time or... mmmph!" Natalia's body slammed into hers as their lips met ferociously, her words cut off by a soft tongue that pushed its way inside her mouth to stroke against her own. The younger woman clawed at her sides, gripping the fabric of her shirt firmly; pulling at it until it was completely untucked from her jeans and she could slide her hands inside, onto the overheated skin that covered her ribs. Olivia groaned into the kiss, opening her mouth wider as Natalia's nails dug into her flesh. Their bodies melted together and Olivia felt the hammering in her own chest echoed from within Natalia's. She brought her hands up and tangled them roughly in the long, dark hair she loved so much, giving in as the kiss consumed her from the inside out. She felt the younger woman's body shift slightly and her baser instincts kicked in, a growl rumbling in her throat as her fingers tightened once again, using the grip on Natalia's hair to hold her right where she was.

Until a soft sound of pain finally broke through the haze of love and lust and she let go so quickly it left her senses reeling. "I'm sorry!" She panted. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you-" She groaned when Natalia once again pressed her whole body into her, closing her eyes as the younger woman's breasts fit snugly beneath her own. For a moment, she was lost in sensation. When she could think again, she blinked and found herself staring into half lidded eyes made dark with desire. "Natal-"

"Shut up, Olivia." Natalia's teeth nipped against her chin. "For once just shut up and stop talking yourself out of what you want. You didn't hurt me." She brought one hand up tentatively to graze the backs of her fingers across the hardened nipple that showed through Olivia's shirt. "I liked it."

Those three softly whispered words sent an intense spike of desire through Olivia, causing her head to fall back as her spine arched slightly.

"Do you know what I love the most about you, Olivia?"

The older woman shook her head, not trusting herself to speak.

Natalia played with the top button of Olivia's shirt. "How strongly you feel things." She popped it open. "Your capacity for emotion is as staggering as your need to keep it hidden." She moved on to the next one. "But when you want something..." Pop. "When you really want something..." Natalia's breath caught as her fingers faltered. She met Olivia's gaze and held it. "You just take it."

Understanding filled the older woman's features. With a small smirk, she reached out and hooked her hand behind Natalia's neck, using it to pull the smaller woman against her roughly. "I do." She lowered her head.

"Yes... you do." Natalia closed her eyes, falling into the kiss as desire filled her body with heat.

For a moment, that was all that existed as the whole world seemed to narrow to the connection between them. It was so much more than a kiss. It was a promise, and a demand; it was the truth of everything that had always been between them and for that one brief moment, it bound them so tightly together that neither of them could bear to end it.

Then Olivia brought her hands up to briefly cup Natalia's face, focusing all of her love into the kiss before sliding them down to pull the shirt from Natalia's jeans. When the younger woman released her and raised her arms to allow her to pull it off, the spell broke and desire crashed over Olivia in a huge wave. She tossed the shirt aside before quickly working the front clasp of Natalia's bra.

Well, that's one point for being with a woman, she laughed to herself, her thoughts giddy and wild. Would have taken a man a year to figure that out.

The need to be closer to the brunette moved her forward, and before she realized it, she had pressed Natalia up against the wall, her hands sliding possessively down her stomach to work the buttons of her fly.

Natalia groaned, her head rolling back to connect solidly with the wall behind her but she hardly noticed or cared. Olivia's hands had unfastened her jeans and slid inside, brushing lovingly over her hips as she tried to push the fabric out of the way. "Not... fair..." She swallowed heavily as her hands tangled in dark blonde hair, dragging the older woman's lips back to hers for another toe curling kiss.

"What?" Olivia pressed into her, causing them both to fall heavily against the wall.

"You're..." Natalia bit Olivia's bottom lip hard, her hips surging forward when the groan that escaped the older woman sent a shock wave of desire down her spine. "You're wearing too many clothes!"

Olivia blinked, trying to clear away the spell she was under long enough to make sense of Natalia's words. Finally she looked down at herself and shrugged. She grabbed the lapels of her shirt in both hands and pulled, sending buttons flying in all different directions as she ripped it off, smiling at the younger woman's delighted laughter. She tugged the lace bra over her head and then grabbed Natalia's hips, pulling their bodies together roughly. She dropped her head to the younger woman's shoulder, first kissing and then biting as her body shook from the feel of soft skin and hardened nipples pressing against her.

Unable to wait any longer, Olivia trailed her hands down the brunette's sides until she could slip her fingers into her jeans and beneath the thin silk of her panties. She pushed down, sliding them off her hips, bending her knees and planting a trail of small kisses along her abdomen as she crouched to push them the rest of the way, pausing long enough to allow Natalia to raise one foot and then the other as she pulled them off.

That was when she caught it.

The scent.

She closed her eyes, her nostrils flaring, becoming lightheaded from the scent of Natalia's need. She fell forward slightly, her forehead colliding with the younger woman's stomach as her arms circled her hips and pulled her closer. She turned her head to the side, pressing her cheek against the soft skin below Natalia's belly button as she breathed in deeply, the smell sweeter, more intoxicating than anything she had ever experienced.

"Oliv.... Olivia?"

She heard Natalia's voice from what seemed like miles away, felt tentative fingers curl into and then tighten in her hair as she dipped her head to nuzzle the soft down between Natalia's legs, her breath coming more quickly when the younger woman arched into her. She moved her head gently from side to side, pursing her lips slightly and coming away with them slick, unable to stop her tongue from flicking out to taste the nectar that covered them.

It was incredible, clean and sweet, light with a musk that made her head swim. With a groan she gripped Natalia's hips tightly with her hands, pressing into her as she buried nose and mouth between her legs.

Natalia's control disappeared completely at the feel of Olivia's mouth on her. She fell back against the wall, one hand tangled in soft hair as the other gripped the older woman's shoulder with bruising strength. She closed her eyes, her entire consciousness focused on the feel of the other woman's lips against her. It was all she could do to keep standing.

And then she felt it.

The soft tip of Olivia's tongue as it gently trailed over the bundle of nerves at the top of her cleft. "Oh my g..." She bit down on her lip to stop the words from tumbling free as Olivia gripped her more tightly, pressing her more forcefully against the wall and nudging her legs apart as her mouth worked faster.

Olivia heard the deep groan from the woman above her and closed her lips around the small ridge of flesh she was exploring, sucking softly as she hummed in pleasure at the taste against her tongue. It was different but so wonderful, causing the flash of an epiphany and suddenly she understood just how perfect women really were, the one she held in her arms in particular. Growling, she suckled harder, feeling her own wetness increase when Natalia whimpered and gripped her shoulder roughly.

"Olivia... I...can't..."

Her heart and lips froze at the words until Natalia continued.

"I can't..." She swallowed heavily, trying to focus. "I can't stand up anymore!" The older woman slid up her body, trailing soft breasts and hard nipples across her skin, making her groan and tremble without even trying. There was a gentle laugh and then Olivia was there, looking at her with bright eyes; wearing a smile that was part shy, part smug and all Olivia.

Natalia felt herself fall all over again and part of her wanted to cry. How much could she possibly adore one person? "I love you." She whispered. "I am so in love with you. I have been for so long..."

"Shhh..." Olivia kissed her gently, smiling when the younger woman blinked at the taste on her lips, reaching up to trace them gently with a fingertip when they broke apart. "Get on the bed." She growled.

Natalia's heart kicked hard and she swallowed, nodding slowly as she turned to walk backwards so that she could watch the older woman.

And Olivia decided to make it worth her while. She tucked her thumbs inside her own trousers, holding the rest of her fingers out in a fan as she wiggled her hips. When the pants were gone, she stopped for a moment, trailing the fingers of her right hand down between her breasts before tracing the edge of the panties, a black wisp of silk and lace that made up the last of her clothing. She hesitated... and then smiled wickedly. Eyes half closed, she stalked towards Natalia, a look of such wanton desire on her face that the younger woman finally gave up standing and sat down heavily on the bed.

Olivia didn't stop until she was right in front of her. Slowly, she straddled her legs, looking down at the flustered woman with heavily lidded eyes. "Take them off." She commanded softly.

Natalia swallowed. She tried to think but the reality of Olivia standing so close, wearing so little, had effectively shut down her higher thought processes. "Uh..." She alternated her glance between eyes darkened to jade by desire and the barely clothed body directly in front of her. She laid shaking hands against the older woman's hips, felt them tremble beneath her touch and in that instant she knew.

This meant just as much to Olivia as it did to her. Olivia was trying so hard to be everything that she needed her to be. The thought calmed and excited her at the same time. With a small smile, she hooked one finger into the silk and pulled, drawing the panties over smooth skin and quivering muscles as she met that burning gaze and held it. When Olivia placed one knee on the bed she slid backwards, laying herself out in offering as she raised her arms.

A small cry broke from Olivia's lips as she gazed at the woman before her. Natalia's hair was fanned out across the pillows, her skin glowing in the moonlight from the window and there was nothing in her vast experience that could ever compare with the beauty of that one moment. She crawled forward, into Natalia's arms and settled on top of her, the small whimper of pleasure from the woman beneath her setting her heart racing yet again.

Olivia sighed happily and closed her eyes, listening to it beat as she lost herself in the feel of the younger woman beneath her; in the exquisite softness, the utter rightness of it, of every inch of their bodies pressed tightly together for the first time. Then Natalia trailed her nails down her back and the fire that had been quietly simmering in her belly roared back to life. She brought their lips together roughly, sliding her tongue inside to taste the younger woman's mouth before moving on to her neck. She took her time, reveling in the feel of Natalia's hands wandering over her body, as she kissed her way down the younger woman's throat, leaving small red marks in her wake. When she reached Natalia's breasts, she raised her head to look at them lovingly, mesmerized by the soft swells and the gentle way they rose and fell with each breath she took. Slowly, she brought her mouth down, parting her lips and hovering over one swollen nipple until Natalia finally groaned and grabbed her hair, using it to draw Olivia to her. Passion exploded inside of her so strongly that it blocked out anything but her and the woman beneath her. She ran her tongue around the pebbled flesh, biting down tenderly with her teeth as she brought her knee up to nestle between Natalia's thighs. She tried to go slow, tried to be gentle, but the sounds the younger woman was making, the way her body was responding to her touch, was driving her crazy. When she brought her free hand down to close her fingers around Natalia's other nipple, the wet warmth that coated her thigh finally pushed her over the edge.

With a loud groan, she slid down the brunette's slender form, her lips trailing wetly across the skin of her stomach as she settled between her thighs. She slid her hands around Natalia's legs and lifted them until they rested above her shoulders. Then she opened her eyes.

The heart in Olivia's chest swelled as she gazed at the beauty in front of her, at the soft pink flesh that glistened wetly as she leaned in closer, breathing the scent of her lover in deeply as she touched her with her mouth.

"Olivia!" Natalia's back arched and she felt Olivia's hand slide up to press down on her stomach, pushing her back onto the bed. The older woman's tongue caressed her, slowly at first, and then more quickly as her hips began to move on their own, teaching Olivia the rhythm that she needed. And oh... Olivia learned quickly! She had moved her lips and tongue in long, languid strokes until she found the one spot that made Natalia gasp and tighten her fingers painfully in her hair. Then she had stayed right there, her mouth moving faster, then slower, her hands snaking up to rasp her palms over swollen nipples as she pressed more fully into her. The sensations were incredible; the softness of her lips, the strength of her tongue and the way Olivia focused on her with the same single minded intent that drove her in every area of her life only now, she was the only thing that mattered and she could feel that in every touch and every caress. And all she could think was that she wanted more... "Olivia..." She whimpered when the older woman pulled her head away, looking up at her with glassy eyes. "I need you...." She trailed off, biting her lip in embarrassment as Olivia moved up beside her. "I need..."

Olivia lowered her head and laughed gently. She brought her lips close to the younger woman's ear, her breath making the hair on the back of Natalia's neck stand on end as she whispered, "I know what you need." She captured Natalia's lips in a soul searing kiss as her hand trailed down across her belly. She twirled her fingers lightly through damp curls before sliding them into the same wetness that still coated her cheeks. Her fingers played over the small bundle of nerves, then slid firmly inside and she watched in fascination as the younger woman's head slammed back, her mouth opening in a low groan that Olivia could feel all the way to her toes. She stayed still for just a moment, amazed and completely undone by the feeling of her fingers encased in a softness that seemed to pulse around them, then she began to move, her hand thrusting gently at first, then more forcefully as Natalia's nails dug into her back. She pressed closer, dove-tailing their legs together, using her thigh to increase the pressure of her hand even as she groaned at the contact of her own intimate flesh against the smooth skin of Natalia's leg. Her hips found and echoed Natalia's rhythm until they were moving together, both of them straining against each other, Olivia torn between wanting to focus all of her attention on Natalia and the heat growing within her own belly. She felt Natalia reach her peak before she heard it, recognized it from the way the heat around her fingers intensified, the way the muscles tightened. Natalia's back arched, her fingers clawing at her back, leaving deep scratches that she knew she would feel for days and adore for the memories the pain would evoke. She leaned in harder; flicking the tips of her fingers as far inside as they would reach and was rewarded by a loud cry that she never would have believed the younger woman capable of. It was simply her name, but the joy it carried with it wrapped itself around her heart and Olivia knew she never wanted to hear her name like that from anyone else ever again. She stayed where she was, her fingers still inside; relishing the tremors until the very last one faded away, her own hips still moving gently against Natalia's leg as she waited for the younger woman to come back to herself. When dazed brown eyes finally met hers, she withdrew her fingers, her movements slowing almost completely.

"No!" Natalia grabbed her hips. "Don't you dare stop!" She smiled when the older woman began to rock against her again, the feel of wet silk against her thigh causing her senses to overload and she leaned up, catching the other woman's lips in a passionate kiss that went on until Olivia had to break away to catch her breath before she passed out. Olivia arched back as her hips began to move faster and Natalia fastened her mouth around one swollen nipple, whimpering at the sweet ache the older woman caused when she wrapped her hands up in her hair.

"Natalia...." Olivia swallowed against the dryness in her throat as she crushed the smaller woman tightly to her. She leaned her head to one side, her breath coming in short pants as a huge wave of pleasure built inside her. I can't... I never have... not like this.... Her thoughts swirled madly in her head and, as Natalia's teeth closed firmly on her breast, she tumbled after them. "Oh my...gah...." She bit down on her lip hard. "Oh...baby! Oh...oh...omigod... NATALIA!!!" Her body shook wildly as her muscles tensed, colors exploding behind her eyelids as her release rode through her hard. For several long seconds, she couldn't even breathe and then she fell forward, collapsing heavily against the woman beneath her as she trembled from one aftershock after another.

When they finally subsided, she opened her eyes and Natalia was there, smiling up at her, the gentleness in her gaze speaking volumes as she ran her fingers through Olivia's hair. The younger woman traced her cheek with the back of one finger, smiling shyly when it came away wet. The shy smile turned into a full on blush, however, when Olivia leaned forward and took the finger into her mouth, running her tongue over it thoroughly before letting it go.

"Mine." She whispered.

Natalia smiled. "Ya think?" Her heart fluttered wildly when Olivia rolled onto her back, pulling her down on top of her with strong arms.

"Yeah, I think." She kissed her gently and Natalia thought she might die from the sweetness of it. It was warm and it was loving, with the barest hint of passion simmering just under the surface and she realized that, just like that, she was ready for Olivia again. That as languid as her body felt, parts of it had tightened like a string and now hummed loudly with her desire. But what she wanted more than anything was to be held, and Olivia seemed to somehow know that. She released the younger woman's lips and pulled her tightly against her, one hand going to the back of her head to press it down onto her shoulder. "I love you, too." She murmured soothingly.

Olivia's fingertips trailed patterns across Natalia's shoulders, idly connecting the delicate freckles she found there as the younger woman's breathing evened out. She tightened her arms around her lover gently, smiling at the soft, happy sigh and the mumbled words that floated back to her.

"You're picking up all those buttons."


Chapter Ten: Jane, Jane!

Olivia's nose twitched in her sleep, a gentle smile curving her lips as her slowly waking senses were assailed by the most intoxicating scents. At first, she couldn't discern exactly what they were, then she recognized the lavender of Natalia's soap and the sweet floral of her favorite shampoo; but laced underneath it, permeating both, was a different scent altogether. It smelled like the air on the beaches at San Cristobal, heavy with moisture and the slight tang of electricity after a late summer storm. It was intricate and it was warm and Olivia breathed in deeply, raising one hand to rub the sleep from her eyes, only to pull it away in surprise when the scent intensified. She stared at her fingers in confusion until the soft weight that lined the length of her body finally registered. She looked down, a slow smile of wonder playing across her lips as the beauty that greeted her pierced her heart.

Natalia was in almost the exact same position as the last time they had slept together; her slender form stretched out across Olivia like some kind of exquisite blanket as the weight of her body molded their curves together. The only difference was, this time Natalia was gloriously naked; the soft, tanned skin she had ached to touch for so long finally pressed tightly against her.

Olivia felt warmth blossom within her chest; a sweet ache that grew until it suffused her entire spirit with the love her heart could no longer contain. Her eyes filled up with tears as her arms instinctively tightened around the precious form on top of her. She felt Natalia breath in deeply and reveled in the silk-like shifting of skin as the younger woman arched her back slightly before raising her tousled head.

She looked down into dark, sleepy eyes, the smile on her face growing broader when Natalia blinked up at her in confusion. Then those wondrous eyes widened and filled with understanding. Flawless cheeks flushed bright red and she was treated to a shy, dimpled smile before Natalia buried her face in Olivia's neck, hiding her embarrassment as small sounds of wonder escaped from her throat to become a purr of happy contentment.

"Yeah," Olivia laughed gently. "That was pretty much what I thought of it, too."

Natalia peeked up at her. "Did we... really?"


"That... wasn't a dream?" The brunette swallowed.


Natalia raised her head, kissing Olivia gently on the lips. When she pulled away, she looked down at Olivia thoughtfully. "So that's... what I...uhm..."

The older woman licked her lips thoroughly before sliding her fingers into her mouth for good measure. "Oh, yeah..."

Natalia's smile changed from innocent to wicked in the span of a heartbeat. "So... you know... what I taste like?"

Olivia smiled, nodding happily. Closing her eyes, she arched her back, stretching wonderfully sore muscles as her hands sifted through the black silk of Natalia's hair. She had just opened her mouth to suggest... something.... for the life of her she couldn't remember what because Natalia had raised her hand and began trailing the tips of her fingers around one of Olivia's rapidly pebbling nipples. The breath caught in her throat and she held it as a palm brushed over the aching nub of flesh, but when the younger woman leaned down and took it between her lips, biting it gently as she rolled her tongue over it, the breath rushed out in a groan. The muscles of her thighs tightened almost painfully and she suddenly felt light-headed as all the blood in her body rushed towards a decidedly southern locale. "What... what are you doing?"

Natalia raised her head, her breathing becoming erratic as she took in the wildness of Olivia's hair, the color in her cheeks and the bright green of her eyes. She pulled one leg up, sliding it across Olivia's thighs until she straddled the older woman's hips. Eyes half closed, Natalia gave herself over to heat building within her, letting go of everything except the powerful need that made her muscles quiver and her hands shake. She bent at the waist, the dark strands of her hair trailing across Olivia's chest as she fit their upper bodies snugly together. She brought her face down, letting her breath ghost across the older woman's lips as she whispered, "Catching up..."

Olivia's body reacted wildly to the words, her head slamming back onto the pillow as her hips surged up, pushing her lower stomach into the heat pressed up against it. She heard Natalia whimper at the contact before her lips were caught in a revelation-inducing kiss. It wasn't tentative or sweet, there was no gentle fumbling or hesitation. Natalia's mouth was bruising and insistent and the desire that it evoked in her rode through her body in a crashing wave as a demanding tongue slipped between her lips. For one brief moment, Olivia felt her mind rebel against the dominating feel of it, felt her body tense in anticipation of flipping the younger woman over and taking control.

But the fingers that skimmed lightly down her side, raising goose bumps along her skin as they went, brought her up short. She waited, breath held, as nails scraped up and over her ribs only to gasp loudly as Natalia shifted, raising her hips and dove-tailing their legs together as the hand trailed down her stomach to slide into the heat between her legs. All thoughts of control vanished as the touch against her intimate flesh grew bolder, the fingertips stroking through the wet heat to find the small knot of nerve endings gathered at the top. Her body bucked wildly at the delicious sensation as Natalia's lips once again claimed hers, the younger woman's teeth biting down on her lower lip, swallowing the whimpers of pleasure that broke free.

"Olivia..." Natalia groaned into her mouth, the wet heat coating her fingers driving her to the point of distraction. "Olivia?"

The older woman barely heard Natalia's voice through the fog of desire that engulfed her. She opened her mouth to respond, but her throat was too dry, her mouth too busy struggling to draw in the air she needed to survive. All she could offer in response was a whimper. "Hmm?" She could feel Natalia's lips smile against her neck before they began to suckle against the skin over her pulse point.

"I need you to tell me... what you need..."

Natalia bit her less than gently and Olivia felt it all the way to her toes. "Oh...." She swallowed, trying to keep her voice from cracking as her breath came in panting gasps. "You're... you're doing just... oh.... just fine...."

The younger woman hesitated then slid her fingers lower, leaving her thumb to circle the hardened nub of flesh as the rest of her fingertips traced Olivia's opening.

Olivia mewled in frustration. "Please..." She whispered, the whisper turning into a groan as two of Natalia's fingers slid inside at the same moment that the younger woman's mouth closed over her left nipple. One of her hands went to the back of Natalia's head, tangling into her hair as the other snaked down her body to cover the other woman's hand, holding it more tightly against her as Natalia began to thrust. The feel of Natalia inside her, of her fingertips curling up, whether by accident or design, to graze over the most sensitive flesh deep inside her, completely undid her and she gave in to the wave of pleasure that was building far quicker than anything she had ever experienced. Whimpering, she let go of Natalia's hand and cupped her backside, pulling the younger woman to her and moaning loudly when she felt the pressure against her increase.

That's when she felt it, the tingling that always started in the bottom of her stomach, traveling outwards to all of her limbs as the crest broke, her orgasm crashing over her as her body surged up, shaking wildly, words falling from her lips that she knew were profane but was still powerless to stop. It seemed to go on forever, the hard edge of her release becoming almost too much to bear before it finally lightened, releasing her clenched muscles to allow her to fall bonelessly back to the bed. She felt Natalia withdraw, felt the bed shift as she moved and sighed when the younger woman was once again fully on top of her, pressing into her warmly as she looked down at her with a beautiful smile on her face.

Olivia couldn't help it. She cried.

Natalia saw it and would have been concerned if not for the huge, lazy smile draped across the older woman's lips. She raised her right hand to her face, breathing Olivia's scent in deeply before sliding her fingers into her mouth.

Olivia swallowed, her heart beating double-time as she watched Natalia's eyes close, the soft hum of pleasure from the younger woman alleviating any nervousness she might feel.

Until Natalia opened her eyes and Olivia saw the desiring gathering quickly in their depths. She inhaled sharply when Nat began to slide down her body, catching her quickly beneath the arms and pulling her back up. "Wait...!"

Natalia looked at her through unfocused eyes, her breath coming quickly through parted lips. "Why? What's wrong?"

"Nothings wrong. It's just... That was... incredible and I might need a little time..." She shrugged, her cheeks turning bright pink. "Not to mention, we never had dinner...I need food!"

Olivia's voice sounded suspiciously like a whine and Natalia beamed down at her. "Didn't wear you out did I?"

The challenge sent a spike of obstinance and desire up Olivia's spine, causing her to tighten her arms roughly. "Not at all!"

"Are you sure? Because I know you're a little... older... so if you need a rest period..." She trailed off into laughter as Olivia tickled her ribs. "Okay! Okay!" She kissed her, hard and quick before sliding off of her. "Come on, baby. I'll feed you."

Olivia smiled, sitting up on the edge of the bed as she tested the strength of her knees. When she was fairly sure they weren't going to buckle, she stood and slipped into her robe before grabbing Natalia, who was already tying the belt on her own. She kissed her gently, resting their foreheads together for a moment as she sighed in contentment.

"Bring your wallet." Natalia whispered and kissed her on the nose as she broke free.

"My wallet? Why?"

The younger woman's laughter trailed behind her as she danced down the stairs. "Because you owe the swear jar at least twenty bucks!"

Olivia smiled, feeling the unusual sensation of happiness fill her chest almost painfully. She tied the belt of her robe closed as she stared at the now empty doorway. Natalia had grabbed her red silk robe from the hook, the one Olivia wore when she was feeling... less than pure; leaving her the thicker one to wear in the cool morning air of the farmhouse. She shook her head in wonder, even subconsciously, the younger woman was always taking care of her.

Olivia's smile turned into a smirk as she thought about how short that red robe really was. She hadn't bought it for it's practicality, she bought it because of the way it made her look. And the brief glance she had gotten of Natalia before the younger woman took off for the kitchen made the butterflies in her stomach flutter back to life. She laughed softly, amazed when she felt desire building inside of her yet again. More than anything she wanted to run down the stairs and grab Natalia; she wanted to run her fingers through that thick black mane and kiss her until her lips were swollen and bruised.

Shivering, Olivia straightened her shoulders and walked into the bathroom instead. She had zero control when it came to Natalia and she was having a hard time figuring out why that didn't bother her as much as it should. She flipped on the light absently, walking over to the sink to grab up a hair tie. When her eyes landed on her own reflection, her mouth fell open, a soft exhalation of air the only sound as she stared at herself in fascination.

The woman who stared back at her was someone she barely recognized.

It was subtle, so subtle that only someone who really knew her would notice. She had always been careful about the face she showed in public. She went to extraordinary amounts of trouble to hide the sadness and frustration that lined her features on most days, using make-up and clothes to present a powerful woman, one to be reckoned with, one who did not and would not succumb to the pressures that would make others run screaming from her life.

But the Olivia that stared back at her now... needed none of it.

Her face was relaxed, the small lines around her eyes and on her forehead... gone! Her mouth was turned up at the ends in a half-smile that felt so natural she almost laughed. Her skin was glowing, her eyes bright, almost ethereally so; the happiness she felt inside shining through them like some kind of beacon. She reached out and touched the glass, her fingers trailing over the reflection of her lips before she brought both hands to her own face, a small sound of surprise escaping her as Natalia filled her senses.

Olivia closed her eyes and groaned, breathing in deeply, losing herself in the younger woman's scent as her mind played back the events of the prior evening. She stayed that way for several long minutes, her body and mind lost in memory, then reluctantly pulled her hands away, bracing them against the sink as she opened heavy eyes.

It was all still there. The love, the desire... the need. None of it had lessened from having been with her. She had known this was real, but just how real, how...forever... it all felt...

Suddenly the kitchen was too far away.

Olivia picked up her brush, running it through her hair quickly before splashing cold water on her face, more to cool herself down than for any other purpose. As she patted the water away with a towel, her hair fell to one side and she saw the dark red mark that stood out starkly against the pale smoothness of her throat. Her mind supplied the corresponding memory instantly, her knees buckling as she remembered the feel of Natalia's teeth. She could almost hear the soft words that had accompanied them echo back to her in the stillness of the bathroom.

Tell me what you need...

"I need you." She whispered. "Just you... for the rest of my life."

Tossing the brush aside, she rushed from the bathroom and down the stairs.

Natalia was leaning against the sink when she stepped into the kitchen, her hands wrapped around a steaming mug of coffee that seemed forgotten as she stared off into space. She didn't react when Olivia came near and the older woman felt panic creep up along her spine at the faraway look in her eyes.

"Natalia?" She said softly, stopping less than a foot away. When the younger woman didn't respond, she reached out tentatively, laying her fingers against the side of her neck. "Sweetheart?" Natalia turned her head, locking dazed brown eyes with her own. "Baby?" She took the beloved face in her hands. "Natalia, what's wrong?"

"Wrong?" The younger woman's voice was soft, hesitant. "No... nothing... nothing's wrong." She smiled and the simple beauty of it took Olivia's breath away. "I'm... I was.... just thinking..."

Olivia bit her bottom lip, her head leaning to one side as she trailed her thumbs across the brunette's cheeks. "Whatcha thinking about?"

Natalia's lips parted with a gentle sigh as her eyes dropped to fixate on Olivia's mouth. "Being inside you." She whispered.

Olivia felt the words like an actual caress and she was unable to stop herself from pressing into the younger woman as she groaned, her head falling forward to rest against Natalia's shoulder. She pulled the coffee mug from her fingers and set it carefully on the counter.

Natalia's arms came up to circle her waist, pulling their bodies more tightly together. She nudged Olivia's head up with her chin, catching her lips in a kiss that went from gentle to passionate in the span of seconds. She felt the older woman's lips part and slid her tongue inside to taste the recesses of her mouth, moaning softly when one of Olivia's hands dropped down to her thigh, sliding up and around to cup her backside where it was barely hidden beneath the short robe she wore. She felt the strong fingers squeeze and tore her lips away, gasping the older woman's name into a delicate shoulder as she dug her nails into her sides. Swallowing hard, she pulled away slightly and gave her lover a stern look.

"Hmmm?" Olivia smiled and tried to pull her close again, her eyebrows knitting together in confusion when Natalia put a hand against her chest to hold her back. "What?" She tried to bat the hand out of her way and pouted when Natalia broke free, laughing as she pulled a chair out between them.

"Sit!" The brunette commanded, blinking in surprise when Olivia did as she was told. "Well...that was easy."

Olivia placed her hands on her thighs, sliding them up, teasing her by catching the edge of the robe with her thumbs. "I was hoping you'd be joining me..."

"After breakfast." She said firmly. "You need to eat."

Olivia raised one eyebrow. "Trust me... I was planning to..."

The flush that covered the younger woman's face and neck was altogether charming. "Behave!" She pleaded. "Otherwise we'll both starve to death!"

Olivia sighed heavily. "If I have to."

Natalia went to the fridge, pulling out eggs, bacon and milk and setting them on the counter. "Did you want coffee?"

Olivia started to say no, that neither of them would survive it, when she noticed the location of her favorite mug. High up... on the top shelf of the cabinet. She smiled. "Yes, please."

The younger woman nodded. She turned around and stood on her toes, stretching an arm up to grab the mug. She heard the soft whimper behind her before she felt the cool air against her backside and quickly dropped back down, her cheeks flaming bright red as she whirled on Olivia with an accusatory look. "Olivia Spencer! You did that on purpose!"

Olivia shook her head absently, her mind still stuck on the image of smooth olive skin stretched over the gentle swell of buttocks. "What?" She asked innocently. "I didn't tell you which mug to use!"

"This robe is ridiculous, you know that right?"

"Actually, at the moment I think it's kind of perfect." She smiled. "Tell you what, we'll take turns. Tomorrow morning... I'll wear it."

The smile on Natalia's face faded to something else, something.... hungry and she raised her eyebrows in appreciation. "I suddenly see the appeal." She looked down at the ground, teeth nibbling nervously on her upper lip. "So... it's not just me...then?" She asked softly.

Olivia didn't have to ask what she was talking about. It was the same revelation she had had upstairs in front of the mirror. The want... the need, to be together had only gotten stronger. Being together once hadn't been anywhere close to enough... she would never get enough. "No." She whispered. "It's definitely not just you."

Natalia nodded. She opened one of the lower cabinets, being careful to crouch down instead of bending over as she grabbed her favorite breakfast pan.

Olivia smiled at her modesty, even while it confused the hell out of her. Natalia was perfect. Her body slender and tight with gently defined muscles covered in smooth, flawless skin. Even the light dusting of freckles that adorned her shoulders and upper chest only added to the appeal and for the life of her, Olivia could not understand why the woman was shy about it. But then, that was certainly a part of her charm; the fact that she wore her beauty like a favorite pair of old jeans, comfortable in it so long as no one pointed it out. She felt her palms begin to tingle as she watched the younger woman move about the kitchen, swallowing against the dryness of her throat as the need to touch her grew to an almost unbearable level.

Olivia blinked as the realization hit her that their relationship had changed. They had turned the corner from friends to lovers and that meant that she was allowed to touch now...didn't it?

She heard Natalia settle the pan onto the burner and felt her stomach do a series of lazy flips.

Natalia... and the stove...

She was standing behind the younger woman before her mind even registered that she had moved. She dropped her hands, bending her knees slightly so that she could lay them in Natalia's thighs. Then she straightened, dragging her hands up, pulling up the edge of the robe so that her nails could trail over the skin beneath.

"Oh...." Natalia's head fell back against the older woman's chest as her hands covered Olivia's. The feel of those strong fingers so close to her center chased away any rational thought and she surrendered completely, her body trembling as Olivia pressed up tightly against her back. Soft lips touched her neck and she leaned her head to the side, humming softly when Olivia's mouth caused tiny pinpricks of pain as she suckled, raising a red mark she knew she would be unable to hide. "Olivia..." She whimpered.

"Shhh." Olivia lifted her hands to the younger woman's waist, working the belt free and letting it fall away as she slid her fingers inside the robe and over the warm skin of Natalia's stomach. She felt the muscles under her fingertips clench and moaned.

It was too much...

Raising her arms, she brushed the red silk from Natalia's shoulders, allowing it to pool unnoticed on the kitchen floor as she yanked on the belt of her own robe. She stepped away long enough to pull the terry cloth open and then crushed the smaller body to her, Natalia's cry of appreciation sending a flood of moisture to the juncture between her legs as her mind reeled from the softness lining her front. She brought her hands up to cup full breasts, her fingers tightening on already swollen nipples as the feel of Natalia's backside pressed tightly into her groin drove her completely insane. Her hips began to move on their own, grinding her intimate flesh against the soft swells of Natalia's ass as she kissed a path along the smooth shoulder beneath her lips.

Natalia gasped, her eyes closing tightly as the fingers on her nipples tightened, stopping just shy of being painful; the need inside of her rising to a level she had not thought possible. She felt the muscles in her legs spasm and go weak at the wet warmth pressed hard against her and she bent forward slightly, bracing her arms against the stove as she pushed back into the woman behind her.

Olivia cried out at the increase in pressure, her right hand sliding down quickly to cup the heat between Natalia's legs. She groaned loudly at the wetness that met her fingers, licking her lips unconsciously as thoughts of how Natalia tasted stole the breath from her body. Her fingers wasted no time finding a rhythm that matched her own, using the motion of her hips to press Natalia more firmly into her hand.

"Oh.... god!"

The words hung in the air between them, neither of them knowing which had spoken and neither of them caring as the motion between them increased. Natalia raised her head, arching her back as she slid her hand around Olivia's neck, her fingers stroking through the sweat-damp hair for a moment before winding into it and holding on tightly.

Olivia felt the body in her arms begin to tremble, recognized the same tightness in her own muscles and increased the speed of her fingers, flicking them over the small bundle of nerves that connected her to the women in front of her. She felt Natalia's body go rigid, felt her own muscles tighten in sympathy and bit down hard on Natalia's neck, reveling in the scream that tore free from the younger woman's throat as her release ripped through her. The feel of the younger woman coming apart in her arms pushed Olivia over her own precipice and she pressed into Natalia hard, whimpering when the brunette's fingers gripped her hair. She muffled her cries against the sweetness of Natalia's neck, tasting the salt tang of sweat on her skin as she collapsed against her.

They stayed that way until Olivia felt the strength leave the body beneath her. Slowly, carefully, she slid to the floor, turning so that she landed on her backside with Natalia curled up naked on her lap. She felt Natalia shiver and opened her robe wide, wrapping it around her gently before running her fingers through sweat slick hair. "So... yeah..." She swallowed.

The beauty of Natalia's smile lit up her world. "Okay...." She nodded weakly. "I get it now..."

Olivia looked at her curiously. "Get what?"

"Your thing with my stove..."

Olivia laughed softly, tightening her arms around Natalia's still-trembling body. "You do, do you?"

"Mmmhmm..." The younger woman hummed happily, turning her body slightly so that she could snuggle more deeply into Olivia's warmth.

"Does that mean you're open to hearing more of my kitchen fantasies?"

"You have... other..." Natalia's face flushed hotly against her shoulder as her lips curved into a smile. "In here?"

"Oh yeah..."

"Like... what?"

Olivia's fingers slid unconsciously across the smooth skin of Natalia's backside as her mind filled up with images that had haunted her for months. "Mmmm... like that little boot bench in the entryway where you make us take off our shoes when it's cold and wet outside." She nuzzled the side of Natalia's neck, tonguing the red mark she had made earlier; feeling her own muscles tighten at the small whimper that escaped from the younger woman. "Up against the refrigerator when it's really hot..." She licked Natalia's bottom lip. "So I'm close to the ice dispenser..."

"Oh...." Natalia trembled violently, her fingers digging more firmly into Olivia's back.

The older woman's eyes closed, her breath catching slightly at the feel of Natalia's nails biting into her skin. She nipped lightly against her chin. "The breakfast table... every Monday morning... when we've gotten our daughter off to school and we're finally alone in the house for the first time in three days..." She brought her lips to Natalia's ear, whispering softly as her fingers skimmed lightly over pebbled nipples. "...laying you out on top of it because we just can't... make it...back... upstairs."

Natalia shuddered; astounded by the affect Olivia was having on her with nothing more than her voice and the tips of her fingers.

"And, of course, the floor...."

"The floor?!?" Natalia pulled back so that she could look at Olivia, her eyes round. "The floor?"

"MMhmmm... How many times have I said that you keep it clean enough to eat off of?"

Natalia's jaw dropped slightly and she sputtered as she tried to think of an appropriate response.

Olivia tried not to smile, but even but she couldn't dim the laughter in her eyes.

"Olivia!" Natalia swatted her on the arm, her lower lip pouting slightly until Olivia pulled her close and kissed her gently.

The older woman hummed softly as their tongues met, a long sigh rumbling in her chest that turned into a groan when Natalia broke away, panting softly as she rested her forehead against Olivia's chin. "God, I love you."

Natalia felt the soft words send tremors down her body, felt them fill her up with emotion until she thought that she might actually die from the warmth and joy that overwhelmed her. She took Olivia's face in both her hands and stared directly into sea-green eyes. What she saw there brought tears to her own. "I love you too, Olivia." She whispered, her voice breaking slightly. "So much it scares me."

Olivia's brow furrowed in confusion. "Scares you? Why, baby?"

Natalia swallowed, shaking her head slightly as she tried to find the right words to convey what she was feeling. "I've never been this happy. Ever." She shrugged, dropping her hands and closing her eyes as Olivia wrapped her arms around her tightly. "I don't even... I don't even think that 'happy' is enough to explain how you make me feel." She buried her face in the older woman's shoulder. "I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop... To wake up and realize that this whole thing is just some kind of dream..." Her shoulders began to shake as she cried.

"Hey... hey, hey, hey..." Olivia's touch changed instantly from sensual to comforting, her hands rubbing small, gentle circles down Natalia's back. "This is no dream." Her lips curved into a smile as she buried them in soft, dark hair. "Which will become abundantly clear the next time I piss you off."

"Olivia," Natalia sighed. "I'm being serious."

"So am I." She shrugged gently. "I'm no dream, Natalia, you know that. I'm moody and I'm demanding and sometimes... sometimes I can be insensitive. Hey... hey look at me." She waited until Natalia met her eyes. "I'm not easy... well..." She blinked and pursed her lips, gratified by the younger woman's snort of laughter. "I mean, I'm not easy to live with. This... us... it's not always going to go this smoothly. We're going to fight and we're going to cry and we're going to pick apart the little things that drive us crazy about each other because that's what a relationship really is, isn't it? Recognizing all the things that drive you insane about the other person but loving them anyway?" She gently wiped away Natalia's tears. "I honestly never thought I would meet someone that made me want to change those things about myself. But you do, Natalia... you do. You make me want to be the kind of person that deserves your love."

"You do deserve-"

She raised her hand, cutting off the younger woman's protest. "There's a difference between deserving love and deserving your love."

Natalia shook her head. "I'm not a saint, Olivia."

"Thank god!" The older woman quipped. "It took us long enough to get here as it is." She smiled. "My point is that you and I are going to take a lot of work. But it's worth it..." She kissed Natalia gently before resting their foreheads together. "You're worth it."

The younger woman sniffled, a tremulous smile lighting up her face. "Olivia Spencer...hopeless romantic!" She laughed softly. "Who woulda guessed?"

"No one." Olivia warned. "And if you tell anyone they'll never find the body." She straightened her back, wincing slightly when something popped.

Natalia grinned. "Maybe the floor is a little ambitious for..."

"Don't you dare!" She growled.

Laughing, the brunette climbed to her feet, holding out a hand to help Olivia up. She picked up her robe and slid it on, her heart racing when the older woman grabbed the lapels and pulled her close, but the kiss was gentle, almost reverent, and all the more effective for being so. Her hands went the back of Olivia's head, her fingers curling into the short hair at the base of her neck. "That the best you can do?" She whispered, breathless.

"Food first, woman." Olivia patted her on the backside. "Or you might not survive the best that I can do."

Olivia pushed her plate away, smiling as she stretched before patting her belly happily.

Natalia laughed at her absurdly pleased expression. "You're such a kid about food."

The older woman licked a drop of syrup off her thumb, sucking on the tip much longer than necessary as her eyes lingered on the woman across the table from her. "What do you mean?"

The younger woman swallowed, caught up in the rapidly darkening green of Olivia's eyes. "I just, uhm..." She shook her head slightly, her thoughts scattering under the weight of that gaze. She felt a strange lassitude travel through her, slowing her movements as she tried to focus. "I... I don't... uhm..."


She blinked and Olivia was kneeling by her chair. Startled, she could only stare down at the beautiful woman beside her.

"Natalia? Are you all right?" Olivia touched her cheek gently before letting her fingers slide down to settle against her neck.

The caress was electric, a pulse of energy that Natalia felt travel along her nerve endings to settle in the most sensitive areas of her body. Shivering, she swallowed again, trying to control the sensations that were rapidly overwhelming her. This wasn't normal. This desire, this all consuming need; it drowned everything else out and left her lost in the echoes of a passion she had never felt before. "Olivia..." She whispered. "I need..."

"What, baby?" The older woman gazed up at her in concern, the love in her eyes so evident that it was almost a caress in itself. "What do you need?"

Natalia's eyes were wild, her breathing rapid but the rest of her was perfectly still. "I don't know..."

Olivia took in her flustered appearance, felt the rapidly fluttering pulse under her fingers and smiled. "I think I do." She took Natalia by the hand and led her out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

Natalia followed wordlessly, the dazed expression never leaving her face as Olivia led her down the hall and into the bedroom. Her eyes widened when they landed on the still unmade bed, a spike of desire sapping the strength from her knees, causing her to falter and stop moving as memories of the night before took her breath away.

Olivia turned back to her, her fingers working at the belt of Natalia's robe. "It's okay..." She whispered, her voice gentle as she slid the red silk off the younger woman's body, being careful not to touch her bare skin. She tossed the robe onto the bed, following it with her own. She took Natalia's hand again, her face flushing with heat when the brunette's eyes focused on her breasts. Caught for a moment in her own desire, she watched, her pulse rapidly increasing, as Natalia's tongue came out to wet her lips. Shaking off her own needs, she pulled on the younger woman's hand. "Come on... I'll take care of you."

Natalia nodded absently, her eyes falling to the perfection of Olivia's backside as she allowed herself to be led into the bathroom. She watched her turn on the spigots, testing the temperature with her hand before she pulled the lever to fill the old claw foot tub with steaming water.

Olivia smiled at the younger woman reassuringly before turning her attention to the shelf behind her. Her fingers trailed lovingly over the little crystal duck then dipped into a small porcelain box that held her favorite bath salts. She sprinkled them liberally into the tub, bending over slightly to trail her hand through the silky feeling water. A small whimper of surprise escaped her when she felt Natalia drape herself along her back, circling her waist with trembling arms. She straightened, turning to gather the younger woman against her, holding her quietly as the bath finished filling.

When it was done, she gently untangled herself, helping Natalia into the tub before stepping in behind her. She sat down, pulling the brunette down with her, her eyes closing as the younger woman settled between her legs, the smooth skin of her back pressed tightly against her. Humming softly, Olivia soaped up her hands before running them down Natalia's arms, smiling at the low moan that floated back to her. "Better?"

"Mmmm." Natalia nodded, relief flooding through her as her muscles relaxed under Olivia's gentle touch. The need that had been tightly coiled inside of her didn't lessen, but it evened out, allowing her to breathe normally and focus on the feel of Olivia's fingertips as they brushed along the sensitive skin of her inner arms. "S'nice...."

Olivia nuzzled into the younger woman's neck, gently grazing it with her teeth as she ran her hands over Natalia's chest. Her pulse raced at the feel of nipples hardening against her palms. Closing her eyes, she drew increasingly smaller circles around the dusky peaks, her stomach clenching when Natalia's hands landed on her thighs, tightening almost painfully.

"Olivia...oh!" Natalia bit her lip when fingers finally closed on her nipples, only to quickly slide away, making her whimper in disappointment.

"Shhh..." Olivia nibbled on her ear, tracing the edge of it with her tongue. "Relax..." She slid her hands down, leaving a trail of soap until they disappeared into the water.

"That's easy for you to say..." The younger woman's voice had an edge to it as she rested her head against Olivia's shoulder. "You're making me crazy."

"I guess that makes us even." Olivia breathed into her ear, feeling the trembling of Natalia's body set off a cascade of desire through her own. She dipped her right hand lower, running her fingertips through the soft down between the younger woman's legs. Natalia arched under her touch and her fingers slid lower, into wetness more slick than water, into heat she didn't even know was possible. "Oh my god..."

"See...?" Natalia whimpered, her muscles tightening as her fingers dug into Olivia's thighs. "...what you do to me..." Her voice broke. "I need you...please..."

"Anything..." Olivia kissed the younger woman's neck as she brought her left hand up to cup a full breast, the fingers closing on the pebbled flesh of her nipple. She heard Natalia cry out and swallowed, her other fingers swirling through the satin between her legs. She took her time, enjoying the other woman's whimpers as she circled the small bundle of nerves, until she couldn't stand it any longer.

Natalia moaned, her hips beginning to rock when she felt Olivia's strong fingers find the one spot on her body that could make her blaspheme. Biting her tongue, she held back the words as the older woman's fingers moved faster. She brought a hand up to her right breast, matching the movement of Olivia's fingers on her left as she lost herself in the incredible sensations running rampant through her body. Distantly, she felt Olivia bite down on her neck, the slight pain registering as pleasure as Olivia slid two fingers deeply inside of her, her thumb taking their place against her clit. "Oh my.... God.... Olivia...!" She writhed under the caress, astounded by her reaction to the fingers moving gently inside her. It wasn't rushed or hurried, there was no overpowering force or loss of control, and still she felt herself falling apart under the weight of her own response; her body shaking violently as the release she desperately needed flooded through her.

Olivia held Natalia tightly, fighting her own body's response to the wildly trembling woman in her arms. She withdrew her fingers slowly, sliding them up that wonderfully smooth belly to trace the hand Natalia still had splayed over her own breast. She felt the heat of the other woman's flush against her face as she tried to pull her hand away. "Hey!" Olivia stopped her, putting her hand back where it was. "What's wrong?" Natalia shrugged, and she could picture the brunette with her eyes closed, chewing on her bottom lip in embarrassment.

"I don't usually.... I don't know why I did that..."

"Why you touched yourself?" Olivia smiled when Natalia turned her face further away and hugged her even tighter. "I don't know either, but I can tell you, it was incredible to watch." She traced the back of her hand. "It was wonderful... to see you like that; open... and free..."

Natalia rolled over, careful not to splash water onto the floor. She studied Olivia's face pensively. "Really?" She finally asked, her voice small.

Olivia smiled, even though inside, she wanted to throttle both of Natalia's previous lovers. How could a woman this wonderfully responsive have so little clue about her own needs?

"Really, really." She whispered, her heart soaring at the small smile that graced her lover's face.

"You're the only one that's ever made me feel this way." She traced a finger down the scar between Olivia's breasts. Without stopping to think, she dropped a kiss onto it, whispering, "Thank you."

"For what?"

Natalia smiled up at her. "I wasn't talking to you."

"Oh..." Olivia's heart dropped dangerously into her stomach. "You were talking to Gus..."

The younger woman nodded. "I used to think... that God wanted me to follow him here..." She laid her head against Olivia's chest. "That somehow... he... was the answer...."

The older woman swallowed. "And?"

"I was wrong." She breathed in deeply, feeling the scent of her lover calm her. "He may have brought me here Olivia... but I think... I think it was to lead me to you." She closed her eyes. "Because the way you make me feel... loved, desired... complete... I've never had that before. Never." She leaned up, catching the older woman's lips in a slow, sweet kiss. "Thank you." She smiled. "That one was for you."

The older woman nodded, unable to speak around the emotion that closed her throat.

"You... make me feel... like I can ask for things... " She swallowed. "That what I... want... isn't sinful or wrong."

Olivia tore her eyes away from the younger woman's mouth. "What do you want?"

Natalia looked up at her, her eyes darkening until they were nearly black. "To use my mouth on you. To know how you... taste... how you feel against my tongue..."

Olivia blinked, her thoughts in chaos as her brain tried to catch up with her body's response to the softly whispered words. "Uh....okay..." The brilliance of Natalia's smile took her breath away and she let herself be pulled from the tub, standing still as the younger woman ran a towel, warm from the rack above the radiator, over her shivering body.

Natalia did the same to her own and then took Olivia's hand, leading her into the bedroom. When they reached the bed, she pushed the older woman down onto it without preamble, climbing over her to settle their bodies together tightly.

The feel of soft, silky skin sliding against her own pulled a groaned from Olivia's lips. She tried to wrap her arms around Natalia but the younger woman wiggled free, sliding down to kiss the older woman's stomach as she used her legs to part strong thighs. Settling her chest between them, she sighed at the wet warmth that greeted her skin.

"What, no..." Olivia swallowed heavily, trying to keep her voice light. "...no foreplay?"

Natalia raised her head, meeting Olivia's eyes with a look that stole her breath and left her weak. "I've had enough foreplay... haven't you?" Without waiting for a response, she slid lower, rubbing her cheek against the well manicured hair that covered the older woman's mons. It was cut short, so short it was little more than a light dusting of curls in the form of a dark blonde v, but it held Olivia's scent and Natalia moaned as she kissed it gently before sliding down to nuzzle into the wet heat beneath it.

"Jesus!" Olivia hissed, holding her breath as she felt the younger woman touch her with the tip of her nose, sliding it gently from side to side, driving her insane. "Natalia..." She was begging, she could hear it in her own voice, and she didn't care; didn't care how needy it made her sound, didn't care if it made her seem weak. Not now, not with the woman she adored lying between her legs. "Please..."

She felt the younger woman smile against her, imagined the beauty of it for a moment, until Natalia's lips parted and she stopped thinking altogether. The soft warmth of Natalia's tongue drove every last thought from her head as it brushed against her, exploring the ridge of flesh that seemed connected to every nerve ending in her body.

Natalia felt Olivia's hands go to the back of her head as she got lost in the taste of her. It was incredible! Light, yet complex, a unique blend of musk and sweetness that drove her tongue faster, her lips sucking the soft flesh into her mouth as she trembled. Her hands flexed hard against Olivia's thighs, causing a sharp intake of breath from the older woman. Not wanting to hurt her, she slid them up to Olivia's stomach.

Olivia pulled her hands from Natalia's hair long enough to grab them, dragging them up to her breasts. Her head slammed back into the pillow when the younger woman's fingers immediately closed on her nipples, rolling them firmly as her tongue found an incredibly sensitive spot. "Natalia...." She groaned, the muscles of her thighs clenching as her stomach tightened. "Right there, baby... please..."

"Mmmmmm...." The brunette's tongue quickened, the tip flickering over the spot rapidly for a few seconds before it flattened to lap against it in long, smooth strokes.

"Oh....Oh.... Uhn...." Olivia tightened her fingers in Natalia's hair, her hips lifting off the bed as a wave of pleasure built within her. She closed her eyes, biting down on her lip so hard she tasted blood as it finally crashed through her, leaving her trembling as she slid backwards. "Stop....stop..." She whimpered.

Natalia hands slid down to her hips as her toes dug into the bed, using the leverage to push herself up, her mouth never losing contact with small bundle of nerves that was the focus of her universe.

"OH MY GOD!" The second wave built quickly, crashing over her so hard that Olivia felt like her heart had stopped beating. Her back arched and her lungs burned from the lack of oxygen as her body shook with pleasure. "Ohmygodohmygodohmygod..." She whimpered, slumping back into the sweat dampened sheets when Natalia finally raised her head.

The brunette crawled up beside her, snuggling against the older woman's side as she smiled at her in contentment.

Olivia laughed weakly. "Pretty happy with yourself, aren't you?"

Natalia nodded enthusiastically. "I'd say that went well."

"Ya think?"

"I do." She kissed Olivia on the cheek, grinning when her lover's nose crinkled at the scent on her lips and face. "I also think you need to put a dollar in the swear jar each time you blaspheme."

Olivia groaned. "A month of that and you'll have enough for a convertible."

"Actually," Natalia moved closer, sliding on top of her and dovetailing their legs together. "I was thinking we could use more of a family car... like an SUV?"

Olivia swallowed, her breath catching at the look in the younger woman's eyes. "Yeah?"

"Oh yeah..." She pressed their mouths together in a searing kiss that curled the older woman's toes. "And I think..." She shifted her body so that her thigh landed against Olivia's center, smiling when her lover's sea-green eyes went dark with desire. "I think I could get it in a week..."

Part 11

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