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Leather & Lace
By itsalovestory


The lights were low. The blinds were drawn. The room was cool.

And, there she was.

Olivia's mouth was dry, and her sex was wet from the vision before her.


An angel with a devilish side. Her angel. Her devil. She was sugar and spice and everything nice.

Olivia could hardly believe her luck. Natalia was standing there across their bedroom. Her long, raven hair curled at the ends, bellowing around her shoulders from the slight breeze in the room from the open window. She wore nothing but a leather vest and black lacy panties. Well, and those high heels.

Those three-inch heels clicked and clacked as Natalia made her way to where Olivia sat naked on the bed. Olivia smirked as Natalia straddled her lap. "My, my...you really do have the devil in you, Rivera."

Natalia grabbed the back of Olivia's head, tangling her

fingers in her auburn hair. She tugged roughly, crushing their lips together. Natalia's plump lips curled into a smile as she growled into Olivia's ear. "You haven't seen nothin' yet, Baby."

Olivia just mewled.

"Yeah, you like that don't you? Me taking control of you. Natalia sucked on her earlobe, flicking her tongue inside.

Olivia just squirmed.

"That's right...you just let me take care of you. I'll be so good to you. Now get on your hands and knees."

Olivia obliged.

Natalia reached back to the nightstand, picking up two items. The first went around Olivia's neck with a click. A tight, leather collar with the words fuck me scrolling across. The second item went across her ass with a hard crack. A whoosh was heard before the sound of the whip made contact with her heated flesh.

Olivia just moaned.

Natalia smacked Olivia harder and faster, little red welts popping up across her sensitive skin. Olivia moved her ass, meeting every touch of the sweet leather that Natalia administered to her skin.

"God, Natalia...oh...ohhh."

Natalia threw the whip down suddenly and crawled onto the bed behind Olivia's panting body. She rolled onto her back and pulled Olivia's aching pussy to her mouth without preamble, without warning. Her tongue lapped and thrust into the warm and wet recesses of Olivia's folds. Salty, silken pleasure coated her lips, her tongue, her throat, her soul.

The taste.

The smell.

The parts and the whole of the experience. It was too much for Olivia. It was not enough for Natalia. Even as Olivia was coming, Natalia was able to slip a finger into Olivia's tight pussy. She didn't stop.

She couldn't.

She plunged around the pulsing pleasure of Olivia's inner walls. It built again, even as Olivia was grunting and gasping. Even as Natalia was moving and moaning. Even as...



Slick with sweat, Olivia collapsed on Natalia. Olivia finally opened her eyes, risking a glance at Natalia. "That was amazing."

A dazzling, dimpled smile appeared. "Yeah? Not too much?"

"Oh no...just right, Baby. Let me show you just how right it was." Olivia rolled to her back, pulling Natalia on top of her.

Natalia took the hint, removing her soaked panties and damp vest. Olivia grabbed her hips, pulling her onto her throbbing sex. Clits kissed as their hips moved together, their cum mixing and mingling. Natalia's breasts bounced with each thrust. Olivia didn't resist.

She couldn't.

Reaching up, she pinched Natalia's nipples in time to their bodies, their hearts. Gripping. Gliding. Beating. Bursting.

Changing position slightly, Olivia brought Natalia's breast to her mouth, engulfing the engorged flesh into her hot mouth. She bit.

That's all it took.

Natalia came. She screamed out her release. Her back arching and her pussy flooding all over their sexes, their sheets. Flooding their future with the remnants of their lovemaking, their love. Olivia pulled Natalia in her arms, drifting off to sleep, dreaming of leather and lace.

The End

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