DISCLAIMER: This is an Otalia-Uber fiction. The characters in this story portrays the physical and some personality attributes of the characters Olivia Spencer and Natalia Rivera from Guiding Light but they belong to me.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Thanks to Blue for her great beta-ing skills!
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By damnation



The granny flat wasn't very big. It had a good sized lounge area, a small kitchen and an en suite. There were no doors within the flat itself, save the sliding door that separated the bathroom from the bedroom. Kristen did not have much furniture; there were a few large cushions on the floor of the lounge room, a small dining table for two that Frances could tell was hardly used for dining, judging by the books and drawing pads stacked on it, and a wooden bookshelf. A few sheets of painted canvas lined the walls. The dominant colour used was red; they gave warmth to the room.

After the movie, they had taken a long, leisurely stroll back from Newtown. Not particularly wanting to cook, Kristen had suggested getting pizza for dinner.

"Did you paint all these?" Frances asked, scanning the canvases on the walls.


"She draws, paints and cooks," Frances said, turning around with a smile on her face. "They look incredible."

"Thank you," Kristen said simply. She was shy about her art. "Did you want something to drink?" She felt a little nervous having Frances in the flat. She hardly had visitors, if ever.

"Okay. What do you have?" Frances rested her arms on the kitchen counter, watching Kristen move around in the small kitchen, procuring glasses and plates.

"Wine, water, juice, coffee, tea, milk," Kristen said off the top of her head.

"Ooh. Wine," Frances said immediately.

Kristen threw her a look. "You're not going to start behaving badly if I give you wine now, are you?"

Frances bit her lower lip as she smiled. "I don't know... maybe you'd want me to behave badly."

Kristen smirked but did not reply. She poured them each a glass of red and mirrored Frances' stance so that they were facing each other. "Food?" she asked.


Kristen smiled and closed the distance between their lips. She could not seem to get enough of Frances and she felt justified in believing that Frances felt the same way about her. It gave her a head rush. Suddenly, there was too much distance between them. Kristen broke the kiss and went around the kitchen counter. She backed Frances up against the front door before resuming the kiss.

Kristen lifted a hand to tug at the elastic band that held Frances' hair up. She pulled it off and sighed in approval when Frances' hair cascaded down her shoulders. She combed her hands through dark locks, revelling in the feel of thick, silky hair. Then she felt Frances' fingers unbuttoning her shirt and her mouth went dry.

Cool air hit her bare shoulders when her white shirt slid off. Moments later, Kristen gasped in surprise when her bra came off as well. She wasn't even aware of Frances undoing it. Frances wore a smug expression. "Am I behaving badly enough, Chef?" Frances asked innocently.

Kristen narrowed her eyes and grabbed the hem of Frances' T-shirt, pulling it off her in one fluid motion. Her eyes darkened at the sight of Frances' breasts and she crushed her lips to Frances' again, making Frances moan at the roughness of it all.

Frances ran her hands over Kristen's shoulders, down her back, around and up her waist, only coming to a halt at the undersides of Kristen's breasts. Then she slowly pushed Kristen back and down on the cushions and adjusted herself so that she was tucked snugly between Kristen's legs. She broke the kiss abruptly. "It's a little warm in here," she said casually, trying to keep her breathing under control.

"You talk too much," Kristen ground out, missing the feel of Frances' lips on her. She let out a gasp when Frances bit down softly on her neck. "And you like to bite," Kristen commented breathlessly.

"Among other things," Frances murmured wickedly. She dragged her nails across Kristen's torso, eliciting a loud moan from the writhing woman beneath her. "Are things heating up yet?"

"Stop. Talking," Kristen commanded, and was rewarded with more kisses and teeth grazing down her neck. Frances was gentle but forceful at the same time; it was driving Kristen insane. Frances nipped the side of Kristen's full, rounded breast and slid her tongue against the soft skin. Kristen felt as though her body was on fire and she groaned when Frances' hot, wet mouth covered her nipple and sucked on it lightly. When Frances scraped her teeth across the sensitive area, Kristen felt a sharp spike of desire shoot through her body. Moisture gathered between her legs.

Somebody's phone was ringing, but neither of them cared. Kristen flipped Frances over and straddled her waist. She pushed her hair behind her ears and bent down to give Frances' breasts the same treatment Frances had given hers. "Oh God." Frances tangled her fingers in Kristen's hair as her eyes fluttered shut.

"That good huh," Kristen said, lifting her face, eyes dancing.

"Oh yeah. You're a quick study," Frances said, opening her eyes. She touched a finger to Kristen's cheek and followed its trek down Kristen's neck, shoulder and arm with her eyes. Kristen shuddered at the light touch. Frances threaded their fingers and brought Kristen's hand to her lips. "I really, really like you," she murmured.

"That's lucky. Because I feel the same about you... sometimes," Kristen said with a lazy smile. Her heart had skipped a beat when Frances kissed her hand; it was such a simple yet sweet gesture.

Frances shifted and sat up, pressing their naked upper torsos together. Kristen moaned at the feel of Frances' breasts against hers. The incredible softness of it all astounded her. "You feel so hot... against my stomach," Frances husked out, making Kristen's eyes widen briefly at the shock of desire those words sent through her. "Take your pants off," she said, tugging at the offending article of clothing.

"You take them off," Kristen challenged.

Frances narrowed her eyes, then pushed Kristen down on the cushion. She unbuttoned Kristen's pants and hooked her fingers into the waistband of her knickers, pulling both articles of clothing off Kristen at the same time. She flung them over her shoulder, not caring where they landed. Then she pressed herself against Kristen's nakedness, delighting in the moan that escaped her. As she touched their lips together, Frances raked her nails up Kristen's inner thighs, past her hips, and along her waist.

"Fuck!" Kristen growled, tearing her mouth away from Frances' so that she could breathe. Who knew that biting and scratching would turn her on this much? She was so wet, her body was tingling all over, and Frances hadn't even taken her own pair of jeans off yet.

"Is that a request?" Frances asked, capturing Kristen's nipple in her mouth again without waiting for an answer. Kristen's slammed her head back onto the cushion and Frances' hand came up to tend to her other nipple. She didn't know that she could feel so much all at once. It felt as though Frances was stimulating every part of her body and the feeling was deliciously frustrating.

Just when she thought she could not take it anymore, Frances scraped her teeth down the length of her body. "You're trying to kill me," Kristen whimpered as she opened her eyes to see what Frances was doing.

"So you keep saying," Frances smirked from between her legs. "And you keep letting me. I guess you are a masochist after all." That thought brought many interesting things to Frances' mind and she tucked it away for future reference. She bit a spot on Kristen's inner thigh and the woman bucked under her. Before Kristen could think of a comeback, Frances touched her tongue to Kristen's centre and all thoughts fled from Kristen's mind.

Frances hooked one of Kristen's legs over her shoulder and continued her ministrations, thrilling at the sounds that Kristen was making. Kristen sounded, tasted and smelled intoxicating.

Kristen thought she might explode from the pleasure of it all. Every stroke of Frances' tongue on her sent waves of need rippling through her body. She felt so wet, so warm, and so very frustrated. The tingling sensation in the pit of her stomach built and began spreading through her limbs. Then there was the moment when everything froze as she teetered over the edge before her orgasm crashed over her like a wave.

Frances felt the body beneath her tense and shudder. She left her tongue pressed against Kristen, savouring the intimacy of the contact. She only moved up Kristen's body after she felt her relax.

"Fuck," Kristen breathed weakly. Frances nuzzled Kristen's neck, smiling. Green eyes fluttered open. Kristen brought Frances' face up and touched their lips together. "That was amazing," she said throatily.

"Why thank you," Frances murmured, pressing a kiss on Kristen's forehead. She pushed Kristen's hair away from her face and caressed her features with her eyes. "All right, Chef. Food, now," she said finally, her stomach growling.

Kristen lifted a brow. "Food? But you- I haven't...."

"Food, now. More sex, later," Frances said in a low voice that sent a tremor through Kristen.

"Say that again?" Kristen breathed, smiling faintly.


"'More sex'."

Frances smiled and Kristen touched a finger to her dimple. "Sex. More sex. A lot of sex." Kristen let out a throaty chuckle and Frances' eyes glazed over with desire. "You are very sexy. I could fuck you over and over."

Kristen's breath caught and she bit back a moan at Frances' words. She had had her fair share of sex so it was saying something that sex with Frances was quite an experience. She thought back to the first time they had kissed. How did she ever think that Frances was vanilla?

Frances nuzzled Kristen's neck again, breathing in her scent. If Kristen did not feed her soon, she would make a meal out of Kristen... again. She rubbed her cheek against Kristen's breast, making Kristen gasp at the sensation.

"What are you doing?"

"What do you think I'm doing?" Frances breathed in Kristen's scent. Her skin smelled so good.

"I thought you wanted food," Kristen said breathlessly, trying to stop her eyes from fluttering shut. Frances' cheek was so soft and she was trailing it all over her body. "Are you... smelling me?" Kristen asked, her breath catching.

"Mm." Frances face came back up and docked at its new favourite spot at the juncture of Kristen's jaw and neck. "You smell good."

"Better than pizza?" Kristen asked, her lips quirking into a smile.

Frances moaned against Kristen's neck before chuckling. "Much better."

It had been Kristen's phone that had rung while they were getting hot and heavy. Ramsey had called to let her know that he had fallen sick. Tammy and he thought it would be better if they just closed Taters for another day instead of letting Frances handle a section on her own without prior training. Frances caught the pleased look on Kristen's face when she got off the phone.

"No work tomorrow, Ramsey's sick," Kristen announced as she sat herself down on the floor beside Frances.

"Does that mean you'll have time to do your laundry, tidy up the house and do some grocery shopping?" Frances asked innocently. Before Kristen could say anything, however, Frances' phone rang and she wrinkled her nose at Kristen before digging the phone out of her pocket to answer it.

Kristen bit into her slice of pizza as she watched Frances talking on the phone. Frances had a great smile, Kristen decided. Frances flicked her hair over her shoulder absently. Kristen's eyes fell on slender fingers that moved gracefully. Frances was smiling again with her dimples showing. Kristen corrected herself: it was a hot, beautiful, wonderful, fantastic smile. She realised belatedly that Frances was talking to her.


"Nell invited you to her gig tomorrow at Sando's."

Kristen hummed. "I don't know.... Don't you want to spend time with your friends without me hanging around like a bad smell?"

Frances tapped her chin with a finger. "First of all, you're hardly a bad smell. And second of all, it's a gig, not a D&M." Frances sidled up next to Kristen, planting a kiss on her cheek. "I'd really like to hang out with you... that is, if you want to and don't have any other plans. I know I kinda hogged your day off today."

"You didn't hog it." Kristen traced lazy circles on Frances' waist. "Okay, I'll come with."


"Okay." Kristen nodded, pleased when she received a kiss for her answer. "You have the nicest lips," she commented.

"Funny. I think the same about yours," Frances said before stifling a yawn. "Mm. Sleepy," she murmured before standing up.

"Where're you going?" Kristen asked.

"Home. Bed." Frances stretched slightly. "Thank you for a lovely day," she said softly, gazing down at Kristen.

"You promised more sex," Kristen said with a small frown.

Frances chuckled. "And we will have more sex. I hope. I'd like to," she said, suddenly feeling a little shy.

Kristen got to her feet and slid her arms around Frances' waist, pulling her close for a kiss. "So would I."

Frances smiled and moved towards the door. "I'll see you tomorrow night," she said, letting go of Kristen's hand. "Sweet dreams." She let herself out of the flat and closed the door softly behind her.

Kristen closed her eyes for a second with a faint smile on her lips. Then she turned off the lamp in the lounge room and went to her bedroom. She changed into comfortable sleeping attire, thrilling at the knowledge that she still had Frances all over her, and fell onto her bed. She pressed her face into a pillow and imagined it to be Frances as she drifted off to sleep.



Frances woke up to images of tangled limbs and memories of throaty sighs. She quirked a smile and burrowed deeper into her pillow. Minutes later, her body was wide awake and conscious of its surroundings. She had to give the hospital a call to check on her father's progress. The last time she had spoken to someone, they had told her that he was still going through physical withdrawals.

Frances flipped onto her back and opened her eyes. The overhead light fixture in her room came into focus.

She was still planning to move into Nell's share house. Naomi would be leaving in a week so she had till then to pack. She did not foresee having to take too many things with her. She was going to be around her Dad's a lot, especially since there was a very hot someone living just a few meters from his house.

Kristen's sultry smile flashed in her mind's eye and Frances sighed happily as her eyes fell shut. She wondered if Kristen was up already and if she was thinking naughty thoughts as well.

Sitting up abruptly, Frances made herself get out of bed. She had a few things she wanted to do that day before their date tonight, and she wanted to get started.

Kristen had spent the entire day trying to remember if Frances had told her what time they were meeting that evening. She tried to replay their conversation but her mind kept wandering to other memories that she had of the night. They weren't very helpful at all and they made her feel all hot and bothered while she walked down the supermarket aisles.

"Hey, Chef! Uh, Kristen!"

Kristen turned at the cry of her name and saw Liam approaching her with a dimpled smile on his face. She sighed inwardly; she had never taken notice of dimples before Frances and now, every time she saw them, she would be reminded of her. She flashed him a polite smile and hoped that he wouldn't want to conduct small talk.

"How're you going?"

"Good. You?"

"Yeah, good. Bummer that Ramsey's sick ay! But I guess it must be nice for you to have an extra day off," he said conversationally.

Kristen nodded and gave him another polite smile, hoping that he would move along.

"Mind if I walk with you?" he asked.

Kristen sighed in defeat. "Sure," she said, "Why not."

Liam was really quite harmless, Kristen thought to herself as she listened to him rattle off the things that he did over the weekend. At least he was doing a good job of keeping her mind off Frances for her to do her shopping.

"What about you, Chef? Where're you from?"

Kristen scratched her face. "You can call me Kristen when we're not at work," she said uncomfortably. "I grew up in Victoria."

"True! Whereabouts?" Liam looked interested but Kristen wasn't interested in sharing. "Do you still have family back there?"

Now he was treading on forbidden territory. "Nope. Liam, I'm done with my shopping so I'm gonna go. I have something on tonight. But it was good seeing you. I'll catch you at work." Kristen hoped that she didn't sound as abrupt as she felt.

"Yeah! Sure! I was gonna ask if you were free this arvo but...." He shrugged with a smile. "Maybe we could go out for a drink sometime. You know, after work or if we have the same day off?" he asked with a hopeful expression.

Kristen nodded. "Yeah. Maybe," she said noncommittally before she made a beeline for the cashier. She hadn't gotten everything she wanted but she could always do it another time.

At six o'clock, Kristen decided to give Frances a call. She had not wanted to seem too eager but it was driving her crazy not knowing what time they were meeting. She felt silly; it was Frances for God's sake. She could not believe that she was feeling this way about her.

"Hey you...." Frances sounded happy to hear from her. It made Kristen smile.

"Hey. I was just calling about tonight...." she said, trailing off.

"You're not piking on me, are you?"

Kristen could hear the apprehension in Frances' voice and was flattered. "No. What time were we meeting and where?" There was a lot of noise Frances' background. She was definitely not across the yard from Kristen.

"Oh! Right! Uh... the gig starts at nine. Would you want to meet a little earlier for drinks? Nell's gonna be there at seven thirty to set up and I'll be giving her a hand so... anytime after?

"Okay. Sounds good," Kristen said lightly.

An awkward silence followed. Then Frances said, "Hey Kristen."

Kristen's heart skipped a beat. It sounded odd hearing Frances call her name. "Yeah?"

"This might sound totally psycho but I've been thinking about you." Kristen smiled and she bit on her lower lip. She must have taken too long to say something because Frances said, "Okay, um... I'll see you later."

"Okay," Kristen said with a smile in her voice before hanging up.



Nell looked really good that evening in her blue vest and loose gunmetal grey pants. She had just gotten a haircut; her short, newly coloured hair framed her pixie looking face, setting off the crisp blue of her eyes.

"You are such a spunk," Frances complimented her friend when she saw her.

Nell grinned. "Flatterer," she said, but she was pleased. "Thanks for helping us set up, darl. Beth is running late as usual." Nell cast a sly glance Frances' way. "And is Kristen joining us tonight?"

Frances felt a smile creep up her face at the mention of Kristen's name. "Yup."

"So it's going well?" Nell probed. "I thought she was straight."

Frances shrugged. "Maybe I'm just too hard to resist," she joked. In actuality, she was a little fearful of the whole 'being an experiment' thing. But it wasn't as though she had planned for this to happen. It just did.

"Have you guys... you know."

"Done the dirty?" Frances wrinkled her nose at Nell as she smiled shyly. "Yeah."

Nell chuckled at Frances' expression. "You still moving in when Naomi leaves?"

Frances nodded. "Yeah, I was just thinking about it this morning. Of course I am."

Nell grinned. "Awesome. Come on, we're done. I'll buy you a beer." She linked her hands with Frances' and pulled her in the direction of the bar.

Frances looked down at her outfit--a blue wifebeater with red lining, a pair of denim short shorts and her old pair of sneakers--and hoped that she didn't look too shabby. She had planned to swing home and change before meeting Nell but she had fallen asleep at the park, listening to her ipod.

Frances let go of Nell's hand when they reached the bar. She leaned against it as they waited for their drinks. "I see a few ladies checking you out," Frances teased Nell as she glanced around.

Nell smirked. "I'm sure they're checking both of us out." They brought their beers to a vacant table with only one high stool.

"You go," Frances said, and Nell took the seat. Nell pulled Frances closer so that they could speak without having to shout. "How's your Dad?"

Frances bit her cheek as she rested her hand on Nell's waist. "Still going through withdrawals. They say it'll take two to three weeks before he physically beats it... and it's gonna take a lot longer mentally," Frances said sadly. "But they say his injuries are healing well."

"Oh, that's good," Nell said comfortingly. "Hey. At least he's starting the process, right?" She looked up and caught sight of Kristen approaching them. "Kristen's here," she said in Frances' ear.

Frances turned around and her breath caught in her throat. She definitely looked shabby compared to Kristen, who looked hot and curvaceous in a long sleeved, sea green top with a plunging neckline and dark blue jeans. "Hey you," she greeted with a smile. She reached out a hand to touch Kristen's. "You look really nice," she said shyly.

Kristen felt a little out of place whenever she was around just Frances and Nell. It had bothered her seeing Frances standing so close to Nell, looking perfectly comfortable in the circle of her arm.

"Did you want a drink?" Frances asked, oblivious to what was going through Kristen's mind.

Nell excused herself to take a phone call from Beth, their lead singer. She winked at Kristen and gave her arm a squeeze when she passed her. Kristen breathed out slowly and told herself she was being absolutely silly. "I'd love one. What are you having?"

Frances frowned. "I think it's Coopers Pale Ale. That's what Nell always orders."

"I like your outfit," Kristen said after she returned with her beer, hooking a finger through a belt loop in the front of Frances' shorts.

"Thanks. I thought I looked a little shabby. I was going to go home to change for our date but I fell asleep at the park...."

Kristen smirked at the slightly whiny tone Frances had taken on, a lighter version of the one she had heard her use around Russell. It was endearing. "I'm not complaining. You don't have much on at all," Kristen teased. Then her eyes caught sight of the tail end of a tattoo on Frances' right thigh. "I've never seen that before," she murmured, trailing a finger over the inked flesh.

"Well, you haven't seen me naked yet," Frances teased, making Kristen swallow hard. Frances had never worn anything shorter than her pair of boardies before tonight. Kristen found the new bit of information titillating.

Frances felt Kristen tug at her with her finger that was still hooked in her belt loop and let herself be pulled towards her. Nuzzling Kristen's neck, Frances smiled and placed a kiss on the soft skin there before pulling away.

Smoldering eyes met hers, surprising Frances with their intensity. Frances lifted a finger to trace the sultry smile that was playing on Kristen's lips. They were about to kiss when Nell returned.

"Beth's just making her way down now," Nell complained in frustration, totally missing the looks on the two women's faces. "I am so stressed!" She scrunched her fingers in her hair.

Frances hopped onto the high stool and pushed Nell's schooner of beer towards her. "Drink," she commanded. With her other hand, she pulled Kristen closer to her side and smiled when the woman's torso rubbed up against her. She lifted her own schooner of beer and clinked it against Nell's and Kristen's before taking a healthy sip from it.

"Hello hello!" Jaz, the band's drummer, and a few others swooped in on them. Frances watched Nell being pulled into friendly embraces, wishing her luck for the gig. Nell was always amazing on stage with her guitar. She leaned her head against Kristen's arm, feeling very much content with her lot in life at the moment.

"By the way, I'm moving out next week," Frances said, lifting her face to Kristen's.

An elegant brow lifted. "Moving? Where to?"

"Nell's. One of her housemate's moving out and I'm gonna take over her room."

Kristen felt... she wasn't sure how she felt about that. "What about your Dad?"

"I'll be around. But if I'm gonna be staying in Sydney, I need my own space. I can't live with my Dad." Kristen nodded grudgingly. "And I need a place to take hot women back to without them having to fear running into my Dad," Frances said teasingly.


Frances finished her beer and jumped off the high stool. "Come on," she said, grabbing Kristen's hand.

"Where're we going?" Kristen asked but she followed Frances with her beer.


It was a lot darker and quieter upstairs. Music was playing in the background but no one had to shout to be heard up here, unlike the bar downstairs. Milk crates acting as stools littered the place. Frances led them to a spot against the wall and sank down on the floor.

"It's easier to talk up here," Frances explained as Kristen lowered herself to the floor beside her. The moment Kristen was seated comfortably, Frances met her eyes to Kristen's and smiled shyly. "I'm glad you're here."

Kristen tried to feel the same but she could not shake a niggling feeling in her chest. "What kind of music does Nell's band play?" she asked.

"Bit of gypsy, bit of hip hop."

Kristen lifted a brow. "That's an unusual mix."

Frances grinned. "Nell's an unusual girl."

Kristen clenched her jaw and realised in dismay that she was jealous. "Eleanor said that you and Nell used to go out," she couldn't stop herself from saying. She rolled her eyes discreetly at herself for starting the conversation. Frances did not owe her any explanation. They had slept together... once, for God's sake. And now she was acting all jealous?

She was becoming the people she used to run away from. The thought appalled her.

"Yeah...." Frances drew out slowly, not sure where the conversation was leading.

"Nothing. I don't even know why I brought that up," Kristen said lamely.

"There's nothing between us anymore," Frances said cautiously. "We're just really comfortable around each other." She didn't think it appropriate to tell Kristen about them mucking around not too long ago.

Kristen wished that she hadn't said anything at all. "I can see that. Sorry, I don't know why I brought it up. It's none of my business."

Frances narrowed her eyes at Kristen. "Is everything okay?" Kristen nodded, feeling immensely silly. Frances took her hand in hers and pulled her closer. "Hey." Kristen met her eyes to Frances'. "Give us a smile," Frances coaxed, relaxing when Kristen did as she was told. "What did you do today?"

"Housework. Grocery. Boring stuff," Kristen rattled off. She was distracted by the gentle stroking motion of Frances' finger on hers and she wondered at how easily Frances managed to snap her out of a funk. She lifted Frances' hand to her lips.

Frances smiled and leaned closer for a kiss. She played with Kristen, pulling away when Kristen wanted to deepen the kiss and returning to bestow more playful kisses. Kristen whimpered in frustration, then got frustrated at whimpering, and generally got very annoyed with herself before Frances took pity on her and cupped her face in both her hands to kiss her properly.

Kristen moaned into Frances' mouth and ran her hands up Frances' side. Her hands found Frances' breasts and she pressed her palms against them, marvelling at how well they fitted in her hands. Frances wasn't wearing a bra again; Kristen was now fully convinced that Frances was trying to kill her.

Frances pulled away, breathing raggedly. "No doing that in public," she husked out, reminding Kristen where they were.

"Wear a bra next time then," Kristen retorted. She slid her lips down Frances' neck and sucked on it gently, eliciting a moan from Frances. Her hands massaged their prize, making Frances squirm uncomfortably on the floor.

"Baby, Kristen, stop," Frances said weakly in her ear.

Kristen felt her lips quirk into an amused smile. "What did you just call me?"

"Hm? 'Kristen'," Frances said dazedly. She swallowed hard and removed Kristen's hands from her chest.


Frances thought back hurriedly and her breath caught in her throat. "Sorry, is that too familiar?"

"No..." Kristen's voice was low but lilting.

"Stop sounding so coy and sexy. You're totally stirring me up and it's not fair!" Frances said with a pout.

Kristen felt empowered by the knowledge that she could make Frances feel this way. And she was determined to hear that endearment from Frances again that night. Maybe more than once.

People started coming upstairs as it neared the start of the performance. Kristen's brows rose when Frances stood up and sat back down in front of her. She accommodated Frances between her legs and smiled when Frances pulled her arms around her own waist. Kristen found a comfortable resting place for her chin on Frances' shoulder.

In the days after Russell's admittance to rehab when Frances had holed herself away, Kristen had had a lot of time to think about what was going on between Frances and herself. A part of her had been skeptical that she could be physically attracted to a woman but the night before had dispelled any doubt she might have had regarding that issue. Images from the night before came to her mind's eye and her eyes fluttered shut for a brief moment as she brought her drink to her lips.

"Having a good night?"

The question brought Kristen out of her reverie. She glanced at the man who spoke it and smiled. "Yeah. you?"

He had a nicely trimmed goatie and a head full of curls. Tall, lean and in a smart looking attire of pressed white shirt and pants, he was an attractive man. He also looked like he had stumbled into the wrong venue. "Good music, alcohol, beautiful women...." He looked pointedly at her and smiled. "Yeah, I'm having a great time."

When she merely smiled without saying anything, he continued, "You here with friends?"

Kristen licked her lips. "Mm hm." Frances was barefoot on the dance floor; Nell was trying to step on her toes and she was giggling and trying to get out of Nell's way. Kristen's lips curved up unconsciously.

"What's your poison? Would you like another drink?"

Kristen shook her head. "I'm good for the moment, thanks. Actually, I might go join my friends. You have a good night," she said distractedly and gave him another smile.

"Hey, my name is Andre," the man said quickly, not wanting Kristen to leave just yet.

Kristen took his outstretched hand. "Kristen. Nice to meet you."

"Pleasure's all mine."

Kristen threw a smile over her shoulder before making her way through the dancing crowd. Frances was distracted by the sight of an approaching Kristen and Nell finally got her toes.

"Ow!" Frances slapped her friend lightly on her arm, much to Kristen's amusement.

"Yes!" Nell smirked. She turned around to Kristen. "Good work, partner!" she called out, eyes twinkling.

Kristen chuckled at their antics and all her insecurities dissipated. Just because she wasn't friends with any of her exes didn't mean that it wasn't possible. Then Frances grabbed her waist and pulled her close and Kristen's body tingled wherever it came into contact with Frances.

"Hi," Frances said, to which Kristen responded with a kiss on her nose. "If I haven't told you this before, you look amazing."

Kristen felt warm all over at the compliment. "Thank you."

"And I want to fuck you, so bad," Frances whispered hotly in her ear.

The statement sent the tone for the rest of the night.



They were back in Kristen's flat again. This time, Kristen was determined to finish what they had started the night before. Even though it was close to midnight and both of them had to go in to Taters the next day at eleven, Kristen couldn't care less.

They were in the middle of an intense kiss when the phone rang. Kristen was inclined to let it ring out until Frances pulled away long enough to point out that it could be Ramsey or Tammy ringing to let them know that they didn't have to go in the next day.

"Fuck!" Kristen cursed under her breath when the call ended.

"What's wrong?"

"Someone broke into Taters and vandalised it." Kristen could not believe their luck.

"What?" Frances sobered up immediately. "Who was that? The cops?"

Kristen shook her head. "Tammy. The security alarm went off so the police went down to check it out. When they saw the front door ajar, they went in and saw the state of the place. Tammy was contacted by the security company." Frances pulled Kristen into her arms and stroke her hair.

"Does she need us to do anything" Frances asked softly.

"We'll have to go down tomorrow, check out the damages and see what we can do. I'm sure it's covered by insurance. It's just... all this bad luck...." Kristen said, shaking her head. "No way in hell are we still gonna enter that stupid cooking competition." At least that was one thing in her favour.

"And we'll have more days off...." Frances said softly.

Kristen raised her head and caught the look on Frances' face. "Huh. I'm starting to see the positive side to things."

"I'm a horrible person. My Dad's restaurant just got vandalised and all I can think about is having more time with you," Frances mumbled, burying her face in the crook of Kristen's neck.

"Well... I don't think they did too much damage before the police got there. Perhaps we'll be back in business in a few days. And you're not a horrible person. You're just... in lust," Kristen said, chuckling.

"Speaking of which...." Frances leaned back on the cushions and pulled Kristen on top of her. Kristen gasped at the quick change of positions and had to close her eyes briefly at the feel of Frances under her. "There's nothing we can do about Taters at the moment, right?" Frances asked breathily to be sure.

Kristen nodded mutely.

"And it would be silly to waste the night worrying about something that we have no control over, right?"

Another nod.

"Good." Frances pulled Kristen's face down to resume their kiss, sucking in a breath when Kristen nipped her lower lip. "Hey!" she cried out softly, faintly amused.

Kristen stood up and pulled Frances up with her and into her bedroom. There, she slid a hand around Frances' neck and brought their faces together. She swatted at Frances' hands, not wanting to get naked before Frances did, fearing that she would lose control before she accomplished what she wanted to do. Finally, she grabbed both of Frances' wrists and held them tightly behind Frances.

The action caused Frances' breasts to push into hers and Kristen groaned. "I need you to stop moving," Kristen growled as she tried to collect her scattered thoughts.

"What, you like starfishes?" Frances teased.

"Has anyone ever told you that you talk way too much and you're much too smart for your own good?" Kristen mumbled as she pulled Frances' top off of her.

She was working on the button of Frances' shorts when Frances stopped her progress. She frowned. Frances pushed away from Kristen slightly and tilted her face up with a finger under her chin. Kristen was only confused for a second. When she saw the seductive look on Frances' face, she licked her dry lips and sucked in a breath. Frances shook her hair loose, knowing that Kristen liked it down, and reached for the button of her shorts slowly.

Kristen felt as though her heart was going to thump out of her chest at the erotic display. She could no longer recall a time that she wasn't turned on by this woman in front of her. The button popped out and Frances let her shorts slide down her legs. The action revealed the tattoo that started just below Frances' pelvic bone and covered the outside of her upper thigh. It was a swirling mass of feathers that formed an intricate looking phoenix.

Then Frances' thumbs hooked onto the waistband of her black knickers and Kristen's interest in the tattoo vanished. Frances stepped out of the pool of clothing at her feet and advanced on Kristen. She wrapped her hands around Kristen's neck, tearing a whimper from Kristen's throat with the look on her face.

"Like what you see?" Frances asked, trailing her hands down Kristen's body. She felt powerful in her nakedness.

"Mm hm," Kristen managed. She allowed Frances to divest her of her clothes and push her onto her bed.

"Do you want to fuck me?" Frances asked in a deceptively casual tone, as though she was asking about the weather.

Kristen closed her eyes and breathed deeply at Frances' words. "Uh huh." Then her eyes flew open when Frances straddled her hips. Frances reached for Kristen's hands and pressed them palm down on her breasts. Kristen was rocked into action by that move.

She flipped them over and cupped Frances' breast, rubbing her thumb over a nipple. Frances' eyes fluttered shut and lifted a hand up to rest on the back of Kristen's neck, bringing it closer to her chest. Kristen covered a breast with her mouth and sighed at the sounds Frances was making with every stroke of her tongue.

She alternated between Frances' breasts, taking her time to get to know every inch of them. Frances' hand bunched up in Kristen's hair and she forced her eyes open. She was breathing raggedly, wondering when Kristen was going to stop her torture. "Baby, I need.... What?" Even in the haze of desire, Frances could not miss the look of triumph on Kristen's face as she looked up.

"Say it again," Kristen said, nuzzling Frances' neck. The endearment had sent a tingle through Kristen's body.

Frances groaned. She was a writhing mass--wet, hot and very frustrated. She did not have time to play word games with Kristen Black. She grabbed Kristen's wrist and flipped them over so that half her body was on Kristen's and their legs intertwined. Then she pushed Kristen's hand towards her centre. Frances spreaded her legs. All the air in her lungs rushed out when Kristen caught on to the game and entered her in a swift motion.

"Fuck," Kristen breathed out, amazed by the hot, silky wetness that she was experiencing. She flipped them over again and pushed deeper into Frances, fascinated by the reaction she was getting from her with every move.

"Oh... God..." Frances rasped out, her hips moving in sync with Kristen's hand. She could feel Kristen slide in and out of her, filling her up again and again. Her eyes flew open when Kristen added another digit and she met hooded green eyes hovering above her face. Frances' hand on Kristen's face caressed Kristen's cheek. Her other hand bunched up the sheets beside her.

"You are so hot," Kristen murmured in a low, husky voice. She lowered her face and touched their lips together as she continued moving in Frances. Then she pulled away, wanting to continue watching Frances' face.

Frances was having a hard time keeping her eyes open. She was burning up with each stroke of Kristen's hand. When she closed her eyes, she could only see a patch of red as blood rushed into her head and down to her centre. The red behind her lids got brighter and she finally opened her eyes again to look down between their bodies. The combination of the sight and what she was feeling finally tipped her over the edge and she gasped, holding onto Kristen as she shuddered.

Kristen nuzzled Frances' neck, feeling the rapid beating of her heart under her lips.

"You and I...." Frances murmured after her heart rate slowed down. Kristen raised her head to look at Frances. "We are so fucking good together." Kristen hummed in agreement and wrapped her arms around Frances and threw a sheet over them. Her eyes fell shut and she began breathing in deeply and evenly, not caring that the lights were still on.

After a short while, Frances shifted and said, "Don't get too comfy." She captured an erect nipple in her mouth and bit down on it gently, sending a rush of wetness through Kristen's body. Kristen's eyes flew open as she reflexively pushed herself deeper into Frances' mouth. She moaned softly.

"Cos' you're not going to sleep anytime soon," Frances promised.

Part 30

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