Passion & Perfection


A. Azel

The Dark Matter Corps Series

Dark Matter Command PG In an attempt to sideline a bunch of misfits, the International Space Command (ISC) forms a new force, the Dark Matter Corp, whose mission is to explore the last frontier, the massive areas of dark matter that dot the universe. Assigned a converted probe, The Mariner, the crew are sent out into deep space, and obscurity, but their commanding officer, Captain Cyborn, has other ideas. Complete

Dark Matter Enemy PG Sequel to 'Dark Matter Command'. Complete

Alex Mykals

To Be Unhuman 1 2 3 15 When she is captured by montrous creatures from outside the civilised world of the Imperium, the Half-Elf Tial will learn just what it means to be unhuman. On-Going


Holding On PG A brief look at a disease that seems to know no bounds. Complete


Shades of Emotion PG Changing seasons. Complete


I will be without PG A romantic's point of view of how her eternal love slipped through her fingers and what it has done to her. Complete

The Christmas Gift PG Mistaken identity leads to a very interesting Christmas gift that cause tempers to rise and hormones to go wild. Complete


A Little More Time PG A companion piece to Ann's story 'Holding On'. Complete


Close to the Edge PG-13 An unexpected encounter leads to escape for an unhappy woman. Complete

Art of the Lie PG-13 A short and somewhat noir story of two women and one lie. Complete


Chemical Romance PG-13 A beautiful story of two women falling in love was my intention, let me know if I succeeded. Complete

Until the Sky Falls PG Two strangers collide on a beach... Complete

Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson

The Last Letter PG-13 In an un-named country, in an un-named time, two young girls are brought together as betrothed, soon to rule as King and Queen. But their story is filled with loss, deception and most of all love. Complete

Ignorance is Bliss PG-13 The story of two turtles, two humans and two loves. Complete

It's a Turtle Life PG-13 Sequel to Ignorance is Bliss - More adventures with Dash, Kiri, Sam and Cory. Complete

A Very Merry Turtle Christmas PG Everybody's favourite gay turtles celebrate Christmas with their hatchlings and humans. Complete

Pain's Fairytale PG-13 A forgotten soul yearns for the company of the princess on high. Complete

Shinobi 15 A ninja looks back on her life and the woman whose very essence became entwined with her own. Complete

In the Ruins of the World 15 The end of the world and what happens afterwards for those left in the ruins Complete

Faerie Folk At night the faeries sing the song of life, breathing magic into the forest and love into the heart of one young Brownie. Complete

Almost a story... no, really! Never underestimate the power of the Yellow Rubber Bath Ducky. Complete

A Tale of Woe PG Computers can bring people together and tear them apart... limb by limb if necessary. Complete

Desserts Series

Chocolate PG The perfect gift. Complete

Vanilla PG Sarah goes shopping on New Year's Eve. Complete

Ice Cream PG An anniversary brings about a question. Complete

Ginger PG She-who-laughs makes a new acquaintance and rises above her humans' inability to understand. Complete

Blue-Eyed Monster PG-13 No synopsis given. Complete

Frailty PG-13 No synopsis given. Complete

House of Dolls PG-13 No synopsis given. Complete

In the Shade by the Road PG-13 No synopsis given. Complete

Snowborn PG-13 No synopsis given. Complete

The Other Breed PG-13 No synopsis given. Complete

Carson Fletcher

The First Time... PG-13 A few of their first times. Complete


The Ice Maiden 18 At the edge of the world and the edge of life two women find each other. Complete


The House On The Hill PG-13 It was a dark and stormy night... Complete

Permission To Recover:
Part I 1-5 6-10 11-16 17-21 22-27 28-30 31-33
Part II: 1-2 3-6 7-9 10-14 15-19 20-25 26-30
18 Two military undercover agents infiltrate the first male/female integrated basic training/law enforcement school program in hope of finding a murderer in a race against time. The two women unveil a lot more than is intended during their stint as 'trainees', encountering blatant sexism, harassment, discrimination, dead-ends, betrayals and love as the boundaries of friendship, obligation, loyalty and honor are tested to the limit. Complete

The Pocket Watch 15 Jenna Coleman and her partner, Brynne, have a committed, loving relationship. A frisky beginning to a beautiful Indian Summer morning becomes one of continuous horror woven into the fabric of everyone's history. Complete

Façade PG An annual Halloween bash becomes a trick and a treat. Complete

Sergeant Valentine G Two women who form a relationship online finally meet in person when one returns from deployment in Afghanistan. Will a last minute temptation come between them? Complete


Confessions 1-4 18 This is a story of love and loss as old relationships are rekindled and new ones are formed. a story of romance and tragedy. On-Going


Burnt Sugar 1-3 4-7 8-9 10-12 13-15 16-17 18-19 20-22 23-25 26-29 30-32 33-35 36-38 39-41 42-44 45-47 48-50 51-53 54-56 57-58 59-61 62 63-64 65-67 68-70 71-72 73-75 18 Uber - Taters' head chef and owner Kevin Russell's daughter, Frances, returns from Vietnam and clashes with his sous chef, Kristen Black. Russell and Frances are still hurting from the loss of Russell's wife and Frances' mother, Kristen has her own skeletons in the closet, and what role does the big franchise company play in this story? Complete

Daryn Wilde


Ferawicce were monsters of untold magic, half-beast, half-human and fully vicious. King Abelard has been so careful to keep his cities cleansed of their kind. But in the far northern Woods a ferawicce awakes... and starts hiking south. When the ferawicce reaches King Abelard's court, and lays eyes on his beautiful Queen, the consequences will be the sort of stories told in song for centuries to come.

Season One

Episode One: Ferawicce 15 A ferawicce is woken once more by her recurring nightmare of a blond boy and the rusty sword that will fell him. Somehow the ferawicce knows she has to hike south, has to face the world of men she fled from so many years ago, has to save a boy she has never met. Complete

Episode Two: Shadows 15 The second episode. Complete


Coming Home - Thoughts Home is the thing we sacrifice for, because we know it is where we belong. Complete


Dream Weavers U Suzie Hofmeyer, recently bereaved, has reached a life changing point. With the opening of a much dreamt about Coffee Shop, she can hopefully put some of her past behind her. During the hectic first year of the coffee shop's development, a widowed police officer, Christine Walker, and her young daughter arrive on the scene. Is another dream about to be realized? Complete

Dream Weavers: Book Two U In Book One, Suzie Hofmeyer, recently bereaved, had reached a life changing point. With the opening of a much dreamt about Coffee Shop, she could hopefully put some of her past behind her. During the hectic first year of the coffee shop's development, a widowed police officer, Christine Walker, and her young daughter arrived on the scene. In Book Two, we pick up the story halfway through December after the two ladies have finally made a face to face connection. Are their dreams about to be realised? Complete


Ghost World

Ghost World PG-13 Two women share a secret. Complete

What Goes Around Comes Around PG A talk between mother and daughter changes the future. Complete

Arrival PG After sixteen years of leading separate lives, they meet again. Complete

The Courage To Love PG-13 The truth brings some pain with it. Complete

The Bright Fire Of Bridges Burning PG-13 Holding on means to let go. Complete

Refugee PG-13 Every refugee must find a home somewhere. Complete

Drawing The Lines PG The lover's POV. Complete

Evolution Of The Heart PG Their first Christmas together. Complete

The Touch Of Flames PG-13 Chemistry can't be denied. Complete


Sam PG-13 About love and excuses. Complete


Pop 18 Millionaire pop star Kat Kara has everything-except love. So what will she be willing to give up when she finds it? Complete

Rock 18 Holly Prince is becoming a Christian rock star by sacrificing a life of her own. But will she be willing to give it all up in exchange for a taste of what life really means? A pseudo-sequel to 'Pop'. Complete

Rumors Concerning the Video Kids 18 It's amazing the trouble a couple of high school rumors can cause. Complete

Take a Letter, Maria PG-13 Leaving work early leads to an unexpected revelation...and then another one. Complete

Don't Stand So Close to Me 18 A favor to a friend leads to a painful discovery...and then another one. A POVquel to 'Take a Letter, Maria.' Complete

Professional Help 15 A wife and mother seeks professional help when she comes to a startling realization. Complete

Princess 18 Renee is a working girl on the streets of LA. When a wealthy client sweeps her off her feet, will she be able to conquer her own demons for the sake of a love she no longer thinks she deserves? Complete

True Love's Kiss PG What happens to a sleeping princess when 'true love's kiss' doesn't work out exactly like she expected? Complete

Eleni Vyne

Dancing With Fire PG-13 Two woman dance around their history and relationship, testing the waters of what could happen in the future. Complete

Infractions of Time PG-13 Delilah and Alex once again face an event in history that will alter their relationship. Complete

Erin Griffin

Art PG Just keep drawing, just keep drawing, drawing drawing, la la la la la la.... Complete


Stormy Night, Remembered With love comes sorrow, as two young lovers have to face the rage and heartache of prejudice. Complete

The Other's Valentine A poem about the heartache of Valentine's Day. Complete


Transmutation 15 What if the things you never believed in really exist... and change your life forever? Complete

Desperate Housewife 15 After a lost bet Sylvana has a blind date that promises a night of plain vanilla sex or some kind of Harlequin-type hearts and flowers romance when all she usually does are no-strings fun with women searching for the same. But then... sometimes life has a way of surprising you when you least expect it. Complete

Desperate Measures 15 What happens when two totally different worlds (and lives) collide? Can one night of hot, steamy sex, lead to something more? Or will Gillian and Sylvana go their separate ways?
Spoiler or Other Information: This is a sequel to "Desperate Housewife"

Ghosts, Ghouls and Others 15 A Ghouls and Ghost tour in Edinburgh turns out to be more than a simple sightseeing trip for Erin. Complete


Angel PG Just a memory that has been floating around my mind for a while. Complete

Peace G Just a small fic that could probably be placed in a fandom but I can't really think where :-) Complete

G.V. Nett

Two Daises PG Disillusioned and broken, Emma seeks solace in a tropical paradise. Her solitude is interrupted by a brash American whose zest for life is contagious. Complete

Sacred Memories PG A black ops Air Force officer is tasked with protecting an archaeologist. Nothing is as it seems when ancient mysteries and modern politics collide. Complete


After Echoes From a Gun 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12 15 After the Oklahoma Land Run, Rose Skinner is looking forward to settling down to a quiet life. Unfortunately, she finds that she can't outrun the violence of her past. Complete


Coming Home Home isn't always a building or country, sometimes it's a love story. Complete


The Danmun Alliance 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 PG-13 An interstellar war has been raging for centuries with no end in sight. In this setting, Fighter pilot Jane Darnell, arguably the best pilot there is, is sent on a mission that most would consider suicidal. Complete


Homecoming 18 The prodigal daughter returns and pursues that which she had been running from. Complete

The First 1 2 3 4 18 And lead us not into temptation... Complete

k alexander

Judas at Sunrise PG-13 Layla Cadogan doesn't know where she is. She doesn't know how she got there, or how she's going to get out. All she knows is that she's stuck somewhere between a rock and a hard place... and she's just woken up. Complete

Love Bites PG-13 Meet Rebecca Jarvis. You could paint her as a heroic figure who vanquished the troll for the hand of the fair lady, if you really wanted to. You'd just have to ignore the fact that she provoked the poor troll, and the fact that she loses her good judgment quite regularly ... and the fact that she's currently lying through her teeth. Meet Big Sexy. You could see her as the knight in shining armor, rushing in to save the underdog. If you tried very hard, that is. You'd just have to ignore the fact that her method of attack mostly involves multi-syllabic words, and the fact that she encourages delinquent behavior ... and the fact that she's just made the stupidest mistake of her life. Meet love. It bites. Complete


Rolling Hills PG Kaelar and Eisengel get away. Complete

She, Perfection, Not Mine PG There's a fine line between loving and losing. Complete

A New Chance PG Claire and Joyce have a new chance. Complete

Expected 15 I never expected... Complete

Dawn to Dusk - Goodbye My Friend PG Seeing you is like seeing the sun rise. Complete

The Seven Seas 18 When Sara woke up she had no idea where she was, or 'when' for that matter. Can she learn to live with a bunch of cutthroats? Will she ever make it home? Would she even want to after she finds someone to love? Join Sara as she sails the seven seas, with some laughs and tears and more laughs along the way. Complete


An Unexpected Weekend PG A woman goes on holiday and discovers who she is. Complete


The Corruption of Kill Lexica PG-13 A ninja only recently away from her monastery meets the billionaire playgirl daughter of the galaxy's most notorious crime family, creating what appears to be a working relationship made in heaven. Complete


Coincidental Magic 1 2 3 PG-13 Noah Akhito-Benson is your typical lesbian post-doc…until a freak accident alters her life forever. She starts to realise that love will always find her, no matter what choices she makes. On-Going

Indelible Stain PG I really don't have a worthy description. I was sitting in my car, it was pouring like hell, the sky was almost black and my mood wasn't any better for it. Complete

Huginn and Muninn (Thought & Memory) G One of the questions in a rather ridiculously long LiveJournal survey I answered got me to thinking. Eventually, a weird dream came of those in the wee hours of the morning, I got up to write this. Complete

Kit Barr

Watching 15 Sometimes there are more people involved in a scene than you may think. The protagonists in this story are completely unaware that they have an uninvited guest at what they thought was their private party. Complete


Jesse PG Star basketball player Shae returns to her hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma to finish her college career. There she meets the freshman team manager Jesse. Will the crush that she develops for the beautiful Jesse ever amount to more than just watching her? Complete

Bliss PG When Kadence's aunt dies and leaves her a toy store, Kadence changes her whole life, moving from the fast track life in Manhattan to Minnesota. A last gift from Aunt Gert sends Kadence on a trip to Antarctica. It is there that she meets Petal, a young woman who seems to think she knows exactly what Kadence needs. But does she? Complete

The Night 18 When veterinarian Haven finally meets her crush, a woman named Cameron, it seems as if the universe is intent on keeping the two apart. Will this be one more cancelled date? Complete

Purgatory 15 Olympic champion Sean Force returns to the very small town in rural Minnesota where she was raised for a class reunion. She had left Johnsonville ten years before after being caught kissing another girl, and the news had spread through town like wildfire. Will she ever be able to come to terms with her past. Complete


Gaia To the stars through difficulties. Complete


Conversation with Mama PG It's amazing what happens when you have trust in the love of others especially if those others are your family. Complete


Flight of the Falcon 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 18 During a time of worldly turmoil a young Canadian woman sets off to find out where she belongs. Wanting to leave her birthplace Charleswood, Manitoba, Alexandra Savage decides to join the Royal Canadian Air Force and fight across the Atlantic, joining the Allied Forces in their fight against the Nazis. On-Going

Chicken PG A voice, sweaty hands, and a phone number. Complete

Sticks N Bones PG-13 Sequel to 'Chicken' - Jane finally got herself a date...but will things go as planned? Complete

Still Standing PG-13 After a life-changing accident Robin de Leeuw thought she would never find love again. Will a chance meeting at her favorite park bring change to this? Complete


Lucky Number Thirteen New 18 A Grey/Lauren NSFW Interlude. Please mind the rating, for mature audiences only. Takes place after the conclusion of my novel 'Veritas'. Complete


The "Love" Letter G What's a "love" letter? Complete

Peyton Andrews

Tango 18 A chaste blonde beauty relocates to New England and finds herself with a new job and an interesting group of friends. One gorgeous fall day, she serendipitously meets a mysterious jogger, who sparks her curiosity. When they meet again, by accident, at an All Hallow's Eve celebration, will it bring out the playful spirit in her or will she be possessed by dark, hungry longing? Complete

Foxtrot 18 A reclusive world renown opera singer finds herself entranced by a wealthy socialite. Does this herald a new chance at a full life or a memorable one-night stand? Complete

Pure Intent

***** 15 It started with a kiss. Complete

The End of a Secret PG To protect yourself would you hurt the one you love? Complete

In the Morning Light PG Awaking to a face watching you as you sleep. Complete


Victory is an Elusive Whore 15 A random encounter with an old friend brings about new feelings. Complete

Sleeps With Butterflies 18 The things we do to be noticed... Complete

quiethearted (QH Fletcher)

Half Blood Heart PG-13 It is the time of the Choosing when the Heir must select a mate. Who will Sable Broadmoor choose? Complete


The Story Of Us PG-13 A short, sweet story about falling in love for the first time and the joy and heartache that goes with it. Complete

Let Love Endure PG-13 When it seems that there is nothing else, remember...there is always hope. Complete

I Ask, You Answer 15 A long time ago, something precious was lost. Perhaps it can be found again...if the right questions are asked. Complete

Just One Night 15 There's always that one thing...the one thing that you say will bring about the end of your relationship...that you just could not bear to stay through. If that one thing happens, would you have the strength to leave the one you love? This is about one woman's thoughts as she gets ready to walk out the door. Complete

Meet The Muses 15 Have you ever wondered what goes on inside a writer's head? You might just be sorry you ever asked. Complete


Remembering PG-13 No synopsis given. Complete


Not a Holiday Romance PG-13 Holiday romances were simply disasters waiting to happen. Or were they? Complete

One Night Stand PG A one night stand doesn't work out quite as expected. Complete

Kidnapped, Me? PG-13 A female pirate contemplates what to do with her captive. Complete

Lesbian Vampire Killers PG-13 They're lesbians, they kill vampires, enough said. Complete

Corridor Hopping 15 Living and working in the same place can lead to all sorts of difficulties. Complete

Pitching an Idea PG A writer pitches a radical new idea for a TV show. Complete

Not Quite a Fairy Tale 18 An everyday tale of love, obsession and more sex than you can throw a stick at, although why you'd want to throw sticks, is beyond me. Complete

The Raven

Of Vampires And Vampire Hunters PG-13 No synopsis given. Complete

Ros Sawyer

The truth behind the lie PG-13 What happens when Katrine finds out about Cole's abuse? Complete


This Will Change Everything PG-13 Change is good. Complete

Commotion PG-13 In the future, an escape and a reunion. Complete


Now What? Lona wakes up in the far future and while she has barely adjusted to her circumstances when she is stranded on an alien world. A world ruled by women and a very desirable queen. Complete

Tenfold 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 18 An ancient blessing upon a family still haunts the beautiful Nessa, the last of her line. A very determined reporter seeks the truth about the recluse only to find herself in a dilemma--one heck of a story or a chance at romance with the wary redhead. Perhaps a push from the Sidhe will help. Complete


The Changing Moon 15 The night before Halloween, and 28 people have been kidnapped to take part in an ancient hunt -- as the prey. How many will survive? Please mind the disclaimers on this work. Complete

Siren's Call 15 Jordan's looking for a conquest at her favorite leather bar, but instead finds a lesson in life when a friend challenges not only another top, but everything Jordan thought about herself. Please mind the disclaimers on this story. Complete

LA Riddles 1 2 PG-13 Steve is looking for a way to survive until the next payment on his inheritance. Tara is looking for an ancient jar that might help her dying partner. Together they set out on a quest born of a desert legend, immortalized on a silent Hollywood screen. Complete

Sharon Bowers

Social Crimes I came to hear the Mahler. Complete

The Autobiography of Spaniel X PG The life and times of a small brown dog and the person she picked. Complete


As Yet PG-13 An unexpected kiss Complete

Pleasure Master 15 Epic Proportions entry - no synopsis given. Complete


A Gasp of Air 15 Sally remembers her first kiss with Angel, when a phone-call from past wakes her up. Complete

Just Friends 15 Angel and Sally have different reaction on the morning after the kiss. Complete

Start, End and More 15 Start and end of Sally and Angel's relationship with a lot of blank spaces to fill in. Complete

Present and Past...Here on... 15 Sally and her girlfriend have different memory of the first night they were together. Sally, Chris and Angel prepare for a trip, where the memories and wounds are still fresh. Complete


The Offering 18 Britt thought her life was over. Then, she met Jasmine. Complete

Tainted 15 Since she was a little girl, Jennifer had been warned to never go into 'the city'. Complete

Tainted: The Mutant Strain 18 Jennifer goes into the city to search for Katherine, and a cure. But the war between humans and vampires has taken a sudden turn for the worse. Complete

Valerie Ross

The Breaking of The Bones 18 A young woman has escaped from hell on earth and is running for her life. Eventually she'll have to stop and face what happened. With the help of a beautiful, untouchable FBI agent, can she learn to trust? Can she love? Can she ever hope to live again? Complete

Vanessa Riverton

Full of It Prologue 1 2 3 4 5 6 15 Victoria is found dead in the apartment she shares with Devon... Devon is taking into questioning and explains everything that happened between her and Victoria and what led to Victoria's death. Ashley always suspected Devon.... On-Going

No-One Can Stop Us Now 1 2 3 4 5 18 Out to prove her best friend Marcus's innocence, Jade sets out on a mission to clear him of murder. They get caught up in gangs, drugs, violence and have to travel from one side of London to the other in order to find salvation. An unexpected companion in the form of Alicia, Marcus's ex girlfriend, gets caught along for the ride. On-Going

Witterton Academy 1 2 18 The Kings have it hard; heirs to a multi million pound fortune, a top education and women fawning over themselves. But even the rich and privileged have a tough time making the transition from child to adult. Complete


Putting the Damage On 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-Epilogue 15 I hate these moments. Life shouldn't be dictated by a single act. It's too much for one decision to bear the weight. It's too much for those that make that decision with nothing to go on but past experience and instinct. Complete


Knife 15 This story is about love lost, it is a bit dark as well some representation of self harming. A bit of an angst drabble that leads to questions we will all ask eventually... Complete


A Night in the Life G A night in the life of the original characters Selina and Rosie from my Otalia fic Crossroads. Complete


Home Yearning for a home despite not knowing where to look, or why you bother. Complete