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Not Quite a Fairy Tale
By ralst


Ever since I was a little girl, playing with my Action Man and riding roughshod over my older brothers, I'd dreamt about escaping to a cabin in the country where I could stay up late, eat as much chocolate as I liked, and ride my very own horse to school each morning. As I grew up, that dream changed just a little bit, and the desire for chocolate was partially obscured by a desire for something far more carnal, and although I still wanted a horse of my very own, I wasn't too concerned about riding it to school. So, when the chance came to escape my crappy job and go live in a genuine, I kid you not, cabin in the woods for six months, I jumped at the chance.

"You expect me to live here?" My girlfriend didn't exactly share my dream and the rustic setting failed to convince her Blackberry obsessed little raisin of a heart to change its mind. "You're out of your fucking mind!"

We had sex on the throw-rug before the fire and then again on the patchwork quilt adorning the bed. Afterwards, she took her case and left, ending our five month relationship and my immediate access to hot and sweaty sex. The sex I would miss. Her, not so much.

The cabin was gorgeous, if somewhat lacking in modern conveniences, and it even had a stream out back that glistened in the sunlight. It felt more like home than anywhere I'd lived since leaving my parents' house - here, I use the word leave as a euphemism for thrown out on my girl lovin' arse along with everything in that damn house I'd ever touched, but that's another story - The cabin was fantastic and I was as close to heaven as I'd ever been fully clothed.

"So you like the place," Janice drawled after my ten minute soliloquy on the beauty and majesty of my surroundings. "Whoop-de-do!" I can always count on my best friend to throw a cold bucket of water on my enthusiasm. "What about Tina?"

I explained to her about Tina's hasty retreat and her new designation of 'former' girlfriend.

"So what are you gonna do for sex for the next six months?" She also knew how to cut to the chase. "'Cause, I'm telling you, I ain't special delivering you sex toys every week, and I doubt there's much in the way of willing snatch up in the woods."

I was suddenly reminded of why I'd been glad to leave her behind and restrict our contact to the odd telephone call. "Something will turn up." I'd never had to go more than a week without sex in my entire adult life, and I couldn't imagine that changing, even in the back end of beyond. Someone always turned up, got turned on, and fucked me senseless. "It always does."

Having checked in with Janice, I locked up the cabin and drove down to the small village, two miles away, to stock up on all the essentials: chocolate, batteries and a case of Jack Daniels. The guy behind the counter looked like he'd re-watched Deliverance one time too many, but the girl stocking the shelves looked promising; her skirt was masquerading as a belt and she didn't appear to be wearing underwear. Not the kind of woman I'd give more than a fleeting glance back home, but out in the middle of nowhere, I could think of worse things than taking her back to the cabin for a little fun.

"You need some'it?" She had a voice that could curdle milk, but her breasts were even more impressive than her legs. "What'cha lookin' at?"

I was still pleasantly sated from Tina's little farewell, so I didn't want to launch my opening salvo too quickly and waste my chances, so I simply smiled and wished her a good day. She didn't look particularly interested, but I was confident that would change when the time was right.

"You just passing through?" The voice jolted me out of my musings, and I turned to face a vision from the Playboy mansion; rounded curves, luscious hair, all wrapped up in a tighter than tight police uniform just bursting at the seams. If I'd been back home, I would have suspected my friends of clubbing together to buy me a stripper, but I didn't want to make assumptions.

"No, I'm staying at the Garver place," I told her, putting as much innocence and 'come spank me now' into my tone as I could. "Is there a problem, Officer?" If I'd had a lollipop, I would have sucked it, but as it was I settled for giving her my patented come hither look.

She made a note in her little black book. "No problem." The top three buttons of her shirt were undone, and I took the opportunity to admire her cleavage. "I just like to know all the new faces."

I held up a bottle of Jack. "Why don't you drop by sometime and really get to know me?"

"I might just do that." Her smile said she'd bring the whipped cream if I'd supply the cherries, and I happily nodded my approval. I was looking forward to six months of close personal attention from one of our girls in blue.

Back at the cabin, I made myself at home, drank myself into a stupor, and got comfy. Three days passed before the cop showed up, which showed remarkable restraint, something I was soon to find was one of her specialities. By the time she left, I had handcuff marks around my wrists and a carpet burn on my back that stung like crazy but was totally worth it. I immediately phoned Janice to brag about my conquest.

"Then she bent me over the coffee table and started pounding me with -"

"For fuck's sake, spare me the details!" Her protest was rather pathetic, considering I'd been giving a blow by fan-fucking-tastic blow description of my encounter with stripper-cop for the past twenty minutes. "I cannot believe you found yourself a hot dyke plaything in the middle of nowhere."

"It's a gift." I couldn't sing or dance or paint or even hold down a regular job, but I was never without female companionship in the bedroom and that more than made up for all my other shortcomings. "You still humping your fist waiting for Dalia to notice your sorry arse?"

Dalia was a waitress at a coffee shop three streets away from where I used to live. Her first day on the job, she'd fucked me in the bathroom during her break, a fact I'd never shared with Janice, who seems to think her hot waitress was purer than the driven snow.

"I don't want to talk about it." I'd put in a good word for her with Dalia before I left but somehow my good intentions hadn't extended to refusing her generous offer of head. Not that I was the kind of woman who screwed her friends, at least not in the non-physical way, because I wasn't, but there was about as much chance of Janice scoring a date with Dalia as there was of me becoming a nun.

I provided a few more juicy details about stripper-cop and learnt that one of my exes had moved back to town, before finishing the call and getting back to work; work consisted of nothing more than taking readings from the equipment in the garden - some wildlife and conservation shit I didn't understand - and e-mailing the data back to the university.

Stripper-cop, whose name was apparently Marlene, dropped by the cabin every couple of days, her fingers and tongue joined by a host of toys in her efforts to get me off as many times as humanly possible. I asked her, in-between orgasms, if she'd been starved for female company and was surprised to find out that she was the only lesbian for forty miles. I didn't disbelieve her, as such, but it renewed my determination to explore the surrounding area and see if I couldn't pick up another playmate or two; Marlene wished me luck and made me promise I'd give her all the details if I did score - she was my kind of girl.

My forays into the woods didn't reveal much beyond trees, but the guy from the university had promised me there were other research units in the area, and where there were research units, there were horny sorority girls desperate to get laid.

"Hi there!" Just as I'd suspected, the lake was a Mecca for the students, and I caught my first one skinny-dipping at dawn. I normally wouldn't have been up at that hour, but my stripper-cop hadn't been by for almost a week and I was too horny to sleep.

She was kind of skinny, with breasts so small they'd disappear into your hands, but her long tapered fingers knew just how to tweak my clit, and we spent an enjoyable morning fucking by the lake, before she had to get back to camp and the nerdy boyfriend who was waiting for her there. As she got dressed, she told me about the other students, dotted around in little camps, and especially about the other female students, who she was convinced were straighter than straight. I made note of all the details and wished her luck with her studies, pointing out that she might like to make the acquaintance of the local police woman while she was in the area.

Marlene bought me a case of Jack as a thank you present. I was a much better fuck, she assured me, but she was just so damn happy to know there were other willing dykes in the area that she had to show her gratitude. For the rest of the night, she showed her gratitude with the aid of her favourite strap-on and I made a mental note to pass on her details to every woman I knew from that moment forth.

Janice called two days later asking for advice on Dalia. "She won't even have a cup of coffee with me," she moaned, for the seventh time, "and she works in a fucking coffee shop."

Dalia and I had chatted over a refreshing cup of tea almost every morning before I left on my trip. We talked about everything, from girlfriends to college courses and what we wanted to accomplish in our lives, and although we weren't exactly strangers to each other's bodies, our relationship had never been just about sex. None of which I could tell Janice, of course, and even if I could, it wouldn't help her worm her way into Dalia's affections; Dalia didn't like her, it was as simple as that. "Maybe it's time you found someone else to lust over?" I'd been suggesting the same thing for months, but she never listened. "What about Tina? She's back on the market and you always did say you liked the way she wiggled her arse."

"I'm in love with Dalia!" She could be very melodramatic. "I know it's probably beyond your comprehension but some of us are actually looking for more than a convenient pussy."

I could detect a trace of contempt for my lifestyle, but I put it down to the fact she hadn't been laid in months, whereas I'd managed to maintain my sex-hound ways even in the middle of fucking nowhere. "You need to replace the batteries, your frustration is showing."

Our conversation finished quite quickly after that. I thought about calling Dalia, more because I missed our chats than in an attempt to act as Cupid, but I knew her voice would make me hornier than a rabbit on Viagra and my stripper-cop wasn't due back from visiting her mother for another day.

I returned to the lake and was greeted with the less than picturesque sight of some hairy slob and his girlfriend rutting like animals. I know that might sound heterophobic but the noises this guy was making sounded like something out of Wild Kingdom and it really didn't look comfortable. Fortunately, for me at least, it was over very quickly and he wandered off to parts unknown.

"Hello." I tried to make my voice as friendly as possible, but the girl still jumped half a mile in the air; her full breasts jiggled quite fetchingly and I couldn't help staring at them in appreciation. "Nice tits," I said, before I could censor myself.

I thought she was going to start screaming for her hairy oaf, but instead she laughed and said 'thank you'. It turned out that she was visiting her boyfriend, the hairy oaf, who was in the woods collecting sap samples, and that she really liked it when I fingered her up the arse. As surprising as it may sound, she'd never given a woman head before, but she tackled the experience with gusto and it quickly became apparent that she was a natural.

The hairy oaf wandered back sometime later and I was forced to say a hasty farewell but not before she'd secured the location of my cabin and promised to visit on her way back home the following day; when I got back, I sent Marlene a text telling her to be at the cabin in time to meet my new friend.

The girl stayed with me for three days, and during that time, Marlene and I taught her all we could about the art of fucking women. It was pretty obvious by the time that she, very reluctantly, left that her hairy oaf of a boyfriend wouldn't be getting any ever again, although his little sister was in for a big surprise.

"I'm so glad you came," Marlene told me as she packed away her favourite dildo and prepared to get back to work. "My pussy hasn't been this happy in years." She was a nice woman and she gave good head, so I was glad to have made her pussy happy. "I can't believe you're only here for another two months."

The time had flown, and although I'd provided a couple of temporary playmates for Marlene, I didn't feel as if I'd found her anyone suitable to play with once I'd gone and, for some reason I couldn't name, that had become a kind of quest of late. I again asked her about the women in town, sure that at least one of them must have been harbouring lesbian tendencies, but none sounded promising and what was worse, Marlene didn't sound particularly interested in any of them.

Dalia phoned me the next day. "Please, can you do something about your friend?" The sound of her voice sent my hand into my underwear and I couldn't help wishing she'd come in person to ask the favour. "She won't leave me alone."

"Uh huh." It didn't matter what she said, her voice always got to me, and I found it easy to picture her standing over me, her tits bursting out of her uniform, and an 'I'm gonna fuck you now' look in her eyes.

"Are you listening to me?" Her voice was breathy, as it always was when she was riding my hand, and it sent tremors down my spine. "Shit, I didn't call you so you could get your rocks off." Her words might have been angry but her tone was pure sex, and it wasn't long before I could hear the telltale sounds of her approaching climax.

"Was it good for you, too?" I asked, rather pleased with myself for getting her off without actually touching or even talking to her.

"Fuck you." It was a promise rather than a curse and one I hoped to cash in on when I got back home. "Can we talk about me now?"

I couldn't promise I wouldn't have to take a break to fuck myself at some point, but I did agree to hear her out. "If you're not interested, just tell her," I advised, my hand slipping back into my underwear in anticipation of a return to our previous activities.

"Don't you think I've tried that?" I was so wet. "She won't take no for an answer, and she's starting to creep me the hell out."

I wanted her to talk dirty to me while I fucked myself with one of the dildos Marlene had left behind the last time she was over, but I knew she'd be obstinate and refuse to play along until I delivered some pearls of wisdom. "Tell her you're seeing someone else."

"She's been practically stalking me for months; she knows I'm not getting laid."

That was a crime, if ever I heard one, and something I'd rectify the second I got home. "Can't you get one of your friends to pretend to take you out?"

I eased the dildo inside of me and waited for her to acknowledge the wisdom of my words and start with the phone sex. "All of my friends are afraid of her." Her voice took on the deep timbre that always preceded sex. "I could always tell her that you and I were fucking."

The dildo slipped out of my grasp, and I sat up quickly, pushing it deeper inside of me and eliciting a sharp squeak of surprise. "You can't tell her that!" She might be my best friend, but Janice was also a headcase and she'd beat the shit out of me if she thought I'd been fucking her girl all this time. "I've told her all about the women I'm fucking down here, so she'd never believe you." She would. She knew me too well to doubt I'd fuck Dalia any chance I got and even the distance wouldn't stop me from indulging in a little phone sex; something that I was currently proving to be correct. "Give me a few days to think of something, okay?"

She didn't answer, as such, but she did start talking dirty, and before I knew it, I was riding the dildo and calling out her name. Damn, but she was good.

I explained my problem to Marlene when she came around the next day, and in-between orgasms, she helped me work out a plan. It was nice having a cop for a friend and I knew I'd miss her when I went back home, and it wouldn't just be because of the sex, even though that was always memorable.

The following day, I explained the plan to Dalia - a friend of Marlene's would pose as the new girlfriend but disappear 'off to sea' before Janice could become too suspicious - and although she agreed to try it, she was obviously less than impressed, because she didn't stay on the line long enough for me to even get my jeans undone.

Over the next couple of weeks, I started making trips into town, to check out the local talent, but lesbian hotties were in rather short supply. I tried talking to the female shelf stacker I'd met on my first day, but her voice grated on my nerves to such an extent that I didn't think I could fuck her even if I tried and that was something that had never happened to me before.

Marlene and another of the students soothed my frustrations, but I was starting to get annoyed with my lack of success, until I stumbled, quite literally, into the town's only doctor. Alice was a very poised looking woman, nearly fifteen years my senior, who looked shocked at the very idea of giving another woman head. The actual getting on her knees and sticking her tongue in my pussy she had a lot less trouble with, and she was soon showing me the advantages of taking an older lover. I took her back to the cabin and introduced her to Marlene's strap-on, and later that day, I introduced her to Marlene herself.

I should have realised that the two women were already acquainted, but from their looks of surprise, it was obvious, although somewhat shocking, to note that neither had known the other liked to fuck women. Shyness reared its unexpected head for the first hour or two after that particular realisation and neither woman could quite bring herself to touch the other, but fortunately I was there and more than willing, and they happily fucked me senseless until they were comfortable enough to transfer their attentions to each other.

The next day Marlene sent a case of Jack to the cabin with a short note simply saying, 'Thank you'.

Janice called me at two in the morning to tell me that Dalia had gone missing and she suspected the girlfriend. "Don't be an idiot," I told her. "They've probably gone off somewhere to fuck like bunnies." She didn't appreciate my candid insight into human nature and hung up on me.

At dawn, Dalia appeared on my doorstep. "I know it's too early, so you don't have to say it, but if you let me in, I promise to send you back to sleep with a smile on your face." I let her in. Thirty minutes later, her fingers still inside me, I succumbed to the pull of sleep.

The morning and most of the afternoon was spent having sex in various parts of the cabin; she liked trying new places and appreciated the toys Marlene had left behind. As evening drew near, we fortified ourselves with snacks and a bottle of wine, and finally talked about the Janice situation. "I thought she was going to kill that fake girlfriend you sent me," she said, her fear making her nipples stand at attention and momentarily derailing my train of thought. "She's mad."

"She's in love." I knew it was obsessive and borderline insane, but it was still love, and that made it very difficult to deal with. "In her mind, you belong to her and anyone who stands between you needs to be taken out of the picture." I knew I was scaring her, but Janice's phone calls had become increasingly disturbing during my time away and I didn't think Dalia could afford to underestimate the level of her obsession.

She cried, more in frustration than fear, and burrowed further into my arms. "What happens when you come back? How long do you think it will be before she figures out we're fucking?" Her assumption was presumptive, but we both knew it would take more than a roving psycho to stop us from getting together and bumping uglies. I'd slept with a lot of women, but there was only one I came back to year after year and I wasn't about to let Janice jeopardise that relationship.

I started to slowly rock our bodies together, more to distract her than anything else. "She never figured it out before." We never advertised our relationship, but anyone with a brain would have questioned the number of times we disappeared into the back room during her breaks, especially when we returned all red-faced and breathless. "She thinks we're friends."

She ground into me, her pace getting faster and faster as she neared the edge. "Friends who fuck," she gasped.

We'd been having sex, off and on, for nearly four years, and despite a chorus line of so-called 'girlfriends', Dalia was still the only woman I'd ever considered settling down with. Not that she'd ever expressed a desire to be lumbered with me on a permanent basis, but there was an intensity and ease to our relationship that was missing from all my other couplings, and I knew that if anyone 'got' me, it was her.

Janice called while Dalia was in the tub and informed me of her ongoing search to discover the whereabouts of her missing 'girlfriend'. I could detect a deepening of her obsession and doubted it would be long before she tracked Dalia to the cabin. "I'll be back at the end of the month, why don't you cool your heels until then, and I'll help you look for her?"

"That's weeks away! God alone knows what that bitch might be doing to her in the meantime." It would seem she'd cast the fake girlfriend in the role of deranged lover, which was rather rich, and no amount of coaxing on my part could get her to downgrade her threat assessment. "Do you think I should call her parents? Let them know what's going on?"

Dalia's mother was dead and she hadn't spoken to her father in years. "Maybe you should go out and see them? If Dalia's in trouble she might have run home." It would take her days, if not weeks, to track down an address and that would buy us some breathing room.

She agreed and quickly ended the call to go and interrogate Dalia's boss for contact details. I relayed the content of our call to Dalia when she got out of the bath and she seemed mildly more relaxed as we sat down to lunch and awaited the arrival of Marlene.

As a cop, Marlene had dealt with a number of cases of obsession and didn't sugar-coat the problem. "It already sounds as if she's crossed a line and I don't think you can rule out the possibility of violence." She gave me a smirk. "I take it you two are fucking?"

"Not right now," I quipped, hoping to inject a note of levity into the proceedings, "but in general terms, yes, we are."

Marlene's gaze took in Dalia, and I could tell she was interested, but unlike with the students and Alice, I felt disinclined to share my spoils with my new friend. I knew there had been other women in Dalia's life over the years, but I'd never felt comfortable knowing about them and I certainly wasn't about to offer her up on a silver platter to the first big busted police officer who came along.

"She won't like that," Marlene continued, the warmth of the smile she bestowed on Dalia grating on my nerves. "She'll see it as a betrayal." She patted Dalia's arm and I felt the unfamiliar tingling of jealousy; it was too ridiculous to contemplate and I quickly put it to the back of my mind.

"Do you think she'd hurt us?" Dalia asked, as she moved closer to me on the couch.

I put a protective and somewhat possessive arm around her shoulders. "I won't let her hurt you." I couldn't fight my way out of a paper bag, but that wouldn't stop me from doing everything I could to protect Dalia.

She squeezed my hand. "It's not me I'm worried about."

Marlene concurred. She spent the next hour scaring the bejesus out of me in the hope, she said, of making me take the situation seriously. I still found it hard to imagine Janice running rampant, despite her obvious delusions, but I was smart enough to take heed of her words.

Marlene's leave-taking was somewhat protracted, as she lingered in the expectation of being invited to partake of our evening's fun and games, but when she realised an invitation would not be forthcoming, she left us to our own devices. Dalia and I talked about the Janice situation for another couple of hours, but we eventually ran out of things to say and retired to the confines of the bedroom.

The sex was languid and tinged with an unexpected hint of romance that followed me into sleep. I curled my body around Dalia's as I slept, and when I eventually awoke, it was to the feel of her kisses and the warmth of her body pressed against mine.

"I could get used to this," I told her, and I meant it, but I had little time to regret my openness as the door crashed in and Janice came screaming into the room.

"Get the fuck away from her!" She looked crazed, her eyes swimming in fury, as she yanked me from the bed and pushed me onto the floor. I was dazed. She started shouting at Dalia, accusing her of betraying their love and besmirching my less than pure reputation. It would seem, at least according to Janice, that sleeping with me was akin to lying with a dog.

Dalia met the abuse with first fear and then anger; her fingers tightened on the sheet she was using to shield her body as she stood on the bed to loom over us both. She looked fucking amazing. Janice obviously agreed, as her tirade came crashing to a halt, and she stood salivating in anticipation. It was extremely creepy. I got to my feet and tried to position myself between Dalia and Janice, but the angle of the bed made it next to impossible. "You need to leave, now!"

I think Dalia was impressed, because she gave me the cutest smile, but Janice had obviously decided to ignore my very existence. "Why did you leave?" she implored, crawling onto the bed and inching her way closer to Dalia.

Naked, unarmed and in shock, I wasn't exactly at my best, but I wasn't about to let Janice within touching distance of my girlfriend. "You need to get out of here, now, before I call the cops." I knew Marlene would be here in a flash, if only I could get to my phone, but in the meantime, I had to keep her the hell away from Dalia. "You've crossed a line, Janice, and you need to back the hell off."

The next few minutes flew by in a blur, and at the end of them, I found myself flat on my back, with both Dalia and Marlene standing over me, and the beginnings of a major league headache crowding my thoughts.

"My hero," Dalia cooed, stroking my hair and draping a sheet around my body. I couldn't remember quite what I'd done to earn the title, but as she started peppering my lips with kisses, I decided not to question her gratitude.

Marlene had Janice in handcuffs - not the fun ones, apparently, but those she used for work - and was quickly bustling her into the back of her car. I didn't think that Janice had committed an arrestable offence, seeing as the front door of the cabin had been unlocked, but I wasn't about to muddy the waters with legal niceties after Marlene had been so magnificent in coming to our rescue. Later, once things had returned to normal, I found out that Marlene had taken her prisoner to see Alice, rather than a custody sergeant, and the local quack had done her voodoo magic and psychoanalysed my former best friend into near normality.

Dalia decided to stay with me for the remaining weeks of my time at the cabin, and we spent our days taking in nature and fucking like bunnies. It was everything I'd dreamt of as a kid, mixed with the fantasies of my adult life, and I was sorry to see my time there come to an end. Marlene promised to keep in touch, and although we hadn't slept together since Dalia's arrival and I knew I'd miss her inventive ways in the bedroom, I was very content to have her as a friend rather than a lover.

Her unplanned leave of absence resulted in Dalia being fired from her job at the coffee shop and, to save money, she and I decided to move in together. It wasn't long before we found new jobs, but somehow the subject of moving never arose and we settled into a life of friendly fucking and never before tried monogamy. It was weird, not sleeping around, but as I was still getting laid on a regular and thoroughly inventive basis, I wasn't about to complain.

We finally exchanged the 'I love you's a year after we got back from the cabin, and I must admit to going a little crazy as a result. I didn't cheat on her, exactly, but I came closer than I knew she was comfortable with, and if it hadn't been for Marlene and Alice talking some sense into me, I could have totally screwed things up.

Three years later, we were still together, and my reputation as a player had dwindled into the annals of history. It wasn't a life I'd ever envisioned, even as a kid playing with my Action Man and conforming to my parents' expectations, but it was one I would fight the world, including Janice, to keep.

As fairy tales went, it was more Playboy than Disney, but not many women could honestly say that they'd gone into the woods, slain a dragon and won the heart of the damsel in distress.

The End

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