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Full Of It
By Vanessa Riverton



I have Ashley's undivided attention. It's just me, her and my story. I grin and close my eyes; I like to relive the story in my head before I say anything.

"Victoria... Oh my... What a girl she was. Right, Ash?" The skin around her jaw tightens and I can tell she is clenching her jaw and biting her tongue to prevent her saying anything that could get one of her superiors to remove her.

If you want to piss off Ashley Prince... talk about having animalistic, mind-blowing sex with Victoria Louwrens. It puts you in her top five to-kill list without a doubt.

My former lover was someone I could only really describe as utterly delectable. She was everything you could ever wish for and so much more. She filled the emptiness in me with her insatiable lust and love for me. She could make me forget everything if not for only a few seconds when I reached that blissful state of mind where if it's your first time you feel as though you're about to black out and leave the plain of the living, and if it's not your first time, she still takes you to that perfectly euphoric state of being.

And this girl, god, she could make me forget everything, make me come so hard I'd forget my name, and then she'd make it all come crashing back down to me when she would reach over to me for the apparently mandatory post-coital hug. She would nuzzle her face, gleaming with a light sheen of sweat into the crook of my neck and she would sigh. She often told me it was a sigh of contentment and I would sigh back, the first time I ever did it, I could feel her smile and she took it as a sign that I too was content.

I wish I could have avoided all awkwardness then and after and just admitted that I was in fact only doing it to appease her but something in me didn't want to see that hurt look on Victoria's face. Victoria knew I was perfectly capable and perfectly happy with performing sexual acts but for acts of intimacy? Emotion? Well, that made me much more uncomfortable... I only did it to make her happy. I wanted to make her happy.

And once again, I had learned that sometimes admitting the truth after an intimate act, and, to be quite frank, a rather mind-blowing session of sex can be a definite faux pas.

For most people I'd say stick to the lies... like, I love you, or, that was the best I've ever had.

Thankfully with Victoria those were never lies.

I look over to Ashley and see her jaw is still clenched and her eyes are blazing with pure revulsion at my very being. I smirk and lean forward, barely speaking in a whisper – I want to make sure she's listening to me and not having some fantasy about beating the shit out of me; according to Vicky, in the bedroom she was rather a kinky little thing.

"I think to understand everything about me better; I had better start from the beginning."

"Then start from there, Montgomery." Oooh, last name terms... she must really be aching to kick the shit out of me. I like it.

-"My, my... forceful, aren't we, Detective?" My deliberately teasing tone has it's effect on Ashley and she stiffens her posture. Then she smirks – she knows she just gave in to me.

"The beginning? Of the affair Victoria shared with me?" Ashley's face drops for a split second before recovering her cold persona – nicely played Prince... but not nice enough, "Well, I could tell you about how Victoria came crawling back to me when she said her previous lover wasn't quite fulfilling her."

Ashley opens her mouth to retaliate but stops herself, instead opting for clicking her tongue.


The very tell-tale sign she was pissed off.

"I don't think that's relevant... Ms Montgomery." I sigh overdramatically and meet her deep, brown eyes again.

"Oh, I don't know, Detective... it would bring up a lot of questions... like if her previous lover was truly fulfilling her... then maybe she would be with them, and wouldn't have been where she was tonight." I smirk smugly and I wait patiently. Waiting.

God, I'm always waiting for what I want lately... and right now, I want, no, I need Ashley's reaction.

Barely a split second has passed, her chair has gone flying across the room and she is standing, breathing heavily as she rushes over the table and grabs me by my collar.

Her fingers are holding onto me so tight, I can feel her nails digging into my skin and I swear the skin is about to break. I feel alive. I feel her anger coursing through me. I feel her anger feeding me.

"I swear to fucking God, Devon..." She stops, and looks away, letting go of my collar... fully aware that I'm not going to do a thing. Other than smile the world's largest shit-eating grin you've ever seen.

Ashley turns away from me and looks into the mirror. A few seconds later, after nothing happens she turns back to me and she smiles – once again she knows she gave into me. I'm winning this game.

I'm the winner and as usual she's the loser.

She picks her chair up and puts it back in it's original place. She sits down and leans her elbows onto the table.

"I'm going to shut up, Devon and I'm going to let you talk... because God knows you love the sound of your own voice, you conceited fuck. You can say whatever you want... from here on in, it's my rules, there's nothing you can say that's going to get to me... You can say what you like. We've got you nailed, you bastard and you are going down." She grins and it almost unnerves me.

She's right... I will most probably go to prison... for a long time. I only hope my lawyer is a damned fine one. She cocks her head, taking in my facial expression as I think.

-"Want your lawyer? Call him, Montgomery, I don't give a fuck." I shake my head, my smirk returning.

No, Prince, I'm not giving you a damn thing that you want. I don't want the fucking call.

"I don't need him right now. Right now, Ash, this is just about you and me... Victoria always did say she wanted us to sit down and get to know each other better... what better way than this? And without the hassle of lawyers."

She laughs in disbelief at me.

There is a knock at the door, and she slowly walks over to it, she opens it and is handed a file by another no-name 'uniform'. She looks at the file and she turns to me, her face drained of some colour but she keeps her ferocious pair of eyes trained on me. I tilt my head curiously.

She closes the door and approaches the table, she puts the file on the table, opens it and slides it over to me.

I look down.

Victoria. In my apartment. Coated in her own blood. I close my eyes and trace the photograph with my finger lightly. I'm still staring at her picture when I hear Ash's voice again,

"Why, Devon?" I look up and my smile instantly reappears – why? I don't know.

"I told you... to understand why, I'll have to start from the beginning, Detective..." I sigh and lean back into my chair. "From birth, I was spoiled rotten by everyone I know..."

And it's true, I was loved by everyone but inside of me I could not find it in me to love my family. I wish I could be an empathetic person, but how can you be empathetic if you have not experienced what people have gone through?

"My parents more than provided for me, not a single request I had was left unfulfilled..." I trail off once more and see Ashley looking perfectly bored with me...

Where was I? Ah yes, not a request left unfulfilled... but alas I was.

My parents seemed to think it was me crying for a need to be around countless other pre-pubescent my age. Ha! Could you imagine? Who would want to be around more people with the same adolescent worries as them?

"I just wanted a puppy." She stares at me confused for a second. Ha, sometimes I forget if I'm talking or thinking sometimes... Damn these trips down memory lane.

Anyway, back to my parents... who thought I was bored with the material but less than substantial life I had as a spoiled brat.

They sent me to school. A private school of course, but a school filled with potential 'friends'.

I think that's when it everything began – and I mean everything.

The story of Victoria and I.

Part 3

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