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By SDerkins

Story Idea by Golden_Ruhl


Part Eight

"Can he really have it ready in just five hours?" Maggie asked as Nessa guided her to the pristine white bed after locking the door.

Nessa smiled and closed the curtains. It darkened the room a little but still gave them plenty of soft light. She moved up next to her lover and gently eased her back until she was on her back. Maggie was still stunned by the visitors and didn't notice at first.

"Yes, but he's not what I'm focused on at the moment."

The brunette suddenly heard the sexual growl in Nessa's voice. Maggie realized she was on her back on a very comfortable bed and Nessa was crawling over her. She smiled and put her arms around her lover. "Oh? I assume you brought me up here for nefarious reasons?"

"Nah. I thought I'd teach you how to knit, silly thing." Nessa leaned over her until she could reach her mouth. Her own lips parted slightly as they met and began a slow seduction of her lover's mouth.

Maggie moaned as her hands began wandering slowly caressing her lightly as their mouths danced. Time slowed for the lovers. This wouldn't be as frantic as their other times had been. Maggie slid her hands beneath Nessa's shirt and stroked her warm back, tracing every inch gently.

Nessa groaned, enjoying the sensual contact. She took her lips from Maggie's but began trailing her mouth lazily along her jaw. "I love how your hands feel on me," she whispered into her ear.

The taller woman kissed her shoulder then gently urged Maggie up until she straddled her lap.

"Then let me touch you. We're in no hurry." Maggie helped Nessa out of her shirt and asked her to lie on her stomach. Nessa could feel the eyelet spread rub against her sensitive nipples as she settled down.

"Just relax, Nessa. I want us to just savor this." The redhead closed her eyes but could tell by sound that Maggie was slipping out of her clothes. She felt the bed lean as the taller woman slid one knee near her hips then felt the warmth as she straddled over them. It felt nice to have their bottoms pressing lightly like that. She let out a sigh as large, warm hands began stroking her back and shoulders.

Maggie felt Nessa relaxing under her touch and smiled lovingly. This was nice and she was happy their afternoon wouldn't be rushed. They could savor their time now that the first edge had been satisfied the evening before.

Her hands glided along Nessa's creamy colored skin that was soft and warm. Tiny golden freckles were scattered here and there and Maggie felt the urge to kiss each one. She leaned forward and touched her lips to one then another. Nessa hummed in pleasure.

Both women relished the leisurely game of connect the dot. Nessa just basked in the loving attention given her and the feeling of being surrounded by Maggie. The brunette kissed her way slowly until her lips found the soft nape. She brushed her lips along the fine curly strands, following the hairline until her lips found the scented skin beneath Nessa's ear. "Mmmm. I like your perfume. It's soft and alluring and makes me want to get even closer to you," she whispered as her lips teased her lobe.

Nessa whimpered quietly while her lover used her mouth to caress along her neck and shoulder. She wanted to squirm because her excitement was growing. Maggie sensed it and ran her hands along Nessa's arms soothingly. "Just lie there and enjoy this, my Love," she asked of her.

Maggie began a slow return down her back, kissing along her spine and stroking her skin with her warm hands. Nessa kept reminding herself to relax but Maggie's lips kept finding small areas that aroused her when touched. Nessa felt Maggie's breath at her waist but her linen pants prevented her from continuing. She felt Maggie urging her hips up so she could unfasten them. Both her slacks and panties slid down. The redhead shifted until they were removed. Somewhere along the way her shoes had also disappeared.

The tall woman returned to her position over her lover and began nibbling along her hips. Nessa moaned when the flat of Maggie's tongue stroked the small of her back.

"You are going to kill me, aren't you?" Nessa whimpered.

An urgent knock sounded on the door. "Ms. Garrett! Please, you had a phone call from your brother," Rachel said from the other side of the door, "he said to call him immediately!"

"No," Maggie's voice said with frustration, "but I just may kill my brother and Rachel."

Nessa wanted to throw something against the door in her disappointment. This was just so unfair! Nessa uttered a foul word, shocking her lover.

"I agree, but at moment we aren't doing it," she grumbled. Maggie shifted as she reached for her cell phone and hit auto dial.

"Oh thank God! Maggie, why haven't you answered your calls?" her brother snapped.

"I've been a little busy, you know," she said impatiently, angry they had been interrupted.

"I had to call. Your newest dyke girlfriend can wait." His tone would normally be nasty but he was excited about something. "Betsy has her baby! It's a boy! You gotta see him Mags. He's beautiful. I promised her I'd call you and have you come see your new nephew," he said.

Maggie sighed. Her brother was a jerk but he was married to a very sweet woman, and in her mind, a saint who dealt with him on a daily basis.

She let out a sigh and turned to Nessa. "Want to see my new nephew?"

Charles stood behind them as they looked into the nursery window, his glare preventing anyone from approaching the notorious couple. The proud daddy stood there grinning and even had spared a few words of greeting to Nessa. The billionaire was amused more than insulted. Maggie suggested peeking in on Betsy before leaving.

"Why are you in such a hurry to leave?" Jerry pouted.

"We have to attend a dinner party tonight," Maggie sighed, hating to explain every action she took to her dominating brother. "Let's go see Betsy," she added quickly to prevent him from bitching.

They had opened the hospital room's door but the new mother was sleeping. They backed out into the hallway.

"Tell her we'll come visit tomorrow morning, Jerry," Maggie told her brother.

Maggie glanced at her watch as she and Nessa walked behind Charles. "I hope the outfit is there when we get home," she commented. Nessa wanted to skip to the car. Maggie considered her house 'home'.

"Randolph is a miracle worker, don't worry. I wonder what he designed for you? I hope its revealing," she added with a smirk.

"Behave," she whispered. "It's bad enough that I need a cold shower so don't push your luck or you might get jumped in the back of the car."

"Well, since it isn't a limo with a one way glass it could prove embarrassing for Charles," Nessa grinned. Maggie moaned. It was going to be a very long evening.

They walked into the house. Tess, who informed them that Maggie's new outfit was in their bedroom, greeted them. Maggie smiled; glad at least one of the servants figured out she was there to stay.

They hurried upstairs. They barely had an hour to get ready. The garment bag was resting on the bed. Nessa picked it up and unzipped it.

"Go take a quick shower Maggie, I want to see you in this as soon as possible," she said, hiding it from her lover's sight. Maggie sighed. She may as well do as she was told. She jumped into the shower and was surprised when Nessa joined her. She grinned and reached for her lover.

"Oh no you don't! We need to shower fast and no time for play. Hurry now, brat."

"Hoyden," Maggie pouted.

Their shower was quickly finished. They dried off. Nessa dried her hair as Maggie applied light makeup to her features. She rarely wore any but wanted to look nice this evening.

"You look wonderful, now go get dressed. If I know Randolph, everything you need is in the bag. Now shoo! I have to apply my war paint," she grinned.

"A waste of makeup if you ask me. Hard to improve on perfection," Maggie said warmly, meaning every word. Nessa stood on her tiptoes and kissed her softly. "Thanks, but go get dressed," she said with a smile.

Maggie flipped open the bag and looked inside. She found a note inside.

'Do not wear a bra with this. Enclosed is what you ought to wear beneath it and fit for the goddess you are. Enjoy your evening-Randolph'

Maggie opened the tiny bag and found what he had sent. She held it up and grinned. It was a teeny little thong made of red lace.

The tall woman removed her robe and slipped the thong on. It was the first time she wore one and it felt odd and sexy all at once.

"Oh. My. God." Came from behind her. Maggie started to turn but Nessa told her to stay exactly as she was.

"Place your hands on the bed, would you, Love?" the redhead asked when she reached her. Maggie's eyebrows rose but did as she was asked. Suddenly warm hands cupped her ass and began massaging her cheeks.

A squeak managed to pass through her lips. "Nessa? Have mercy on me!" she begged. The hands were removed reluctantly.

"I think Randolph is wicked to send you that. I have enough trouble keeping my hands off of you," Nessa complained.

"Ditto. Let's get dressed before I say to hell the fancy dinner and eat at home," she said, her tone serious. Nessa felt a thud down low and backed away. The idea was very tempting indeed.

"I think I'll get dressed in the bathroom," Nessa commented. They needed some distance between them. She gathered her things and closed the door behind her.

Maggie glanced at herself in the full-length mirror. It wasn't something she would have picked out on her own-but admitted it was nice.

The creation was made of a shimmering material, soft as silk, in autumn red, almost identical to the color of Nessa's hair. The dress came to her knees and that would have been considered proper except for the short slit along the side. The outfit hugged her around her hips where an intricate woven belt molded around her waist and dipped lower towards her hips. The top was loose, almost Grecian, and left her shoulders and arms bare. It couldn't be considered daring but she had to admit it was sexy. Randolph had included some simple jewelry that suited the dress. It was almost primitive, made with black onyx and silver.

"Oh, very nice," Nessa said from the doorway. Maggie flushed and turned. Her eyes looked at the redhead's outfit and smiled. Her 'little black dress' suited her slim body, molding modestly to her yet retaining the old money chic elegance. Nessa was holding a shiny, light dinner wrap that would keep the chill away and would look nice over the dress. "Help me into it?" Nessa asked innocently. Maggie took the wrap and held it up as Nessa turned around.

Then Maggie choked on her tongue as she saw that the dress had no back to speak of. It dipped nearly to Nessa's hips. The wrap fell from her fingers as she felt her mouth water at the sight of Nessa's creamy, luminescent skin. Without conscious thought her hands stroked the redhead's back.

Nessa felt as though she was being branded from the sexual desire that thrummed along every nerve ending of her body. She heard the strain of Maggie's breathing and felt her hands tremble with passion along her skin. They couldn't take much more of this torture.

"I think we had better leave before we lose our nerve," She suggested shakily.

Maggie couldn't even reply. She nodded her head and opened the bedroom door. It was going to be a very long night indeed.

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