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By SDerkins

Story Idea by Golden_Ruhl


Part Nine

"So, what do you think of the party so far, Love?" Nessa asked.

"Honestly, I had rather be home with you, alone," Maggie grinned. "By the way, that dress of yours is killing me. All I can think about is how to get you out of it," she whispered.

"I thought you liked this dress?" Nessa commented innocently. Her lover couldn't hide her sexual frustration at times. Flashes of the banked fire could be seen even now. She wished for the hundredth time that she had called the Caldwells and cried off from the invitation.

"I love that dress. It makes the most sexy woman in the world even more desirable. How could I not like it—other than off," she grinned crookedly. A movement in the corner of her eye told her yet another couple would join them. She put on her friendly expression and waited as Nessa introduced them.

"Oh yes, the reporter. I've read a few of your interviews. Very insightful. I heard you've resigned your position?"

"Yes, but I hope you understand that I am reluctant to speak of that for now?"

The man nodded. "Quite all right. I understand these things."

Maggie doubted it. Few of the guests here had ever held a job because they were from old money. Nessa's hand wrapped around her own. Maggie smiled down at her, glad for her silent support. Their eyes met and everything around them was forgotten as they got lost in each other's gaze. Time meant nothing, nor did their surroundings impose upon them. All they were aware of was the love and warmth that wrapped around them like a cozy blanket. They didn't even see the shared grins from those around them or the couple that chuckled when they didn't respond when spoken to. Instead, the older couple slipped away and left the young lovers to their cow eyes.

"Excuse me dears, but they are serving dinner. Perhaps you'd like to join everyone in the dining room?" and elderly lady said, placing her hands on their arms to gain their attention.

They blinked and realized most of the guests had left the room. "Oh, yes, thank you," Nessa managed to say. She smiled bashfully at Maggie and took her arm. "Shall we?"

Maggie offered her other arm to the tiny elderly woman. "May we escort you as well?" The woman smiled and took the offered arm. Mrs. Kantor smiled up at the towering brunette.

"My, I can see why our Nessa is smitten with you. She had better grab hold of you and keep you close. I know of a young lady who has been watching you quite closely tonight," she whispered.

"Oh?" Nessa said, curious. "Who?"

"Oh, my granddaughter. She loves tall women you know. Carey is a sweet girl but still too young to get seriously involved. A pity really. Do you know of any young women who may be suitable?" she asked Maggie.

"I'm afraid not, ma'am. The few single women I know are rather…rough around the edges. I doubt that was what you had in mind," Maggie said, trying not to give in to laughter. This was the first time she was approached by an elderly matchmaker.

"Well, if you think of someone have Nessa give me a ring. She has my number. Thank you for the escort my dear." The elderly woman took her seat at the long table.

Nessa indicated their seats and blushed prettily when Maggie helped her with her chair. It raised a few eyebrows but little else.

Once everyone was seated the first course was served. Maggie was glad of Nessa's quiet guidance in the use of so many utensils. The meal was elaborate but slow paced, giving everyone time to chat. Maggie took Nessa's hand between courses, caressing her soft hand gently.

The redhead was glad the touches were perfectly innocent but they still added to her problem. Each soft stroke of Maggie's thumb sent a tingle along her spine. Then there were the looks Maggie gave her. They were mostly affectionate but sometimes her eyes told her than Maggie was as relaxed as a leopard ready to pounce. She felt herself respond to the need in her eyes, her body flushing with heat. She did her best to keep her mind on the dinner instead of the sensual thoughts that tormented her.

She was relieved when the next course was placed in front of her. She needed the distraction. Her eyes lowered to her plate and saw chilled oysters sitting in a bed of greens and chipped ice. She felt Maggie's arm press against her own and saw the evil humor sparkling in her eyes.

Without looking at her dish, the brunette took one shell and tossed back the seafood while keeping her eyes locked with Nessa's aqua green eyes. Mesmerized, Nessa saw Maggie's pink tongue peek out and brush across her own lips. The redhead swallowed hard as her brains rushed south. It was going to be a very long evening.

"Let's take a stroll outside. I feel a little warm," Nessa said casually. Maggie smiled and walked beside her lover through the open patio doors. They walked silently until Nessa was sure no one would overhear them.

"Maggie," her voice lowered and was a bit strained. "When we get home…" her voice trailed off.

"Yes?" she said, trying to hide her smirk.

"I have such plans for you," she threatened vaguely.

"Oh?" Maggie loved baiting her. She knew Nessa was as aroused as she was but wanted to see how far Nessa would go to express that while at the party. She was so lady-like in public most of the time.

Nessa sent her a look and Maggie knew she was in serious trouble. The look wasn't from her sweet hoyden but from a tigress about to seize her prey. She cleared her throat.

"I think we had better go home before we…"

"Yes, we had better. I'll make our excuses to our hosts. You contact Charles on your cell phone," Nessa commanded.

They got into the sedan. Maggie started to speak but Nessa grabbed her hand and squeezed it firmly. "Do not move, do not speak," she said through gritted teeth. Her self- control was ready to snap and she didn't want to begin anything in the car where Charles could witness it.

Maggie kept her eyes forward during the ride home although she had to use every ounce of will power not to squirm while her mind played havoc with her sex drive. She wanted to grab her lover and to hell with everything else. She was certain Nessa felt the same way. The electricity between them was nearly enough to light the entire East Side.

Agonizing minutes later they drove through the gate. Charles dropped them off at the front entry and pulled around to park the car. Nessa grabbed her hand and pulled her into the house. The hour was late and no one was around, the servants long gone to their own quarters. Nessa didn't slow down as they reached the stairs, keeping her grip firm on her lover's hand. They reached her bedroom where she pulled Maggie inside and locked the door behind them. In the darkness the tigress pounced.

The smaller woman shoved Maggie against the nearest wall and pressed her body roughly against her. Her mouth sought Maggie's lips and took possession of them in a kiss that promised to burn them alive. Both women groaned with pleasure. Maggie attempted to wrap her arms around her lover but Nessa was in charge. She grabbed her arms without breaking the kiss and shoved them against the wall.

The brunette felt her desire increase to unbelievable heights as Maggie took control of their lust. She kept her arms where Nessa had placed them and gave in, silently telling Nessa that she was hers for the taking.

Hands reached past the loose top of her dress and took hold of her swollen breasts. Maggie felt her legs weaken as warm fingers tugged on her stiff nipples. She arched towards the rough treatment, craving more.

Her lover broke the kiss. "You want this?" Nessa panted, her hands teasing the full globes of her breasts.


The hands released her breasts but before she could whimper at the loss Nessa grabbed her dress and tore it nearly in half, the rip stopping at the woven belt. Maggie felt the coolness of the room against her skin as the garment dangled around her hips. She didn't have time to feel the chill for long because Nessa pressed her body against her. Maggie eyes closed to mere slits as Nessa nipped her shoulder then alongside her neck. Hands touched her everywhere, driving her insane. Her belt was pulled tight then released, hitting the floor with a thud across the room.

What remained of her dress was shoved downwards until it pooled at her feet. Left bare except for the racy little thong. She watched as Nessa lifted one of her breasts to her lips and teased the rigid nipple with her flickering tongue.

"Oh God Nessa!" she managed to say before her lover began suckling on it hard.

Nessa lowered her hand and cupped her lover's sex and teased her through the scant material of the thong. Maggie's hips met her touch, begging for more. The redhead slid one finger past the material and felt how slick her lover was, and so ready for her. Never had she felt such power and desire for anyone. As much as she was in control, what she really craved was to give Maggie as much pleasure as she could stand.

She grabbed the final barrier between them and tossed it aside.

Her hand returned to cup Maggie's wetness. "You want me?"

Maggie whimpered and clung to her as her legs threatened to buckle. The tall brunette gasped out what she wanted. "Take me," she pleaded.

Maggie cried out as Nessa entered her, not roughly as she expected, but softly. All her poor mind could think was her lover was going to kill her slowly. Nessa began kissing softly down her body causing Maggie's legs to trembling as a warm and very soft tongue teased the very heart of her desire.

"Nessa! Please!" she panted.

Her lover opened her lips and drew her swollen flesh between them and suckled on it gently. Maggie felt the warm glow that always hit her just before she came. She lowered her hand and placed it on the back of Nessa's head and pressed her against her as she exploded into a million bits of ecstasy.

Her body slid to the floor in a heap. She felt Nessa's arms wrap around her but she was unable to lift a finger as her body pulsed in the afterglow. It took a few moments before she was aware of her lover rocking her gently in her arms. She lifted her hand and touched Nessa's arm.

"Are you alright?"

"Uh huh."

"Are you sure? You passed out."

"I did?" she asked faintly, her mind was still a little slow.

"Can you get up? I want to tuck you in bed and get you warm," Nessa suggested worriedly.

"Warm is good," Maggie mumbled. Her mind was starting to clear. They crawled under the covers and Nessa drew Maggie into her arms.

Maggie moaned in pleasure and snuggled against Nessa's chest, making happy contented noises.

The redhead chuckled. "You sound like a little piglet when you do that," she teased.

"Oink, oink, oink," Maggie mimicked. Nessa ruffled her hair and laughed.

"Mmmm, this is very nice. I think I must have done something right in another life to earn you as a pillow," Maggie grinned.

"Oh my, already you take me for granted. I pleasure you then you are ready to fall asleep," Nessa teased.

The brunette laughed. "What makes you think I'm ready to sleep? I just love cuddling with you. Did you know I feel very protected when you hold me?" Maggie asked seriously, catching Nessa by surprise. Although they were lovers they spent much time just in playful banter. This open seriousness struck deeply.

Maggie moved out of her arms and settle onto one elbow next to her lover.

"I love you Nessa. I know I've said this before but I think I need to say it again. I want you now and for the next sixty years or so. I'm not even sure that would be nearly long enough." She looked down into Nessa's glistening eyes as her heart pounded fearfully. Did Nessa feel the same way?

The redhead wiped away a tear that escaped then took a deep breath. "I guess you'll just have to hang around and find out then, won't you?"

Maggie let out her breath and pulled Nessa into her arms. "I suppose I ought to," she grinned.

She looked own at the last of the O'Shea family and her lover. They looked so in love even when they slept. She had gotten them together, two lonely souls, now they were united in love.

The Sidhe smiled and closed her eyes. A soft glow surrounded her then the sleeping women as a breeze fluttered the curtains. One final gift to this generation of the O'Shea. She hoped the next one would be less troublesome.

The End

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