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By Freddie-4884


As the storm raged outside, I'm sat curled in an over-stuffed chair in the darkened living room. I notice how the skies seem to mirror how I'm feeling. The rolling grey clouds reflect the dark emotions tumbling around inside of me. The lightning flashes across the sky like the sporadic bursts of anger I'm feeling at the unfairness and uncertainty of someone else trying to change the direction of my life. The rumbling thunder mimics the low sobbing sound that periodically erupts from somewhere deep inside my chest. As I continue to watch my emotions being played out in front of me by mother nature, I see you in the darkened glass.

You are silhouetted, looking like an angel, with the light from the hall shining behind you. I can't tell if you know that I am watching you, watching me. I can see the look of relief and confusion on your face. Obviously you have woken up and saw that I wasn't in bed and came looking for me. Slowly you enter the room and stand behind my chair. You place your hands on my shoulders and instantly I relax into your touch. I can't help it, I'm totally useless around you. I should be mad at you, I should rage at you, but I can't. You calm me in ways I've never been calm before. Seconds after you lay your hands on my shoulders I can feel a familiar peace settle on me. The peace that I feel every time you're near. You tell me quietly, your voice barely above a whisper, that I should go back to bed. That it's late and I have school in the morning. I know you are right. I nod and rise to go back to bed. When I stand you move in front of me and wrap your arms around me. Suddenly I feel safe, like everything will be alright. The world could be plunged into a third world war, but I would be fine, as long as I had your arms around me. You step back and take my hand and lead me upstairs, back to my bed. As you climb in beside me and wrap the duvet around us, you tell me again what you had told me in the kitchen earlier. The very thing that has caused so much pain and confusion in me. The thing that I've longed to hear and the one thing that has me so scared all I want to do is run and hide. But when you say it this time, I can feel it. I can believe it. I know I'm safe, I'm home. As I drift off to sleep you whisper again;

"I love you."

Before I succumb to sleep I whisper back, "I love you, too."

Once again I am at peace.

The End

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