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The truth behind the lie
By Ros Sawyer


Katya Wilkins had been working with Katrine and Jaye for years. She hated watching how nervous they were around each other. She knew they had once been friends but now they seemed to not know what to say to one another. She had, eventually, chosen to just confront them. She had to be able to trust them, both of them. They were, after all, meant to be her tutors.

She knew that she and Katrine could work it through, she had a feeling that Jaye was the one who wouldn't be willing to talk. It seemed almost like Jaye never wanted to talk anymore.

Katrine herself was working on getting Jaye to open up to her somehow and she desperately needed to know that she and Jaye were going to make it through, together.

She had eventually turned up alone on Jaye's doorstep, her voice soft as she spoke.

"What's going on Jaye? You used to tell me everything…"

"Kat… don't…"

"Jaye, is this… Cole? Did he do something?"

"Katrine… please…"

Katrine had fallen silent, looking Jaye over then pushing the shirt sleeves back, hating the look of the burns on Jaye's arms, she had spoken softly now.

"Show me…"

Jaye had refused, not wanting to show Katrine how foolish she'd been.


Katrine had stepped closer, moving to undo the woman's shirt, pushing the shirt from the woman's shoulders and wincing, taking in the bruises, cuts and scars.

"Jaye… why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't want anyone to know."

"Sometimes people have to know Jaye…"

Jaye had sighed, allowing Katrine to pull her closer, the warmth of Katrine's tederness washing over her. She had let her eyes slide closed, thankful that she and Katrine had finally talked, even if she had been afraid.

She had relaxed and allowed Katrine to shower love on her, even if she still felt like she was hiding how old she was and how broken she felt. She had stiffened when the doorbell rang, allowing Katrine to answer the door whilst she dressed, smiling softly at the look on Katya's face.

"Hey sweetie."

The End

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