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The Night
By Kristattoo


"NOOO!!" Haven's moan filled the small office she sat in. In frustration, she leaned forward and bumped her forehead against the desk several times. "No, this can't happen. Not tonight. For the love of God, not tonight." She took some deep breaths to calm herself. There was no need to panic. She'd prepared for this. She had back-up staff after all. This was why she had hired Austen. She was always able to fill in. Always, except when sick twins trumped Haven's offer of double time. Still, it was only strike one. Everyone knows you get at least three strikes. Haven wasn't about to give up yet.

Thirty minutes later and Haven had run through strikes two, three, four, five, six and seven. She had not only gone through the entire list of her staff but she had also called vet friends who owed her favors with no luck whatsoever. In desperation, she had even tried her ex Holli which had only served to expose her to a twenty-minute lecture and the sound of the phone slammed down in her ear.

"Not tonight," she sighed as she rubbed her forehead with both hands. Briefly she ran over the list of patients in her care at the vet office. There was a calico cat in labor. Well that should be no big deal; cats have been giving birth to kittens for thousands of years without a frustrated veterinarian glaring at them. Maybe she could escape for an hour or two to at least have dinner with Cameron. Maybe, except—there was also the grey tabby that had just woken up from a c section and was becoming acquainted with four newborn kittens. She didn't need to be there to watch that. Not unless a stitch popped loose, or some other unforeseen complication happened. There was also two cats that she had spayed a few hours ago needed to be checked frequently, another cat hit by a car had required a two hour surgery, not to mention the cat that had swallowed a marble, and there was the cat … "Oh fuck … For the love of GOD!!"

Thoughts of her girlfriend Cameron floated through her mind. At least she hoped Cameron would be her girlfriend after tonight. Cameron—Haven sighed, as a wave of what could only be described as good old-fashioned lust flooded through her. Her imagination lit up with images of the tall brunette she had met a few weeks ago. Haven had first seen Cameron on a trip to the supermarket and was immediately drawn to her. She very quickly developed what felt at times like a schoolgirl crush, with all the adolescent agony of being too shy to approach the object of her affection. Crush, as Haven thought of her, had long dark brown hair and dark eyes and wore a black leather jacket. Several times, Crush had worn a sleeveless white T shirt and black jeans. That outfit sent Haven's heart rate into the stratosphere and caused a definite reaction between her thighs. After seeing Crush dressed that way for the first time, Haven's trips to the store became nearly daily events, in the hope she would at least catch a glimpse of her crush.

Then one afternoon, she ran into Crush. Quite literally, ran into her when their two carts collided just outside the store. Haven had been so engrossed in thoughts of Crush that she wasn't aware of who she hit. Not until she bumped her head against the other crash victim's shoulder as they both reached for a cereal box that had fallen and up and saw Crush smile at her. Blushing, Haven managed to get out "Excuse me," before she made a quick escape. If Crush said anything, Haven was out of there too swiftly hear it.

Haven made a hasty retreat toward her car. Nearly there, she heard someone call. "Wait. Hey, wait up."

Haven turned, and was shocked to see Crush hurrying towards her. Stunned, Haven struggled with what to say. "I'm sorry I ran into you" finally came out.

Crush grinned and her dark brown eyes danced. "Technically, I think I ran into you. I thought I'd better check that you weren't hurt. You know, just to make sure."

Haven could help but smile back. "Nope, no injuries."

Crush was still grinning. "Well you never know. Sometimes it takes a while for bruises to develop. Maybe if I had your phone number, I could call and check?"

Haven paused nervously. "I'm really OK."

Crush's eyes met Haven's. "Maybe I'm way off base, but I thought I've seen you watching me a couple times. At least, I hope that's what I saw."

Haven shook her head in disbelief. "What?"

"I'm a little embarrassed, but this isn't even the store I usually shop at. I just stopped here one day to pick up a couple of things for my sister and saw you. Normally I'm not shy, but I was too tongue tied to talk to you. I've used this store ever since trying to work up the courage to approach you. I've never been to a supermarket so often in my life. I've even been shopping for my sister just so I had an excuse to be here. She even picks out my grocery store wardrobe. Today, I just finally got desperate enough to bump my cart into yours. It didn't work though. You took off before I had a chance to say anything."

Haven's heart skipped a beat. "You wanted to meet me?"

"Yes," Crush answered.



"Oh …. Wow."

Crush's grin returned. "Is that a good 'oh wow,' or is that a 'go drop dead' 'oh wow'?"

"No, no. That's a good 'oh wow,'" Haven said.

"Cool. I'm Cameron Gordon," Crush said.

"I'm Haven Simon."

"So, will you go out for coffee with me? Or dinner, or lunch or breakfast? Any of the above? Please?" Cameron asked.

"You're sure you're not kidding?"

'"Nope, I'm completely serious," Cameron said.

"I would like that. Except at the moment, I'm on my way to work."

Cameron grinned again. "As long as that's not a blow off, I can live with that,"

Haven could become addicted to that smile. "No, that's definitely not a blow off."

"Awesome. What kind of work are you off to?"

Haven pointed to the two large bags of cat food and a 30 pound bucket of cat litter. "I'm a vet. Our supplier is stuck on the pass in the snow. Since I'm the boss, I get to provide until … well until they manage to get their trucks here."

"Got it." Cameron pulled her cell phone from her jean pocket. "If it's not too much of a cliché, can I have your phone number?"

"206-732-7721," Haven said as she watched Cameron input the numbers into the phone. "Are you sure I'm not on Candid Camera?"

Cameron chuckled. "No hidden cameras. Unless you count the fact that I snuck a photo of you with my cell phone."

"You did?"

"Yeah, I did," Cameron admitted. "I talked about you so much to my sister that she made me take a picture of you."

Haven's smile grew. "Since we seem to be holding confession here, I have my own."

Cameron's eyes twinkled with amusement. "Do tell."

A smiling Cameron was even more attractive. "I only stopped here one day on my way home after I had dropped off one of my staff," Haven admitted. "I live in Capitol Hill. I only come here because of you."

Cameron chuckled. "It's a sign."

Haven laughed along. Completely engrossed with Cameron, she was startled when her cell phone rang. She glanced at the caller ID. "Hey Sara. I know I'm late."

"You better have a good excuse. LeAnn is at home and she's feeling frisky," her coworker said.

Haven chuckled at her friend's ill-humor. She flicked her eyes towards Cameron. "I definitely have a good reason. I'm on my way. I'll see you in 20." Haven closed the phone.

"I understand if you have to go, but I really would like to go out with you," Cameron said. "Is it OK if I call you?"

"I would like that," Haven told her with a smile. She reached to lift the large bags of cat food into the back seat of her car but Cameron beat her to it. She lifted the bags like they weighed five pounds instead of thirty and casually put them in Haven's vehicle. Haven remembered how she had admired Cameron's muscles when she had worn a sleeveless t-shirt in the store. The image made her blush.

"I don't know what put that look on your face, but I would sure like to," Cameron teased.

Haven's face grew even hotter. "I think you need to wait for that," Haven said.

Cameron laughed. "I should tell you, patience isn't my strong suit. Are you free tomorrow for dinner?"

Haven quickly ran through her schedule for the next day, praying there wasn't anything that would interfere with a date with Cameron. There wasn't. "Yes, I am."

"Excellent," said Cameron.

Haven's cell phone rang again. A look at the caller ID showed Sara had grown even more impatient.

"I really have to go," said Haven. She opened the car door and got in. "Otherwise there won't be much of me left. Call me?"

Cameron leaned in before Haven could shut the door. She lightly touched Haven's lips with her own. "I will." Cameron promised. She straightened and closed the door.

Before Haven even left the parking lot, Cameron had called. The two of them talked until Haven reached the Kitty Klinic.

In the two weeks since they had met, Haven and Cameron had managed only two dates. They had scheduled several others but one crisis or another kept them apart. As it turned out, Cameron was Operations IT Manager for a nationwide law firm with responsibilities over 10 law offices. This meant she was essentially on call 24 hours a day. That had cancelled two planned dates at the last minute, and cut one date short. Emergencies at the Kitty Klinic had wiped out two others.

The two dates they had actually had were wonderful. On their first date, they went out to dinner and to see Suzanne Westenhoeffer, Vicki Shaw and Elvira Kurt in concert. The conversation had flowed easily and the good night kiss had left both of them breathless and looking forward to more. Their second date was at a lesbian club where they danced themselves into a corner and necked until both of them were ready to explode. In the car on the way home, they kissed at every red light, and barely made it into Cameron's home before their shirts were on the floor. Then-- good lord-- then Cameron's BlackBerry went off. They ignored it. When it rang a second time, Cameron reluctantly pulled away from Haven. Shit-- the call summoned Cameron immediately to the law firm. Once again, the promise of those heated kisses and caresses, had to be postponed.

Although they had only the two dates, they talked on the phone nearly every day. They had found they shared a natural camaraderie with similar views about life. Both were Democrats, both open about their lesbianism, and both close to their families. They were also both more than ready for … well, they were both horny as hell. Tonight was supposed to be the night. Cameron had sworn there was absolutely no way her office would disturb them; she had left explicit instructions that she wasn't to be called unless the office burned down. Haven had done her part; she not only had staff for the night, but she had back-ups for them lined up just in case.

Except-- here she sat, alone in the Klinic with no hope of escape for the next eight hours. No doubt Cameron was at home, preparing for their date. Maybe even in the shower. Haven had no problem whatsoever imagining Cameron naked, as the water flowed over her. She moaned at the image of a nude Cameron as she gently rubbed a wash cloth over the areas that Haven ached to touch.

"I must have done something really horrible in a past life," Haven said out loud to Oscar, the office cat sitting on her desk.

"Meow," the large orange tabby answered before he returned to his bath.

"Well, you're no help," Haven said. She pulled her cell phone from her jeans pocket. "No use postponing the inevitable."

"Hey you." Cameron's happy voice made Haven even more miserable.

"Hi," Haven said simply.

"Great timing. I just got out of the shower." Cameron said. Her voice turned seductive. "I'm not even dressed yet."

"Oh Jesus." Haven moaned. "Don't tell me that."

"Is that an 'oh my God' moan, or an 'oh no, I'm stuck at work' moan?"

"It's an 'oh no, I'm stuck at work,' moan. I'm so sorry. I had everything lined up, I swear. But between the weather, and sick kids, not to mention LeAnn in labor two weeks early, it all fell apart."

"Oh baby. It's OK." Cameron sympathized.

Haven felt sick. "It's not OK. I had the perfect evening set up for us. Romantic dinner, candlelight, a fire. Nothing could go wrong."

"Never say nothing could go wrong. What can I do to make it better?"

"Do you happen to know any vets or vet techs?"

Cameron chuckled. "Nope. Sorry. Haven, it's not your fault. Things happen."

"It's just that I…I really wanted to see you tonight."

"I wanted that too." Cameron said. "I especially wanted to see you naked and crying out my name."

Instantly Haven felt herself become wet. "Oh God, I want that too."

"Is that so?"

"That is definitely so."

Before Haven could say anything more, she heard Cameron's call waiting buzz. "Just a minute," Cameron said.

While she waited, Haven slipped into her favorite fantasy about Cameron. In her mind, she saw Cameron kneeling over her, while Haven took her into her mouth. The visual was so clear, Haven could see the details of Cameron's sex. Swollen tissues glistened with moisture; Cameron's clit was enlarged and hard as Haven teased it with her tongue. "Oh my God," she said out loud.

"Oh my God what?" Cameron's teased.

Embarrassment collided with desire. "Let's just say my imagination went to a very nice place. I swear, I haven't been this frustrated since I was sixteen and in love with Mary Alice Buckman."

Cameron chuckled. "Mary Alice Buckman?"

Haven laughed with her. "Mary Alice Buckman was a cheerleader, a year ahead of me in high school. She was also my best friend's older sister. She was perfect. At least to my hormonally charged eyes. I followed her around for two years."

"What happened?"

"Absolutely nothing. I don't think she even knew who I was beyond this strange girl who couldn't talk whenever she was around Mary Alice." Haven confessed.

"Her loss. If I had been there, I definitely would have noticed you," Cameron said. "I'm sorry but that turned out to be work on the phone. They need me."

"Now I'm the one who's sorry."

"Not to worry. This shouldn't take long. Can I call you when I get done?" Cameron said.

"Of course." Haven answered. "Cameron?"


"Nothing really. "I just like to say your name."

"Aww, baby." Haven could hear the smile in Cameron's voice. "You are too sweet. I'll talk to you soon, I promise."

"OK, bye,"

"Bye." Cameron closed the phone. "At least it wasn't just me having to work." She said as she rubbed Oscar's belly. The thought didn't make her feel any better.

To distract herself, Haven went to work in the clinic. Each cat and kitten was checked, litter boxes and cages were cleaned and weekly supplies were ordered. Oscar followed her around like a puppy. "I swear, you're part canine," she told the cat as she bent over to scratch his head.

As if to prove the point, Oscar rolled over on his back exposing his belly to be rubbed. Haven laughed. "I rest my case."

Reassured all their patients were doing well, the odd pair worked their way into Haven's office to catch up on her charts. She was interrupted by the after hours buzzer located at the front door of the Kitty Klinic. She glanced at her watch and was surprised that 45 minutes had passed. The buzzer went off again. "I hope it's nothing too complicated," she said to herself. Since she was alone without the usual vet tech to assist her, an after hour emergency could be dicey.

Through the glass in the front door she saw a women whose face was turned away. The woman wore a full length leather coat and held a large box. "Can I help you?" Haven said as she opened the door.

"You're the only one who can." Cameron said as she turned to Haven.

Haven's jaw dropped 'What…what? Cameron?"

Cameron grinned. "That's what I like about you. You're so eloquent." Cameron set the box down and leaned in to kiss Haven. Not just any hello kiss, but a tongue wrestling, lips mashing, leave you ready for anything sort of kiss.

When Cameron broke the kiss, both women were breathing heavily. "What are you doing here?" Haven managed to say.

"If Mohammed won't go to the mountain…"

"You said you had to work."

"I lied," Cameron said lightly. "It was my sister who called. You sounded so miserable on the phone that I had to do something. I had to buy some time to get ready. So, I lied. Forgive me?"

Haven cracked a grin. "That depends."

Cameron laughed. "On what?"

"Two things actually."

Cameron's arms were still around Haven. "What two things would be that?"

"Number one. Is there food in that box? "

Cameron loosened her arms so her eyes met Havens. "Two lobster dinners from McCormick's and Schmicks complete with shrimp cocktail and their to die for chocolate cake. Will that do?"

"That will do nicely."

"What's number two?" Cameron asked.

Haven stepped back from Cameron's arms. She looked Cameron up and down. Stiletto heels were all that Haven could see. "What exactly are you wearing under that coat?"

Cameron's hands went to the top button of the long coat. "You're interested in that are you?" She opened the top three closures.

Haven wiggled her eyebrows. "You could say that."

All Haven could see was skin. Cameron slowly undid three more buttons and exposed the top of her breasts.

Haven swallowed. When Cameron opened two more buttons Haven saw Cameron's breasts covered by black silk."

Haven almost lost it. She could see Cameron's hardened nipples beneath the material. Her palms itched with the urge to touch Cameron.

"You like?" Cameron's breathless voice told Haven just how aroused Cameron was.

"Oh yes," Haven said.

Cameron's fingers rested on the next closed button. "Do you want to see more?"

Haven could feel herself getting wetter. Unable to speak, she nodded.

Cameron slowly opened the rest of her coat exposing her barely there black bra and a matching garter that held up black nylon stockings. On her feet were black "fuck me" high heels.

"Holy Fuck," the words escaped Haven before she could stop them.

Cameron shrugged the coat off her shoulders, letting it fall to the ground. She ran her hands down the front of her own body. When she reached her sex, she let her fingers move between her thighs. When she removed them they were covered by her own wetness. She lifted them to Haven's mouth. "It seems we have a situation here," Cameron said. She lightly rubbed them against Haven's parted lips.

Haven moved the two of them so Cameron's back was against the wall. Her tongue slipped out and tasted the moistness on Cameron's fingers. With a groan, she sucked the coated fingers into her mouth. As she did, her hands moved down Cameron's neck and slid the spaghetti straps of Cameron's bra off her shoulders; Haven pushed away the silk that was keeping Cameron's breasts from her greedy eyes. When she rolled the erect nipples between her fingers, Cameron's moans got louder. Cameron's hands found their way under Haven's shirt to her breasts.

"Have I ever told you how fucking sexy you are?" Haven growled.

Cameron's hooded eyes and flushed skin told Haven how aroused she was. Haven reached around and undid the bra, letting the piece of material fall to the ground. She slid her tongue down the side of Haven's neck. When her lips reached Cameron's breasts, Haven wrapped her tongue around one nipple as her hand traced the way down Cameron's belly and still lower to cup Cameron's center.

Haven lifted her head just enough to be able to see Cameron. When Haven moved her fingers in the wetness, Cameron's hand snapped back. Her mouth was open as she struggled to breath. Haven slid two fingers inside Cameron, moving them in and out slowly.

"Your clothes," Cameron struggled to say. "Take off your clothes"

Haven stepped back enough to throw off her jeans and t-shirt. Unable to wait, she stepped back to Cameron and pushed two fingers inside of Cameron. Haven straddled Cameron's thigh and slid deeper into Cameron. Cameron's moans got louder. "Please. Oh God please?" Cameron groaned.

Haven used her thumb against Cameron's clit. When Cameron moaned again, Haven buried her lips against Cameron's neck. She bit down hard enough to leave her mark.

"I'm going to take you now. Right here," she promised in Cameron's ear. "I want you to come for me. Come in my mouth."

Haven fell to her knees and used her hands to open Cameron's sex. She was as close to the edge as Cameron was. She took Cameron's clit in her mouth as three fingers slid inside of Cameron.

Haven dug her fingers into Cameron's ass holding her center against her lips as Cameron came. She felt Cameron's hands gripping her shoulders. The fierceness of Cameron's orgasm thrilled Haven causing her to come as well. When she felt Cameron's legs begin to give out Haven lowered her to the carpeted floor. Gently she kissed a smiling Cameron.

"You OK?" Haven asked.

Cameron pushed Haven's hair from her eyes. "Oh yeah. I'm way more than OK. That was amazing."

Haven smiled. "Did I ever mention there is a bed here?"

Cameron laughed. "Actually you did. I was counting on it."

Haven raised her eyebrow. "Why Mrs. Robinson, were you trying to seduce me?"

Cameron laughed again. "Indeed I was. And I must report, the actual act was even hotter than the fantasy and that was pretty fucking hot."

"Glad to know." Haven grinned. She sat up. She helped Cameron into a sitting position. From there, the two made their way to their feet.

Cameron kissed Haven lovingly. "Just where is this bed you speak of?" she said gently. "Seems to me you need some … attention yourself. I barely got to touch you."

"My office," Haven said. She held Cameron's hand as they walked down the hall. "What about dinner? Not to mention our clothes?"

Cameron stopped and took Haven in her arms. "Later. Right now I need to feel your skin against mine as you explode. You think you can live with that?"

Haven nodded. "I can live with that."

Cameron cupped her hand on Haven's cheek and made sure Haven could see her face. "I have to tell you something. Before I make love to you."

Haven's heart dropped. "OK."

Cameron kissed Haven gently. "Don't look at me like that. It's good. At least I hope you think it's good."

"What is it Cameron?"

Cameron took a deep breath. "OK, here goes. I know we haven't known each other that long, but I've been drawn to you from the first time I saw you in that store. As frustrating as it's been to find time for us to be together, I think it's actually a good thing. At least for me. I've had to get to know you first before making love with you. I got a chance to find out who you really are and I found out I really like you as a woman. Not just attracted to you, but I've totally fallen for you."

Tears began to form in Haven's eyes. "You have?"

"Oh yeah. Big time. And why wouldn't I?" Cameron kissed away the tears from Haven's cheeks. "You're gorgeous and caring and funny and giving and smart. Did I mention sexy as hell?"

"Are you sure you're talking about me?"

"Absolutely sure. I love you Haven Simon. I really love you. You don't have to say it back. I just wanted you to know."

"You have? Really?"

Cameron drew a cross over her heart. "Cross my heart, and hope to die."

Haven felt her spirits soar. She couldn't believe the words she heard. "Really?" she asked again.

Cameron heard the hope in Haven's voice. "Yup."

Haven finally smiled. "Me?"


"In that case, I have my own confession," Haven said.


"I love you too. As much as I've wanted you over the last few weeks when one thing or another got in the way of us being together, it's made me get to know you in your heart. I fell in love with who you are, not just someone I was dying to sleep with."

Cameron's smile matched Haven's. "Yeah?"



"Nobody but you."

"You sure?"

"Quite sure. Cameron Gordon, I'm in love with you. Think you can put up with me for a while?"

Cameron leaned in and kissed Haven. "I think perhaps I can do that. What about you? Would you mind being my girl for say … forever?"

Haven pursed her lips as she thought. "MMhhmm, let me think. OK, that's long enough. Yes, I want to be your girl. Do you want to be mine?"

Cameron grinned. "I definitely want to be your girl."

"Now and forever." Haven kissed Cameron thoroughly.

Cameron back away enough to take Haven by the hand. She led Haven down the hall. "Now, my dear. I believe you mentioned a bed?"

The End

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