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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Part 1 of a 3 Part Triptych.
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By Kit Barr


I knew them both. They had both been around on various scenes and places in my travels. I had even anonymously been fucked by one of them and aspired to the other. Not that she would have known I even existed. I blend in you see, not deliberately, I am just one of those people that doesn't get noticed and who form the background of life. Not that I am one of those sad little people that are always on their own and stand out because of it. I blend in with groups so that even my friends are hard pressed to know if I was at a particular place and time or not.

Fortunately this doesn't bother me. You see I like to watch people. Particularly when they don't know they are being watched and particularly when they wouldn't want to be watched. You think that makes me sad, you're probably right but that isn't going to stop me watching you if I get the chance.

These two had been on and off my radar for years. Both of them strong, proud and tough women, both of them touching up against arrogance in their disregard for the effects of their passing. I had gotten up close and personal with one of them in a dark, in all senses of the word, club one night. While not uncaring I had a sense that when business was done that was all the connection that was required or allowed. I couldn't quibble I had gone there looking for precisely that anonymity but hadn't expected to brush up against that sort of animal magnetism, and I hadn't expected that it would keep me awake tossing and turning in frustration for a few months after, and then I certainly hadn't expected that I would use the memory in conjunction with mothers little helper to lull me to sleep for a couple of years after that.

I had brushed past her again once long after, feeling my body respond as though it had a memory of its own. Those cool blue eyes though showed no recognition at all, little realising that they had played a significant role in my fantasy life for some considerable period of time. I expected no different, like I said, I blend in.

The other though, was something to aspire to and I couldn't help it, I did aspire. I wasn't alone though, many others had aspired to engage and most had been either drawn into the play and then gently discarded or continued to uselessly aspire. I was one of the latter group. I cannot shake my nature and one who blends into the background as easily as I do is not going to attract this one's prowling eye. The legends had spread throughout the community and even those that had been discarded refused to talk of their experience but none ever said they regretted it. Most just got a look in their eyes when questioned. I recognised that look, it was the same look I imagined that came onto my face in the darkness of the night when I couldn't sleep and when I turned to my memories and my imagination to help to vanquish the night.

I hadn't seen either of them for some considerable time even my nocturnal fantasies had been gradually replaced by more recent encounters. So it was with some surprise that I saw them together. Not just together but with arms draped around each other. Even in my wildest fantasies I had never put this pair together. They moved along the street and even from across the road I could feel the electricity between them. They attracted attention even though they were oblivious to it. Both tall and both built like amazons, one blonde one dark and with eyes blazing these two were bound to attract the odd glance or two. I however, perhaps because I had watched them both before knew that something else was in the air. It sounds strange but it seemed almost as though I could smell it, tangy, intense and almost metallic upon the slight summer breeze.

They stopped in the entrance to the alley, heads bent towards each other, a few words exchanged. I was too far away then to hear but with an almost unbelieving but expectant excitement gripping me, I slipped from the stool where I was sitting and moved out onto the roadway. By then they had vanished, the dark entrance to the alley though giving a hint as to the direction they had taken.

By the time I had crossed the road I could dimly see the two of them moving deeper into the darkness. By then any pretence had been abandoned and the misleading privacy of the dark alley had provided them with the opportunity to engage.

I slipped further into the darkness, holding my breath, not so much concerned with being seen as being terrified that I would interrupt what was unfolding before my eyes. Never before had I been so pleased with my ability to blend in and be unseen and unacknowledged.

Backed against a wall with a forearm across her throat and under her chin I saw her straining to stand taller to escape that relentless pressure. That forearm just seemed to press harder however driving her up onto her toes and raising her chin so that I could see what little light there was reflecting from the whites of her eyes. The other hand seemingly intent on greater issues tore relentlessly at the front of her jeans tugging and pulling at buttons and flies until the dark fabric opened up and fell to her knees.

With little ceremony or preparation a hand disappeared between the now open thighs and buried itself into the darkness between her legs. With one hand at her throat and one buried deep in her cunt she was held firmly and thoroughly against the rough brick wall. As that hand began to move in powerful thrusts it was met equally by hips driving forward and I was almost surprised that I couldn't hear the resulting impact. Even while the hand pressed against her throat she managed to wind her own hand into her tormentor's hair pulling at the blonde hair as though daring the other to move away. Both of them holding the other in thrall and refusing to yield until satisfaction had been taken and received. Two powerful women using each other for what appeared to be their own pleasure, each apparently almost regardless of the other, the apparent violence of their coupling reduced by the obvious pleasure that each was taking in the encounter.

I couldn't tear my eyes away and my own cunt started to burn, craving the same attention that was being played out in all its intensity before me. Oblivious to this and my surroundings my hand started to make its way into my own jeans, searching. I knew at least one of these women could not afford the indignity of being caught in this so very public moment of lust. Honestly however I was not thinking of this when I reached for the phone I was just hoping to revitalise my own nocturnal activities, to keep to myself a souvenir, or more likely to prove that I actually had been witness to this and had not just dreamed it in a drunken lustful fantasy.

I placed the phone on top of the bins in front of where I was crouched, steadying it, as I did not trust myself to hold it firm in my already shaking hands. The light was poor and for obvious reasons I did not want to utilise the flash. As I pressed the button I heard the crunch of footsteps in the entrance to the alley. Glancing towards the sound I could see a figure with a garbage bag approaching. What a time to decide to take out the garbage. Ducking down behind the bins I waited to see if the players in front of me would become aware that they had company.

I waited and heard the lid of the bin slam down within inches of where I crouched now more worried that he would give my own position away and what possible excuse I could give. My heart, already beating against my ribs in a staccato beat became in my ears a bass drum and at any moment I expected one of these women to follow the sound to where I crouched now petrified and motionless.

It was with relief then that I heard them pass me laughing and still breathing heavily with the effort of their exertions. I don't know how long I waited there, it felt like hours but cannot have been much more than a few minutes clutching my phone to my chest and waiting for my heart beat to normalise before I rose to my feet.

Still in that back alley smelling of excitement, come and garbage I raised the phone and checked the results of my efforts, and I smiled.

The End

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