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No-One Can Stop Us Now
By Vanessa Riverton



It had been a while since Jade had been behind the scenes at YumYum's, so she knew she wouldn't remember the exact room where the CCTV was kept.

Jade left the door unlocked behind her before crouching to the floor and quietly opening her rucksack's main compartment and taking out the slimline Panasonic camcorder she had with her.

Just in case she couldn't keep the evidence with her, she could at least have some of it saved on video on the memory card in her camera – no-one could say she didn't come prepared.

After five doors and four apologies to gangsters fucking an attention seeking whore in the dark, Jade came across the security room, opening it to find only one person there; Ashton.

"Wut you doing back here battygirl? Wut's with da camera?" Jade closed the viewfinder before looking around the room.

"I'm making a vid for Cole of tonight. Grand iPod giveaway and all that shit. He asked me to come collect some blank CDs from the backroom but the prick forgot to tell me where I could find them." Ashton snorted disbelievingly and Jade only shrugged, "Hey he wants to make some fresh CDs for some girls up front. He thinks for each LP he gives away he might get a fuck, who can blame the guy?" Ashton raised an eyebrow before standing up.

"You stay here. And don't move, you likkle fucking rass. I'll get them." Ashton gave a glare to Jade before walking out of the room and clicking the lock shut on the door.

"Ah fuck!" Jade shouted as she tried the door but found it was in vain.

"Fucking stupid lie! Why couldn't I have just said I needed a piss or something? Even if I find it, how am I gonna leave without that prick frisking me?! Grr, so fucking dumb!" Jade took a deep breath after her rant and continued talking to herself, hoping it would calm her nerves talking out loud to herself instead of bottling up her current frustrations.

"Cool it, Jade... Just look through this pile and we'll see how it goes."

Jade sat down at the control panel and began searching through everything.

The security setup was pretty easy to handle but the organisation seemed a nightmare; a dozen monitors on the wall, all connected to a DVD recorder, as well no doubt to a computer running backup – but Jade cringed knowing none of it was probably in any order.

It seemed as though everything was arranged as R and F; Real and Fake – Jade rolled her eyes at the lack of creativity the Yardies seemed to show.

Looking back at the dates, Jade cringed, it would take her hours to find the right disc.

She looked to the door as she swore she heard the sound of someone running past, but Jade remained still as the threat seemed to soon pass.

As she was in mid-turn to look through the gargantuan display of DVDs, Jade's attention was caught by two familiar figures that were currently being displayed on the CCTV monitor in front of her.

It was Owen Ryder and DeShawn Richards.

Both were in what Jade remembered as Owen's office and they both seemed in heated conversation but no sound was filtering through the small CCTV room. Jade gnashed her teeth together as she madly searched for an audio button.

Jade's search ended soon as she found the small green button at the very base of the left hand side of the panel. As soon as she pressed it the voices of the men filled the room; each laced with hostility and Jade found herself unable to move for a moment – she was mesmerized by the sight.

"You've gotten too careless, DeShawn. And people are starting to associate Yardies with mindless killings. You need to control yourself."

Jade's trance ended there and she opened her camcorder and pressed the record button while pressing the record button on the DVD recorder the CCTV monitor was currently.

"I don't know what you're on about Owen. Maybe you're losing it in your old age, bruv."

"Old age? You feisty little bastard. Respeck ya elders."

"Whatever man."

"Listen to me ya arrogant little fuck...you got lucky last week with them two North London boys and Marcus, but you need to remember every thing you do reflects us. So think twice before you do something dumb... or just think in general."

"I do what I want man. Don't no-one argue wi' me."

"Oh yeah, ain't that how you got your girl? You're pathetic boy. Get the fuck outta my office and watch your step."

"Nah, man I don't think I'm going to leave just yet."

"What are you on? Crack? I said get tha fuck out!"

Jade watched with morbid interest as she watched DeShawn shake his head and walk closer to Owen before pulling out his gun and cocking it, aiming it straight at Owen. Two of Owen's guards drew out their guns and aimed them at DeShawn; but he looked as if she couldn't have cared less.

"Put that down before you do sumting stupid, DeShawn."

"I won't do nuffing stupid old man, don't worry. Ha, in fact, I think dis might be da smartest fing I've ever done in my lifetime."

"DeShawn, put down the gun. Don't add another murder to your list, you dumb fuck."

"Don't call the man with a gun a dumb fuck; that's just a general rule. And don't tell me what to do, old man. I could shoot you right and get away with it... just like I did with them two white boys the other week. And I could setup anyone I pleased. I set up Alicia's old fool Shadowz for them North London boys, hell I could frame one of your closest for this. Ashton, you game?"

"Fuck off, DeShawn. You talk big but Ashton would never merk me. I've known him too long."

Jade's eyes stayed transfixed on the monitor and she could only hope it was all still in frame in the small camcorder she held in her hands. She was too mesmerized as she watched Ashton step forward and stand beside DeShawn – this was too unbe-fucking-lievable.

"It's nothing personal Owen... we need young blood to get the streets back. All sorts are running it and we need it back."

"Not personal? You fuck! You fucking battyboys. Both of you! Fuck the two of you."

"Ah, shut the fuck up, Owen."

Jade took a step back as the sound of gunshots rang out through the stereo system, and instinctively Jade's hand darted out and pressed the green button, instantly stopping any sound from filling the room anymore.

She snapped the viewfinder on her camera shut and leaned against a wall, trying to control her breathing which she only now just realized had become more heavy and she was literally trembling from the shock of what she had just seen.

After giving herself a moment to recollect her composure, Jade got to work and walked over to the DVD player and pressed eject; waiting in agonizing silence for the disc to finalize and eject and to be safe in her hands.

Looking over to the CCTV monitor and her heart stopped for a second as she took note of the now near empty office of Owen's; Ashton and DeShawn were nowhere to be seen.

Thinking quickly, Jade pressed random buttons until the monitor switched the CCTV camera to the main hall camera, and images of rowdy party goers instantly took up the monitors' bright resolution.

Jade threw the DVD into a nearby plastic sleeve just beside the pile of archived security films and put the precious disc in her bag, safely beside the camera in its padded case, taking extra care to ensure her now priceless cargo would be as safe as possible during its inevitable transit.

Not thirty seconds after she had done that, the door to the CCTV room rattled before opening swiftly; Jade's heart lurched up into her throat and for a split second she found herself unable to speak.

Ashton and DeShawn looked at her then quickly both men looked to the CCTV monitor. Both seemed to relieved to see she was looking at that; Jade shakily rose and grabbed her bag.

"There was no need to lock me in here... what if I needed to piss?" Jade gave out a nervous laugh whch wasn't returned, she was only able to see the suspicious eyes of the two men before her. Jade scratched the back of her neck before clearing her throat.

"Do you, er, have the CDs? Cole has text me like a million times to bring them out. He's gonna hold me personally responsible if he doesn't get laid tonight." Ashton kept his eyes on the screen while DeShawn stepped forward.

"Get the fuck out." Jade nodded and sidestepped around the two men, releasing a relieved breath as she began her now incredibly swift walk down the corridor and towards the door which lead to the bar – why did it suddenly seem like it was miles away?

Ashton and DeShawn shared a look before closing the door behind them.

"Remove all trace, Ashton. I can't afford to get caught now I've taken that battyman out." Ashton grinned and approached the DVD recorder and pressed the eject button.

"The cameras switch every ten seconds, so I'll get rid of this disc, it could have you on it doing something." DeShawn nodded as he looked at the monitor – it was on the dancehall 4 camera.

Ashton looked at the DVD recorder agitatedly and began hitting the top of it.

"What's taking this fucking thing so long? I – Oh shit." DeShawn clenched his jaw.

"'Oh shit' don't sound good."

"There's no disc in here." DeShawn shrugged nonchalantly.

"Well, that's one less thing to worry about."

"No! You don't understand... there was DEFINITELY a disc in here. I know there was. And now there's not." DeShawn's eyes flashed dangerously at Ashton.

"What the fuck are you on about?" Ashton began sputtering for a few seconds before his eyes widened; he looked like a wild dog that had finally snapped.


"Nifty? What? The Nifty?" Ashton straightened up and made a beeline for the door as he nodded.

"I knew I couldn't trust that lickle rass in 'ere on her own." DeShawn halted in his tracks for a moment before his eyes widened.

"Wait! That was Nifty? Nifty is a girl?!" Ashton wrenched open the door and nodded violently.

"Nifty is a girl. Her name is Jade George. And between me and you, you might wanna start having your boys track her down now. She's got that DVD and God knows what's on it. And she is one slippery little fucker, how else you fink she got dat name?"

DeShawn rushed past Ashton – he knew he had to get Jade, or Nifty or whatever the fuck her name was. She had evidence that could put him away. And he couldn't stand for that to happen now.

Oh no.

Jade was halfway across the dancefloor, calmly making her way to the exit, trying not to bring any attention to herself when she heard the inimitable sound of gunshots ringing out from behind her. Out of reflex she ducked on the floor before crouching and trying to make her way to the exit on all fours, scrambling any possible way to just get away from this fucking place now.

She wasn't an idiot, there was a ninety percent chance those gunshots would be coming closer to her if she stayed in that club.

Without wasting a second, Jade began making a mad dash to the door, her feet barely touching the floor as she used all the energy in her body to propel her to the doors.

"GET HER! Don't let her fucking get out!" Jade cringed as she heard DeShawn's voice, but nonetheless she kept moving.

As she approached the door, two figures appeared before her, reaching for their waists –without a doubt it was to get their guns or knives or anything else to inflict physical harm. Without wasting a second, Jade grabed the nearest person to her and threw the poor unsuspecting person into the two men, causing them to brace themselves on relfex to take the weight of the other person.

Using this opportunity, Jade wrenched open the door to the club and began rushing through the large queue outside and trying to get away as fast as she could.

Seconds later, almost everyone from the club began spilling into the streets; men were shouting, women were screaming and crying and everyone was nearly at floor level, hoping it would keep them clear of any stray bullets.

"I SAID GET HER!" Jade closed her eyes and willed her legs to speed her further along, without thinking too much she ducked down a sidestreet that she knew of. After taking one left and two rights, Jade threw herself into the nearest hiding place – a large inustrial dumpster that was beside a restaurant.

Ignoring the stench of rank food and the harsh spices and seasoning invading her poor senses, Jade kept her breathing as calm as she could possibly manage, fearing that the smallest sound would trigger off her location to anyone who would have been on her tail.

One thing she hated about Brixton – when people searched for you, they searched everywhere. High streets, main streets, alleys. All Jade had to rely on was luck right now.

Her breath caught in her throat as she heard a familiar but somewhat distant voice speak out.

"I want every single fucking thing around here checked! I don't want to see anyone until this area has been turned upside down..." Minutes passed in silence where Jade closed her eyes and hoped to God she wouldn't be found.

The voice spoke out again and this time Jade couldn't help but realise how close it was; this time she was shocked to recognise Cole's voice.

"I'll check over here. Oi, you two check that small park, plenty of places there to 'ide innit."

Light filtered through the Jade's dark space as teh dumpster's lid was lifted.

"Nift..." Cole's soft voice sounded pained. Jade sat up slowly, shaking her head as she did so.

"Cole, don't. I didn't do nothing." Cole turned around and bit his lip.

"They're saying you shot Owen." Jade's eyes widened.

"WHAT?! NO!" Jade covered her mouth at her outburst, and both sat in silence, hoping no-one heard her. Moments later, Cole spoke again, sounding more torn than Jade had ever remembered.

"Ashton's saying you went to confront him over setting up Marcus... and that you shot Owen. It's all over our mobiles, mate."

"I didn't do it Cole. I don't even have a gun." Cole nodded.

"I know. Look... I can't help you but I can give you a heads up. I'm going to let you get past me, but avoid King Street, they're all over there. Go back around Mare Avenue and then – "

"Go back around YumYum's?" Cole nodded and helped Jade out of the dumpster.

"Yeah, you can get the Rail back down to another tube station and get back to ya yard safer that way." Jade dusted herself down before looking up into Cole's eyes.

"I've got it on tape. DeShawn admitting he killed them two boys before he blasted Owen." Cole's eyes widened and he scoffed out loud.

"I knew it. Fucking DeShawn, he's such a – "

Cole was cut off by the sound of two men talking not too far off. He jerked his head back around to Jade.

"Nift, you got to punch me and run off or we're both fucked." Not needing to be told twice, Jade lifted her hand and brought it back before delivering a hard and fierce punch to Cole's jaw, knocking him to the floor and restraining back a scream.

"Go, Nift!" The two voices were nearing and Jade gave a small nod before silently making her run back around the main street before silently hoping to make it to the rail station without incident.

Every little sound seemed to throw her senses into overload; Jade was looking over her shoulder every two seconds and her ears heard every single rustle of leaves before she was looking back over her shoulder, already hating the fact it was autumn and leaves rustling were coming from all directions.

The pounding of dance music alerted Jade to being around the back of the clubs that surrounded YumYum's. Slowing down her pace but keeping herself at the ready incase she needed to sprint again, she stopped and hid herself around the corner from YumYum's as she heard the sound of car doors opening and closing, and soon the voices of Ashton and DeShawn filled the humid night air.

"Find her. Kill her. I'm goin' to 'ead to East in case she's stupid 'nuff to go back 'ome, Ashton."

"Want me to take your girl home for you?"

"Nah, she's goin' down her mates, she's waiting for her ride by the station, don't worry I got my eyes on her."

"I'll call you as soon as we get 'er, DeShawn."

"Ya better. Later, bruv." The two bumped fists before DeShawn hopped into an Audi A4 and was driven off by most of his entourage. Ashton stood there for a moment before heading back into the club.

Jade inwardly cursed her luck, she should have just kept running til those boys tired of her, now with all the luck in the world, she had to head the station were Alicia was and no doubt two of DeShawn's boys. Well, with any luck maybe she'd have gone, DeShawn's boys would be gone and it would be an easy jourrney home... yeah and maybe the Easter Bunny was real too.

Jade shook her head before bitterly scoffing to herself;

"Fucking no good night."

Wasting no more time, Jade broke into a sprint from her waiting place and began her run for the mainline rail station situated about two minutes from where she was.

So far the ony looks she had were from random people wondering why someone was running so fast in the middle of the street, but the closer she got to the station, the more people seemed to take less notice – it was common to see someone running for the last train service from Brixton Station.

Running out of breath, Jade was given a sudden burst of energy as the tube station came into view, she slowed down as she came opposite the station and squinted her eyes down on the clock showing the time.


The last train for the night was midnight from here. Jade had to time this just right, she couldn't afford to walk straight over there and wait around for the train. She had to go over and make a run as soon as the train came into view from the other end.

"Oh for fucks' sakes! You have GOT to be kidding me!" Jade's jaw hung when she saw the British Transport Police officers emerge from one corner of the station and stand expectantly on the station floor.

Brixton was one of the worst places in London and was rarely patrolled in its hotspots, and of all nights, the police had to pick tonight to do their job?

"Just my fucking luck."

Now, to top it off, Jade would have to get a ticket instead of fare evade in order to not be held back from police or ejected from the station which would leave her vulnerable to any of DeShawn's boys who may have been waiting nearby.


Taking in a deep breath, Jade made her way across the street, walking over to the ticket machine and selecting the option to top up her Oyster card with thirty pounds; she had a feeling she'd be needing that much this weekend. Jade did her best to ignore the stares she was getting from the BTP officers, choosing to wait patiently as the archaic ticketing machine took its time accepting each of her clean £20 pound notes.

Looking over her shoulder, Jade saw the suspicious stares she was getting from the officers before she returned her attention to the ticket machine. It was still whirring away noisily with no result being shown.

Looking around once more, Jade could see a formidable looking pair of men emerge from a BMW car. Jade bit the inside of her cheek, this was so not looking good.


Jade laughed in disbelief – tonight was not turning out at all the way she had planned.

Jade turned back to the ticket machine whch had validating her money and Oyster card; she took a step towards the ticket barriers only to be stopped by a tug on her arm. Jade looked up into Alicia's familar brown eyes.

"Is it true?" Jade looked around and saw the BTP officers actually walking towards them, and that the two black men from the BMW had stopped in their tracks at seeing the men who represented the law walking towards their intended target.

"Is everything alright here, girls?"

Jade turned to the two officers and gave a small smile.

"Yeah, officer, I'm just trying to get home tonight." The officer looked to Alicia who let go of Jade's arm, not releasing her gaze from Jade's eyes.

"Everything's fine, officer, I'm just waiting for a lift." The officer opened his mouth to respond but his radio crackled, sending out a message to any who could hear it.

"All units in the Brixton ward, we have a suspect on the loose. Female, approximately five foot nine, IC6, green eyes, slender build, she is wearing a grey Nike tracksuit. Her name is Jade George and an associate of Marcus Paxton. She is considered armed and dangerous. She is most likely to be on foot or making her way to public transport. BTP, PCSO inclusive. Any and all units please respond to this APB."

Alicia turned back to Jade who had to fight the urge to shake like a leaf on the spot. She had begun to sweat lightly and her hands were trembling as they held onto the plastic Oyster card in her hand.

The BTP officers looked back over to Jade and looked her over from head to toe before the one nearest to her reached for his radio.


Jade looked nervously over to the tracks that were barely visible from her place in the station entrance. She could see the lights of the train beginning to enter the station. Jade spared a glance over to Alicia before gulping resolutely.

"Officer Taylor responding." The caucasian officer gave a lookover to Jade before reaching down to the Taser at his side. Jade shook her head and didn't waste a second before pushing past the two officers and sprinting over to the ticket barriers and jumping over the metal contraptions.

"STOP! STOP RIGHT THERE!" The two officers struggled to get over the barrier and signalled for the station staff to open the luggage gate to let them through; Alicia swiftly followed through, not noticing the sudden sprint that two of DeShawn's men went into at seeing her chase after Jade.

Jade was beginning to get a cramp in her side and her breathing was ragged as she ran down the train platform; to her left was the train she needed – it took her Northbound to London and hit up central, meaning it would be easier to get a cab this time of night to her borough, and on the right was the train that would take her to Kings Cross and far out of where she would be, not to mention her comfort zone – she wasn't exactly welcomed in North London.

Ah shit, DeShawn would probably have ALL the tube stations marks in East London.


Jade rolled her eyes as she noticed the delayed sign above the train she wanted – it wasn't leaving for four more minutes and there was no way she'd be able to run this long and keep out of the BTP's hands. Making a U-turn, Jade began zigzagging down the platform, and instantly causing confusion to the two officers who were hot on her heels just seconds ago.

The train heading to North London began beeping, indicating passengers only had twenty seconds left to alight or board the train. Jade was halfway down the platform before she realised there were three more people in front of her.

Two of DeShawn's men being the main figures that caught her attention.

With ten seconds left, Jade began to feel the onset of exhaustion setting in; her muscles ached, her breathing was uncontrollable and she was beginning to sweat due to the night heat and the physical overexertion.

Leaping into the doors of the carriage nearest to her and just past the expectant arms of the two men ahead of her, Jade was sure she was safe until she heard the sound of cloth ripping and a searing pain was sent all over her body but it originated from her ribcage.

"Sh-shit!" Jade backed up against the doors before turning on the spot and concentrating her remaining energy into her legs before delivering a kick to the man nearest to her. He was winded and was sent flying into his cohort.

Jade pressed the close button on the train doors before leaning back, feeling smug but oh so very tired as she felt the familiar jog of the train beginning to move not five seconds later.

The two BTP officers were breathless and couldn't call out loud enough or signal to the driver to stop the train in time.

The train began to slowly make its journey out of the station.

Jade struggled to stand up, looking down she saw her grey tracksuit was soaked in crimson. She lifted a hand to her stomach and she lolled her head back at realising there was still blood gushing out from where she had just been stabbed from one of DeShawn's men; Jade should have known that they'd be packing some heat.

Jade stumbled over to a row of nearby seats and laid down, her breating was heavy and laboured and she was on her own in this carriage. She looked out of the window and closed her eyes, the urge to sleep overwhelming her.

They really needed to invest in these trains, Jade thought to herself; because it was getting real dark and she could have sworn they were meant to have lights on these fucking things.

'So tired.'

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