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No-One Can Stop Us Now
By Vanessa Riverton



"Ugh... am I dead?" A gentle if not pained giggle from above her brought Jade's attention to the fact she was not alone. It was too much effort to open her eyes so Jade just laid still, only barely registering the fact that someone's gentle hands were resting on her stomach.

Her stomach.

Her stomach that wasn't in as much pain as it was in earlier.

Huh, fancy that.

That alone was more than enough reason for Jade to try and open her eyes. They fluttered for a second before she squinted, the seemingly harsh fluorescent lighting of the train overwhelming her already straining eyes.

"Shh, shh, take it easy Jade." That voice. It seemed so familar to Jade.

"Whu – what? What the – " Jade cut herself off by trying to sit up, and instantly regretting it as she felt a shooting pain attack her stomach and she groaned in pain.

"God! You are so stubborn! I said take it easy." Jade turned her head, ready to glare at whoever was speaking to her, when she realised that in front of her was none other than Alicia.

"What the fuck? How did you – "

"I saw you make the U-turn and I could tell in the way you were running that you were tired. I thought you might have jumped on this train... glad I jumped on too. You could have died... idiot." Alicia spoke softly as she pointed down to Jade's stomach to reveal the fresh cut along her stomach. It wasn't very deep or long but it was enough to hurt like a bitch. Jade slowly sat up, using her arms to lever her body carefully.

"Yeah.. well, thanks." Alicia opened up her handbag and took out a half-full bottle of Volvic water before taking Jade's shirt and ripping a piece off.

"Hey!" Alicia glared as Jade made her outburst.

"Don't hey me. I've already ripped off one piece to clean your stomach... I need to wrap this as tight as I can to stop the bleeding before we get you to a hospital, this could get infected or something." Jade waved her hand dismissively as she arched her back, allowing Alicia access to wrap the baggy shirt strip around Jade's torso.

"I can't go to a hospital. Not yet anyway. Gotta get to Limehouse station. Gotta see Miss Carter. She'll help."

"Miss Carter? Jade, don't be stupid, if this gets infected then God knows what could happen."

Jade rolled her eyes and winced as she felt Alicia tug on the material, wrapping it very tightly around her and almost causing her to struggle to breathe for a moment or two.

"Then let it happen. Alicia... you know Marcus and me. You know he didn't kill no-one and neither did I. And I got proof."

"Proof? What proof?" Jade shook her head and looked evenly at the girl before her before speaking in a patronizing tone.

"I can't tell you, your DeShawn's girl. Sorry!"

"Yeah, you can't tell me, I've only just saved your life." Jade opened her mouth to respond but found that at this moment, nothing could counter the old 'I saved your life' argument.

#Move, shake, now drop that ass like yo' daddy said –#

Jade painfully reached into her bag to retrieve her mobile as her ringtone blared through the carriage. Without bothering to look at the caller ID, Jade brought her phone to her ear.


"Jade?" Jade sat up, completely ignoring the searing pain that was currently working its way through her body, as she heard Marcus's voice.

"Marcus? You a'ight?"

"I should be asking you dat. Heard there was a shoot-up at YumYum's, and you're name is going round as Owen's shooter. Whut happened, blud?"

"I got proof, don't worry, bruv. You and me are gonna make it. Got it on disc and memory card innit? We just gotta get it to Limehouse soon as the fuckin offices open on Monday." Jade pulled the phone away from her mouth as she hissed in pain.

"Why wait til then, Nift?"

"Cos. Any sooner and we risk a lot. The police won't process it until Monday anyway and Miss C would be at risk if anyone knew we tried to go back to her before she was safe in her office innit..." Jade looked around and noticed the next stop was Kings Cross, she gave out a resigned sigh, "Not to mention thanks to the BTP, I'm on a train heading towards Kings Cross.. I'm thinking I might head North, even though they hate me it might be smart because they don't expect me to go anywhere. I need to get back to our yard before I can be sure I'm safe though. Oh God, I fucking hate North London."

There was a small chuckling from the other end of the line.

"You don't half rant Nift. So, there's no chance of us meeting up if you have that tape? I mean, I wanna go with you to clear my name."

"Man, course we can meet! Where are you?"

"I'm in Tottenham but if you're at Kings Cross, you can get the rail and I can meet you at Ally Pally in thirty minutes. We can go from there together. I got more mates in North than you do and there's no fucking way I'm heading South."

"Trust me blud, you don' have to tell me dat right now. So where do you wan' us to meet you?"

"...Us?" Jade took the phone away from her mouth and cursed to herself. After a second, Jade put the phone back to her ear, this time looking at Alicia who until know had been quiet from the moment Jade had mentioned Marcus's name out loud.

"Yeah... us. Man, you ain't gonna believe this but... Alicia's here."


"Leave her there. I don't want her around you."

"I know man. I know she's DeShawn's girl but I kind of owe 'er." Jade heard Marcus give out a struggled cry before sighing loudly.

"Fine, bring her. See you in thirty."

Jade hung up her phone and looked over to Alicia, neither said a word. Neither were sure what to say anyway.

Moments later, the train jerked to a stop and Jade winced at the sharp pain in her side, clutching at her sides and biting down on in her lip in pain all the while standing up and attempting to get off the train.

"You okay, Jade?"

"I've been stabbed, what the fuck, do you think? Ow. Shit. Fuck. Fuck!" Jade took several deep breaths, hoping the effect would calm her body and sooth some of the pain. Jade looked over to Alicia and studied her, a quizzical expression on her face.

The two stepped off the train and began making their way to the rail platform, Jade still managing to look over Alicia with a completely curious expression.

The studying did not go amiss from Alicia, who politely blushed before attempting to look defiantly into Jade's eyes.

"What are you staring at?" Jade shrugged nonchalantly before smiling lightly at the fact the train they needed was at the platform they had just arrived at.

"Nothing... Just wondering why you helped me. I mean we weren't really friends before. And you've pretty much risked it getting back to DeShawn that you're helping me out. I don't really think your boyfriend would be all too happy about that."

Alicia snorted loudly and Jade arched an eyebow in intrigue.

"I don't care about Deshawn or what DeShawn thinks about me." Jade laughed gently, careful not to agitate her already pained ribcage. Alicia helped Jade up onto the train, and they took the two nearest seats in the practically desolate carriage. Jade sat back and closed her eyes but she managed to laugh incredulously.

"Ha... yeah sure you don't. That's why you threw your tongue down his throat earlier and played the loyal girlfriend routine." Alicia scrunched her face up in disgust at the memory.

"I had to... or else he'd have pounded on you. Remember that?" Jade opened her eyes as her mouth formed an 'O'; she did indeed remember the events that lead to Alicia's game of tonsil hockey with DeShawn back in the club.

"Ugh, whatever, either way it's gross and if you don't care about DeShawn or what he thinks then why are you banging him?"

Alicia was silent and Jade decided not to push further. She didn't actually care but this conversation was filling up the time they both know had to wait until they hit North London.

Alicia ignored Jade's question; 'so much for filling up time'.

The rest of the twenty five minute journey passed very slowly, with Alicia staring out of the window and Jade shuffling her eyes around the train, looking carefully around at everyone who boarded the train, keeping an eye out for any people she suspected may be looking for her; so far she had seen no-one who fit the bill.

"This train terminates here. All alight here. This train terminates at Alexandra Palace." Jade began to rise out of her chair but found that Alicia's arm was hooked under hers and the other girl was helping her to her feet.

In silence they both walked out of the train carriage and out into the night time exit of the station – located as a side entrance to the station that lead them back down towards Wood Green way.

As soon as the two reached there, Jade felt her body being dragged down into the shadows and Alicia was about to scream when she heard a familar voice.

"Don't fucking scream, Leesh." Alicia gulped down her scream and nodded before taking a small step into the dark. There was Marcus, dressed in baggy jeans, trainers, and a large black anorak style hooded jacket. His eyes were wide and he was shaking slightly.

"Listen... we need to think this through. It's half twelve a'ight? We need a place to lay low for the weekend. Anywhere in mind?" Marcus ignored Alicia's presence, asking the question only to Jade who shook as she tried to regain her breath.

"Nift... what's wrong with you? Nifty?" Marcus stepped closer to his friend and looked over her appeareance. His eyes widened as she noticed the red stain on her torso.

"What the fuck happened?" Jade gave a weak smile to her friend before nodding into Alicia's direction.

"I told you I owed 'er. One of DeShawn's boys got me with a shiv... and Alicia had my back." Marcus gave Alicia a quick look.

"Fair 'nuff. But we need to get out of here. The Wood Green boys will still kick your arse if they find you 'round 'ere." Jade gave a small grin.

"Ha, it serves me right for fucking Chris's sister, I s'pose." Marcus smirked at Jade before he took out some money from his pocket and held it up for her to see.

"I only got eighty quid on me." Jade stood up, her composure finally regained.

"Don't worry, I got enough... you thinking hotel?" Marcus nodded but Jade shook her head.

"Nah man, our pictures will be everywhere. We need to go somewhere we won't be seen." The two were silent as they thought but Alicia cleared her throat.

"I... er, I could get a hotel room and then you two could sneak in. I'm not being looked for." Marcus and Jade looked over to Alicia; he couldn't help but notice the small smile covering her face. Jade nodded slowly.

"Not a bad idea... I think we need a decent room though, cos this fucking cut is killing me. Where's the nearest?" Marcus looked down the road.

"Alicia, hail a cab and get it to take us to the Ibis Hotel in N22. Alright?" Alicia sighed exasperatedly before stepping out of the shadows and holding out her hand, waiting patiently for a black cab to appear so she could call it down.

Marcus turned around to Jade and looked protectively over her wounds.

"When this is over, we'll get you to a hospital, alrigh'?" Jade nodded gently to Marcus's question before she involuntarily hissed loudly as he pressed down accidentally on her wound. He looked at it in more detail before glancing over to Alicia who was hailing down a black cab on the other side of the road.

"Leesh do this?"

"Yeah... I owe her. I was bleeding pretty badly before."

"When we get to the hotel, we'll clean you up a little too okay?" Alicia came over to the two and spoke quietly.

"Cab's here."

Alicia approached the front desk to the Hotel Ibis and smiled genially to the desk manager.

"Hey, I need a room... will there be a problem?" Alicia fluttered her eyelashes to the concierge and he grinned conceitedly.

"Of course not... Can I take your details?" Alicia beamed as innocently as she could while she reached for her purse and took out her student ID card. The concierge's eyebrows furrowed;

"You're under eighteen?" Alicia took in a deep breath.

"Only for three more weeks! Look, I just need the room for one night. Please?" The concierge pursed his lips before looking around the practically empty lounge room and sighing.

"Only because it's nearly one in the morning, okay? And a girl like you should not be walking around at this time of the night." The concierge began tapping away on his keyboard, and only looked up to ask a few things of Alicia; her card details for security purposes and to hand over the money.

"So you'll be in our economy single suite and – "

"Can't I get a twin room?" The concierge arched his eyebrow and crossed his arms.

"A twin room? For one person?" Alicia blushed gently before she leaned over the desk and whispered lowly.

"It's for me and my...f-friend." The concierge bagn to shake his head but Alicia carried on talking, this time at a much more frantic level, "Look, it's not what you think, I'm not bringing a guy here to have sex or anything okay? There's three of us, we're kind of far from home, we're tired and we need a room. That's all."

"And why can't they be here beside you?" Alicia bit down on her lip.

"One of our friends is kind of..." Alicia thought for a right word, "...wasted. And I didn't want to bring them in just yet. I just want to get a room, clean her up and get some rest." As soon as Alicia said the word 'her', the concierge seemed to lighten up but he still gave her a suspicious glare as he handed over a key card. Before Alicia could take the card for herself, the concierge kept his grip on the card.

"I don't want to hear a single complaint. Okay?"

"No problem." The concierge went back to the desk and began to potter around while keeping one eye out on Alicia, watching with a keen interest as she left the lobby to the walk over to the pick-up area by the car park.

Marcus was holding a very tired Jade around the waist and keeping her still. Alicia watched with concern as Jade's eyes flickered wildly before closing.

"Jade?!" Alicia skittered over to the girl, only to be blocked by Marcus who grabbed Jade more firmly around her middle.

"Did you get a room?" Alicia's looked at Marcus incredulously before nodding dumbly.

"Er, yeah, but she needs hospital Marcus! Come on! She needs to have that cut looked at by a real doctor!"

"I know dat! Jesus I do, but do you think know that they know she's been cut they ain't gonna have someone covering every single A&E? Course they are, Leesh! C'mon, use ya head!"

Alicia stalked off abck to the hotel, leading the way as Marcus carried a half-conscious Jade and followed his ex-girlfriend.

"You know... This wasn't how I imagined two girls in a hotel room." Alicia snorted disgustedly as Marcus gently placed Jade onto the bed nearest to the en-suite bathroom.

"You're such a pig, Marcus." Getting only a shrug in response, Alicia walked over to Jade before lifting her shirt over her stomach to reveal the makeshift bandange she made earlier.

"Oi, get away from 'er." Alicia looked up into Marcus's eyes and tried her hardest to not yield in that instant to Marcus's 'request'.

"I need to get a better dressing on her."

"Yeah... I bet you just can't wait to help her get dressed... or undressed, or whatever." Alicia rolled her eyes before standing and placing both hands on her hips.

"Grow up, Marcus and now is not the time for that." Marcus ignored Alicia and he lifted Jade off of the bed using only one arm and using his other free hand, he pulled Jade's shirt up to her shoulders and over her head as he released Jade's body back and it landed on the bed with a gentle thud.

Watching Jade wince, Alicia walked over to the bed all the while ignoring Marcus's glare and she knelt by the bed. Her eyes looked over Jade's bare stomach and Alicia bit her lip.

"Check the bathroom, Marcus... is there a First Aid kit there? Some flannels and something I can use to wrap around her and put more pressure on the cut? To make sure it has less chance of re-opening?" Scoffing loudly Marcus walked into the bathroom, beginning his search for the items required by Alicia.

Hearing Jade's breathing was all Alicia needed to put her nerves at ease. Jade was just understandably exhausted – it wasn't as bad as she had feared when she first thought when Jade had passed out on the train earlier.

Alicia let out a shaky breath she didn't know she had been holding and her eyes widened as she heard Jade groan. Jade's hand moved down to her ribcage and she clutched at her wound; her eyes fluttering open gently.

"Hey." Alicia waited in silence as Jade licked her lips and opened her mouth, only to stop and to clear her throat before croakily replying.

"Hmm. God, this fucking canes." Jade closed her eyes and opened them slowly, small pools of water forming at the corner of each eye before gently rolling down her face and dripping onto the bed; Alicia leant forward and wiped away the tears with the pad of her thumb.

"It's stopped bleeding. I don't think it was as deep as either of us thought... just a lot of bleeding, no major damage." Jade rolled her eyes as she gave out an amused 'humph' sound.

"Yeah, no major damage, says the person who wasn't stabbed. Trust me, there's damage. It's so fucking sore! God, I'm tired." Jade was about to close her eyes again when the feeling of a warm hand on her cool skin caused her to open her eyes and look into deep, whiskey coloured eyes.

"You can't fall asleep. Not yet, Jade."

"I'm so tired." Aicia gave a small smirk before gently circling her thumb on Jade's cool flesh. Confused jade eyes looked at Alicia before the sound of the bathroom door opened and Alicia jerked her hand away from Jade and sat back a little, giving more distance between the two.

Marcus looked between Jade and Alicia; noting the silence despite the fact Jade was awake –usually with these two, nothing but bickering would be heard as soon as Jade spoke... but now? Nothing.

"There's a first aid kit in there and towels. Jade, you okay?" Jade arched and eyebrow and looked over to Marcus.

"I was stabbed! How do you think I am? I'm hurting like a bitch!" Marcus gave a soft laugh as Jade sat up slowly, throwing her hand up to tell Marcus and Alicia to back off.

"I'm not an invalid I can sit up on my own, ya know! Goddamit... can we just rest? We should be safe here for the night."

"Can't we just stay here the weekend to be safe?" Jade shook her head gently to Alicia's question while Marcus spoke up.

"Nah. If DeShawn's boys know you were on that train, they probably have from Brixton to here mapped out. And don't forget we're in the borough them two boys were killed, they're gonna be on the lookout for us. They know we got nowhere to go, after they check any friends we got in North, they're gonna hit up every hotel and bed and breakfast from Wembley to Beckton just to check for us. We might be good here for the night, but we'll have to sneak out tomorrow for sure."

Jade propped herself up against the headboard and sat up as well as she could, ignoring the fact the room seemed to be spinning everytme she opened her eyes.

"Marcus is right. He's risked a lot coming out from Tottenham to here to meet us. And I can't go back through South... we should go through central. We can hit up our borough quicker that way."

"Nifty, we can't go central, more police, more chance of being caught, we can't go sidestreets 'cos we don't know what the Soho lot are like with anyone outside of central... but we have to stick it out up here." Jade gave out a pained groan.

"Ugh! Fine... at least if we make it to Walthamstow, we can make it to Stratford easier... work it that way, the Newham lot should mostly help us out. Well, all but the East Ham lot but we don't need to worry about them. Argh, this fucking kills!" Jade grabbed the side of her stomach and bit back another yelp of pain.

Alicia stood up and opened the door to the bathroom.

"You need to get washed up and I'll clean up your cut. Get in here, the quicker the better." Jade opened her mouth to argue but a shot of pain that caused her body to spasm involuntarily shut her up. Standing on her feet uneasily at first, Jade took in a deep breath before steadying on her feet and walking over to the bathroom, Alicia still standing beside it with a stern look on her face.

"In my bag, there's one set of fresh clothes; I can't get them messed up so just throw the underwear in here so I haven't got to walk around commando. Cheers."

Jade had been in the shower for five minutes; the unmistakeable sound of a power shower filled Marcus and Alicia's ears – that and the occasional 'fuck' alerted them to Jade's more than conscious state.

Alicia had taken out Jade's underwear from her bag and had it on her lap as she sat on the end of the bed nearest the bathroom, she was ready to take it into the bathroom but she had not moved for over two minutes, her eyes fixed on the bathroom door, her bottom lip caught between her teeth and her eyebrows furrowed deeply.

"Does she know?" Marcus's cold voice broke Alicia's thoughts and she frowned before turning to him.

"Not now, Marcus, please, don't." Marcus, who had been lying languidly on the other bed in all his clothes except for his trainers which he had thrown to the floor, cracked open one eye to gauge Alicia's reaction properly. He shrugged calmly and sniffed loudly several times.

"Why not now? When I came out of the bathroom, I thought maybe you had said something."

"No. I didn't." Marcus sat up from the bed and rubbed the back of his neck tiredly.

"Are you gonna?" Alicia sighed in frustration;

"No! And it's none of your business!" Marcus gave out an incredulous laugh before pointing towards the bathroom.

"None of my business?! Are you fucking mental? Of course it is! You wasted two years of my life just to get closer to her! You're just fucking lucky I've not gone around telling everyone!" Alicia narrowed her eyes at her ex boyfriend before talking at a lower level.

"Keep your fucking voice down! And I know I'm lucky you never told anyone! I never asked you to keep it a secret!" Marcus snorted distastefully.

"Well, you were doing such a good job of keeping it a secret I didn't wanna break a trend." Alicia fought back her retort and instead opted to stay quiet for a moment before turning to Marcus and talking barely above a whisper.

"Look. I said I was sorry at the time. And it wasn't for the whole two years, Marcus, even you know that... but honestly? Now is not the time to talk about it." Marcus shrugged once more and looked over to the bathroom door.

"Well... you have to tell her eventually, she keeps asking why we broke up and I can't keep lying to my best friend and telling her you broke up with me because you didn't like the life I lived or just changing the subject. Hey, Leesh?" Alicia looked over to Marcus wordlessly, "If... I mean, when we get through this. Tell her."

"There's no point. Everyone knows Jade hates me. There's no way I'd get away with telling her that I'm in love with her without her laughing in my face or straight up ignoring me for the rest of my life or making life worse for me. Or killing me." Marcus cringed as Alicia spoke.

"It's so hard to hear you say you're in love with her... y'know, without it hurting. I thought it'd get easier just knowing that... but it really hurts." Alicia looked quizzically at the boy before rubbing her temples firmly.

"So why do you want me to tell her if it hurts so much?! I don't understand you, Marcus!"

"BECAUSE! Even though it hurts me, I still love you! Okay, there I said it. I still love you and I know it's pointless because I'm not at all your type. But I want you at least have a chance! Even if it is with my best friend at least I know the two most important women in my life would be happy, and that's all that matters to me."

Alicia looked at Marcus; she took in his pained expression, he was hurting but he meant every word and she could tell.

"But... why? Why all the arguing and hate from before?" Marcus barked out a short bitter laugh.

"I thought it was only natural! I mean c'mon Leesh! How many blokes do you know that would have taken that news, that their girlfriend of two years was secretly in love with their female best friend, particularly well?" Alicia was silent for several seconds, "Yeah, that's what I thought. But y'know, since last week... when i got framed for this shit and the only person I could count on was Nifty... I just had a lot of time to think... and she's always been good to me and been there for me. I just think she deserves something to make her happy."

"And you think I can offer her happiness?" Marcus gave out a small laugh before recovering himself and apologising lightly.

"S-sorry! You? Make Jade happy? Ha... other girls have tried," Marcus watched with amusement as he saw Alicia scrunch her face up in repulsion at the mention of Jade's past, "and many have failed. You might add to that, but to actually make her happy? I dunno." Alicia bit her lip nervously, looking around the room nervously before settling her gaze back on Marcus.

"I can't... I know she hates me."

"So why love her?" Alicia laughed shortly;

"Trust me, if I could control who I fell in love with I'd make life easier and I would have just fallen in love with you." Marcus gave a small sentimental smile that was missed by Alicia.

"Thanks, Leesh... but it's not me you've fallen for... now you've got to deal with the conse – "

"If you two are quite done catching up can someone, oh I don't know... hand me my fucking underwear? And my clothes now while you're at it." Alicia's eyes widened at Jade's voice. She was so caught up in her conversation with Marcus that she hadn't even heard that the shower had stopped almost two minutes ago.

Scrambling to her feet, Alicia dug through Jade's bag once more and took out the spare clothes that were tightly packed into the bottom; a pair of black Evisu jeans and a blue cotton long sleeved Cherokee t-shirt. She took the clothes and headed over to the bathroom and knocked lightly, the door opened almost instantly showing Jade soaked from head to toe, a white towel covering her and a pinkish hue in line with where the cut would have been.

"Thanks." Jade took the clothes and closed the door swiftly, leaving Alicia standing dumbfounded for a second before turning around to face Marcus and whisper yelling as best she could.

"Oh My God! Do – do you think she heard us? Heard me?"

"I dunno. Probably?" Marcus watched with amusement as Alicia began furiously biting her lip while pacing around the room, both of them waiting for Jade to emerge from the bathroom.

When Jade did open the bathroom door she almost fell over laughing with amusement at the sight of Alicia walking around the room frantically, but Jade's demeanour turned serious at the worried look plastered over Alicia's face.

Alicia stopped pacing as soon as she saw Marcus look up into the direction of the bathroom.

A moment of silence passed where Alicia opened and closed her mouth while Jade just kept her eyes on every single movement of the other girl's form.

Feeling as though she would suffocate under the scrutiny of the other girl, Alicia turned to Marcus and gave him a pleading glance.

Smiling smugly Marcus leaned back on his elbows, only somewhat maliciously enjoying watching Alicia sweat with Jade in such close proximity to her. But as soon as he was sent that look from Alicia, Marcus gave out a short pained grunt before sitting up on the bed once more and looked over at Jade, who was holding the first aid kit from the bathroom in her hands.

"Oi, Jade. You want me to patch you up, blud?"

Jade wordlessly moved over to the bed where Marcus was situated and sat in front of him, lifting her shirt up to just under her bra; Marcus took the first aid kit from her hands and looked through the contents. Minutes later he was still looking through the kit much to Jade's enjoyment.

"Marcus, you don't know what you're looking for, do ya?"

"Well..." Marcus looked up into Jade's eyes and sighed, "No... I don't." Jade didn't waste a moment to push him in the shoulder and shifted him over substantially. Jade looked over to Alicia and patted the space she had just made.

"Come and make yaself useful then." Jade resisted the urge to smirk as the colour drained from Alicia's face. But still, the other girl stood up and approached Jade and almost as if on auto-pilot, Alicia began to change the dressing on Jade's body.

After making sure the gauze was on tight enough and there was no red seeping out from under her bandage, Alicia shuffled back from Jade and gave a small nervous smile to the injured girl.

Jade kept her face expressionless.

"Thanks. For patching me up. And getting us the room. But don't think this means that I like you. Got it?" Alicia nodded, trying to hide any trace of disappointment from her face. Jade nodded;

"Good. I'm knackered, I'm going to bed, don't make too much noise and we should get out of here by seven." Marcus stretched and yawned loudly.

"Good idea, I'm beat too." Alicia remained inmoving for a moment before she did a double take and looked down at the two beds and turned around to face Jade and Marcus with a somewhat hesitant expression.

"What are we – who's sleeping – what I mean is – " Jade cut Alicia off with a heavy sigh and a roll of her green eyes.

"Grow the fuck up, Alicia. If you wanna share with Marcus you can, or I can, I don't really care." Jade stood up and made her way over to the empty bed before flopping down onto it. Marcus chuckled, catching Alicia's attention.

"Well, I think it's clear what she thinks." A muffled 'fuck you' came from the other bed. Marcus raised an eyebrow at Alicia as she took off her jacket.

She mouthed 'what?' to Marcus only to be met with a devious smirk and a somewhat malicious gleam taking over his eyes.

Before Alicia could question him, she felt her body being pushed back; she yelped before her knees met the bed and she fell backwards onto it, landing an inch shy of Jade – who raised her head and sent an unamused glare to Alicia before shaking her head and speaking with sleep already beginning to lace her speech.

"What. The. Fuck. Ever. Just don't wake me."

Alicia lay still on the bed, her eyes widened, and minutes later, the low sound of gently snoring emitted from Jade. Alicia let out a breath before sitting up and sending a glare to Marcus.

The boy was already standing up by the lights to the room and switched them off before smirking triumphantly at Alicia. The other girl gulped before whiper yelling at her ex boyfriend.

"Why did you do that?" He chuckled amusedly once more before jumping onto his own bed.

"You could have gotten up. You'll thank me in the morning. Night." Marcus yawned once more before laying back on the bed.

Alicia laid back into the bed and closed her eyes, ready to inwardly scream at how horrible her day was going so far.

She didn't get very far; Jade moved over in her early sleep and brushed her hand over Alicia's hip – the small action was more than enough to send a flood of excitement through her entire body.

She bit down on her lip as she fought back the moan that threatened to escape her mouth.

Any other day and she'd be thanking God for letting her dreams of sharing a bed with Jade George. But right now? It was her own personal hell.


Only six more hours.

Jade's hand moved once more and Alicia couldn't help the sharp intake breath she took in.


Six hours was a fucking long time.

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