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No-One Can Stop Us Now
By Vanessa Riverton



A loud shrilling noise filled the room at exactly 7am.

Alicia glanced over to the bedside table where Jade's mobile was situated and watched in fascination as Jade grunted awake before deftly moving her hand to her phone and deactivating the chirpy alarm.

"'S too fucking early." Alicia couldn't even try and suppress the smile that appeared on her face; Jade's voice first thing in the morning was officially the most unintentionally sexiest thing Alicia had ever heard.


"The fuck are you gawking at?"

Startled at Jade's words Alicia offered a sheepish smile before sitting up in the bed, her tired muscles screaming out at her to lay back down and get some rest.

It really was a long six hours.

"Marcus, you prick, wake up." Jade sat up and tiredly rubbed the back of her neck before grabbing her pillow and launching it at the unmoving figure on the bed opposite them.

The second the pillow made contact with Marcus, his body went from inanimate to on the floor in a nanosecond. He groaned out loud.

"I was havin' the best dream, Nift, whatchu wake me up for?" Alicia shook her head in despair before deciding to head to the toilet before the other two really woke up and decided to use it first and leave it in an undesirable state afterwards.

"So... that chat you two were havin' last night." Jade spoke quietly but as casually as she could. Marcus just raised one eyebrow at her.

"You nosy fucker." Jade shrugged before offering a small smirk.

"Is that why you wouldn't tell me? I thought we were best friends, Marc." Marcus stood up and stretched before he sat down lazily on his bed.

"We are best friends... but c'mon Nift! It's embarrassing! My girl of two years wants you?!" At Jade's raised eyebrows, Marcus rolled his eyes, "I mean no offence, you're a piece an' all, but you're a girl... only gay girls are meant to like you." Jade said nothing but looked from the bathroom to Marcus.

"But why didn't you tell me? I mean, you didn't have to tell no-one else, I wouldn't have said jackshit and you know that! You couldn't even tell me, man?"

Marcus sighed heavily before he hung his head and shrugged.

"I thought that if I told you... then... nah, it's stupid."

"No, man you started, now finish whatever the fuck you were saying." Marcus clenched his jaw.

"I thought that if I told you, then... then you and Leesh might have... tried something. Y'know... together-like." Jade scowled at Marcus before standing up and shaking her head. She took a few steps away from her bed and towards the window, looking out on the shitty sight of North London.

A few moments passed before Marcus realised Jade was annoyed. He stood up and joined her at the window, neither saying a word.

"Jade... I – "

"Don't you trust me?" Jade's words were laced with hurt and Marcus knew the tone well. He raised his arm and put it around Jade's shoulder, giving her a platonic squeeze.

"Course I do. I was jus' hurtin'... You know I trust you... after last night, how could I not?" Marcus gave Jade a small smile which was returned. She shrugged her shoulders.

"I just didn't want to think that's what you thought of me. You know you always come first, man."

"I know I do... and you have no idea how much that means to me, Jay." Marcus squeezed Jade's shoulders once more. "But can you blame me? I mean... you always acted so weird with Leesha – more than you did with any other girl. Like you couldn't stand to be in the same room as her... but I never thought you hated her or anything 'cos you could be proper vocal about that whenever you wanted to."

"I just..." Jade shrugged before talking in a much more quiet voice, "I just didn't know how to act around her." Marcus' eyes widened before softening; he didn't think Jade herself even realised what she meant by that.

"She makes you uncomfortable?" Jade shook her head but kept her eyes focused on the outside.

"She makes you nervous?" Jade didn't move and Marcus took that as a 'yes'. Marcus nodded to himself before laughing gently.

"Well, whatever man, I know you're family and you got my back... bro's before ho's." Jade shook her head before catching Marcus's eyes with her own vibrant green.

"No. You before everyone; that's how it is with me, don't forget that... bro." Jade gave a small smirk just as the bathroom opened to reveal a decidedly fresher looking Alicia.

Jade and Marcus exchanged looks before Jade clucked her tongue loudly.

"I'm gonna go take a quick piss."

Jade gave a meaningful glance to Marcus before heading to the bathroom, completely ignoring Alicia's presence.

"She hates me, doesn't she?" The words were out of Alicia's mouth the second she heard the bathroom door click shut. Marcus looked down at the woman he loved before shrugging and contemplating what to tell her.

"Not anymore than usual." He felt a playful slap on his shoulder and he couldn't help but smile a little. Alicia turned and sat on the bed, watching Marcus carefully.

"I didn't want you to hate me, you know. I really did love you." Marcus closed his eyes, trying to block out Alicia's words. He just nodded, unable to trust his voice.

"I did. I felt like shit when I realised... well, you know and – "

"Why didn't you just end it when you first realised, Alicia? Why put me through that show for you?! Well?!" Alicia bowed her head and avoided Marcus's gaze; she knew he'd be mad.

She shrugged.

Marcus expelled a breath before laughing bitterly.

"So... when did you realise? Will you at least be honest 'bout that?" Alicia bit her lip before clearing her throat.

"When we went on that school trip to Paris." Marcus swivelled around on the spot.

The bathroom door opened, but no-one seemed to notice.

"We had barely been going out for three FUCKING MONTHS!" Marcus took a threatening step towards to Alicia but was shocked to find Jade standing in the way. Marcus looked down at Jade who just looked confused at him.

"Move, Jade."

"Man, relax! You were looking pissed off." Marcus stepped back; he realised that Jade was worried about him and not his actions and so, his features softened.

"Yeah, well... She pissed me off!" Marcus nodded over to Alicia who still couldn't bring herself to look at him.

"I know she saved you and all, Nift... but she's got to fucking go." Jade looked over her shoulder to Alicia and took in the other girl's defeated body language, her slumped posture and her furrowed brows. Jade bit her lip before growling and exhaling.


Marcus's eyes widened as his eyebrows shot up.

Alicia looked up in surprise too. Jade crossed her arms over her chest and shook her head resolutely.

"They'll be looking for her too now. It's unfair to throw her to that fuckin' lot and even you know that." Marcus stepped back, his face contorted to incredulity.

"Are you fucking wiv me, Jade?" Once again the younger girl shook her head.

"No... c'mon Marcus, have a fucking heart! We can't throw her out! She could have called them and told them where we are, but has she? No! We can't throw her out... DeShawn would fuck her up."

"DeShawn?" One look at Marcus's confused face and Jade knew she had said the wrong thing – he had no idea Alicia was with DeShawn. Jade took in a deep breath, steeling herself for what she had to say.

"I'm with DeShawn." Jade's head whipped around to Alicia, her face masked with shock. Marcus threw his hands up in the air and roared incoherently before yelling.

"OH MY GOD! You don't half get around do ya? You fucking slut!"

"Oi! That's enough of that Marcus. Shut up!" Jade's voice instantly shut Marcus up but only out of shock. Marcus looked between Jade and Alicia before narrowing his eyes and stepping close to Jade, speaking at a low level, barely above a whisper.

"What's up Jade? You sweet on her?" Looking up at Alicia - who was struggling to hear what Marcus was saying - Marcus continued talking to Jade, his eyes trained on Alicia. He knew his words would hurt but at the moment, he was hurting too.

"I mean she's good, but she's not that good – "

Jade's eyes flashed with anger and Marcus didn't have the chance to say another word as Jade shook her head, grabbed her bag and jacket and headed for the door.

"Where the fuck d'ya think you're going?" Jade opened the door and scowled at her best friend once more.

"Anywhere were you won't be, you ungrateful prick. Fuck you." Jade slammed the door shut.

Marcus took a deep breath before rolling his eyes and throwing his trainers on quickly and heading for the door. Alicia grabbed the little bits the two left behind, threw them into her small bag and headed out of the room too with the room key in hand.

After handing the day concierge the room key, Alicia headed to the lounge to try and find the two other members of her 'party'. Marcus was sitting in the small cafe drinking a cup of tea and looking around suspiciously.

Alicia approached him and cleared her throat to catch his attention.

"Where's Jade?" Marcus opened his mouth, ready to retort with stinging words but instead clenched his jaw and nodded his head towards the main entrance/exit door. Alicia looked towards the exit but made no move for it just yet. She looked down at Marcus and laid a hand on his shoulder – his entire body stilled at the movement.

"I didn't mean to hurt you Marcus... and I meant what I said about having a choice in falling in love. You're a great bloke. You'll be a great bloke for some girl that deserves you more than I ever did."

Marcus placed his cup of tea down onto his small table and wiped his hands all over his face.

"That makes nothing better, only makes me feel worse. Look..." Marcus turned to look up at Alicia's face; her beauty even now still took his breath away. He got his mind back in order, "Just go and find Jade and talk to her. 'Cos she already knows... about everything. But make it quick, 'cos we ain't got all day. Need to be in Arnos Grove at noon, I got a friend's house we can crash at for the day before spending Sunday getting to Stratford." Realising now that Alicia was blushing Marcus laughed gently.

"Go and see your girl." Alicia regarded Marcus carefully. He spoke without malice or emotion; in that moment, she didn't know what to make of him.

"She's not my girl." He nodded.

"True. Last time I checked her and Christie were still hitting up the sheets together." Marcus watched with barely concealed amusement as Alicia's back straightened and she flared her nostrils.

"Christie? I thought they were over." Marcus leaned back in his chair and nodded.

"They broke up, yeah... Don't mean they don't fuck still."

Alicia gave a small nod before heading out towards the door and in search of Jade.

Jade had barely lit up the cigarette before she heard the now familiar click-clack sound of Alicia's shoes hitting against the concrete floor. Letting out a small sigh, Jade turned her head to the side, hoping to obscure Alicia from view.

No such luck.

The sound of fabric rustling and the presence of a new body alerted Jade to the fact that Alicia had sat down beside her.

"What d'ya want, Leesh?" There was only silence followed by the small crackling of Jade's cigarette as she drew on it again.

Alicia shrugged before she bit down on her bottom lip again. She stared down at her lap before looking up and taking her surroundings into account.

"I know you know, Jade. And I'm sorry." Jade's head snapped up and she looked over at Alicia.

"Why the fuck are you sorry? You can't help it. I mean you could have not broken my best friend's heart... but I do get where you're coming from." Alicia chanced a glance over at Jade and saw the other girl was barely looking at her.

"You understand? The last thing I wanted was this Jade... I swear. I never wanted to hurt Marcus... or piss you off any further." Jade gave a small laugh.

"Look... it's not pissing me off. Just that now... now is not the time to talk about this. Okay?" Jade moved her head to the side and for a second her eyes locked with Alicia's. Alicia nodded slowly as Jade turned her head away.

"We're making our way down to Wood Green Centre and well, hopefully we can grab a 123 bus to Ilford and miss going through the rest of this shithole called North London..."

"You really hate North, don't you?" Jade gave a small bitter laugh.

"Yep. I really fucking hate this place... look if we get on a 123 with no issues, we hit up Ilford, the downside is we have to work our way through East Ham and that lot are close with DeShawn but whatever, we gotta do what we gotta do."Jade finished her cigarette and threw the butt away.

"Aren't you scared Jade?" Alicia's voice was laced with concern and Jade nodded slowly.

"I'm shittin' myself. But I'd rather be scared and stupid and do all this shit then be dead. How about you? You scared?" Alicia nodded her head vehemently and Jade smirked.

A moment of silence passed over them before Alicia cleared her throat.

"You do know that this conversation is the most you've ever spoken to me in all the years we've known each other, right?" Jade looked at Alicia before nodding.

"Yeah, I know." Jade stood up and stretched her tired muscles, trying to ignore the fact that Alicia was looking over her before darting her eyes away in embarrassment. Chuckling gently to herself, Jade took a step forward before pivoting and facing Alicia.

"I think that... on Monday. You and I should talk more." Jade could feel her own heartbeat speeding up with every word she uttered. She watched as Alicia did that adorable eyebrows furrowed together look with her slight pout. Alicia stood up and crossed her arms protectively over her chest before licking her lips and softly speaking up.

"Talk? A-about what?"

Jade took a deep breath after Alicia had stopped talking. No-one was around them and she had heard everything in the past few days – Marcus wanted them to be happy together if that's what they both wanted...

"About stuff." Jade cursed herself inwardly for losing her own bottle. She glanced over at Alicia and saw the disappointment in her eyes. Jade stepped forward and without thinking laid her hand on Alicia's shoulders.

Deep chocolate eyes looked up at her with hope and curiosity.

"We need to talk about some things... you know? But now isn't the time. Okay?" Alicia's eyes seemed to dance with joy as she crinkled her nose up and smiled a toothy grin at Jade.

"Jade?... Are you saying that you – "

"We'll talk on Monday. Okay?"

Alicia nodded her head but didn't dare move another muscle. Jade's hand was still on her shoulder.

"Am I interrupting anything here?" Jade shook her head before taking her hand away from Alicia. Marcus sent a glare to Jade who simply levelled her gaze at him. Jade shrugged her shoulders.

"Not really... talking about getting to Ilford from Wood Green but – "

"Nah, we can stay at Jamie's in Arnos Grove for the night. It's all set, Nift." Alicia watched as Jade went from curious to pissed off in a split second and the smaller girl instantly squared up to Marcus.

"Jamie?! You're going to trust that drug addict piece of shit?! Why don't we just grab the bus to Ilford and make our way back to our yard? Why are you being such a fuckwit?!"

Marcus held his hands up, one eyebrow arched.

"Look, he offered me a place when the police were first sniffing me out... let's just stay there and... chill for the night?"

Alicia watched with intrigue as Jade's jaw clenched.

"Chill? All we have to fucking go through and you want to get high when we need to be as alert as possible? Fuck you!" Marcus opened his mouth but Jade cut him off, her tone high and her words laced with sarcasm.

"No, no, c'mon, off to Arnos Grove with us! God forbid Marcus can't hit up while we're on the run!"

Marcus laughed out loud at Jade before slinging an arm around her shoulder and leading her off, Alicia following slowly behind them.

"Oi, boss... just got a call... Those fuckers 'ave been spotted in North. Ally Pally way... want us to get them?"

DeShawn listened to Ashton – his tone quivered as though he was worried. DeShawn shook his head as he leaned back in his luxury leather recliner.

"Nah, blud... I don't know if they've got the video on them still or not... Just bide some time. If you see anything passing hands, then strike... til then, find out who's got their back out there."

Ashton nodded before chewing on his lip and clearing his throat.

"What about Cole?" DeShawn glanced over at Ashton before sniffling loudly and popping his collar.

"Send a message out there... to all Nifty's little mates. You cross me and you get killed." Starting for a second before realising DeShawn had his eyes on him; Ashton gave a quick nervous smile before heading out of the room. As he passed one of the many goons lined up by the door, Ashton nodded to one to follow him – the goon took the hint and walked behind Ashton.

Ashton took in a deep breath before looking over to the muscled man behind him.

"Tell everyone to be on the lookout for Cole... and if they see 'im or any of those other fucking East London cunts, you tell them this. It's SOS, blud." The goons' eyebrows lifted slightly before he gave a small nod, letting Ashton know the message was received.

Neither of them needed to say it, but both knew whatever followed was going to be an all out city war.

Cole was on SOS.

Shoot On Sight.

Bass blaring out 'Take Me To The Hospital' by The Prodigy only heightened the intense throbbing occurring by her temples and Jade could tell that by the end of the night, she was going to have to punch that prick of a best friend of hers.

"I hate you blud, you know that right?" Marcus just gave a laugh as he sidled up to Jade, a can of Heineken lager in one hand, and a freshly lit joint in the other.

"Man, c'mon, I know it's been a stressful night for you but it's been a stressful few weeks for me, ya know? I need to unwind before we do the rest of this." Marcus took a long drag from the blunt before smiling and slowly releasing the smoke from his mouth.

"Maaan, I tell you, blad, that right there is the shit!" Marcus handed to Jade who replied by narrowing her eyes and flipping the bird at Marcus.

"That a no, then, Jay?" Jade clenched her jaw, barely resisting the urge to roll her eyes.

"I'm going to go and get a drink, Marcus... don't go too far. And did I mention that I hate you?" Marcus giggled like an ass as he inhaled from the joint once more, instantly coughing and spewing like an arse seconds later.

Jade gave out a small laugh as she walked on – right now, she craved a drink and some fresh air. Luckily, Marcus's friend, a Venezuelan Jade knew only as Ricardo Best was an old associate from a deal Marcus did way back when. Into the drug trafficking industry, Ricardo made his money in importing cocaine and marijuana in the early 2000's, allowing him to buy the rare beauty of a home in the North London borough.

It was a three Storey Edwardian style home with the attic serving as the third floor and the basement as a sub level. There was a ridiculously large garden out back to boot.

With the gazebo out back, Jade found herself sitting down on the small dark green bench housed there; Heineken in hand, of course.

Placing the can of lager down on the floor beside the bench, Jade brought her elbows down and gently rested them on her thighs, cradling her head in her hands.

Her thoughts became overcrowded with events of the past few weeks.

Her and Marcus at the club, her leaving because Marcus started acting like a wanker... she got home and slept through the day, knackered as usual after a night out. It was only when she got up around teatime and turned on the TV did she see it.

Breaking news on London Tonight's six o clock broadcast, and there was Marcus's mug plastered all over the screen, then the newsreader telling her that Marcus was wanted for the brutal killing of two men. Suspected gang killing. Marcus wanted.

She hadn't known what to think... shock took over her system and she wanted to scream at Marcus for his stupidity, she was fully prepared to let him suffer on his own.

Minutes later her house phone rang.

Marcus was on the other end of the line. Jade was fully prepared to hang up and leave the fucker to his own devices.

It was only when Marcus spoke softly, a cry clearly being suppressed as he spoke;

"I... I didn't do it, Jade... I swear to you."

She knew in that instant that Marcus didn't do it.

He only called her Jade when their parents were around or he was being serious. Or being truthful.

Like the time his dad came to school, delivering the news that the cancer had won the battle with his mother's frail body. Jade followed Marcus, not giving a fuck if she would get suspended, and she was there to catch him when his legs gave out from under him – the emotions overwhelming him. She held him as he cried into her shoulder and grieved.

"Why's she gone, Jade? I-I... She didn't deserve it!"

Jade slumped further into her hands, her hair being raked through by long, strong, slightly callused fingers.

A knock at the door interrupted Jade from making sure her youngest sibling got into bed, ready for the next day at school. Jade made her way to the door, opened it and found Marcus standing there, a bottle of Captain Morgan's Rum in his hand.

Looking into his dark eyes, Jade was startled to see they were slightly red and puffy, clearly the result of crying for God only knows how long.

"Marcus? Are you alright?" He didn't say a word as he stepped past the smaller girl and into her home. He shrugged, walking into Jade's fortunately empty living room.

"Blood? Talk to me, c'mon." Jade's voice quivered with worry as she took in her best friend. The worst things ran through her mind – had his father been hurt? Marcus's sister?

"She broke up with me." The words were spoken lowly but clearly. Jade raised one eyebrow in confusion before things started clicking into place.

She scowled.

"That bitch."


Marcus said nothing, just raised the bottle in his hand to his lips and drank healthily from it. Jade sat forward, her eyes watching Marcus with intent.

"What happened?"

Marcus just looked at her, his jaw muscles clenching and unclenching every few seconds.

"It's nothing, Nift. Forget it."

"Was he cheating on you?" Jade's voice was filled disdain and accusation. Marcus shook his head.

"Nah... come on, I know you don't like her but Jesus... no it wasn't that bad." Jade nodded understandingly.

"It's still bad enough. I just hate seeing you like this man. It rarely happens but when it does..." Jade trailed off but Marcus got the message. He leaned forward, resting his hand on top of hers. A moment passed before Marcus looked into Jade's deep green eyes and spoke up; his voice nearly cracking with intent.

"You know you're the only woman in this world that I'd ever trust... right, Jade?" Jade cocked her head to one side before nodding slowly.

"Course, blood. And you can trust me." Jade leaned forward, bring Marcus into a brief hug before releasing him and settling back a bit. "And you can trust me man... Marcus?" The boy looked up, his features tired.

"...Was there someone else?" Marcus drew his hand back from Jade, taking a deep swallow of his rum.

"No... Just fucking drop it, Nift."

That conversation alone set the precedent.

That topic wasn't going any further that night. Though Jade did pursue it – demanding to know the name of the arsehole Alicia decided to break her best friend's heart with.

He didn't say a thing... not until the other night.

And now Jade knew why.

And know Jade knew why her fucking headache was coming back full swing – she thought about stuff too much.

Reaching down for her lager, she was surprised when she spotted a pair of legs – immediately telling her mind to ignore the fact they were KILLER legs – and her eyes trailed over the body in front of her.

Jade went a telling shade of red as her eyes connected with familiar blue eyes. A smirk found its way to Jade's face.

"Christie... Hey." Jade looked up the young blonde's body, her hair was down, slightly curled, giving her a more mature look, Jade also took in the tight fitting denim waistcoat, coupled with a light blue miniskirt... and those simple blue heels that just seemed to set off Christie and give off that 'fuck me now' aura that Jade used to lust for so very much.

"Hey, Nifty... how you doin' babe?" Christie took a few steps forward, holding her arms out for an embrace, and Jade gratefully stepped into it; needing the familiarity, the comfort and the warmth of someone... and at the moment Christie was as good as it was getting.

"I'm 'kay. Jus' a little stressed, ya know?" Christie released Jade from the hug and sat down on the bench, Jade following suit, grabbing her beer and taking a long swig from it.

"I can imagine, Nift... I mean your picture is everywhere, on the late night news. My brother was smiling like a wanker at a tossing competition when he saw you were wanted for Owen's murder." Jade instantly became alert, looking around her surroundings. Christie smiled gently.

"Christopher isn't here... don't worry. But be careful though... I know one Wood Green boy is here. Steven – he was a friend of those two boys that got merked that Marcus is accused of doing in." Jade's face lit up in hope at Christie's words.

"Accused of? So you don't think he did it either?" Christie instantly shook her head.

"Nah. I mean I've known you both for years. Thieves? Yes. Liars? Hell yes. Murderers? Nah. You two don't have the balls for that." Christie smirked. "Well I know you don't, Nift."

Jade playfully nudged Christie with her shoulder.

"So... how are you? And Carlos? Good, I hope." Christie's face was lit up with a completely smitten look before she nodded and spoke, almost in a shy manner.

"We're good. He treats me so well, Jade." A moment of silence passed before Christie spoke again, "I'm sorry about the way things ended between us."

Jade waved her hand dismissively.

"Don't sweat it... we're still friends and that's all that matters." Christie smiled, happily embracing Jade, their bodies almost flush together. Christie chuckled before pulling back;

"I'm glad too... hehe, even if people think we're still fucking just because we hug and hang out sometimes." Jade nodded her head.

"Fuck 'em. What's important is that we know what's going on." Christie nodded before standing up and rubbing her arms, giving a warm smile over to Jade.

"Too true. I'm gonna head in... you?" Jade shook her head and Christie gave a bright, white smile, "Okay... Jade? Just so you know... the whole time we were together? I really did love you... you still mean so much to me." Jade gave a small smile and Christie nodded slowly before heading back into the party.

Barely ten seconds had passed before a voice spoke out from just behind Jade, on the other side of the gazebo.

"So, you meant a lot to her... I just thought you two fucked." Jade winced at the crude words that came from Alicia's mouth.

"We loved each other... but we weren't in love. We were cool with that. But then she met Carlos... and she fell in love. I can't blame the girl." Green eyes met brown. Alicia made her way to the front of the gazebo, before taking the seat next to Jade.

Jade took a sip of her beer as Alicia bit on her lip gently.

"No, I suppose you can't blame her." Alicia's words were quiet and soon a comfortable silence passed over the two.

"Look... I can't wait until Monday to talk about this Jade." Jade opened her mouth to argue but was cut off by Alicia, her voice becoming slightly high pitched with her increasing nerves.

"No! Listen... it's been this fucking big rainbow coloured elephant in the room whenever you, me and Marcus are around each other. And..." Alicia brought her eyes up, looking deep into Jade's eyes again, "And if this weekend doesn't turn out the way we planned... we might not have another chance to talk about it."

"You really think DeShawn is going to get me and Marcus?" Alicia exhaled at Jade's question, her tone was clearly stressed.

"No... but what if the police catch you two? Then DeShawn can get me... then I'm as good as dead. I want to believe it but Jesus, Jade! I do not want to be disappointed if things don't go our way. They've already been fucked up – you've been cut, Marcus is getting high and dragging us out of our way..."

Jade nodded at Alicia's words then sighed before standing up, gulping down the rest of her beer before haphazardly throwing the can into the garden. She wiped her mouth with her hand before pivoting and facing Alicia.

"You don't think I'm aware of that? I know that, Leesh! I just... I can't talk about... that. Not yet."

Alicia stood, aggravated, and run a hand through her thick hair.

"God, Jade! I had it thrown at you... I didn't even get the chance to tell you myself... now you know and I'm left here just losing my fucking mind! I want to know what you think! I need to know what you think!" Alicia stomped her foot at her last statement.

Jade swallowed, her throat feeling dry despite the beer she had just drunk. Alicia snorted in distaste.

"You know what? Fuck this... I can't take your mind games, Jade. I know you fucking hate me... are you just enjoying this? Making me suffer? Making me think that there's a glimmer of hope just so you can put that out when I'm a little more pathetic? Fuck you, Jade."

Alicia crossed her arms and began walking away from Jade, making her way to the house. Instantly, Jade began following her.

"Wait! Where are you going?" Alicia swiftly wiped at her eyes before turning to face Jade.

"I'm getting out of here. I'm sure I can stay at a friend's place or something for tonight... someone DeShawn won't have marked." Alicia began walking again only to be stopped as she felt someone grabbing her arms, holding her back.

"Don't go, Alicia. Please?" Not turning around, Alicia shook her head.

"I can't stay, Jade."

Feeling the change in Jade's movements, Alicia shivered involuntarily as she felt the distinct presence of a body behind her, Jade's body heat practically radiating off of her.

"Please, stay, Alicia." Jade's voice was so calming that Alicia found herself almost swooning at it. She managed to snap herself out of it and shake her head gently.


"Please?" Alicia turned around, facing Jade, her eyes slightly watering but no real tears present. She saw as Jade's features softened upon seeing Alicia's enticing whiskey coloured eyes. Alicia inhaled before shakily exhaling.

"You need to give me one really fucking good reason to stay here, Jade. I'm talking life-changing here." Jade nodded slowly before darting around their immediate surroundings. After a moment they settled, her green eyes twinkling for a moment before Jade took a deep breath and leaned forward.

Alicia's heart almost stopped beating as she felt the silk-like texture of Jade's lips against hers.

She didn't think things could be much better.

Of course, she thought that just moments before Jade opened her mouth slightly and let her tongue glide across her lower lip.

'Hell yeah, this is heaven.'

To Be Continued

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