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No-One Can Stop Us Now
By Vanessa Riverton



Jade stood outside of Brixton station with a frown on her face. She had been here before but tonight was different; she could feel it in the air. It was thick with anticipation and in Jade's eyes the streets even seemed laden with anxiety – it was all the way people seemed to walk. Wanting to run away from this area and to get to the safety of their own homes.

Oh well.

Throwing her hands into her trouser pockets and taking out a pair of cotton black gloves, Jade put them on despite the humidity of the night – she didn't care because tonight she couldn't afford to leave her prints on any of the gear she came into contact with tonight.

Heading left out of the Underground station, Jade adjusted the straps on her black rucksack before looking left and right and just in generally looking all around her; she just couldn't shake her paranoia tonight. She knew the only reason she wouldn't get jumped before she got to the club was because she was Cole's friend and Cole was one of the most revered Yardies this side of the river.

Taking in a deep breath, Jade made her way beneath the bridge nearest the station known as Cons' Row and walked to the fifth arch there before rapping on the door curtly.

Seconds later, the door was opened and looking up at her was Rishi.

Rishi Urhan was one of the few Bangladeshi men in London who actually trusted Jade; despite her reputation, which turned out to be pure rumours, for stealing goods she was meant to sell, he gave her a chance and she had yet to let her down. She always sold the entire quantity and quickly, and tonight he had no doubt she could shift the five MacBooks and nineteen iPods he had in mind for her to sell.

Today, Jade couldn't help but notice he was dressed up; in a blue shirt and silver and black waistcoat and matching black dress trousers. Not to mention the undoubtedly Italian leather black shoes. Rishi noticed the look he was getting from Jade and sighed heavily before answering her unasked question.

"I'm going to a wedding reception... and you're late."

Rishi stepped aside and let Jade in. He watched cautiously as she walked in slowly and sighed exasperatedly.

"I would have been here half hour ago but the fucking trains are a nightmare tonight. Fucking stupid tube, next time I'm gonna get a cab." Rishi laughed loudly as walked over to a table in the middle of the large room. There was a large box on top of the table and Rishi uncovered the top of it to reveal several types of iPods and MacBooks.

"There's nineteen iPods; ten Touches, three of them are 32 gig, two eight gig and five 16 gig. Two iPod Classics; both 80 gig and there's seven nanos. All eight gig. I want a £100 for each touch, £60 for the classics and £80 for each nano. Got it?" Jade nodded while eyeing up the goods with a small smile.

"Good. Now there's three MacBook Pro's and two MacBook Air's. They're £350 each. I want them all shifted and I'll collect from you Sunday. So make sure you're here at noon on Sunday and then you can take your commission then. Alright?" Jade nodded while closing up the box and grabbing some nearby tape and securing the top down.

"No problem. Consider it done." Jade gave a small nod to Rishi who grabbed a packet of cigarettes and a lighter out of his trouser pockets, and lit up swiftly.

"Seen Marcus, Nift? The boys round here are baying for his blood, ya know?" Jade closed her eyes and shook her head.

"No, I've not seen him, he's not stupid enough to come near me... not while everyone's out to get him." Rishi nodded understandably before puffing away quickly at his cigarette.

"Fair play. Rumours are flying 'round it weren't even him who snuffed them two boys, y'know?" Jade jerked her head around to look at Rishi who just took another puff of his cigarette, "People are saying it was the Peckham lads," Jade's gaze never wavered and Rishi carried on talking, "But then again some are saying some boys from down Haringey came down here to teach the South a lesson. I don't know... but not everyone's thinking it was your boy. That's all."

Jade picked up the box, finding it surprisingly light, not totally light as she could fee her muscles were straining lightly against the odd angle she had to carry the box.

"Cool. Cheers, Rish. I should have this shifted by tonight."

"DeShawn's going down YumYum's tonight. That's the word being thrown around. He's not going to miss tonight. Be careful yeah? He's gonna have his eye on anyone coming tonight that's from Marcus's yard." Jade grinned widely as Rishi finished his cigarette and stubbed it out on the table top.

"Thanks for the heads up, Rish." The young asian shrugged his shoulders before walking back over to the arches and opening up the door.

"It's a'ight Nift. Just don't get yourself killed."

Jade let out a long bitter laugh.

"Why does everyone keep saying that?"

"'Cos fucking around with this mess and DeShawn will get you killed." Jade's face hardened as she took in Rishi's stoic stance.

"So you think it's DeShawn too?" Rishi looked away before turning his body completely.

"Marcus is a lot of things; a liar, a dealer, a wanker, but he ain't no killer. Even I know that and I hate his fucking guts." Jade stepped out of the arch with her box in her hand.

"Thanks, Rish."

Jade stayed still for a moment, waiting to see if the older man would respond but he didn't budge a muscle.

"See you Sunday then." As Jade walked away she could have sworn she heard him reply, 'I hope so'.


It was a bar and a nightclub situated in the heart of Brixton. It was an over 21's club but if you're cute enough or loaded enough, the bouncer will let anyone past, but if you get caught then you had better believe you're on your own.

The club was run by the Yardies of South London; they had the best music artists, DJs and took in more money than any other syndicate on a Friday night with this one club.

Owen Ryder was the leader of the south London gang; he was born in Trinidad and came over to England in the late 80s with nothing but dreams and a bag full of cannabis.

He wasn't always a Yardie though; but when the Jamaican heavies needed a reliable man to run things from this side of the Atlantic, he was the first to step up and prove himself – and he's been doing it ever since. And now he was a few years shy of his 50th birthday and was nothing but your typical rich Carib man – sub par looks and thinks he's Gods' gift to women.

Delusional for sure.

Usually to be in the Yardies, you need to be Jamaican, but when you're in London, it don't matter which island you're from as long as you're repping one. The Yardies ony claim to take South London though they do have their associate groups in North and East London – that's how Jade knows them.

Her older brother Tyler used to be tight with Cole; they both met each other through a mutual friend in the underground grime music business. And soon after Tyler got into the music scene it was only natural for Jade to try and follow him. And though she was tone deaf, couldn't rap to save her life and her beatboxing was the equivalent of hearing Donald Duck on crack, she had something that appealed to Cole.

It might have been the fact ishe was his friend's little sister and he thought he should befriend her too... it could have been the fact that he wanted in her pants from the second he saw her over three years ago whe she was a month shy of her fifteenth birthday... hell, it could have been any number of reasons.

But now, Cole and Jade were friends. Cole was strictly in the music side of the Yardies work; working long hours to produce UK made reggaeton tunes only to benefit the gang and to fund more of their projects.

For a twenty year old man, Cole wasn't doing too bad.

"You're late, Nifty." Jade rolled her eyes as she walked past the muscled musician and made a beeline for the decks set up on the club's stage.

Cole had his arms crossed, wearing a tight and bright red sleeveless shirt with Helly Hansen insignia across it, matching Armani jeans and to top it off, red Helly's too. As usual, Cole had his impeccable close shave and expertly styled goatee, nicely shaping his face.

Jade had to stifle a laugh as she saw him trying to flex his muscles; he was in great shape but he wasn't the most intimidating of men, it was probably all down to the fact that he cried like a bitch when he thought someone was trying to mug him two years ago and it turned out it was a homeless person asking for spare change.

You can't just get rid of that kind of stigma.

"Don't fucking start with me, Cole. If I have to tell one more wanker about the fucking Victoria line, I'm going to shove my Oyster card up someone's arse." Cole burst out into laughter before looking over to the box Jade had placed down on his table and swiftly opened using a pair of keys she fished out from her pocket.

"Apple goodies eh? Nice one. Maybe we can give some of these away tonight, y'know get people all riled up for some of the songs – "

"These are Rishi's, y'know? I'll shift the lot to you if you gimme the right price." Cole lifted an eyebrow and gave a small pout.

"No mate rate?" Jade shook her head.

"This is Rishi's, Cole. If I don't throw back the right amount of cash at him, he'll have my fucking pinky or something, I swear he's fucking nuts." Cole chuckled before slapping Jade on the shoulder playfully and holding up a hand. Jade understood the gesture – 'stay the fuck still, don't touch anything and I'll go talk to one of the moneymen.'

Less than one minute had passed before Cole was joined by a familiar and unwelcome face; Ashton Whyle. Every time Jade looked at his she was reminded of a pug; his entire face looked scrunched up and she always had the urge to punch him right in the face.

He had a fat face that always seemed to be sweating profusely, his eyes were squinted and he had numberous scars from God knows what. All in al, Jade didn't want to have to look at him any longer than she had to.

Cole gave her an empathetic look before talking to Ashton.

"I was thinking we could take the lot, then give them away once people had drunk enough... I'm thinking... for every five specials someone orders they get a ticket and a chance to win. Guarantees every drunk fuck here would spend enough to cover the cost." Ashton brought a hand up to his face and scratched his slight stubble – his coarse afro hair made a ear grating sound with every movement he made and Jade involuntarily clenched her jaw at the testing sound.

"Maybe... it depend on 'ow much she wan'. Oi, battygirl wut you hoping to get for dis den?"Jade reluctantly released her clenched jaw before quickly calculating in her head – she decided to add a little to Rishi's original number to ensure she had some... emergency cash for this weekend... y'know, just in case.

"Two grand for all the iPods." Ashton opened his mouth to protest but Jade beat him to it, "Look, there's nineteen alright, and they're all well worth over two hundred quid. You're getting them for just over a hundred. You're saving 'nuff cash. Now, don't be a prick, if you don't want them don't waste my time."

"A'ight, a'ight, girly. Hold on. We'll take 'em. How much for the laptops?"

"Four hundred each." Ashton scoffed loudly.

"You wan' four grand for all this? No fucking way battygirl." Jade shrugged her shoulders before closing back up the box containing all the goods.

"Yeah what was Rishi thinking asking for two grand for nearly ten grand worth of stuff. You're such a fucking skinflint... man what more would I expect from a Jamaican?" Jade went to move for the box but found Ashton's arms gripping her forearm.

She smirked to herself – it worked like a charm every time.

"I'm not gonna have no poonani munching half-blood tell me I'm a skinflint. Gimme the fucking box." Ashton pulled out a wad of notes kept in a money clip and began counting out two grand. He barely made it to halfway through the roll of notes before he grinned and put a stack of notes into Jade's hand.

"Here, Nift, I'm sure you can count." Not trusting the man before her, Jade did a quick count of the money and was surprised to find that none of the notes were counterfeit and it was the exact amount. She gave Ashton a small nod before hearing him grab the box and walk away muttering uner his breath – no doubt he was badmouthing and cursing her but as usual, she couldn't give a fuck what that wanker thought of her.

She opened up her rucksack and took a small plastic wallet from the bottom of the bag before she began tucking away £1700 into the transparent wallet.

Cole looked at her questioningly and Jade just shrugged before pocketing £300 for herself.

"I took my commission separately." Cole shook his head and laughed gently.

"I should tell my boys you ripped us off." Jade nodded before making her way on stage and sitting on one of the two decks on stage.

"Yeah, you should, but you won't." Cole looked questioningly at her and Jade began rummaging through the vinyl records in front of her before replying, "And you won't because deep down inside, you're still hoping that by being my knight in shining armour, that'll score you a blowjob. But trust me, you've got more chance of being raped by the Pope, blood."

Cole laughed incredulously before looking through a separate pile of vinyl records beside Jade.

"Trust me, with the way you're dressed tonight, I'm not half as saddened to hear you say that." Jade snorted playfully and Cole took a look over Jade again. "Why are you dressed like that anyway? Usually you're in your slut patrol uniform. I mean, why aren't you in skintight jeans or miniskirt with your tits hanging out? Not on the pull tonight?" Jade smacked Cole on the shoulder before looking him squarely in the eyes.

"None of your business, Cole." A silence engulfed them where the only sound that could be heard was that of Jade searching through the records in front of her.

"Does it involve Marcus?" Jade stopped moving before leaning back into her chair and lifting both her feet and resting them on to of the table before her.


"Maybe as in yes?" Jade didn't respond and that gave Cole the answer he was looking for. "Jade," She knew he was being serious when he used her real name instead of her more widely used nickname, "DeShawn's boys are Yardie associates... anything you do, I can't help you with."

"You know what's funny Cole? Everytime someone's assumed I'm going to do something to help out Marcus, the next word out of everyone's mouth is DeShawn. Does everyone know it was him?" Cole looked around the club, careful to keep out of earshot from anyone he didn't trust.

"Look, nothing's concrete, but anyone who matters knows it wasn't Marcus. He was just the wrong place, wrong time, it didn't help he was loaded and acting a fool. But... that night, someone made a move on DeShawn's girl... well the two white boys did. And they turn up dead that same night? It's too much of a coincidence." Jade clenched her jaw as she digested Cole's information.

"I don't understand why he's getting away with it. Why's everyone letting Marcus take the rap for it?" Cole looked away from Jade and closed his eyes.

"Cos. It's easier than speaking up... that's how people get merked."

Jade could understand why everyone was less than eager but she didn't understand why no-one was standing up to DeShawn.

"I didn't realise all the men in London were such bonafide pussies." Cole laughed out loud at Jade's statement before covering himself up by coughing.

"Just steer clear of him. Whatever you were planning, just leave it, Nifty."


"You don't mean that, do you?" Jade shook her head, a playful smile appearing on her face.

"Not one bit."

Without needed to say a word, Cole and Jade begain perusing through the records, adding any additional last minute gems to Cole's set for the night.

Usually Jade wouldn't be caught dead with most of this crowd; rude boys, wannabe girls and hoodies as far as the eye could see.

But tonight, Jade had an ulterior motive, aside from getting the CCTV footage, she was going to root around for any information any brave people might be willing to give out to her in regards to Marcus.

So far she was having no luck.

It was nearing 11pm and the club was just starting to get hyper. Girls were grinding, boys were popping boners left, right and centre and the gangsters were watching it all with a watchful eye from the VIP section.

Jade had been beside Cole all night and they had depleted their case of waters, and now Jade was on an errand to get Cole some more drinks before he passed out right in the middle of usting out tunes in his grime set.

Nearing the bar, Jade noticed that the club wasn't even near half full but the people there had more than enough energy to carry the atmosphere of an almost packed club.

"Hey, Cole needs to be hooked up with some water... and do you have any Red Bull or Boost? Cos your boy needs some." Jade spoke to the first bartender that showed her attention and from the second she mentioned Cole's name, the bartender snapped to attention, getting the coldest bottles of water and Boost he could find and handing them to one of the barstaf to carry to Cole in a bucket filled with ice so as to ensure the drinks didn't go cold.

Cole spared Jade a glance over the decks, even from there, he knew where she would be – the same spot every single time she ordered a drink.

"Nifty?" Jade turned her eyes to the person that addressed her and instantly felt her stomach plummet. Clenching her jaw, Jade took a moment to compose herself before speaking;


'Fucking hell'.

Of all the people to bump into tonight it had to be Marcus's ex-girlfriend.

Marcus, Jade and Alicia all went to the same comprehensive school; Raine's Foundation just off of Bethnal Green Road and just within their borough in Tower Hamlets.

Jade and Marcus were in separate classes but no-one would have been able to tell as Marcus was constantly hanging out in Jade's form room. It was also form room to one Miss Alicia Sparrow.

Alicia Sparrow was always the object of Marcus's affections from the second he set his eyes on the girl. She had rich, caramel coloured skin and deep, gorgeous chocolate coloured eyes, soft dark brown hair that she kept down and in its rare but natural straight state, and all that coupled with high cheekbones and full lips and her natural good looks? Well, it'd be safe to say that Marcus wasn't the only boy who had her eyes on him.

Marcus would constantly invite Alicia to join him and Jade to lunch and each and every single time Alicia accepted the invite; something that never ceased to annoy the fuck out of Jade and she showed it each and every day.

It wasn't until Year Ten that Marcus finally got the guts to suck it up and ask Alicia to be his girl, and she accepted. It was from that moment until six months ago that Jade had to endure Alicia's presence with Marcus's, no matter where they went or when.

Jade was never told the reason for their break-up. Her and Marcus never kept secrets from one another but this was one he was keeping from Jade; each time she asked, Marcus would just reply that he'd tell her when the time was right.

No matter what the issue was, it had an effect on Marcus – his drinking went out of control and he was more hopped up on weed than ever, all as a result of his heart being broken.

Jade held Alicia responsible for the way he acted now.

"What are you doing here? Far from home, aren't you?" Alicia's curious tone instantly made Jade suspicious.

"I could say the same thing 'bout you, Sparrow." Jade saw how Alicia winced at her surname being used to address her but Jade couldn't care less. She turned to the bar and grabed the bartender's attention.

"Hook me up with a Desperado." Jade threw down a fiver before taking the cool bottle in her hands and pocketing the measly change the bartender gave her back.

"I'm here with someone... and you?"

"Well, I ain't here with Marcus. I'm sure even you've heard about that." Jade watched as Alicia's eyes slowly began to water.

"Of course I've heard, but – " Before Alicia could get out another word, she was flanked by half a dozen burly black men, all dressed in black and glaring down at Jade. But before Jade could even open her mouth to question them a tall black boy, with his head shaved close to his scalp appeared and wearing an all-black suit and sunglasses and made his way through the men, slinging his arm over Alicia's shoulder.

As soon as Jade's eyes connected with the man's, she knew who it was.

DeShawn Richards.

DeShawn's mud coloured eyes looked indifferently over Jade.

"Dis girl bovvering you, babes?" Alicia shook her head almost instantly and Jade couldn't find it in her to speak out.

"Wha's your name, girl?" Jade arched one eyebrow and the condescending tone DeShawn spoke to her in.

"Jade." Alicia scrunched her face up in confusion before her eyes widened – she realised Jade couldn't use her nickname, DeShawn would know in an instant she was Marcus's friend.

Everyone knew that Nifty and Shadowz were close like family.

And it was without a doubt that DeShawn knew that Marcus's street tag was Shadowz. It would have been an instant connection.

"And where you from, Jade?" Without a second's hesitation, Jade replied, keeping her face as neutral as possible while dishing out her lie.

"Wembley way. Sudbury, you know it?" DeShawn nodded lightly while staring her down.

"Yeah I know it. You know who I am?" Jade nodded but didn't say anything. DeShawn smirked and took a step forward, and it took all Jade was made of not to step back out of reflex.

"Then don't be fucking stupid and get up all on my girl. The only reason I haven't fucked you up for looking at her is cos you're a girl. So don't push ya fucking luck, mate." DeShawn grinned widely as Jade stared back at the notorious criminal before her.

"I ain't your mate, DeShawn." DeShawn was about to lunge forward when Alicia grabbed his arm and pulled him towards her, kissing him deeply in front of his friends. DeShawn instantly forgot about Jade and let his hands snake over Alicia's body, grabbing everything they could before he pulled away from her, their lips making a gross wet smacking sound as they pulled away.

"Forget about her baby, let's just have a good time, yeah?" DeShawn sent one last look to Jade before bringing his attention to Alicia's lips and attacking them once more. As he pulled away he smiled, clearly pleased with his behaviour.

"You're lucky my girl's here... Jade. Baby, I'm gonna head to the back to talk to Owen, when I came back, I wan' you all up on me. Y'know how much I love dat." Alicia gave a forced smile to DeShawn before he slapped her arse and walked away, his entourage in tow, bar two who stayed behind to keep an eye on Alicia.

"You need to be more careful... Jade." Alicia spoke low to Jade, her eyes never leaving DeShawn until he disappeared behind a door marked 'staff only' just to the side of the bar.

"Yeah... I've been hearing that a lot lately." Jade turned her attention away from the door marked staff and looked to Alicia. "So, that's why you broke up with Marcus? Real good upgrade, Sparrow." Alicia ignored the sarcastic tone Jade carried in her words, opting to shrug.

"You have no idea why I broke up with Marcus." Jade rolled her eyes and took another healthy gulp of her Desperado.

"And I'm sure I wouldn't give a fuck to be honest." Alicia shook her head, it was clear Jade hadn't changed one bit.

"What's with the rucksack?" Jade shrugged before turning her attention to her Desperado and drinking the rest of the bottle's contents in one swift go and wiping her mouth with the back of her free hand.

"Just some stuff for a job I've got to do. Later."

Jade walked away from the bar, her eyes drawn to the door marked 'staff only' just yards away from where she stood.

Taking two small instruments out from her pocket, Jade took a quick look around the room before setting to work on unlocking the door.

Less than twenty seconds later, the door clicked open and Jade gave one last weary look around the bar before disappearing behind the bar.

Cole looked over his decks and shook his head sadly as he watched Jade disappear into the room. Before he brought his attention back to the decks, he could see Alicia standing at the bar, her eyes on the same door he was looking at only moments before.

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