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When I bumped into her at the library I never expected what would transpire the following night. I don't think she did either, not that it matters now.

There was instant chemistry. I knew I was attracted to her straight away. Her long brown curly hair, her deep brown eyes, and that toned body… who wouldn't like her? And the weird thing was; she appeared to like me too!

We exchanged a little banter, a few jokes, and decided to have coffee together, right then. We walked in friendly conversation to a little café around the corner. I don't think I've ever seen anyone look so sexy while drinking coffee. It was amazing.

We swapped numbers as we parted, and both promised to call the other. When though? Would tomorrow be too soon? Should I wait until next week? I'd never met someone this way before; I had no idea what I should do!

Lucky for me I didn't have to answer those questions. She called that night, and we exchanged a few more joking comments. She asked if I was busy tomorrow night, if I was interested in going out. You see, we were both new to the city, and we had talked about exploring together. I keep going over the conversation on the phone, trying to remember if there was any hint as to the outcome of the next night.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Forgotten me yet?"

I grinned, "Believe me; I definitely won't be forgetting you."

"Good to know." I swear I could hear her smirking.

"So, what can I do you for?"

"Free... Free tomorrow night, to do something, like tea or something?" I admit, she did say that all rather quickly.

"Sure, name the place."

"It's going to sound silly, but I've been having a craving for McDonalds." She laughed.

I joined in with the laughter. "You're right, it does sound silly. Although completely understandable! I swear they put addictive drugs in their burgers." I replied.

"Wouldn't surprise me." She paused. "So, you interested?"

"Which one and what time?"

"Northgate, 7:30?"

"Sounds good to me."

Seriously, could you see any indication? Coz I certainly can't! Either I'm blind or really dumb in the ways of flirting… maybe both. Oh well, I guess it's all in the paste anyway. This is just that wonderful thing called hindsight. Although… if I had known, would I have stopped it?

I was there early, taking a book with me to calm my nerves. I figured she wouldn't think it was weird of me, considering we did meet in a library. She arrived 12 seconds late, not that I was counting or anything, and we ordered together. It wasn't busy, so there wasn't too much worry about someone stealing our seat.

We chatted about various things over our meal; what was our favourite colour, why we were doing the courses we were doing, what school we went to, what city we were from, etc, etc. Small talk. It was good, comfortable, enjoyable.

When we were nearly finished, she expressed her fondness of Stargate. Being obsessed with it myself, and the rarity of finding someone to watch it with me, I invited her over to see my collection. The smile that grew on her face as I told her I had every episode released in Australia was intoxicating. It was like a holy light.

We drove to my place in our own cars, her following close behind me. I was so nervous it wasn't funny. I'd never invited anyone back to my place like that before. All the relationships I'd had was with people I knew from school. I didn't know what to expect, or what was expected.

Once we were in my room I closed the door, a precaution not to wake the other occupants of the house when watching the funnier episodes. I was expecting much laughter when watching Window of Opportunity. I'd just closed it when she giggled. I spun around, alarmed.

She said a piece of my hair was sticking up. Boy was I relieved! I thought I had something growing on me!

She stepped forward, both her arms resting on a shoulder each as she tried to flatten the errant strand. She left her arms there when she smiled and said it was fixed. I couldn't move. We were so close I could feel the warmth from her body. I was mesmerised.

She leant in slowly, letting me know I could back out at any time. Like I was going to do that! I had fantasised about kissing her from the moment we locked eyes the previous day. Her lips pressed against mine softly. I expected that if I was butter I would have melted, hell, I still felt like I'd melted!

It was the best thing I had felt in my entire life! For the time being, at least…

She pulled back and looked into my eyes uncertainly. I smiled as I rested my hands on her hips. She smiled in return. Now it was my turn to lean in. She didn't back away either, and I was glad.

The kiss slowly deepened, and she gently pushed me back against the door. The feeling of her pressed against me while we kissed was my new favourite sensation. Hands begun wandering as the passion between us grew.

We stumbled the few feet to the bed, crashing down upon it. I can't recall what was going through my mind, all I know is; I wanted her. And since her hands were making quick work getting rid of my clothes, I'm pretty sure she wanted me too.

What happened next is too graphic for me to describe, but I'm pretty sure you get the picture. Just remembering it sends chills down my spine. I have never felt anything like that before. The way she… well, let's just say it is an experience I'm all too happy to repeat.

It was a little awkward after, as one would expect. Thankfully we managed to work through it. In fact, she's sleeping in my bed right now. She looks so peaceful, and so beautiful.

The sheet is wrapped around her hips, her tight sleeveless shirt hinting to her toned torso that I have been blessed to have touched. Her hair is splayed out in every direction on my pillow, a single strand falling over her face. I have an urge to tuck it behind her ear, but I'm afraid I'll wake her.

Maybe in a little while, after I get her breakfast. I hope she doesn't expect bacon and eggs; I only know how to make pancakes. Oh God, now I'm thinking about last night again… Should I expect every time to be that good?

The End

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