DISCLAIMER: This is an original story that I have written. Some of the names have been taken from the text based RPG Achaea. I have asked those people permission already.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is based on some real life events. Ok, events I wouldn't mind happening *wink*. This story was inspired by someone very special to me.
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Rolling Hills

The Elf looked up at her friend. Her friend was also Elvin, but a little younger. Eisengel was looking at the rolling hills. They were on a picnic in the human realm. Eisengel and Kaelar sat on a blanket with various types of food before them. To Kaelar's right was a musical instrument playing the Song in the Silence. It played itself under the guidance of an enchantment spell.

Laid out before them were chocolate covered strawberries, their human favourite, pupmet snuffles, geening gleeble eggs and a bowl of chocolate mousse, another human favourite. Kaelar looked away from her friend down to the goodies before her.

"Want mousse?" Kaelar asked.

Eisengel smiled. "Yes please."

Kaelar reached down and grasped a spare bowl next to her. She lifted it and held it close to the bowl of mousse. With her other hand she spooned the mousse and dumped it contents in the empty bowl.

Once there was a sufficient amount in the bowl she handed it to Eisengel along with a spoon. She then repeated the process for her self. She dipped the spoon into the mousse and lifted it up to her mouth.

They sat there in comfortable silent as they ate their mousse, looking out at the rolling hills. When they had finished the Kaelar stacked the bowls neatly to the side. She looked at Eisengel and tilted her head curiously.

"How does it feel to be finished your Elementalism Trials?"

Eisengel smiled. "I knew you would ask that."

"Am I that predictable?"

"Yes." Eisengel grinned.

"Well? How does it feel?"

"Good. I'm glad I don't have to go any more."

"Are you going to continue onto High Elementalism?"

"Do you doubt me?"

Kaelar grinned. "Never."

They both laughed. Eisengel reached over and plucked a chocolate covered strawberry from the pile. She lifted it to her lips and ate it slowing, enjoying the taste. Kaelar lay back and rested her head on her hands.

Eisengel looked down at Kaelar. "Tired?"

"Yeah. Master Reghna is riding us pretty hard. She wants to learn how to heal fatal wounds. Half of us can't even heal a cut finger, let alone a sword wound. What does she take us for? Pros?"

Eisengel laughed. "I'm sure you can do it."

"Of course! I got it first go. But that's not the point."

"Someone stabbed you?" Eisengel gasped.

Kaelar nodded. "They had a healer standing by, but I healed by myself. It took a few minutes and I lost quite a bit of life force, but I managed to do it. I can't say the same for Rellen. She was so close to healing but got distracted by Jenstan. He whispered to me that she wouldn't do it and she heard. So consequently she lost concentration and the healer had to, well, heal her."

"Poor Rellen…"

"Yeah. Jenstan didn't stick around for long after she regained conciseness. He knew she'd be punting for him."

"Did she get him back?"

"Hell yeah! She tracked him down and thumped him. He went home limping and holding his jaw." Kaelar chuckled at the memory of seeing him limp down the path.

Eisengel laughed at the mental images she got as she stretched out and lay down. She propped herself up on her elbow and looked down at Kaelar who was still chuckling at similar images.

Once Kaelar has stopped laughing she looked up at Eisengel. She smiled warmly and closed her eyes. She was having fun hanging with Eisengel for several reasons. One: Eisengel was her friend and she loved spending time with her. Two: she liked Eisengel more than a friend and loved spending time with her. Three: Eisengel was a great person in general and she loved spending time with her.

Kaelar realised that she would do nearly anything to spend time with Eisengel. This scared her. She knew, or at least believed, that Eisengel didn't feel the same. But sometimes she wondered. Eisengel would do or say things that may be a hint that she feels the same, but then again, maybe not. Kaelar sighed is sadness.

"Are you ok?" Eisengel asked.

Kaelar didn't even bother to open her eyes. "Yeah… just thinking."


"Nothing, it doesn't matter."

Eisengel looked down at Kaelar with worry. She knew that Kaelar wouldn't tell her even if she pushed the issue. To Kaelar, some things were better left unsaid. Eisengel sometimes found this annoying. Eisengel reached over with her free hand and lifted a strand of Kaelar's hair from here face. She moved it to the side and let it fall into place. She then turned her head and peered at the rolling hills.

Kaelar's heart beat fast within her ribs. She opened her eyes slowly and looked at Eisengel. She wondered again if there could be a chance Eisengel felt the same, but dismissed the idea because it was making her heart beat even faster. Don't be crazy, she told herself.

They both heard a beeping from inside Kaelar's bag. Kaelar looked at her bag with contempt. She closed her eyes and gave a frustrated sighed. Eisengel looked from the bag to Kaelar and back again. She had a theory who was trying to communicate with Kaelar, the one person Kaelar didn't want to communicate, or have any association with.

"Are you going to answer that?"

Kaelar looked up at Eisengel. She didn't look happy. "No."

"But it could be important."

"No, its not."

"It could be."

Kaelar glared at Eisengel, who returned the look with one of innocence. Kaelar shook her head, rolled to her side, her back to Eisengel, and reached into her bag. She felt around for the circular audio stone. Just as she pulled it into the light it stopped beeping.

Kaelar looked as if she was about to scream so Eisengel put her hand on Kaelar's shoulder. Kaelar turned her neck and looked at Eisengel. Eisengel rubbed Kaelar's arm in a comforting manner. Kaelar's expression softened and the two elves gave each other a small smile.

They both jumped as the audio stone started beeping again. Kaelar glared angrily at it and gave it a firm squeeze. Its colour changed from red, which signified an incoming communication, to green, which signified a communication link. Kaelar held the fist sized stone in her hand grumpily.

"Hello?" She said as if talking to someone next to her. Her vocal vibrations were transferred through the stone to another in the Elvin realm.

"Kaelar! Hi! It's Adrontor. How are you?" Kaelar and Eisengel both rolled their eyes at the male voice projected through the stone.

"I'm fine, how are you?" Kaelar replied in a would-be cheery tone.

"I'm absolutely fabulous. Actually, to tell you the truth, I was a bit worried about you. You weren't home or at the library or even at the lake."

Kaelar gave Eisengel a scared look. Eisengel was also disturbed. Adrontor knew all the places Kaelar spent her time. They knew he liked her, but that was taking things a bit too far, especially when the attention was unwanted.

"Oh, really?"

"Yes. Are you ok?"

"I'm fine." Kaelar and Eisengel exchanged another scared look.

"I'm glad. Where are you anyway?"

Eisengel rested her head against Kaelar's. Kaelar was momentarily distracted from thought. All Kaelar could think about was Eisengel's head against her own and her hand resting on Kaelar's shoulder.


"Ah, sorry. I'm… practicing my Elementalism with a friend… in the Atavan woods…"

"Friend? What friend?"

"Just a friend from Elementalism school." Eisengel gave Kaelar's shoulder a gentle squeeze.

"Right… well… do you want some help?"

"No, we're fine."

"You sure?"

"Absolutely!" We couldn't be better!" Kaelar said, but thought differently. Well, we could be better…

"Oh… right… Well, I'll leave you to it then. Umm… I'll see you when you get back then."


"Ok… bye."

"Bye!" Kaelar squeezed the audio stone and it changed colour from green to blue, signifying that it was idle.

"Does he ever leave you alone?" Eisengel was angry and feeling protective.

"No. He got his father to allocate him to every one of my classes. He lives in the same dwelling as me and socializes with everyone I talk to. You're the only friend I have that he doesn't know about."

"Lucky me!"


"He should leave you alone."

"Yeah, but he won't. He knows I'm not in a relationship with anyone because he knows everyone that I do. I think he may even have warned them not to enter a relationship with me if I approached them."

"You're kidding?"

"No, I'm not." Kaelar was serious. She rolled over and faced Eisengel. She pushed her arm out above her head and used it as a pillow, her other arm resting and her side.

Eisengel felt appalled. "That's preposterous!"

"I know! I feel so trapped. The only part of my life that he doesn't know about is you. It's a miracle he hasn't found us already. Why do you think I feel so lonely all the time?"

"Why don't you be with someone he doesn't know about?"

"Like who?"



"Me. He doesn't know me."

"But… but…" Kaelar's head was spinning. "You… you like me?"

"Yes. I was surprised you hadn't noticed by now."

"I… But… You…" Kaelar didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Eisengel smiled. "I've never seen you at a loss for words."

Kaelar looked at Eisengel. "I thought you didn't feel the same…"

"Feel the same?" Eisengel was more scared than she has ever been. Admitting her deepest feelings and thoughts was not what she was used to.

"I've liked you for so long." Kaelar said softly.

"Really?" Eisengel could only whisper.

Kaelar nodded.

They both looked at each other, both in shock, both in a state of overwhelming happiness and both hoping for what this unexpected revealing would lead to. Neither knew what to say, neither could even speak; they were just frozen in the moment of truth that was passing faster than they thought.

They lay there for hours, gazing into each others eyes, not wanting to speak in case they spoilt the moment, the long awaited moment where they knew how the other felt, and that the feelings were mutual. The sun started to disappear behind the western horizon. They knew they must be going if they were to make it home in time.

Kaelar reluctantly stood and held out her hand to help Eisengel to her feet. Eisengel grasped Kaelar's and they both pulled. Once standing Eisengel realised how close she was to Kaelar. She stood in front of her, still holding her hand.

A bird cried in the distance. They both looked to that direction and took one last look at the rolling hills separately. Once the sun was completely gone and the only source of light was from the moon, they turned back to one another and embraced.

The embrace was filled with all the withheld emotion they had each been hiding from each other for weeks, months even. They held each other tightly, refusing to let go of their long awaited contact.

After several long, but not long enough, minutes they let go and looked at each other. Kaelar wanted to say something, but didn't know what, or if she should. They had been silent for hours.

Kaelar swallowed and opened her mouth. "Should we go home?"

"I don't want to leave you." Eisengel whispered.

"Either do I, but we have to be home before the dwelling doors are closed for the night."

"I don't want to leave you." Eisengel repeated.

"I know…" They were silent once more, both trying to convey every feeling through their eyes.

"What do we do now? What's going to happen between us?" Eisengel was yearning to know.

"I don't know. What do you want to happen?" Kaelar did know, she just wanted to hear what Eisengel said.

"I want to see you tomorrow."

Kaelar smiled. "Done. Anything else?"

Eisengel grinned. "If Adrontor bothers you again, tell him you're taken."

Kaelar returned the grin. "Is that so?"

"Yes, yes it is.

"And who has taken me?"


Kaelar nodded. "Good."

One year later Kaelar lay on the same blanket. Her right arm stretched out, her left under her head. Eisengel's head rested on her right shoulder, her arm across Kaelar's stomach. She kissed Kaelar's neck.

Kaelar smiled and turned her head to look at Eisengel. She smiled at her companion then looked out at the rolling hills.



"Did you ever think that we'd be lying here together, like this?"

Kaelar looked back at Eisengel. "No. But I did dream about it."

The End

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