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Dear Journal,

I'm in the Common Room working on or at least trying to work on my Charms homework. Even though a certain blonde keeps invading my thoughts. The blonde in question is Trinity Fae Rivers, my best friend's younger sister. Some have thought that I might have developed feeling for John or hell, even Vince for that matter. But I've slowly started to develop feelings for Trinity. She's the first person since… Tori my first love, who died nearly three years ago, that I have ever felt these kinds of feelings for.

I miss her and the anniversary of her death is coming up in October. I've already made arrangements with Professor Dublin to go visit her.

I was surprised when I realized I had feeling for Trinity. I know that I've always felt something for her since my fifth year here, her fourth. I'm now in my eighth and final year here at Salem Academy.

Though I've pushed them away because at the time I was still mourning the death of my late girlfriend Tori who had died three years earlier during her tour in the military. God I miss her so much. Even though she was declared dead; her body was never found. She had gone missing three years ago. I still believe that she is still alive out there somewhere. I know I'm repeating myself but it's still so hard to believe that she's really gone.

I have to go now; I have to finish my essay for Professor Flyway's Charms class next week. Until next time…

Jayden Greyson



{August 27, 2017}

~ Alpha House Common Room ~

Jayden had just finished locking her journal when she heard someone coming downstairs. She placed her journal in the bag together with the rest of her work knowing that she wouldn't be able to finish it any time soon. 'Oh well I've got until next week to-' her thoughts were cut off when she felt someone's hand on her shoulder and jumped. "Jumpy are we?" Jayden heard a familiar voice say its owner the one that had been plaguing her thoughts for most of the night.

"No you just startled me that's all," Jayden said trying to contain from blushing at how close the blonde was, moving away she sat in the armchair across from Jayden, "So, you couldn't sleep either?" Trinity asked sitting back. "No, I've had a lot on my mind lately and I haven't been able to get much sleep," Jayden replied softly. "Same here, I have my mid-terms coming up and the tension and stress are driving me crazy. I've been trying to relax, but with all the studying and all I really haven't had much time to do so, except maybe at night," she explained wearily. "So Jayde what's on your mind?"

"School, homework, the usual" she stated looking away from the blonde to the fire. 'It wasn't a lie but it wasn't completely true either. Because if I told her what was really on my mind she'd probably hate me and I really don't want to mess up our friendship and lose her,' Jayden thought.

Trinity could tell that Jayden wasn't telling her everything by the way she was acting. 'Even though I wasn't lying about my exams they are the least of my worries. Now, had I told her what was really on my mind she'd hate me for sure, because it was thoughts of her that ran through my mind, it was because of those thoughts that I couldn't get much sleep at night.' Trinity thought to herself. She stood from the chair and walked over to Jayden, who looked up when Trinity stopped in front of her.



"There's something I need to tell you, but before I do I need you to promise me you'd hear me out first, okay?"

"Yea, sure Trin you know you can tell me anything," Jayden reassured looking up at the blonde. 'Okay,' Trinity thought sitting down beside the older alpha. As she gazed into Jayden's chocolate brown eyes that sent shivers down her spine every time she gazed at them.

"Jayden I'm in love with you," Trinity blurted out. Jayden opened her mouth to speak but was stopped before she could say anything. "Hear me out, I always have had feelings for you since my third year here, and if you don't feel the s-" she was cut off when she felt Jayden's lips against hers she practically melted into the brunette's embrace. It felt like hours before they broke apart though in reality it was only a few moments.

"I love you too," Jayden whispered breathless. Grinning Trinity leaned in to kiss her again but stopped when they heard someone coming down the steps. "What are you two still doing up?"

They shot apart at the sound of Vince's voice. "We were just talking Vince," Jayden said turning to face him blushing at almost being caught. "About what?" he asked, "Well, we w-were…j-just-" Jayden stuttered.

"Anyway," Trinity said mercifully cutting Jayden off, "We were just about to go to bed you coming, Jayde?" Getting up Jayden nodded, "Yea, I'll see you in the morning Vince g'night," She said following the blonde up to the dorms.

"So your room or mine?" Trinity asked seductively. "Mine," Jayden whispered as she lead the young blonde up the stairs toward her room. Being as she was the Residential Advisor for Alpha House Jayden had her own room just above the senior year dorms. After closing the door Jayden turned and leaned against the door only to feel Trinity's warm, soft lips against her own as she turned around. Trinity's hand was caressing her lower back as she guided her towards the bed. She laid Jayden down on the bed gently without breaking the kiss. They remained that way for a while kissing and caressing each other's bodies.

Trinity started to unbutton Jayden's shirt, but was stopped before she could remove it. "Wait," Jayden breathed, "Don't you think we're going a little too fast?" Trinity sat up straddling her. Looking up at the youngest Rivers Jayden moved her hands so they rested on her waist, "I mean we just got together right? So what's the rush?" The brunette asked caressing the blonde's waist. Trinity nodded "True, we have plenty of time for that later." She shifted so that she could lay next to Jayden, "G'night Jayde," she whispered cuddling up to her lover. Wrapping her arm around the young blonde's waist, Jayden pulled her close as they fell asleep in a peaceful slumber.

{ Flashback }

[Summer 2012]

"Tori wait up will you!" Jayden cheerfully cried out as she ran trying to keep up with the older brunette. "Come on or we're gonna miss it," Tori said over her shoulder. She slowed down as she reached the top of the hill. "Why… are we… even out here?" Jayden panted when she caught up to where Tori stood. "It's five O'clock in the morning. Way too early even for me," Jayden asked after checking her watch. "Because there's something that I want you to see," Tori replied softly as she laid out a blanket and sat down. "Come, have a seat it's about to start," she said patting the spot next to her. Jayden nodded and situated herself between Tori's legs and leaned back against her.

Tori grabbed the fleece blanket out of her bag and wrapped it around the both of them to keep out the morning chill. "Now watch," Tori whispered. As they looked on into the horizon. As the sun began to rise, it basked the world around them with soft pink, red, yellow, and gold. Bringing the world into the light of a new day. "Wow it's so beautiful Jayde…"


{August 30, 2017}



"Jayde…JAYDE!" someone yelled out bringing Jayden out of her thoughts. "Huh? What?" She asked looking up from where she sat finally noticing Selene in front of her. "Where's your head at girl? I've been trying to get your attention for the past five minutes." Selene asked taking a seat next to the older girl. "Sorry Sel, I was just… thinking about Tori again. Her anniversary is coming up soon you know?" She said softly. Selene nodded understanding how she felt.

"So, I hear your dating Trinity Fae," perked the young shifter changing the subject. "Who told you that?" Jayden asked shocked that the news had already gotten out about her and Trinity. "Oh, I have my ways of knowing things." Replied Selene with a mischievous grin. "Seleeeennnne!" Jayden warned with a low growl. "Who told you?" "Why do you wanna know?" Selene asked with a raise brow. She wasn't scare of the young were-cat, though she did like to mess with her. "Alright, alright, jeez don't get your whiskers in a knot." She chuckled at the glare Jayden was sending her. "Cassidy from Sigma saw you two kissing outside of Charms the other day," she relented after receiving another warning growl from the older Alpha. "Cassidy? As Cassidy Jenkins, Alisson's cousin?" Jayden asked. "Yup, that's the one," Selene confirmed. "How did she react?" "Shocked for the most part, but she's happy that you're finally moving on." Explained the young blonde. "Yeah, I guess I just have to accept the fact that Tori's gone and that she's not coming back," Jayden sighed in resigning to the fact that her partner is dead and there was nothing that she could do about it. "So dish, how long have you two been dating?" Selene asked changing the subject. "Selene!" Jayden yelled throwing the pillow she was holding at the blonde's head.

{September 14, 2017}

Jayden was sitting on one of the overstuffed chairs in the Common Room reading when Trinity came up behind her. "Hey Jayde?" Trinity whispered softly into Jayden's ear, "Yeah Trin." She replied while still reading her book 'History of Salem Academy Volume 7'. "I want you," Trinity whispered huskily into the brunette's ear. Jayden closed the book and turned to the young blonde as she tried but failed to suppress the grin forming on her lips. "Oh really?" She asked Trinity nodded, "You want to know something?" she asked leaning closer to Trinity, so close that lips barely brushed the blonde's as she spoke.

"What?" she asked feeling Jayden's hot breath on her lips. Jayden leaned closer to the young blonde and whispered, "I want you too." Closing the gap between them as she kissed her girlfriend passionately. Lucky for them there wasn't anyone in the room at the moment. Trinity started to gently rub the inside of Jayden's thigh. The brunette moaned softly into the kiss from the sensation. "Let's go to my room" Jayden said breaking away from the kiss. "Okay," Trinity said and followed Jayden up to her room.

After closing the door Jayden tugged Trinity over to the bed until she hit the edge of the bed against the back of her legs. They fell on to the bed with the blonde falling on top of Jayden with a soft 'oomph'. Jayden leaned down and began to kiss Trinity gently; slowly accelerating into a heated passionate kiss. She felt Jayden's soft lips pressed against her own as Jayden's lips slowly parted and her tongue pressed against Trinity's. Jayden's bed was so soft, Trinity slid back along the black silk duvet and felt engulfed in pure comfort and bliss. Jayden smiled and ran her fingers through Trinity's hair keeping their kisses tender and passionate. Jayden felt Trinity's hands slide down her back and then slowly up under her shirt.

Feeling Trinity's hands sliding over her bare skin made Jayden moan softly. Her hands moved up until they were connected with Jayden's bra strap and gently dragged her nails back down her back. Jayden arched her back and moaned again at Trinity's touch. She leaned away from Trinity momentarily to catch her breath.

"You really are good at that." Jayden teased making Trinity smile. "Well maybe, but not everything." Trinity said shyly. "Wait, you mean…?" Jayden asked surprised. "I've never been with anyone before." Trinity admitted. "Seriously?" Jayden asked softly so as to not make it sound as if she was making fun of the blonde. "My Dad is a Marine, remember?" Trinity reminded. "Oh, that's right," Jayden most definitely remembered. 'The scariest mortal I've ever met,' Jayden shuddered at the thought.

"I'm not saying that we have to stop." Trinity said. She leaned forward and kissed Jayden again. Making it clear that she had no desire to stop what they were doing. "Trin..." Jayden wanted to protest. She didn't feel like she deserved to have this moment with Trinity. "Jayde, I want you." Trinity said looking into Jayden's beautiful brown eyes. Jayden's eyes flashed from brown to hazel-green. They were hooded as she looked into Trinity's.

Jayden kissed Trinity again. 'Yeah Jayde, like you're going to be able to resist giving her what she wants.' Jayden knew she wasn't going to deny Trinity. They moved under Jayden's covers and proceeded to remove the remaining fabric between them. Words of understanding were exchanged along with vows of caring and desire. Trinity proved her love for Jayden in more ways than one that night. They later fell into a peaceful slumber in each other's arms after being thoroughly sated.




{Spring 2011}

"Jayde, are you sure this is what you want? We don't have to do this right now." She said kissing her softly. "Not that I don't want to, believe me I want to, but if you want to wait we can wait. I will understand if you're not ready for this."

"Yes I am sure, I have been waiting for this moment for a really long time." Jayden replied kissing her softly "Tori, I have uh…um…" Jayden mumble hoping Tori understood what she meant. Tori kissed her neck and picked her up and carried her over to the bed. "I know Jayde, That's why I said if you don't want this we don't have to." She whispered looking at Jayden with those chocolate brown eyes that she could just get lost in. "Will you just kiss me already?" Jayden said she wanted Tori and had waited long enough for this moment.

Tori press her lips to Jayden's her tongue licked her bottom lip asking for entrance, Tori opened her mouth as they explored each others mouth. Her hands were roaming Jayden's body. 'God I have waited for this moment for ever.' Tori pulled away from the kiss and starts nibbling on her pulse point gaining a moan from the Jayden. She felt her hands roaming her body. Jayden tugged at Tori's shirt, pushing her away from her neck and allowing Jayden to take her shirt off with one fluid motion along with her bra as well. Jayden propped herself up on her elbows bringing her lips to Tori's collarbone once more. She gasped at the feeling of her tongue on her neck. She ripped Jayden's shirt off and pin her back against the bed her lips meeting Jayden's yet again their tongues in a battle for dominance. Jayden sits up so Tori can unclasp her bra and throw it off to the side somewhere.

Tori breaks from the kiss and start trailing down Jayden's body capturing her nipple in her mouth and nibbling and sucking gaining a deep moan from the older brunette. Her hands were tangled in Tori's hair as she starts kissing further down her body and stops just above her belly button she takes in the sight of a half-naked Jayden. With that she lets her hands roam softly over her body, She was going to take this slow, the first time she had sex with Jayden. she wanted something more than just sex she wanted to make love to her. Tori slowly unbuttons her jeans and pulls them off leaving the brunette in nothing but a black thong. She lowers her head down and slowly removes them in one fluid motion. As soon as they were off Jayden flipped Tori over so she was on top.

She started attacking Tori's pulse point nibbling and licking her way down her neck. A moan escaped her lips when she felt Jayden's hand to her chest cupping one of her breast in her hand and playing with her nipple rolling it between her fingers. 'Goddess she makes me feel so good.' Tori thought as Jayden brought her lips down and sucked the nipple she was not playing with into her mouth her free hand went to undo her pants. She inhale sharply at the sensations she felt when Jayden cupped her most sensitive area. She brought her lips back up kissing her softly then kissing down her body and pausing just above her now undone pants pulling them off along with her boy shorts and pulling them off with a purpose.

Tori flip her back over no way was she going to let her be on top first. She start licking her collarbone releasing a deep throaty moan form the young brunette. Letting her hand wander down to her clit and softly pressing her thumb to the bundle of nerves and rubbing in a circular motion, causing her to cry out on ecstasy , "Oh goddess Tori don't stop please don't stop." Jayden begged. Tori slid one of my fingers in slowly thrusting into her. She moaned louder when Tori slid in another finger pumping and out of her. "Tori" she moaned her name she captured her mouth swallowing her moans Tori was Thrusting in and out quickening her pace, when Jayden arched her back, her walls grew tighter around her fingers as she was trembled in the aftermath of her climax Tori slowed down letting her enjoy her first orgasm. When her walls loosened their grasp on her fingers Tori pulled out slowly and laid down next to her. Licking her fingers clean.

Jayden rolled over on her side looking at Tori, her brown eyes held every emotion and right now they were a different shade of brown and she had this look of being exhausted. Tori wrapped her arms around Jayden pulling her close.

{September 18, 2017}

Trinity and Jayden were studying for their upcoming mid-terms when out of the blue Trinity ask, "Who is she?" Jayden turned around in her chair to face Trinity, "What?" she asked confused about what her girlfriend was inquiring about. "Who's Tori?" Trinity asked frustrated, "For the past three days you've been saying her name in your sleep! So I want to know who is she?" Turning back to her work Jayden stayed silent not knowing what to say or how to answer that question without dredging up painful memories of her lost love. "Well?" Trinity asked growing impatient with Jayden's silence. "My past." Jayden stated after another moment. "Your past? That's all you c-" Trinity started but was cut off by Jayden's yelling "YES, NOW DROP IT! I don't want to talk about it OK?" Jayden stated. "Jayde I'm sorry I just-" Trinity apologized "It's fine I just don't want to talk about it," Jayden said somberly.

{September 24, 2017}

~ Grand Hall ~

"ATTENTION EVERYONE!" The Headmaster called out gaining everyone's attention. "We have a new student today. She arrived early this morning, transferring from Alfonsina Mystic Academy. So may I introduce to you Miss Regina Jaydis." Upon hearing her name being called Regina entered the great hall. She wore the standard school robes but instead of cloth hers were made up of specially designed dragon-hide leather. Underneath she wore a standard white school dress shirt and black leather vest. Her black pants were also made from the same dragon-hide leather. She wore black sunglasses to conceal and protect her eyes, which were sensitive to light at the moment. Her robes hid her tail and her ears were covered by a black bandana.

When she reached the front of the hall she smiled at the headmaster revealing quarter inch fangs. "Good morning Professor." She greeted. "If you will, please have a seat on the stool so that we may sort you." He instructed. She nodded than walked over and sat on the stool that Professor McGaven had brought out and had The Sorting Cat placed in front of her.

'Hmm… interesting very interesting you have darkness within you and great control of it I see,' it purred jumping onto her lap studying her closely. 'As well as great courage and a strong will to protect. You are also clever, very clever. You would do well in the Beta House to harness that power. But with your courage and will, you would do well in the Alpha house hmm difficult very difficult…' "ALPHA HOUSE!" The Cat shouted after a moment then jumped off of Regina's lap and padded over to Professor McGaven, who promptly scooped him up and placed him on a cushion next to the Headmaster. Alpha House cheered as she took a seat at the end of the table.

After receiving her schedule from Professor McGaven the Alpha House head of house at the end of breakfast she left for her first class. Regina stood outside the Grand Hall looking over her schedule noting that her first class was Charms with Professor Flyway on the third floor. Making her way to the stairs she stopped when she heard someone behind her.

"Well, well, well if it isn't the youngest Jaydis sister," turning around she saw the one person she thought she'd never see again after they moved away eight years ago. "Selene?" she asked surprise to see the raven-haired beauty standing before her. "Hey Reggie it's been awhile," Selene greeted her long time friend. "OH MY GODDESS!" Regina exclaimed as she embraced her childhood friend. Selene laughed as she returned the embrace before breaking way. "How are you? I thought I'd never see you again after you left all those years ago." Regina asked. "I'm alright for the most part, what about you? I heard about Tori I'm really sorry about that," said Selene sympathetically. "I'm alright, it happened along time ago and I know that she's in a better place now. Anyway what class do you have first?" Regina asked changing the subject to one less painful. "Charms, come on I'll show you where it is," Selene replied leading the way up to the third floor.



~ Hallway to M.C.T. (Magical Combat Training) ~

"Hey Vince have you finished your essay for Professor Blaine yet?" John asked walking up to him. "I'm almost done with it why?" asked Vince. "Well I haven't started mine yet and its due tomorrow," John explained turning to his best friend. "Can you help me out please?" The redhead begged. "Well all right but you can't copy word for word," Vince conceded.

As they neared the M.C.T. classroom, they found everyone still outside the room. Spotting Jayden, Vince walked up to her, "Hey Jayde why is everyone still outside?" Vince asked approaching her. "I don't know the door was locked when I got here." She answered.

"EVERYONE!" Upon hearing the Professor's voice the class turned their attention to her. "Today we will be conducting class outside so if you'll please follow me." Instructed Professor Blaine as she led the class outside. The class was lead to an open field where a ring was set up. "Now, today we will be learning how to use hand-to-hand magical combat. This type wand-less magic will be used to enhance your physical strength during close range hand-to-hand combat. So instead of performing spells with your wand, you will be using your magic as your strength. For with each blow that comes in contact your opponent its strength will increase depending on the amount magic you put in to it," she explained.

"The spell is a non-verbal as well as wand-less since the magic will be going directly into you hands. If performed correctly you will feel a warm sensation in your hands as they start to glow. Depending on your level of magic each of you will have a different color of glow which will determine your magical level."

Turning away from the class she conjured a twelve by two by four-foot thick block of cement. Turning her attention back to the class she started to explain the levels of glow. "There are ten levels of magic in this spell; each level glows a different color." She started. "One-gray; two-violet; three-black; four-green; five-blue; six-red; seven-white; eight-bronze; nine-silver and ten gold. Now the strength of your magic will determine the level of your glow. Levels five through ten will be able to cause the most damage to their opponent and destroy this block behind me with only one blow or attack," she explained pointing to the block behind her. Levels three and four will also deliver a great deal of damage. Finally levels one and two while these levels are still able to deliver some damage they are mainly for defensive use."

Turning away from the class she removed her robe to reveal a black dragon hide vest. "Um Professor?" Jayden asked "Yes, Miss Greyson?" answered the professor turning her attention toward the young brunette. "Can the Manus spell once performed be use to deflect other spells, hexes and other such magic directed at oneself?"

"Yes it can be used to deflect most major and minor spells, jinxes, hexes, and curses. Including the Vorso and Tormentum curses, but it cannot stop the 'Del La Morte' curse." She explained slipping on a pair of fingerless leather gloves. She then positioned herself in an offensive stance in front of the block. Within seconds her hands began to glow a golden color. Powering up her right hand and using all of her weight she threw a power packed punch that obliterated the block all that was left was dust and bits of rock debris.

"This is an example of what a level ten can do, now there are other types of Manus spells the one that you've just witness is known as the Manus Vires which when translated means Hand Strength. The others are Manus Incendia (fire), Manus Ventus (Wind/Air), Manus Aqua (Water), and Manus Terra (Earth). These of which you will be learning about in our next class." After dusting off her gloves she slipped them off and put them away. "Today we will be testing your levels. So if you will, when I call your name come up and I'll have you perform the spell and determine your Manus level." Instructed the Professor.

After slipping on her robe, Professor Blaine pulled out a clipboard and started calling out the students' names in alphabetical order and testing their magical levels. "Jayden Greyson," she called out. Upon hearing her name Jayden walked up to the front of the class to be tested. "Now if you will, please perform the Manus Vires Spell," the professor instructed. 'MANUS VIRES!' Jayden thought loudly as concentrated her magic on her hands. She slowly started to feel a warming sensation in her hands as they started to radiate a soft white glow. "Well done Miss Greyson you are at a level seven," exclaimed Professor Blaine. Once Jayden returned to her seat the professor continued to test the rest of the students until everyone has been tested.

"Did you see the look on Sanchez's face when the professor said that he was only at a level three black!" John exclaimed as they walked into the common room. "Yea and when he found out that I was at a level eight bronze?" Vince added. "You didn't do so bad yourself Jayde being at level seven white." "So John what level are you at?" Jayden asked. "Level five blue just barely border line," he answered proudly.

"Jayden, can I talk to you for a moment?" Regina asked when she saw the trio enter the common room. "Uh… Sure," Jayden replied, "I'll see you guys later." She said to the boys then walked over to the where Regina was sitting in front of the fireplace. "What did you need to talk to me about?" Jayden asked as she sat in the chair across from the younger brunette. "Look, I know you and I haven't really talked much since Tori…" she trailed off. Jayden could tell that Tori was still a touchy subject for Regina to think about let alone talk about with someone who was so close with her older sister. "I know and I'm sorry I wasn't there," Jayden apologized. "It's not your fault Jayde. We all lost someone we loved and care about dearly that day," Regina reassured.

"Since her anniversary is coming up next month I was wondering if you would like to come with me to go see her?" Jayden asked as she stared into the flames. "Yeah, I'd like that," Regina replied with a small smile.

{October 17, 2017}

~ Alpha Common Room ~

Jayden was sitting on the couch in front of the fireplace thinking about the dream she had of Tori a few nights ago though it was more of a memory. She only had these dreams when the anniversary of Tori's death was near. Reaching into the inside pocket of her robe she pull out a picture of her and Tori that she kept with her everywhere she went. It was taken the day that she was shipped off for her second tour. Tori had been dressed in her camouflage uniform holding Jayden from behind as they smiled into the camera.

"Who's that?" A female voice asked startling her out of her thoughts. "No one," She said. Quickly putting away the picture before Trinity could take a good look at it. "Jayden, what's wrong? You've been avoiding me for the past three days and won't talk to anyone except for Regina what's going on?" Trinity asked concerned about her girlfriend. Before She could answer Regina came down from the dorms carrying two over night bags and interrupted them. "Hey Jayde ready to go?" She asked. "Go? Go where?" Trinity asked slightly irritated for being interrupted.

"Were going to visit my sister's grave. Didn't Jayden tell you?" Regina asked setting down the bags. "No, and why would she want to go with you any way? She barely knows you?" Trinity spat getting extremely irritated for not knowing what was going on.

"You didn't tell her did you?" Regina stated more than asked the older brunette. Jayden looked away and shook her head feeling guilty for withholding information. "Told me what?" Trinity asked frustrated. "Jayden and my sister Tori dated for a while before She passed away a few years ago." Regina explained picking up the bags. "Tomorrow is the anniversary of her death." Jayden said softly "I'm sorry I didn't tell you Trin but I promise that we will talk about this when we get back OK?" Jayden said then followed Regina out into the corridor.

{October 18, 2017}

~ St. Micheal's Cemetery ~

Jayden knelt before Tori's grave stone as she traced the letters of her deceased lover's name carved within the stone:

LT. COL Torrance RayLynn Jaydis



"H-hey Tori," she greeted with a weak smile after setting down a small bouquet of flowers on the headstone. "I know it's been a while since I last visited. Its just been really hard lately… god baby I miss you so much," she sobbed, "Even though I've found someone to be with, they could never replace you in my heart. You know, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night hoping that it was all a dream. I would wake up and you would be there laying next to me, holding me as you slept peacefully with that little smile on your face that you always had. Then I realized that it wasn't a dream and it was all too real…that it really did happen," Jayden sobbed as she lowered herself onto the cold grass under her. She leaned against the headstone as silent tears streamed down her face.

As time went by and the sky began to darken, Regina who stood at a distance was watching over her late sister's lover. She had promised Tori to always protect Jayden. That was a promise she intended to keep no matter what.

When the time had come to leave, she walked up to the young witch placing a gentle hand on her shoulder, "It's time to go Jayde," She said softly. "We'll come back tomorrow before we leave." Standing slowly Jayden kissed the tips of her fingers and laid them softly on the cold stone. "Goodbye my love I'll see you soon," she whispered then turned and walked away, Regina not far behind.



{October 23, 2017}

After returning back to the school Jayden continued to avoid talking to Trinity about Tori. Whenever the subject would come up she would immediately change it. This was frustrating the blonde to no end. She tried asking Regina, but all she did was ignored her and told her that it wasn't her place to tell. She eventually gave up on the matter and decided that if Jayden wanted to talk to her about it she'd do it on her own terms.

Jayden was sitting love seat in front of the fireplace looking through an old photo album. Inside contain pictures of the times she had spent with Tori and her family. "Hey," Trinity said softly as she sat down next to Jayden. "Hey Trin," Jayden greeted softly looking up from the album on her lap. "Who's that?" Trinity asked pointing to the picture of a young brunette dressed in an Army uniform. "That's Tori after she came back from her first tour." Jayden said as she gently caressed the edge if the photo. "What happened to her?" asked the blonde as she looked at the picture of her girlfriend's deceased lover. "She went missing about three years ago, but two years ago they declared her dead when all they found were her dog tags," Jayden explained. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a silver chain containing Tori's dog tags. "This is all I have left of her," Jayden said softly as she held out the tags. "I know it's hard losing someone you love. The pain never really goes away, but you just need to remember that they are in a better place now." Trinity said as she tried to comfort her. "Beside you have me now, right?" She said lightheartedly.

"Yeah…right…" Jayden replied softly still looking at the last picture that was taken of both her and her lost love.

~ Dark Forest ~

Deep in the Dark Forest a lone figure was slowly making their way through the thick underbrush as they tried to find a way out of the dense forest. A soft painful yet feminine groan was heard as they tripped over an unseen root hidden beneath the darkness of the forest floor. As she carefully stood once again a lone dog tag could be seen shining in the moonlight as it hung around her neck.

"Where am I?" the lone figure wondered looking around in hopes of looking for some kind of clue that could lead her back into civilization. Off to the right she notice a faint light in the distance. She makes her way towards it hoping against all else that it's not another enemy camp and that someone would be able to help her.

Not long after Jayden left for patrol Selene walks into the Alpha Common Room. She found Trinity sitting if front of the fireplace lost in thought looking forlorn. "Hey, are you okay?" Selene asked making her way over to the younger woman. "Huh?" Trinity asked breaking out of her thoughts. "I asked if you were OK? You looked a little lost in thought." Selene repeated taking a seat next to her best friend's girlfriend. "Oh, I'm fine. I was just thinking…" Trinity trailed off looking into the fire as if it held the answers she needed.

"About?" Selene asked wonder what it was that had the young Alpha so down. "Jayden," Trinity started, "She told me about Tori… Even though she's dead, the way that Jayden talked about her… I could tell that she's still in love with her."

"The thing that you have to understand about Jayden is that Tori was her first love and a part of her always will." Selene explained, "it doesn't mean that Jayden loves you any less." Trinity nodded in understanding.

~Dark Forest~

Finally making her way out of the forest the young soldier found herself standing in a clearing next to what appears to be a large lake. She notices a castle looming in the distance on the other side of the lake and starts to make her way towards it hoping against all odds that someone inside would be able to help her. As she nears the castle she spots a dark silhouette sitting at the edge of the lake. Hoping that this person could help her she slowly walks towards the lake.

After making her rounds for the night Jayden walk over to her favorite spot along the lakeside. She sat at the water's edge quietly gazing into the distance as she listened to the waves crash softly against the shore, it reminded the young Alpha of the first time Tori had taken her out to watch the sunrise with her. She didn't know how long she sat there before she heard the footfalls of someone making there way over to where she sat. She stood and dusted herself off thinking it was one of the teachers coming to relive her of her duties. What she didn't expect was to come face to face with the one person she thought to be dead. "Tori?" She whispered before everything went dark.

To Be Continued

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