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A Gasp of Air

What is that noise? Could someone please stop that ringing? Damn. Stop it. Stop it, I said stop it. I can't bare it no longer. Stop the ringing. Stop. I screamed, "Stop!"

"STOP", she screamed out loud, and she found herself awake. She stays still and the phone rings again. Annoyed she jumps out of her bed and answers the phone

"Hello", she answers.

The voice on the other end made her forget her annoyance and she smiled. After the conversation was over, her smile faded off her face and her whole face became so sad, like someone had accidentally pressed the wrong button and changed her mood to sad. She walked to her couch, and stared; if she blinked she would loose her thoughts.

Her gaze was still, but her mind traveled hundreds of miles and years back in time; to those days when she had just graduated, when she got her first real job six years ago.

Sally had finally got the keys for the place that she wanted to make a home.

"Yes!" She said to herself, when she walked into the empty apartment. Her mind was filled with thousands of ideas about what she would do.

'My bed will be directly across the window, so that when I wake up, I can see the sun shine.

I don't want a television in the bedroom.

I want the kitchen counter and dinning table right by themselves.

I want to remove this wall-to-wall carpet, and feel the hardwood floor with my bare feet.

This is my house; this is my home. I'll make it mine; I'll make it me.'

Filled with excitement, she drove to Jen's college to pick her up.

Jen and Sally, had been best of friends all their lives, even though Jen was couple of years younger than Sally. When people saw them together, they wondered what they had in common to be friends. After all they certainly were very different people. Sally was ambitious, smart, and practical and always took charge of any situation. Jen on the other hand was a little of spoilt brat. She was a party girl, lived for today, didn't care about a thing. The main reason that they were such good friends was, because Sally could ground Jen when she went overboard, and Jen could bring out the crazy side of Sally from time to time.

Sally walked to the cafeteria where she was supposed to meet Jen. She scanned the room, looking for her friend, but she couldn't find her. 'Damn! Just like her to be late!' Thought Sally to herself.

In the far corner, she noticed a girl with glasses waving. 'Was she waving at me?' She squinted her eyes and pointed to herself, and then she saw the girl nodding. She walked up to the girl, uncertain if she was supposed to or not. Before she could voice out her uncertainty the girl spoke.

"You must be Sally?"


"Hi. I am Angel, Jen's classmate. Jen had to attend a Math tutorial session, because she wasn't doing so well in her Algebra. She told me to tell you that she'll find a ride when it's over so you can leave if you want."

"She could have called me. I have a cell phone."

"She said she forgot her cell phone and she didn't remember your new number."

"It is just like her to make me come all the way just so that I got to go back for nothing."

"Well, it doesn't have to be for nothing, if you want to make the trip worth it, you could give me ride."

"Was that a request or did you just assume I would give you a ride?"

"Well, it was a request based on assumption that you would oblige."

"Did you wait here just to give me the message or you were here for own thing?"

"Ah! So you are going to decide if or not to oblige, based on if or not I did Jen, or you a favor. Business mind, I like that."

"Have to. Don't want people to think I would oblige for anything."

"Well, then Miss Rogers. I will take back my assumption and request you if you could give me a ride. The only reason I repeat is because I like you."

"Now that, it's a request, I shall oblige. The only reason I do is because you are cool."

That was the first time she had met Angel. A girl with whom within seconds she was playing word games with. Sally enjoyed lighthearted arguments, and she met a person who could start continue and even graciously surrender to her small arguments. She liked Angel. As, Angel already openly confessed, she liked her, when she reached Angel's destination, she asked Angel if they could hang out, and they exchanged numbers.

That was the first time she had met Angel, with whom she was playing word games within seconds. Sally enjoyed lighthearted arguments, and she met a person who could start continue and even graciously surrender to her small arguments.

Later that night, when she was lying in her bed, she heard a knock on her door.

"Who is it?"

"It's Jen."

"Come on in. Did you just come back?"

"Yeah. Sorry about this afternoon, I just forgot my cell."

"No problem. I met your friend Angel."

"Yeah, I had told her to give you a message."

"You never talked about her…"

"Well, she is just a classmate. She said she was going to be in the cafeteria so I asked her a favor."

"You don't hang with her?"

"No, not really. She is the nerdy kind I think. She gets A's in Calculus, and Prof.

Wakauski never gives A's to anyone."

"So, what is the big deal, I got A's in Calculus."

"But, you didn't have Prof. Wakauski."

"Regardless, I think Angel is interesting, we should all go out sometimes."

"I don't know if she is so into socializing. She has I think like two or three jobs."

"Well, I just thought she was cool. And was thinking of inviting her to the get together at my new place."

"Oh Yeah! You got the keys for it today didn't you?"

"Yep! My own place."

"I am telling you, you should let me move in with you and we should be room mates. After all it's a two bedroom apartment."

"Nope. It's all mine. I don't want to share it with no one."

"Well, if you ever change your mind. I should be the first to be considered. I want to get out of this dump too you know."

"Sure thing."

"I am going out for a bite, want to come? Alex will be there."

"No, I want to stay in. Tell Alex I'll call him about the get together."

"Ok, bye then."


As Sally finally switched off the lights and shut her eyes to drift into the world of dreams, the day she met Angel ended, yet the thoughts of Angel didn't leave her mind.

She could not explain why she kept lingering over every word exchanged between them. She just assumed that she was really impressed by this girl. At work the next day, she found herself getting this enormous urge to call her. She waited.

She could not even understand why she was avoiding calling her. After all what was wrong with a girl calling another girl whom she just met to invite to her party. Then she found herself laughing at herself for being so silly. She finally picked up the receiver and dialed her number. It rang. It rang. Then her voice spoke:

"Hi this is Angel. Not home right now; leave a message after the tone." She opened her lips to speak, and then she froze. She hung up.

She was still ice, when the phone rang.

"Hello," she said, picking it up.

"Did you just call? This is Angel."

"Oh, Hi. Yes, I did. But I didn't leave a message."

"That's ok; I was just outside and didn't hear the phone ring. Saw your number on the caller ID so I thought I would call back."

"That's no problem. I just called to invite you to a little get together I am having at my new apartment."

"You got yourself a new place?"

"Yeah, you know I was living with Jen's Aunt as a paying guest, but I so always wanted a place of my own. But I could never afford it. But now I got it. I got a place of my own."

"Are you moved in yet?"

"No, I have the get together on this Friday night, so I'll make it a little accessorized then. May be I'll move my other stuff in during the course of that week though."

"That is nice. I know the feeling of having your own place."

"You live alone?"

"Yes, but I don't know until when."

"Why what happened?"

"Nothing. So, what time is this get together of yours?"

"It starts at 8pm and till you want to go home."

"Ok, just give me your address, I might just show up. Mind you, it's not a promise, just a may be!"

"Why? You got other plans."

"No, I am just not into parties. Sometimes I just change my mind at the last minute."

"Not even for me."

Angle laughed. "No honey not even for you. So are you going to give me your address, or I have to wine you and dine you for it."

"If not wine, I wouldn't mind a dining though. After all, my new address as a reward should be worth it," Sally replied, laughing in return.

"Well, is that so? In that case, can't do dinning at this hour, but sure could offer to meet up for lunch."

"Are you buying?"

"Nope, Dutch. I am not that rich yet."

"And you actually expect to lure me with that kind of invitation."

"Well, I hope to lure you with a promise of an interesting company over a Dutch lunch bill!"

"Ahh. So, now the company is supposed to make it worth it."

"That's a promise."

"In that case, time and place and you got yourself a date."

"Have you seen the Subway in the Crossroad Plaza?"


"Say about two?"

"You got it."

"See you there then."

"See you babe."

The smile on her face lasted till the phone rang. It had been an hour since she hung up with Angel, and she still was thinking of the conversation they had. She shook her head to compose herself and answered her phone. It was her boyfriend Alex. He wanted to drop in for lunch, but due to some reason she lied to him. She told him that she had a meeting so she already had lunch.

It was only while she was driving to the Crossroad Plaza that she wondered why she lied to Alex. After all she could have just told him that she had a lunch thing with a friend and he would have understood. He always understood. Why did she lie? When she got out of the car, she felt like she was cheating on him, or something. She shook that thought out saying she was being silly and walked into the Subway.

To her surprise Angel was already there. She checked her watch. She was on time.

"Am I late? You did say 2pm right?"

"No, you are not late. I am early. I am always early. I am also hungry. Lets eat."

'She has brown eyes, Sally noticed. It looks black, because it's dark, but its actually dark brown eyes. I wonder if she knew that, her eyes are not black, but it's really brown. Of course she has noticed it. I am sure her boyfriend stares into those beautiful eyes all the time. He must have told her how beautiful her eyes are all the time too. Does she have a boyfriend? Can I ask her that? She should open her glasses though, so that I could look into her eyes better. Should I ask her to open her glasses? Her boyfriend must ask her to open her glasses, and she would do it too. Does she have a boyfriend?'

"So, you have a boyfriend?"


"I am sorry, I was just wondering and the words just came out. Do you have a boyfriend? If you do, you could bring him to the gathering too, I meant."

"Oh! Well, I do. But he lives out of town and comes to see me once a week, during the week. But thanks for the invitation."

'She does have a boyfriend. Damn. Why am I saying damn? I have a boyfriend too. So, why does it matter if I have boyfriend or not? Why does it matter if she has a boyfriend or not? What is wrong with me?'

"Ok, so tell me?"

"Tell you?"

"Your address."

"Oh! Here I'll write it down. And please come, it'll be fun."

"What will I get if I come?"

"Whatever you want?"

"For a girl who is business minded, you sure are not much of a bargainer."

"Well, I trust I am safe when I say that to you."

"I am glad you feel safe with me. But, don't assume that I won't be holding you to your words."


The lunch ended with a lot of other small talk, and a chance for Sally to study Angel both intellectually and physically to her surprise!

She noticed everything about her. The more she tried to stop herself from looking at her physical attires like her eyes, her short but smooth hair and her perfect fingers. Her hands certainly were beautiful. She was beautiful. She couldn't wait to see her again, but Angel had a pretty filled up week. She had to go to work, then school, so they figured they would see each other at the get together.

Sally felt like the time refused to move. No matter how long she stared at the watch, it wasn't Friday yet. She called Angel couple of times, but her answering machine was on, and this time she didn't call back. So, she just calmed herself down and yet she was so impatient. Finally the Friday arrived, Friday, but not the evening yet.

She got busy getting alcohol and food for the get together. She hadn't invited many people, and it wasn't supposed to be dinner so didn't want to spend so much on the food. But like Jen said, alcohol had to be enough.

It was 8pm, finally. She said she was never late, but she was not there yet. She mingled with her friends, she dazed off while dancing with Alex. The music was loud, her friends were around, they were laughing, but she wanted to go outside. She needed to be outside. She just had to go right now. Without even a polite excuse me, she rushed to the door, and swung it open. There was no one outside. Did she expect anyone outside? She didn't know.

Alex: "Is someone there sweetheart?"

Sally: "No, I just need to get some air, I'll be right back."

She stepped outside, took a deep breath and looked up. She felt like she was looking for answers with the stars. She knew that something was happening to her, and she searched the dark sky for some kind of sign.

"It'll never tell you."

That was Angel. Sally didn't even notice when she had come, so she answered in a little bit of a shock.

"What?" Sally asked

"If you are searching for answers in the stars, then it'll never tell you. That's what I am saying."

"What makes you think I was searching for answers?"

"Oh! You were and don't lie to me. I know because I was staring at them, before you came outside."

"So, you were here. I knew I felt something, I mean I heard something."

"And that's why you came out."

"Yes. I thought it might be you. I was waiting for you. Why didn't you come in?"

"I don't know, I thought I would try my luck with the stars for answers before I went in. Then I heard you come out, and I hid so that I could sneak up on you and scare you."

"That's not so good."

"Who said I was good?"

"If the stars don't have answers, who does?"

Angel, for the first time since they had met moved a step closer. She touched Sally's heart with index finger and smiled.

"There lie all your answers."

She moved her hand and touched her own heart.

"Here lays mine. But I am too scared to ask."


"Well, I don't believe that answers are necessarily what I want. May be I just want the search of answers? And of course remember, curiosity killed the cat."

"Yeah. But satisfaction brought it back, that's how that saying ends."

"I know, but may be satisfaction is not what I seek."

"What do you seek?"

"Right now, food. I am hungry; tell me you have something to eat."

"Just junk."

"I hate junk, but it'll do for tonight. So, lady of the house, do I have the permission to enter your premises."


As they walked into her apartment together, Sally felt as though the party had only just started. The music finally seems to sing to her, the alcohol was also getting to her. She was swaying everywhere, and Alex was doing his best to keep her standing. She could see Angel laughing her head off. She moved over and asked her if she was laughing at her, but Angel said, she was just laughing with her. Everything was fine at that moment. The night ended with most people intoxicated. Alex offered to drive them home, but Angel knew that Alex had had a little more to drink too, so she offered to drive everyone home.

The last stop was Jen's Aunt's house. Angel stopped, and stared at Sally. They both didn't want to say a word. It must have been well over 10 minutes, when Jen from the back seat mumbled from her sleep if they were there yet. They both were startled, like they were caught doing something wrong. Then they both grinned.

"Yes, ladies your castle arrived." Angle said sighing.

"Let's help her out." Sally replied, getting hold of Jen.

They both put Jen to bed, and as they came down the stairs, Sally exclaimed.

"I don't want to sleep here!"


"I hate to do this but could please drop me back, I just so want sleep in my new place today."

"You sure?"

"Yes. But of course if you are not tired."

"Sure I'll drop you. Come on."

They drove back in silence. It was like they both were scared of what they might say.

'This looks bad,' Sally thought. 'Why did I ask her to drop me back? I don't even have a bed in that place. May be I'll tell her to drop me back when I get there. Then she'll really be pissed. I can see she is tired. May be I should piss her off a little? How would she look when she is angry? May be I should make her angry? Will she get angry with me? Why shouldn't she? I am asking for it. Damn, is that my street? We are here already. I thought we just left. Do I have to get out of her car now? I don't want to get out. I love her car. It smells of her perfume. What does she use? It certainly is so alluring. This is funny, why am I concerned with her perfume. It's perfectly all right for a woman to notice another woman's perfume; after all we have keen sense of smell. Why am I justifying my thoughts? After all, who said anything I think or say or do is wrong?'

Angel: "Here we are."

"Thank you so much. I know you are tired."

"Let me walk you in."

"That's ok."

"I insist. I need to show you something."


"Let's just go in, and then I'll show you Sal."

They walked in. Angel walked a circle in every one of her rooms, and then came back.

"I just wanted to make sure that you noticed like I did, that this place lacks a thing that we humans call bed that is required for a proper night's sleep."

Angel's whole presentation made Sally laugh till her legs gave up and she was on the floor. The only thing that kept her from rolling was her need to keep Angel in her sight while she laughed her heart out. When she finally calmed down, Angel was standing right on top of her. She gave out her hand and Sally unconsciously complied. She jumped up, but Angel had left such little space between the wall and herself, every cell of Sally's body was in contact with Angel's, except their faces, which were staring at each other.

Sally dared not even to breath. She didn't want this moment to pass by. There were no more thoughts in her head. There were no more questions to be answered. Her heart was beating right next to Angel's and she could hear all the answers she needed to hear. She closed her eyes, opened her lips and moved them closer to Angel's parted invitation. That moment, time stopped. Her heart stopped. Her skin felt a chill through her spine, when their tongue found each other. Her body clasped at Angel's and drew her into her through the entanglement of their lips.

Never had she felt such a need to continue and not stop as she felt at that moment. But her lungs were giving out. She needed to breathe. Her brains kicked back into action and demanded air. She traced her hands through her body, to her face. Gently she separated their union, even though her heart, her body, her eyes, her skin, everything in her screamed not to. With her face cupped in her hands, she gasped for air. So did Angel.

The End

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