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Just Friends

When Sally woke up the next morning, she couldn't help but smile. Or let's say she couldn't stop smiling. Thoughts of the kiss and every moment that followed, overwhelmed her mind and body. Every touch, even when she casually played with Angel's fingers while she was driving her back, and how Angel had stopped right in the middle of the road and pulled her fiercely to unleash the desire she had teased. All of these were in her mind, and of course her beautiful face and her dark eyes staring at her. How she craved to touch every part of her skin.

She closed her eyes and her mind lingered over Angel's perfect body. She toyed with the idea of pulling her closer to her skin and not kissing her lips but moving below and getting taste of her neck instead. She then traced her taste buds to her chest. A smile formed on her face when she thought about slowing undoing Angel's bra and touching her right next to her heart. The thought of how Angel would close her eyes when she warmed her heart with her touches and kisses made her own heart beats loose cool. Her hand moved to her own heart and the around it to calm her beats. But control was something she had already lost. She squeezed herself hard thinking how that very pressure would make Angel moan with pleasure. Her mind quickly bared Angel all natural. Instead of her eyes feasting on her view, her tongue and her fingers found perfect unison with her body. She found herself melting with the thought of nearing and touching the heat inside Angel. The heat from the fire that was burning, right then right inside of her that she could feel with her own fingers. She closed her eyes to dive into the heat, just like Angel would when she would finally unite both their fire and engulf Angel that would build an explosion inside of her. Her other hand clutched hard and she stopped breathing while her fingers stimulated what Angel would be feeling with the tease she would do to her. She arched up her body and she closed her eyes harder so nothing could take her out of her thoughts. She opened her mouth. She was sure she would scream but she didn't. She gritted her teeth and breathed out, letting go of all that was inside her. For minutes she lied still empty.

When she regained her strength she found herself thinking how Angel would look like when she just had her release. She grinned at her naughty thoughts and jumped out of bed. Time to call her dream girl she told herself.

She dialed her number. It rang. Angel's voice spoke. But the voice recorded on her answering machine spoke. She listened patiently till it ended. Then she hung up thinking she'll call back later when Angel has had her sleep.

During breakfast that morning she was still up in her clouds. Hung-over Jen came in, talked something and left but she kept her eyes steadily on the clock. Noon, she told herself, noon and she would call her.

Noon, it was and she called again. The answering machine picked up again. Her mind started to wonder.

"Ok this is too weird. Where can she be? No, no she is still sleeping. Wait, is she avoiding my call? No, no way. After all last night was great. Or was it? Or did I just dream that up. It cannot be. And this morning. No, no this morning was a dream but last night happened. She kissed me. Or I kissed her. Whatever, same difference. Well, then how come she didn't call me. Or where is she. Did she reach home fine? I have to find out. Ok Ok calm down. May be she is just in the shower. Cool, down. Don't jump the gun. She feels the same way. After all I wasn't kissing myself last night. Ok I'll call her back till then I have to do something to keep myself occupied. Where is Jen?"

She found Jen in her room getting ready to go to the movies. She decided to tag along. The day passed by and she called and called but Angel never answered. She finally gave up.

Next two days and the phone didn't ring. Angel didn't call. Where was she? She couldn't take it any longer. She sneaked into Jen's room and decided to ask her.

Jen: " You ok?"

"Yes and no."

"Have you met Angel after the party?"

"Oh yes, I saw her this afternoon. Why?"

"Well, I have been trying to call her but she doesn't answer her phone."

"Why have you been trying to call her?"

"Well, forget it. Could you tell me where she lives I just need to talk to her."

"First tell me what it is for."

"You can't ask me that."

"Yes, I can. And I am asking you that. For the last two days you have been acting weird and if it is because of that girl I want to know what happened."

"Why do you talk about her like that? Its like you don't like her for some reason."

"I have no feelings towards her but I don't like how she makes you feel."

"What the hell have you been talking about?"

"Hit redial on your phone and you'll see that she is the only one you have been trying to call. You think I didn't notice. This is not good Sally."

"She is a friend and I need to ask her something."

"I didn't ask you what she is to you. I just said that how you react to her is not good."

"Why coz she is a woman?"

"No, coz you two are not possible."


"It's not going to work."

"I don't know what you are talking about. Could you please tell me around what time she is at school so that I can just talk to her for a second."

Jen didn't answer.

"Fine." Said Sally and walked away.

"2pm Science Hall." Screamed Jen behind her.

Sally felt like a fool that night. To her amazement she even felt like crying.

"Don't cry damn it. Nothing is wrong here. She must be really busy. Or does she think it was a mistake? Should I go and talk to her? Damn, why is this happening to me? Fine I don't care no more. I'll just sit and forget about it. I won't even go to see her. But I do deserve an answer. She can't just ignore me. What if she thinks it's a mistake? No, she can't. Not after the way that kiss felt. She wasn't even drunk. She didn't drink at all. May be she is too in love with her boyfriend? Could that be? I love Alex too. Yeah sure, that's why I am getting off on someone else. Damn, me. Oh! Why is she making me go through this? All she has to do is talk to me. If she regrets it we could just be friends. Yeah, just friends I don't want anything else. May be we could kiss one more time. Oh! Stop thinking that way. Can't you get it, she doesn't want it. So, no more kiss. Just friendship. Yes, just friendship."

Jen swung the door open and Sally wasn't even out of her bed yet.

"Don't you have to go to work?" Jen asked.

"Don't feel good, I think I'll call in sick."

"Do you have fever, let me see."

"No, I just don't feel good. What time is it?"

"It's about noon."

"Why aren't you in school?"

"I go at 2pm today, just for one class."

"Today is what, Wednesday. Didn't you go to school like at 10am?"

"Yes, but all classes are cancelled due to staff meeting. I just go in for the play rehearsal."

"Oh! Ok."

"Angel will be there too. She is in the play too."

Sally just looked blankly at her. She didn't want to say anything, so Jen continued.

"Look my sweetheart; I know there is something going on with you and Angel. I know you forever; I can pick up on those things. Wouldn't it be better if you told me?"


"Don't lie to me."

"You might find it funny but…"

"I'll not find anything funny. So you are interested in a woman. My best friend is a lesbian."

"What? I am certainly not."

"Come on now. I think it's so cool. You'll be checking out women now."

"Jen, one woman made me crazy, doesn't mean that I am a lesbian."

"One, ten doesn't matter. The definition certainly doesn't specify how many."

"How can you find it so amusing when Angel even refuses to talk to me?"

"Well, babe like almost all the great love story, yours may be a tragedy too. May be she is straight. Hate to be the bearer of a bad news, but she got a guy."

"I know, but so do I. And no she can't be, because that night she kissed me. Or I kissed her, or we kissed each other."

"Oooo Girl you are fast. No wonder she panicked"

"She has not panicked. I'll just go and talk to her."

"My advice; let it go. She doesn't want to go back to what happened then don't push it."

"I don't want to, but I just feel that I just have to know. I just have to get some answers."

"If that is so then, get up and get ready we got to catch her before rehearsal."

Jen and Sally waited almost 15 minutes before Angel showed up. She certainly didn't seem like she was too thrilled to see Sally, but didn't run away from them either. She walked straight up and exchanged hellos. Jen of course found something else to do, when Sally got a chance to ask her what she needed to know. But it was Angel who started.

"I guess you are here to get some answers?"

Sally stared at Angel. Her face didn't have regret, but it certainly didn't have the joyous smile she thought she might cause either. Somehow she felt at that point that she didn't need any answers. Just like Angel had told her, at times it's good not to know the answer then the search would end. It took her the longest time to answer, but she did manage to open her lips but this time not for welcoming Angel inside her but to keep their distance.

"I thought I did want answers but right now I don't know if I do. I just would hate to loose a friendship."

"Me too. I would hate to loose a friend too. And… the point is that… Umm… I am not… you know"

"What? … A lesbian?"


"Nor, am I. After all I have a boyfriend that I love very much."

"Me too. Well, he and I are not working out too much but hey I am still into men."

"Cool, friends then?"

"Certainly. Stay for the rehearsal. It's a beautiful play."

"No, I have to see Alex. But we'll get together sometime. Bye now." She lied.


"See that was easy. Now just walk away, before the tears hit. Faster good. Good. This is a good thing. We are friends and nothing more. Just don't think. I was drunk for Christ sake. What was wrong with me? I am a straight girl after all. Where is Alex? Damn where is my supposed to be boyfriend. I hate him. No, I don't hate him. I hate myself. But that's ok. I'll get over it. I'll get over it."

Sally zoomed out of the parking lot.

The End

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