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By SDerkins

Story Idea by Golden_Ruhl


Part Six

A knock on the door made them end their embrace. "Ms. O'Shea?"

Nessa sighed and opened the kitchen door. The gardener stood there nervously. "Charles is warming up the car now and wanted me to remind you that you have an appointment this morning at 10 O'clock."

"Oh drat, I had forgotten all about that." She turned to Maggie. "I've got to run, Love. I'll be back in time for a late lunch." She kissed Maggie's cheek and ran down the steps.

"Women!" Maggie rolled her eyes as she watched Nessa run for the sedan.

"Sí," the gardener nodded, forgetting Maggie's gender for a moment. She chuckled and went back inside.

Nessa returned several hours later but Maggie wasn't in the loft. Disappointed, the recluse walked back to the estate and entered the kitchen. Tess greeted her.

"You're back then Miss? Your friend could use some help. I have her sorting through the linen closet upstairs. She can reach the silly things without a step stool, thank goodness! Why don't you help her?"

Nessa grinned and headed for the stairs. She spotted the open door and tiptoed quietly. She wanted to surprise Maggie. Peeking into the large walk-in closet she spotted Maggie bent over a large plastic storage box and glancing at a handwritten list in her hand, her broad back turned towards the door. Nessa stepped into the closet and pulled the door closed.

"And what's a nice girl doing in a place like this?" she chuckled, startling the reporter. Maggie placed a hand over her heart in surprise.

"Damn, Nessa, are you trying to scare me out of ten year's growth?"

"Nope, I need you alive and kicking until I get a chance to ravish you," the redhead teased.

"Oh? Then I think I need a little TLC before I keel over."

"Hmm," Nessa pondered as she stepped much closer, "Maybe a little mouth to mouth?"

"That'll do," Maggie said as her lips found Nessa's for a heated kiss, pulling her hard against her torso. Both women groaned as lips parted and tongues began dueling for ownership. The smaller woman slid her hands along Maggie's hips and slid her palms along her firm bottom. Her hands couldn't resist giving each cheek a firm squeeze.

Maggie broke the kiss and growled as her mouth sought out her neck and nipped along Nessa's neck and shoulder. The smaller woman grabbed hold around Maggie's shoulders, trying to keep her legs from buckling under her as her lover began nuzzling along her ear. Maggie's large hand cupped one of her breasts and teased the nipple through the soft material.

"Oh God!" Nessa cried out.

"God has nothing to do with what is going to happen to your bottoms in a minute! Now get out of the closet, both of you!" Tess ordered, her ever-present wooden spoon held menacingly.

Both women, full grown, squeezed out of the closet like submissive children. Maggie kept her bottom close to the wall, uncertain if Tess would actually smack it but not willing to take the chance.

Tess crossed her beefy arms. "Now, you," her pointed chin pointed at Maggie, "take those storage bins downstairs and put them in the laundry room. And you missy," she said at Nessa, "go wash up and use a lot of cold water. You obviously need it."

The hefty woman turned and headed down the stairs.

"At least our butts are intact. Meet me tonight in the loft?" Maggie asked.

"Yup, and FYI, I need a damned ice burg, not a little cold water."

Nessa reached for the lock on the kitchen door but found it unlatched. She chuckled silently. Tess knew her only too well. She opened the door and headed down the path to the garage. Maggie had left the light on to the stairs for her. She eagerly climbed them and opened the door. The Small loft had no lights on but was lit with several candles. The redhead stood there as her eyes adjusted. Maggie wasn't in sight.

Wondering where she might be Nessa first went to the bedroom but didn't see the brunette. The next possibility was the bathroom. She went through the small bedroom and opened the door leading to it. Inside was at least twenty candles burning and in the huge tub was Maggie, quite naked and emerged in a mound of huge scented bubbles.

"Care to join me?" she asked softly. Nessa grinned and slipped off her satin robe.

Maggie felt her chin drop as the sleek material slid down to the floor. Hidden beneath it was a little number that defied description. The teddy was adorable and sexy all at once, tangerine in color, and lovingly draped over each lovely curve in such a way that it screamed 'take me' while covering her modestly. Maggie vowed to find the designer and send them a thank you note.

"Like it?" Nessa teased, seeing the stunned look on Maggie's face. It was well worth the price of wearing it for only a few minutes before taking it off.

"Uh huh," Maggie managed to croak out, then grinned. She held out her hand in invitation to join her. Nessa kept her eyes locked with her lover's as she pulled one strategic string then another. With little effort the teddy slipped from her body and down her legs, leaving her nude in the candlelight.

Maggie lent her a hand as the redhead stepped into the huge tub. She settled into the hot water and leaned against Maggie's strong frame. Arms wrapped around her and held her gently. Both women sighed with pleasure at the contact.

"This is nice."

"Yup, I thought we'd take this nice and slow tonight. It seems our entire courtship was rushed and I wanted a chance to take a deep breath before plunging in. No pun intended," she added. Nessa chuckled.

"No, I like this. Now all we need is some-" Soft music began playing from inside the bedroom. "music," she finished with a laugh. Maggie tossed the remote onto a pile of towels. "Any chance of getting fed too?"

"Lord, you know me too well," Maggie groaned and reached over the side of the tub nearest the wall. She had a bucket sitting there as a platform for a plate of nibble foods. She held it in front of her lover. It held an assortment of warm hors d'oeuvres and pieces of fruit on toothpicks. Nessa took a piece of melon and popped it into her mouth.

"Mmm, nice and sweet."

"I think I ate half of what I fixed and still hungry," Maggie commented as she took a warm puffed appetizer. Her companion chuckled and rubbed her foot along Maggie's shin, giving the taller woman a nice view of a slick thigh. She curbed the impulse to run her palm along the firm limb and kept her conversation away from inflammatory remarks.

She took another helping and allowed her hand to rest on Nessa's upper arm. As they chatted her thumb began a lazy stroking along her skin. She wasn't even aware of the fact her cheek rested against the smaller woman's brow and tended to brush her lips against it from time to time. The affection came so naturally that she forgot this would be their first time together or to be nervous.

"Mmm, that feels nice but we're turning into prunes. Let's get out," Nessa suggested. Maggie realized that her lips had settled near a soft earlobe and was softly nuzzling there. So much for behaving while they bathed. She helped Nessa get out of the tub and watched with pleasure at the way that water sluiced down Nessa's lightly tanned skin. Maggie grabbed a large bath towel as stepped out of the old tub. She wrapped it around the smaller woman and began slowly drying her off, gently dabbing the skin along her face before moving to the next area. She enjoyed the chore and felt cheated when she reached the redhead's feet.

"Now you," Nessa smiled, taking a dry towel. She started much the same way but chose to walk behind Maggie to dry her back. She gently dried her off and placed kisses along her spine as she moved the towel downward. A moan escaped Maggie's lips but she didn't care. Wonderfully warm quivers skipped along her skin and left her muscles helpless.

Nessa continued her path down and began stroking the towel along each long leg. Maggie's eyes were closed until she felt a warm cheek rub against her bottom. Her body instantly responded to the soft touch.

"I thought the idea was to dry me off?" Maggie teased. She heard Nessa laugh softly just before teeth nipped one side of her butt. The tall woman spun around and realized she made a strategic error. Nessa was still kneeling and her face was level with her hips. Nessa's eyes held a feral glint.

"Oh no you don't you little hoyden. I'll not be ravished on the bathroom floor!" She helped the giggling Nessa to her feet and quickly lifted her into her arms.

"I think a change of scenery is in order, don't you?" Maggie whispered, her voice dropping. Nessa could only nod, her laughter gone. Maggie held her close as she carried her into the softly lit room. The bed was already turned down. Nessa vaguely felt the softness of bed and could smell the clean scent of freshly laundered sheets. But they barely entered her awareness as Maggie settled over her, her lips moving to her own.

They became lost in the kiss, sometimes soft then frantic, but unable to end the contact just yet, the craving just too strong. Hands sought out each other as the kisses melted into another. Nessa moaned as Maggie shifted in soft movements, their breasts brushed and aching nipples flicked across one another. They finally broke the kiss, gasping for air for a moment before Maggie began nipping along Nessa's neck.

Maggie didn't feel the fingernails that raked along her shoulders. She was only aware of Nessa's responses and the feel of her arching against her own body. Slow lovemaking was no longer an option for them, the wait had been too long for that. Nessa arched once again and the brunette couldn't resist. Her lips found one rosy nipple, stiff with desire, and took it into her mouth. Nessa cried out and took hold of her short hair and held her there. The sweet flesh was pebbled and hard as she flicked it with her tongue. Hips rose to meet her own. Maggie shifted her thigh tighter against Nessa's wonderful heat and pressed against her.

"Oh God!" Nessa cried out, and tried to get even closer. "Now!" she begged. Maggie wanted to make it last, she truly did, but when Nessa pressed her own thigh against her wetness all thoughts of slow flew out the window. She began thrusting against the smaller woman, pressing her need hard and fast along her leg. Nessa grabbed her hips and pushed upwards. Frantically they rocked against the other, their cries becoming wilder as they got closer to their goal. Maggie felt her lover arch and stiffen as she screamed out her name. It was enough to send Maggie over the brink and her body exploded with pleasure.

She managed to fall to Nessa's side and went limp. It took a while before she came to her senses and opened her eyes. Nessa was panting next to her; eyes closed and just as prone. The brunette moved closer and used what little strength she had left to pull a sheet over them before all went dark.

Part 7

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