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By SDerkins

Story Idea by Golden_Ruhl


Part Seven

Nessa woke in the dimly lit room. Her eyes began adjusting and she realized half the candles had burnt out. She rolled over and glanced at Maggie in the darkness and grinned. Her lover was sprawled across the too small bed and partly hanging off of it. Nessa shook her head indulgently and pulled on the sleeping woman, trying to urge her close to the center.

"C'mere you big lug, get over here and keep me warm," she mumbled. She managed to roll the larger woman closer without rousing her. "Sweetheart, you sleep like the dead," she teased.

"Oh my, what fun I could have." A naughty smile spread across her lips. She leaned forward and began nibbling and caressing her lover without even attempting to be subtle with her forays. Maggie slept on without so much as a grunt. The redhead was torn between feeling very daring and giggling. What must she do to wake her so they could both have a bit of fun short of shaking her until she woke?

Shrugging, she just decided to enjoy herself and if Maggie joined in, then all the better. Her lips traveled along Maggie's firm torso, her tongue dipping into the cute belly button several times before inching upwards. Nessa kissed along each rib and licked along the sternum until she reached the spot where the neck and shoulder met. She nipped the skin and sucked firmly knowing full well a hickey would be seen later. Maggie barely stirred.

She trailed the flat of her tongue along the salty neck and played along Maggie's pulse, which was still strong and steady. "Good thing it is beating, Love, or I'd be worried about you," Nessa said aloud. Lowering her mouth lower, she began teasing a nipple. It instantly reacted.

"Aha, something is waking up!" Nessa said with glee. Her warm mouth instantly took hold of the pebbled flesh and began worrying it, feeling it harden further as she teased it roughly. Her hand stroked along Maggie's side until she slid it along the curved hip.

""Arrg!" Maggie gasped and threw her arms around Nessa in a panic reaction, her breathing harsh and rapid.

"Oh Jesus!" she exclaimed.

Nessa gasped at the unexpected action then giggled at the tone. She kept her mouth right where it was until Maggie loosened her grip and her breathing slowed a bit.

"Ravishing me while I sleep, you hoyden?" Maggie chuckled. The redhead giggled and returned to her activity, tugging on the hard nipple with her lips. Maggie moaned and ran her hands along Nessa's back.

"Oh yes, that feels good, Nessa. But, honey, next time don't tickle my hip. My poor old heart may give out," she teased even as her body arched.

The redhead grinned but didn't stop her play. Her hand reached for the other soft globe and massaged it as her lips devoured the other. Maggie was still breathing hard and fast but for another reason. Her body arched with each sweet tug and her hips joined in, trying to press herself against Nessa's belly. Her lover returned the pressure but not hard enough to ease her need.

"Stay still you greedy wench, or else," Nessa warned playfully.

The brunette chuckled and reached for one of Nessa's breasts. She cupped it in her hand and rubbed her thumb across the rigid peak. "Or else what?" she challenged.

Nessa answered by giving Maggie's nipple a firm pinch. She gasped in response and her back arched up to meet the teasing fingers. Her lower body was throbbing with need.

"You call that a threat?"

Maggie laughed and kissed the nipple she had pinched. It sprang up tall and hard. "I suppose not, you liked that too much." She took control of it, teasing it leisurely as her hands began exploring lower.

"Soft, hard, I don't care as long as you are the one touching me!" Maggie declared, her body burning with need.

"You're mine and I plan on claiming you here and now," Nessa growled, her fingers seeking lower. She found Maggie ready for her, her legs spreading at the intimate touch. She thrust into Maggie's willing wetness, causing Maggie to gasp out her name. Nessa kept her fingers deep inside as she moved her body upwards to claim the brunette's lips in a bruising kiss. Maggie's large hand grasped her long hair and pulled her yet closer. Nessa began a steady rhythm with her hand, feeling her lover's hips surge up with each stroke.

She broke the kiss and looked down into Maggie's dark eyes. "Say it," she commanded softly.

Maggie lifted her face and kissed Nessa gently on her cheek. "I love you," she moaned. The redhead smiled warmly and returned the sweet words.

Nessa flicked her thumb over Maggie's sensitive center, feeling her explode as she cried out her name. Her internal muscles throbbed around her fingers, almost hugging them from within. Nessa pressed soft kisses along Maggie's upper body as she slowly recovered. Once her lover relaxed, she withdrew and wrapped her arms around the exhausted brunette.

"I think I'll keep you," she smiled. Maggie managed a watery chuckle in return and pulled Nessa into her arms.

"Ugh, we really, really need a shower, honey," Maggie complained the next morning. Nessa chuckled, and refused to take a deep breath. They had indeed played too often during the night, not that either of them would have complained about any of that.

"Wash my back?" Nessa said playfully as she patted Maggie on the bottom.

"How could I refuse?"

An hour later they were fresh and clean and more than ready for another bout but Maggie's feeble water heater just wasn't up to their demands. They grabbed Maggie's bedding and other sundries and headed for the big house.

Tess was turning on the heat under some pans when they entered the kitchen. The older woman merely greeted them and told them breakfast would be ready in about twenty minutes. Maggie thanked her and headed for the laundry room and started a load while Nessa poured herself some tea. Maggie joined her and smiled up at Tess as she placed a mug of her favorite brew of coffee in front of her.

Maggie saw the slight wink from the cook and relaxed. If Tess accepted their relationship then they wouldn't have any problems from the other employees.

"Oh, Ms. O'Shea, you got a call from Karen this morning." The cook pulled a piece of paper from her apron pocket and read it aloud.

'Stay home! The paparazzi are loitering around and look like they're staying for a while. Enjoy your honeymoon, love Karen.'

Both women blushed and took sips of their drinks. Tess chuckled and returned to her stove. "By the way, I had to have all the phone ringers turned off. Somehow your private number got passed around. I had Charles fix them to play a message for those scally wags to stop calling, you weren't going to speak with them."

Nessa thanked her and picked up the daily newspaper she usually read each morning then put it back down. She didn't feel right reading it while Maggie was sitting at the table with her.

Maggie smiled. She didn't mind. She usually liked to read her email in the mornings. She knew daily rituals were hard to give up. "Go ahead love, I don't mind you reading it," she said kindly. "Besides, I have this evil thing to turn on," she grinned, taking her cell phone from her shirt pocket.

Maggie's eyes widened then looked at her with sympathy. They both smiled before turning to their morning habits.

The reporter adjusted the volume to its lowest setting then flipped it open. It began buzzing frantically. She gulped and began scrolling though the messages without reading them.

"How many?" Nessa asked a minute later.

"I don't know, all my inboxes are full. I'm not sure what their limits are exactly," Maggie answered. She read a few of them and decided the ones not from family or friends weren't worth reading.

Nessa shook her head. "This newspaper is fairly quiet about us, just mentioning that a tabloid had hinted about a romance. It could have been worse," she commented.

"True. This place could have no walls and have them snap pictures every time we left the house."

"That could happen still. One bold fellow jumped the wall once several years ago."

Both women glanced at one another nervously. Without speaking they made the decision to keep the blinds closed. The last thing they needed was to see a picture of them on some porn web page.

Tess snorted. "I never understood why people have to go poking their noses into other peoples' lives. A bunch of harpies they are." She placed plates in front of the two women and turned away to rinse the dishes.

Nessa glanced at her social calendar and sighed. "Sweetheart?"

Maggie never glanced up from her laptop. "Hmm?"

"How do you feel about dressing up and rubbing elbows with the rich and snobbish?"

The brunette lifted her eyes and waited for the punch line.

Nessa chuckled, the look told her a lot. She would have little patience for such activity. "I already accepted an invitation to the Caldwell dinner party. It's much too late to back out now, however, I can bring along a guest."

"Nessa," Maggie's voice said she didn't like the idea at all. She looked as though she wanted refuse but she seemed resigned. "Okay, you had better tell me what to wear at one of these snob dinners. I don't think you'd want me attending in a pair of leather pants and a gay pride T-shirt," she grinned.

Nessa's eyes sparkled at idea of the leather pants. Perhaps another evening Maggie could wear them. She shook her head to rid herself of the mental image. "Nothing fancy in your wardrobe?"

Maggie shook her head.

"Well, shopping is out of the question. We'd be bothered by the gossipmongers and wouldn't have a moment's peace. Let me call Randolph. I am certain he'd be willing to bring a selection here."

"Randolph? Nessa-"

The redhead took possession of her mouth for a quick but thorough kiss. "Don't fuss sweetheart, you'll enjoy him. He has a wonderful panache."

Several hours later the estate was invaded.

Handfuls of people rushed into the front entry loaded down with totes and clothing cases. Charles directed them to the large sitting room. Maggie was just coming down the stairs when a flamboyant man entered the mansion.

He was so obviously gay that Maggie had to smile. Every hair was perfect and he was dressed in simple elegance. He looked cool and crisp in spite of the Indian Summer weather.

"Ah, you must be the beautiful brunette my Nessa has spoken of. What wonderful cheekbones!" He motioned towards the sitting room. "Please, come with me. I know that adorable Ms. Tess will have a nice brunch ready for us. We can sit and chat as I allow my Muse to ponder your possibilities." He took Nessa by the elbow and escorted her into the now quiet room. His assistants were being served in the dining room and would await his summons. He disliked the bustle of his own people when he first met his clients.

. Nessa was already sitting on the loveseat. She smiled up at her stunned lover and took her hand. She knew Randolph could easily stun people with his energy. Maggie sat down next to her and didn't even blush when Maggie affectionately kissed her hand then cheek in front of the man.

One of the down stair servants served them quietly as Randolph entertained the ladies with a non-stop monologue. The only times he paused was when he placed a morsel in his mouth or sipped his espresso. It was nearly an hour before they got down to business.

He shut the doors and turned around. "Remove your clothes, my dear."

"Huh? What?" Maggie's eyes widened in shock. She wasn't exactly shy but how did this man design a dress?

"Please don't grunt, it is so unlady like. Nessa, sweetie, please tell her I am not about to ravish her?" he pleaded. His gaze returned to Maggie. "I wish to see your lines. I simply will not dress you in something unflattering. Oh, don't fuss. You need only remove your outer garments. Nessa, help her, will you? I know you have had practice at it," he smirked charmingly.

The redhead did her best not to let her hormones get excited as she urged Maggie to undress. This was the first time she saw her in daylight. Maggie's skin was a light olive and tanned and it was entirely too tempting. It took a lot of willpower for the smaller woman not to run her hands along Maggie's body.

Randolph circled Maggie slowly, one arm bent and resting on his palm, his upper hand tapping his chin. "Yes, I see it now. You have such wonderful genetics, my dear. Broad shoulders and long torso, and sensual hips." He turned to the recluse. "I hope you allow me to design several outfits for her. She will be a joy to create for. There is very little I could put her in that would look bad on her. She has a fantastic carriage."

He opened the door and called his crew in. Maggie quickly grabbed her clothing and started putting them back on. "Oh no dear, leave them off. We have work to do!"

It took a mere quarter of an hour for Randolph and his entourage to pack and leave. For Maggie, it had been like being sucked up by a tornado then being dumped on the ground. She was still blinking when Nessa handed her clothing to her.

"I think we need a little nap now, don't you?" Nessa said quietly and kissed Maggie's cheek.

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