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Shades of Emotion
By Annette


It was Winter when I realized what it meant to be cold. As the ice-laden trees lay dormant – captured in a solid shell – so I was trapped within the frozen space surrounding my heart. The blues and whites of the ice sparkled crisply, an effective deterrent to any and all that'd venture near. I was more alone than I'd ever been...

Spring – the season of rebirth – seemed to mock me. All around there was life and love, the trees newly green, the songs of happily nesting birds within their branches. Not even the brightly colored flowers or the sudden burst of showers could lift my spirit. Was there no one who could touch my soul?

The bright yellow blaze of sunlight heralded the arrival of Summer. The stifling humidity added its weight to my already overburdened heart. I survived each day through sheer force of will, fanning at the dwindling flame of a once brightly burning hope. But something was different. As I stood within the shelter of the trees there was a shift in the air surrounding me and I dared to believe.

It was Fall when I loved you. The air was crisp and the leaves had all turned various shades of brown, orange and red. I remember how I thought those colors suited you, with your brown and golden tones and warm personality. I couldn't help but let you in and I was once again hopeful...

The End

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