Coming Home
By Gizzmogeek

Dark days come and go, but you always remain. Steady, calm, steadfast in your hold upon my heart.

When the storm outside takes its toll upon my weary soul, your eyes are the beacon that drive me home, that touch my heart, that lift my soul to soar.

Endless days in the hospital, bleak and despairing, brightened into sunny days and spring meadows the minute you walked through the door. You came, no matter what. No matter how battered and weary I looked, no matter how bleak the forecast, you came. You walked through that door with a smile on your face each and ever day, never showing the hurt and despair I know you felt in your heart. I was merely a shell of my former self, but you came. You made me smile, you made me laugh. I forgot where I was a for a while. You slept in the chair next to me when you were too tired to leave or when I didn't want to be alone. You went sleepless weeks on end just to be there in my hour of need. I strove every day to one end and one end only, to come home to you, to us. You were the light at the end of my tunnel and the guiding light through the tunnel. It never occurred to me that things not might go as I wanted. With you by my side, I was never in doubt for one nanosecond that I would be coming home to you healthy as can be. You say it was my strength and character that pulled me through this trial in my life, I disagree. It was you.

What didn't occur to me at the time, but occurs to me now, is that home isn't a place. Home isn't the house we drive to every evening, nor the bed we share each night. I was always home, no matter where I was. I was home every minute of every day - I am home every minute of every day - in your heart, in your eyes, in your soul.

Your eyes capture me and hold me fast whenever I see you across a room. The goofy smile on my face each time is a telling tale to what is in my heart. I know in an instant that life is wonderful and I couldn't ask for more.

You sacrifice yourself for me, although I never ask or want you to. You would stop breathing if I asked, but you know I never would. I would go to the ends of the earth if only to make you smile. I would sacrifice everything in life just to spend a moment with you in my arms, loving me.

The depths of my soul can not begin to express the depths to which my love go. I never need to wait to come home, I am home with every thought of you, every time I hear your voice or feel your touch. I am home every moment of ever day. You are my home.

You are my life, my world, my love, my home.

Thank you.

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