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Full Of It
By Vanessa Riverton



"Devon, don't say another fucking word!" I sigh audibly and flash an annoyed look towards Joseph as he walks into the interrogation room.

Aside from his tie being loose, his charcoal grey Pierre Cardin suit is flawless – not a single crease aside from the sharp line down the middle of each of his trouser legs. Quite impressive considering it's almost 3am and he more than likely had to rush to get here.

"Hey, Getty, I told her you were on your way, she decided to start talking... and she's pretty much put herself up for the needle." Ashley's cool, calm and mocking voice cut through the room and I fought the urge to smirk at her tone.

"Devon, listen to me, don't say anything else, whatever happened, they only have circumstantial evidence just like before." Joseph spoke quietly into my hair and I shook my head – he was barely informed of anything.

I turned my head and looked him directly into his eyes;

"I killed Victoria." I spoke openly, ignoring Ashley's painful wince and Joseph's shocked gasp before he shook his head.

"Devon, no, I mean – " I held my hand up and stopped him from talking.

"She's dead Joseph. Myself and Detective Prince have come to an agreement. She'll listen to everything I have to say and she'll let me have my moment." Joseph looked warily at me.

"Moment for what?" I smiled simply before looking over to Ashley.

"Just my moment." Joseph shook his head while mumbling, 'don't say anything too stupid.'

"Where were we, Prince?... Ah yes. Vicky had just broken up with Michael. Well, I was with my parents in Italy visiting friends. They had been apart for a month, I heard as soon as I got back thanks to Joe here..."

P    A    S    T

"Devon?" Victoria's mother was a true mother; she cared for her daughter and she took an interest in her friends. At first she was wary of me, but over the years she came to appreciate me for my loyalty. That and unlike Victoria's other friends, her appearance, belongings and wealth meant nil to me. I was only interested in her.

"Hello, Mrs Louwrens... Is Victoria available?" Victoria's mother cocked her head to one side before she looked into the hallway. She looked back to me with saddened eyes.

"I'm sorry, Devon but Tori's not really in the mood to talk to anyone." I ignored her empathic tone and nodded m head.

Just as I turned to leave the steps leading up to Victoria's home, I heard a melodious voice call out to me.

"Devon! Wait!" I stopped in my tracks and turned slowly, not wanting to appear too eager to see Victoria.

She stood in her doorway, dressed in simple sweats and a grey wife-beater; she looked utterly dejected and she hugged herself tightly, her nails leaving notable indentations in her flawless skin. Her mother stood beside her and held a hand on her shoulder, staring at me. Her mother was imploring me, I could tell. To comfort and be there for her daughter – that was my duty and I was more than willing to perform in that area.

"Victoria?" Her bottom lip trembled slightly and I found myself captivated by her once more. She held her arms out and gestured for me to embrace her. I stepped forward and into her arms, before I took her into my frame I loosened my arms and let her hold onto me and cry softly into my shoulder.

Her mother helped me manoeuvre her back into the house and into the living room. Once I had Victoria on the sofa, she leaned even further into me. Her shaking had subsided but her breathing was still uneven and to be honest I had no intention of moving her from me.

"D-Did Joe tell you then?" She pulled away from me slightly but kept her hands on my shoulders. I didn't answer her, and she seemed to understand that that was exactly what had happened.

"Michael is such an asshole." Victoria wiped at her eyes and she gulped heavily. Her mother was lingering in the doorway, staring at the two of us with a vested interest. Victoria rolled her eyes and took my hand before she stood up.

"Let's go to my room... there are some things I need to say that I can't say in front of my mother." She tugged at my hand and that was enough to bring me to my feet.

Her mother watched in silence as Victoria led me up to her room, the entire way she said nothing.

As soon as she had closed her door behind me – she erupted into a stream of vulgarities that amused and worried me at the same time.

"That fucking asshole! He is such a prick! I can't be-fucking-lieve he cheated on me! SHIT!" I wasn't shocked at Victoria's language and had in fact found myself on the receiving end of such curses when I had managed to piss her off rather spectacularly.

"Jesus, what an asshole! I can't believe I fucking walked in on them! What kind of fuckwad is stupid enough to get caught by his girlfriend? Douchebag." I remained silent and watched as Victoria unleashed her anger.

At first she paced and dug her nails into her skin just as she had in the hallway but then she turned to her bed and began pounding her pillow with her fists. They were clenched so tight, they turned white and I thought for a split second that the skin might dare to give way and mar her perfect body.

I swiftly made my way to Victoria and took her arms gently into mine, turning her so her face made contact with my shoulder.

For a moment she cried, I could feel her body heaving into mine, could feel her tears searing my skin and her pain in that moment became my own.

I would have done anything to take that pain away.

Victoria moved her head away and tried to extricate herself from my hold. I tried to remain holding onto her, not forceful but firm. Victoria didn't see it like that.

"Let go of me, Devon! Let me go!" I contemplated for a split second to actually let her go.

In that moment, Victoria took advantage of my somewhat occupied nature.

I felt movement, then the rush of air passed by my face before a stinging sensation made its home on my cheek. I took a step backwards, completely confused. I could feel a small amount of liquid pouring from my mouth.

Raising one hand, I brought it to my mouth and wiped it roughly, barely taking a moment to take in the fact it was blood leaking from my mouth.

I made eye contact with Victoria and saw her shock written clearly in her beautiful eyes.

My hand still suspended somewhere between my mouth and my stomach, I stayed completely still as I felt the blood slowly trickled from the corner of my mouth.

"You feel better now?" For some unknown reason my voice came out huskier than intended and it seemed to shake Victoria from her trance. She looked me up and down before ducking her head in shame.

I took a step forward and held Victoria's wrist in my grip, this time not caring if I was hurting her. She grimaced before looking me in the eyes and her eyes took on a whole new quality – fear.

"I-I-I-I'm sorry Devon! I... I didn't mean to – "

"Do you feel better now? After doing that?" She shook her head and bit her now trembling bottom lip. I gripped even tighter on her wrists and instead of hearing her whimper in pain, I heard her moan in what was most definitely pleasure.

Her eyes shot up and looked into mine; she was hoping that I hadn't heard her wanton sound but I had and I let her know it.

Slowly I moved my head towards her, until my mouth was in line with her ear. I spoke quietly but clearly.

"Did you like that?" Pulling back slightly, I looked into her eyes. She bit her lip once more – a move that made me weak in the knees. I moved my mouth back to her ear, careful to blow a quick blast of air into her delicate earlobe.

"You did... didn't you?" I chuckled gently, before pulling back once more and gripping her wrists tighter. She whimpered – in another lustful tone. I grinned as I leered at her.

"D-Devon?... Wh-what are you doing?" Her question seemed innocent but one look in her eyes told me something.

That she knew everything.

She wasn't confused, but anxious – anxious to know my next move... what would I do or what was I doing?

"You know what I'm doing..." I took a moment to lean into her and smell her fragrance. It was clean and earthy and so very Victoria. Her natural scent and her gorgeous perfumes sent my head reeling.

"Michael never did appreciate you... and you know it." I tightened my grip once more, feeling the strain of her skin under my hands. She whimpered again before nodding and attempting to ean in towards me.

Raising my eyebrow, I grinned before I let go of her arms. She stumbled back until her legs made contact with her bed. She steadied herself before lowering herself to sit on the mattress.

I shook my head at the whole situation.

How ridiculous! That if anything happened right now, it would be ridiculous of me to think it would mean anything more than a rebound...

Just my overactive imagination allowing me to think it could ever be more.

And she clearly knows how I feel. In that moment, it was written so clearly in her eyes. So did she know before then or not? Either way, she knew and planned to use it to her advantage.

To numb her pain? I had no idea and I didn't care.

How could I have lowered my guard so much – forget that, I lowered my common sense! Where the fuck was it in the past minute?! I nearly took advantage of her. There was a reason I kept my feelings hidden all these years. I can't afford for anyone to see a weakness in me.

It was bad enough Michelle saw it, but for Victoria to find out? Well, that would just be unacceptable.

I heard a shuffling and looked up to find Victoria was sitting up in her bed. Her face was expressionless but her eyes were focused on me.

Leaning back slightly, her palms were flat on her bed, her wife-beater riding up on her stomach and her sweats had ridden down showing me far too much flesh than I could handle. She was deliberately baiting me and I knew it.

I shook my head before heading towards the door.

I had barely gotten my hand on the door before I heard her voice speak out; it was uneasy and quivered.

"Where are you going, Devon?"

I turned my body slightly but kept my hand on the door handle.

"I'm sorry Victoria but I can't be near you right now." I opened the door and began to make my way through the house. I ignored the sounds of feet softly padding behind me; the hardwood floor gave away Victoria's position far too easily.

"Devon! Don't go! C'mon, please stay. I need you." The last few words were spoken so sincerely that it almost got me to stop in my tracks.

Almost that is.

I continued walking, until I found myself at the front door. I yanked it open but it closed as a weight propelled itself against it.

That weight being Victoria of course.

I sighed loudly before reaching for the door again.

Her hand flashed out and landed on my forearm. She yanked my arm back using all of her strength.

"Please, stay, Devon. I need you right now." I chanced a glance at Victoria and saw her eyes were fierce with intent and her body was positively buzzing with tension.

"I can't, I have to – "

"Go, yes, so you keep saying. But you can stay. I want you to. Please, Devon. For me?" I opened my mouth to respond but before I could tell it to say 'No', it instead spewed something else;

"Okay. For you."

Damn me and my inability to say no to her! When it really matters, I can't just walk away from her.

"Come on." Victoria slid her hand down from my forearm and onto my hand, gently prying it away from the door and then intertwined our fingers together – sending me an uncharacteristically shy smile to accompany her actions.

I walked silently with Victoria as she led me back up the familiar route to her bedroom. She gently opened and closed her door, not saying a word at all but instead looking around her room before biting down on her lip and frowning slightly. It took her a moment before she let out a breath and looked up at me.

"Aren't you going to say anything?" I remained silent as a testimony of my actions. A small chuckle came from Victoria before she tugged on my hand and took me across her room.

I halted in my tracks as she brought me to her bed. I looked at her and she rolled her eyes.

"I just wanna lie down and talk Dev... I'm a little tired." Clenching and unclenching my jaw, I found myself shrugging – trying my best to act nonchalant – before slipping out of my Vans' and allowing Victoria to move me to her liking on her bed.

The position we ended up on was me lying on my back, taking up the left hand side of her bed, while Victoria half laid on me, her hand resting gently on my shoulder as her other served as an extra pillow under her head.

Not unusual, as we had spent many days lounging under the sun in a similar arrangement. But now, it seemed to be brimming with unsaid apprehension between the two of us.

"Why does it hurt so much, Dev?" I looked down into amazing and familiar blue eyes with a hint of sea green beauty.

"Because it's supposed to. That's just life I suppose. What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger and all that jazz." I feel Victoria chuckling gently against my side.

"Don't ever become a grievance counsellor Dev, you'd majorly suck at it." I let out an amused snicker before a comfortable silence descends upon us once more.

"You were right, y'know... about Michael not appreciating me, I mean." I can feel my anger rising just at the mention of his name.

"So why did you stay with him if you knew he would never treat you the way you deserved?"

"I didn't want to be alone I guess." Her answer is simple and is accompanied with a shrug. I feel movement before deciding to keep my concentration on a sole point in Victoria's ceiling.

"But I'm not alone... I've got you Dev. I know I always will... right?" Her tone became unsure at the end of her sentence, so to reassure her I gave a small grunt, which Victoria always took as me agreeing with her.

There was another silence and I knew that she was staring at me. Even only I can stand so much when it comes to people staring at me. But because this is Victoria, I allow her to stare for as long as she'd like.

"I'm sorry Devon." I turn my head slightly to look at her as soon as I hear her apology. Before I can ask why, she leans back and rests on an elbow before raising her now free left hand and traces my lips gently with pads of her fingers.

"I didn't mean to slap you. And I definitely didn't mean to make you bleed." Her face is covered in a mask of shame. I couldn't have her feeling like this. I turned my head fully towards her and gently grabbed her hand, stilling her movements.

"It's okay. You were emotional and I was pissing you off. Nothing new there." I smirked and in return received a playful slap to my shoulder.

Another moment of silence passed over us.

Victoria's hand remained on my shoulder and she was staring intently into my eyes.

"Can I be honest with you Dev? Promise you won't freak out?" I said nothing but nodded gently, signalling for Victoria to continue talking. "I'm not even upset over Michael. Just that everyone else will find out and it'll embarrass me. But it's not him I'm mad or upset over. Just the fact I was stupid enough to let myself get so caught up in his bullshit and the fact that this image I have is now going to be damaged." I said nothing but remained silent, contemplating on what exactly was supposed to have freaked me out over what she just said.

But I should have known Victoria wasn't quite done.

"I've said no to seeing everyone who's come by. Joe, the Barbies as you so affectionately call them. But then I heard my ma call your name and I just had to see you. I didn't want to talk to anyone but you. I didn't want to see anyone but you. I didn't want to touch anyone but you. I don't care what anyone says but I only need you, Devon."


There it was.

Was I supposed to freak out? If anything I was just coloured in about seven shades of shocked! I opened my mouth to speak but found it was impossible for me to say anything.

Victoria's lips were suddenly on mine.

I was lost in the moment. Years of wanting and desiring had come to this moment and I selfishly let myself enjoy this moment.

The only person I could ever say I truly cared about was kissing me and I was enjoying it all. The taste of her sweet mouth, she was warm, soft and wet and I was dying to explore everywhere on her body and to experience that sensation on other parts of her.

I felt something drip onto my cheek. I opened my eyes and saw that Victoria's eyes were brimming with tears and one had escaped and landed on my cheek.

In that moment, my senses returned to me and I shifted my body, ending our kiss. I heard Victoria's voice huskily speak out to me.

"Devon, what's wrong?" I looked over to her and saw her wiping her eyes. I shook my head with disgust at myself. I, Devon Montgomery of the Manhattan Montgomerys' should have had better decorum than this!

"You're crying... and I can't..." I trailed unable to admit aloud that I was taking advantage of a heartbroken girl. The girl of all girls!

"No! Devon... these aren't sad tears." Her sentence left so many questions unanswered. I looked at her once more and saw her flash me one of her dazzling beautiful smiles.

"They're not?" She shook her head before reaching up and pecking me on the lips once more.

"We used to argue all the time, Michael and me," her lips found my neck and I resisted all my urges to growl and moan at the same time, "he used to think it was wrong of me to hang around you when you had a crush on me. He saw it before I did... but still it didn't matter to me." She gave me another kiss on my neck before she began making her way up my jaw-line, whispering words as she went along.

"I began thinking about it... and it never bothered me when I used to hear some girls talking about you at school because I knew that you would never feel that way about any of them. None of them know you like I do." I smirked as I felt Victoria do the same before her tongue gently licked an earlobe.

I moaned.

"But that night in Ithaca... I saw that girl all over you. And you went off with her instead of staying with me. I got so pissed off at you. And then I got drunk and then Michael wanted us to do it and I agreed but then he got pissed off because..." She trailed off as she began to softly suck my earlobe into her mouth and my body was positively overflowing with desire.

"I kept talking about you. How I didn't want you to have sex with some random girl. That you deserved better." A feather light kiss was placed on my earlobe before touch altogether was suddenly lacking.

I groaned at the absence of Victoria's ministrations.

"That you deserved me." Her lips re-attached themselves to my own.

I let my arms wrap around her and enjoyed the feel of her soft skin against me. I was no longer wondering if I had crossed a boundary line in our friendship. Victoria set the boundaries and I happily obliged to anything she wanted.

"Did you fuck her Devon?" Victoria's kisses had become less urgent but more sweet until she finally stopped kissing me altogether. She wasn't accusatory in her tone, nor malicious or angry. It sounded as though she was just curious. She knew when I was lying so I told her the truth.

"Yes. Well, she had sex with me. I lost my temper with her before I just left the room." Victoria nodded slowly as she took the information in. She smiled shyly up at me.

"So... you've never actually made love to someone?" I took a moment before shaking my head slowly, no shame at all in my movements. Victoria's eyes brightened before she brought her lips down to my ear and gave another small suck and lick to my ear.

"Me and Michael never had sex." I didn't mean to but I couldn't help but give a look of disbelief to Vicky. She looked at me with a steady expression.

"What?" I cocked my head to one side and raised one eyebrow. She smiled before tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

"I'm serious. We never did. I mean we fooled around... a lot. But I never let him take that from me. He was constantly after it and I wasn't going to just give it to him because he kept bothering me for it. Jesus, I'm only seventeen! He called me a cocktease constantly."

"I can imagine." Another playful slap was administered to my shoulder.

Victoria's hand slowly trailed from my shoulder to my chest and I stilled her hand.

"I... I think I know where this is going Vic. And I can't. It's been what? A month since you and Michael broke up and I don't want to be your rebound." Victoria bit down hard on her lip, probably searching for something to say but not knowing that one move aroused my entire being.

"You wouldn't be a rebound, Devon. I just... I need someone right now. I need you. Okay? You hear me? You. Be with me. Properly. Tonight. Now."

Her tone left me with no room for argument.

I always thought that in my warped mind, that the first time I had Victoria to myself it would be sweet, simple, loving and warm – everything I had lacked thus far in my life and I yearned to achieve from Victoria.

I'm very sure our first time would have been this way if it were not for one thing – Victoria's surprising use of dirty language in every breath she took and exhaled.

Within seconds of her demanding I be with her tonight and now, I had flipped out positions, using my advantage of being taller to pin her to the bed, my lips instantly searching for a little foreplay fantasy of mine;

My teeth sunk into her neck with devastating slowness.

"Oh, fuck... Dev..." Those words set my entire body on fire and filled with a sudden desire to fulfil and be fulfilled.

My lips suckled on her soft skin and I felt her arch underneath me, her hips touching mine and causing my skin to tingle and my senses to become more alert than any other time I could recall.

Hands that were on my waist were suddenly underneath my shirt, soft skin and manicured nails were scratching at the skin at the small of my back. I growled and released her skin from my teeth, leaving a red mark on her otherwise flawlessly tanned skin.

Looking down into eyes more beautiful than anything I had ever been witness to, I saw Victoria looking at me with intent once more. The hands under my shirt began riding up my linen shirt and brought it up and over my head. My arms seemed to work of their own accord; I was aware of the movements but don't ever remember consciously thinking that I should move my arms so Victoria could undress me.

So this is what losing control is like.

I gratefully allowed Victoria to gasp for a moment before she reached up, her hands tracing my collarbone and her tongue soon following the path her fingers just journeyed.

I exhaled in satisfaction, just feeling Victoria touching me in this way caused me to get more aroused than I could ever recall in my life.

"You taste like... vanilla and sugar. Yum." Her eyes were playful and her words were slightly muffled against my skin.

She stopped moving once more and only the movement of the bed shifting slightly alerted me to the fact that Victoria was still on the bed. I looked down and saw Victoria had taken her wife-beater off and it was only in that instant that I realised she was not wearing any underwear... well, as far as I could tell.

"Don't look so shocked Dev. I do it all the time."

My mind was suddenly flooded of images of Victoria in her Phys Ed t-shirt or her slightly too sight but oh-so nice to look at white blouses she wore in the summer – oh this girl was a bag full of surprises tonight.

Not wasting another second, I didn't even bother to ask for permission – I kind of just lost it completely.

All I saw was Victoria putting herself on display – for me and only for me.

My lips sought out her skin, and I alternatively bit and licked and sucked at the skin present and I listened to every single gasp, moan and utterance of my moan in an almost mantra.

I bit down hard and then licked gently around her nipple, delighting in the whimper that elicited and thinking only of how long I wanted to prolong all of this – but I knew I wouldn't.

My mind and my body craved to hear her cry out in ecstasy; I needed to hear her cry my name into the silence of her room, I needed to feel her, to fill her, to satisfy her, to have her shake and tremble, to quake and quiver, to clench bed-sheets in her hands, her back to arch while all the while she teeters on the edge of utter bliss.

Victoria was still squirming while I lavished attention on her breasts; she bit down on her lip as I made contact with her eyes, seconds later her hands were in my hair. She tugged firmly on me, bringing my lips into contact with hers. It's bruising but satisfying and my lips tingle with satisfaction as Victoria bites down on my lip.

She pulls back before resting one of her delicate hands on my cheek.

"Please, Devon." I stay still and say nothing for a moment before nodding my head. I kiss her lips tenderly while my right hand snaked down her exquisite body before stopping at the waistband of her sweats. I smiled into our next kiss as I felt her arms go around my neck and she lifted her hips slightly.

My right hand snaked into her sweats and I was not surprised to find that Victoria had once again abandoned the idea that she needed to wear underwear today. My found her skin to be heated, almost throbbing with the anticipation that I could practically feel emitting from her body in waves.

I found wetness and within seconds my index finger was coated in Victoria's arousal. I moaned as I felt my own body weaken with the impact of the touch.

Victoria was this wet for me? It was something that was only supposed to occur in my dreams.

Impatient hands reached down; Victoria shimmied out of her sweats, using her lithe legs to kick the cotton material off of her legs.

I could only smile in amazement as I felt goose-bumps appear over her flesh as she was finally exposed; it wasn't cold but I imagine being on display like that would cause some reaction like that.

I grinned gently as I pressed my hand into Victoria's mound.

"Oh God, Devon..." Hearing my name from her mouth, said in that way, it caused me to bite down onto her neck once more while my hand took a more firm approach to Victoria.

With the slightest of touches against her entrance, I felt wetness flood my half-cupped hand and I was pushed by an urge I had only previously experienced twice.

Some force was begging to rip out of me.

I was animalistic in its persistence to be released – but right now I was fighting it, I didn't want Victoria to be victim to that. Not that part of me.

"Yes... Devon, oh God..." She hissed and begged in the same sentence.

That was it – the force dying to get out of me nearly ripped me in two as it escaped from deep within me and took over my body and mind.

I don't recall when I plunged my index finger and my middle finger deep into Victoria.

But I do remember when she screamed out; it sounded more in pain than pleasure but my mind didn't register that.

I only took in that her nails dug into my skin, leaving crescent shapes marks engraved into my shoulders and upper arms.

Her body trembled underneath mine.

"Devon, n-not so ha-hard..." She trailed off and I knew that I heard her but I couldn't obey her request.

Even when my own virginity was taken and it was soft and gentle, the pain was there and it lingered... and here I was, showing no such courtesy for the one person I should have.

I couldn't understand why I couldn't just be gentle but that...animal inside of me just couldn't be gentle. I couldn't be nice.

I couldn't be what Victoria expected.

With that thought in my mind, I panicked, and with that panic I let my guard down and was taken over fully by this dark force that was slowly taking over me.

It was like watching a movie, or in this case a snuff movie. I could see what I was doing but it was like I was a spectator and not a participant.

I watched as my lips bruised down on Victoria's and claimed her mouth as my own; her gasp and whimper and cry mixed together as the only response she could muster. Her pained noises seemed to be the fuel I required.

I ploughed ahead, using all the strength in my arms to keep myself above Victoria, to limit her movement while all the while my right hand went deep into Victoria and caused a scream to erupt from her throat.

Her walls clenched around my fingers and liquid saturated my fingers and hand right up to my wrist. I could feel the corners of my lips turn up slightly as I felt her bucking against my hand.

"Devon! Please! Sl-slow down! Y-you're hurting me!" My mind ignored her once more, as my left hand reached up, unfortunately preventing me from further caressing her stomach and breasts, and now my hand clamped firmly over her mouth – preventing Victoria from speaking coherently.

Her muffled shout caused the blood to rush between my legs and I felt light-headed, almost powerful in the moment. Keeping my hands in place, and using my own body to pin her down, I thrusted even deeper into Victoria, her legs opened wider of their own accord and I saw the look of abject terror in her eyes.

Her eyes clenched shut the same time her muscles around my fingers did; I felt her mouth open underneath my left hand and instinctively I drove two finger into her mouth, forcing her to suck on my fingers and to almost choke with the ferocity.

"God! No..." She cried out, her words muffled but coherent against my fingers.

I kept driving my fingers in and out of her until I felt her body shiver and shudder against my own and her hands frantically trying to reach my hand to still my movement. After a few moments, I did slow my movements down, slowly retreating and re-entering Victoria until I felt her squirming away from me, trying to move her body to the side, to prevent me from touching her.

It only worked for a moment, because as soon as my hand left Victoria's entrance, it trailed of its own accord up her folds and to the now tight, hard bud at the top.

A sharp gasp left Victoria's mouth and her hands tried once more to remove my own from her as I rubbed her hard all over wet bundle of nerves.

I pressed my hips down into Victoria, forcing her legs to spread wider and given me unbidden access to her, whether she wanted it or not.

I pressed my fingers against her once more, feeling her body buck and arch under my touch once more. Her voice croaky as she tried to speak out in protest.

"I can't - Devon, please stop, I can't take any more!"

"Shh, yes, you can." My voice was low but filled with an authority like nothing I had ever known before. I pressed down into Victoria again, disregarding how swollen, sensitive and raw she must have felt; all I wanted, no, all I seemed to crave was hearing her cry out again, before it was in a mixture of pain and ecstasy but this time I needed to just hear her the moment she peaked once more.

I didn't have to wait long; even through her wetness I could feel her quivering of her and knew it was only moments away from her ultimate climax once more.

"Jesus Fucking Christ!" Victoria reached up, her arms around my neck, painfully digging into my sensitive flesh and her mouth found my ear as she panted and moaned and rode out her climax once more.

"Stop, please, God, stop, Devon." I only then realised I was still rubbing furiously with no abandon at her.

I stopped my movement and looked down at Victoria.

Tears were falling from her eyes, and she had dark stains all over her cheeks from where some of her tears had dried already. She was sobbing and heaving uncontrollably. She raised her hands to her face and heavily cried.

"Tori?" My voice was back... no, more than that, I was back.

Victoria continued to weep and ignored my voice.

Noting that her hair was stuck to her forehead and some of her face due to her sweat, I reached my left hand up to brush the stray hair from her face.

"NO! DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME!" I was paralyzed at Victoria's outburst. Her words were overcast through her hoarse and husky voice and it was in this moment I felt remorse.

For the first time ever.

I had never wanted Victoria to not want to be touched by me.

To hate me.

"I...I'm sorry Victoria, I don't know what came over me! I – "

"Devon... I begged you..." Her voice was quiet, almost timid and she wiped away errant tears form her face before using her hands to wipe hair clear of her face.

"I fucking begged you to slow down, stop... and you didn't. You fucking didn't!" She began crying again and I felt the need to protect her. I was back – me, not that dark force.

"Tori... I am so sorry. Please, I didn't mean to – " I raised my right hand this time to accompany my words but I was struck silent by the sight of my hand covered in a considerable of red liquid that I had completely forgotten about.

No wonder she was in so much pain, the excess liquid I had remembered from earlier... that was her blood.

"Jesus Christ! Forgive me, Victoria. Please don't hate me." I could feel tears beginning to form in my eyes, only as a child had I cried from the agony of some of my skirmishes with the pavement in games played with my nanny or my cousins.

But today, these tears were due to the overwhelming intensity of emotions. The mixture of guilt and sadness caused a burning sensation from behind my retinas and went down to my very core.

"Please, Tor, forgive me?" I lowered my head into the pillow beside her head, my body was still above Victoria, keeping her still but this time her movements were not as restricted.

I didn't cry but I could feel my body was practically shaking from the intensity of my feelings.

What had I done to Victoria? I had wanted her to love me as much as I loved her, I wanted to show her how I felt about her by the way I treated her, the way I touched her.

And I had just taken her like some animal, with no thought whatsoever to her feelings; physically or emotionally.


"Devon... I can't... I don't know... Jesus!" I turned my face to the side and hoped to catch whatever was on Victoria's mind.

"I... I hate what you just did... but I don't hate you, Devon. I never could." I felt a chaste kiss placed on my lips and my insides swelled with hope and happiness.

"I... I wanted to be nice and sweet and everything you deserved, Tori. But I-I-I don't know what happened. I... I am so fucking sorry." I closed my eyes and felt another soft kiss placed on my lips and I soon felt fatigue kick in as the overwhelming emotions made another appearance.

And soon I fell asleep as I felt one small tear make its way down my cheek; I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or not but I was sure I felt Victoria stroke my cheek as I drifted out of consciousness.

I wasn't sure how much time had passed but the light entering the room from the small slither of space between the curtains was a mellow light amber colour than the stark bright colour from earlier.

I jerked awake and looked down; on my shoulder, there was Victoria sleeping peacefully despite the fact she had tear tracks running down her face. I placed a small kiss at her temple.

I didn't hear the gasp that accompanied my action until I heard the;

"No. Fucking. Way."

I jerked my head to the source of the utterance.


A Barbie.

No fucking way. And not just any Barbie, but the Barbie; Carla Corestino. Italian-American all-around goody two shoes... who just so happens to hate my fucking guts.

"What the fuck?!" Her eyes darted to us, my practically fully clothed body, and Victoria's naked body, barely covered by a white sheet. Her eyes travelled down to our waistline and if possible her eyes widened;

"What the fuck did you do to her, you freak?!" My eyes looked down – on the perfectly white sheet, was a blot of red. Fuck, everything came rushing back to me.

"Whu-what's going on?" Victoria sleep-filled voice filled the quiet air.

She blinked rapidly before her eyes opened and focused on me.

"I said, what the fuck did you do to her, you freak?!" The door slammed as Carla entered the room and closed the door behind her.

Victoria instantly sat up in her bed and used the sheet, clutching it to her chest and covering herself the best she can. I sighed before sitting up on the bed, my eyes scanning for my shirt which happened to be just out of reaching distance. With a resigned exhalation of breath, I forced myself to my feet and as I clenched my hands, I became aware of the dried blood on my hand and without another thought I quickly wiped my hand against the rough fabric of my jeans before bending over and picking up my shirt, effortlessly throwing it over my head – all without saying a word or sending a glance to Carla.

"Jesus Christ, Victoria, what did she do to you?!" Carla moved to Victoria's bed and sat carefully on the side – I rolled my eyes. Every single one of her stupid cheerleader friends always seemed so fake if you ask me, concern and care alike.

"I-It's not what you think!" I finally turned back around, finding myself under the glare of heated dark brown eyes, their intensity burning into me like liquid fire.

"Carla, mind your own goddamned business!" Carla stood up and snorted, instantly putting her hands on her hips, and sending me a look of utter dislike.

"My best friend is in her fucking bed bleeding and you are telling me that it's none of my business? You are fucking nuts." I took a step forward, not needing this lowlife to tell me she thought I was crazy, but Victoria's soft voice halted me in my tracks.

"Devon... look. Just... just go. I'll talk to Carla here okay? I'll see you later." If my face showed my surprise, it clearly went unnoticed by the two other girls in the room before me. I nodded my head slowly before deciding to make my position in the room clear.

I took a step towards Victoria, noticing that Carla's eyes were following my every move like a hawk would track its prey.

Victoria didn't even bother to look at me as I leaned forward and placed a soft, chaste kiss on her cheek.

"I'll be at the Park Avenue address if you need me, Tori." Victoria only softly shook her head as I slipped into my shoes and left the room, leaving Victoria to placate her friend.

And our situation.

As soon as I had gotten home after my leisurely drive home, I could tell that both of my parents sitting in our main room, where we congregated and debated and watched television together, if it was the daytime and they weren't at work, then in this room I would find them.

My father, Isaac, was always a handsome man but his entire manner could be called nothing if not eccentric.

With light brown hair and the same green eyes as myself, my father was in his youth quite the catch apparently. Tall but warm and approachable, he was a paradox to the industry in which he mad ehis name.

He came from old money but was insistent on being just like 'your average Joe'. He lounges about our home in a Jets jersey and jeans half the time. He says it's because when he's not at home, he's in a suit and he needs to be in comfort some days.

He's the face and the driving force behind Montgomery Inc – the world's premier PR agency and services. The amount of celebrities, politicians and ordinary people he's saved from disgrace is beyond count now.

My mother, Margerite, is lounging next to my father in her black slacks, V-neck sleeveless purple shirt and coupling it with a pair of pumps. For her, this is casual. She says that you never know when someone important may pop by.

She is lithe but curvy and she has the dark blonde hair which adorns my head too. Her smile has been told to melt the hearts of cold-hearted politicians, and her friendly countenance is a killer combination with my father – I often question if I am really their child but alas no proof otherwise.

She's the woman behind my father's success; she worked for a rival firm before meeting each other nearly twenty years ago.

One debate later over the projection of the 80's and they knew it was love. They affirmed their love in Devon-Berwyn, Pennsylvania... and my name is a constant reminder of that disgustingly sweet gesture.

As soon as the door closes behind me, I hear both my parents call out for me.

"Devon, honey, is that you?" I drop my car keys into the marble dish by the door before calling back.

"Yes. Sorry I lost track of time." My parents send me an empathetic smile as I make a move to the large armchair I have claimed as my own, adjacent from my parents.

"It's okay, Devon... How is Victoria? She okay?" I paused before looking over to my parents.

"She's fine. He cheated on her... but she'll be fine." My father nodded before looking at my mother and she sent me a genuine smile.

"Good. We like her... she's a nice girl, Devon. I bet it means a lot to her that you're there for her." Once again I pause before nodding slowly.

"Yeah. I'm... I'm doing what I can for her." My father looked over at me, a proud smile over his face as my mother held his hand and beamed at me. My mother cleared her throat, not bothering to hide her smile.

"She means a lot to you, doesn't she?" I stare my mother straight into her eyes as I reply;

"Yes, she does." My mother made a little 'aw' sound before my father grinned and spoke warmly.

"You love her, don't you?" I don't reply but both of my parents know my answer already. My father chuckles gently before leaning back in his seat, getting as comfortable as he could.

"Does she know?" I'm not sure but I think my cheeks flushed slightly. Another 'aw' came from my mother. I stood up, rolling my eyes but finding myself somewhat amused by my parents.

"I'm going to my room, I'm kind of tired. Get me when dinner is ready." I sent a small smile to my parents while trying my best to ignore their knowing look as I walk past and head to my room.

The only reason I show so much respect to my parents is because they command it. I used to be rude and aloof, even to them, but they put me in my place using their actions – I saw them on television when they were doing the press for a football player accused of multiple rape and harassment. And they way they handled themselves with their cohorts in the legal department... well it commanded a level of respect that I had never known I was capable of showing anyone.

But my parents had it.

I'm pretty sure I loved them but I can never be too sure... if I could, then I would have I'm sure.

As I entered my room and automatically began getting ready for my rest – undressing, washing and brushing my teeth, washing my hands, and dressing into my pyjamas, I came to the conclusion that having parents like mine made me an incredibly lucky individual.

And I had never quite realised it before now.

"DEVON! Wake up! Now!" My father's forceful voice woke me up from my slumber. I stirred slowly before reluctantly pulling myself off of my bed and trudging to my door, not knowing how many hours I had been out of it.

I had barely unlocked the door before it swung open and my father stood there dressed in his Pierre Cardin suit, freshly polished shoes and his 'business face' was on.

"Put your smartest suit on, we have to go."

"Go where?" The question was answered for me as the presence of two NYPD officers stood behind my father. I looked at my father, conveying my understanding of the situation.

"I'll be ready in five minutes."

Twenty minutes later I found myself sitting in an interrogation room in Precinct 16's building dressed in my black Armani pantsuit from TThis winter collection. My mother and father sat in the room with me. My mother was sat to my left, my father to the right. The police detective in front of me was talking but I couldn't hear a word he said. I was still in shock as I heard the accusation that brought me here;

'Rape in the second degree.'

My mind was reeling. I heard the name Victoria Louwrens, Carla Corestini and Mrs Annabelle Louwrens... but after that I heard no other names, words, places.

"This entire charge is a farce. I have never heard something so ridiculous in my life. Devon is an outstanding individual and the girl in question is her closest and best friend. Clearly, this is a mistake of some sort. Do you have any proof?"

My mother was curt and straight to the point with her words. The detective dragged his eyes over my mother before his eyes landed on me.

"Not yet... Devon turned eighteen last month right?" My parents said nothing, remaining wary of the detective, "Well, she's eighteen and can be treated and charged as an adult. We can get a court order for any DNA we may need." My father chuckled bitterly before standing, putting one hand into his pocket before raising his other hand and running it through his hair.

The detective opened the door and motioned for someone to enter, seconds later a CSU member came into the room and took the necessary swabs from my mouth, under my nails and a small vial of blood.

"You do realise this is ridiculous? A rape charge? From one girl to another? This is unbelievable." The detective seemingly ignored my parents and sighed, closing the file he had in his hands before him.

"Then you won't object to a DNA kit to prove your innocence, right Devon?" I said nothing but my eyes were unwavering in maintaining their contact; trying my best to be intimidating clearly not succeeding.


The detective walked out of the room and my parents trained their eyes on me; this was the first time since I woke up that they had a chance to talk to me in private. They knew the speakers would be off in the room, allowing me to talk to my parents/lawyers – the advantage of my parents and Yale.

"Devon. Is it true?" My father was no-nonsense as he asked his question.

"No." I didn't look at either of them when I replied. I could hear my father walk over to the other side of the room and my mother instantly came to my side, resting her hand on my forearm, her touch instantly giving me some reassurance.

"Devon... where is all this coming from then?" I looked up into my mother's eyes and saw her startling hazel eyes were brimming with tears – she was emotional, worried about me.

"I... We had sex." The simple sentence stunned my mother and even my father turned around and faced me, his face showing a clearly confounded expression.

"You... and Victoria? You did? Oh Jesus Devon! Are you stupid?!" My father's outburst was short as my mother held her hand up and cut him off. She held me tight by the arms and looked me in the eyes.

"Was it consensual?"

I nodded my head, at first afraid to speak for fear emotions could overwhelm me but I knew if I told my parents the truth then they would help me... get me off this charge

"Yes. We argued about her and Michael..." I could feel my voice begin to crack slightly but I continued, "How he didn't appreciate her. She slapped me. I wanted to leave but she told me to stay, that she was sorry... she was emotional..." I trailed off, bitterly laughing at my own emotional distress caused – this wasn't me. My mother's eyes widened in fear.

Devon Montgomery did not cry, yet here I was, on the verge of sobbing like a baby.

"Sh-she told me she never had sex with him... that she didn't want to. She didn't like the girl I had sex with," Both my parents raised suitably shocked eyebrows at this revelation but soon went back to just listening to me, "She said she was jealous, that she didn't like it. Th-that I deserved someone better. That I deserved her."

"That doesn't mean she wants sex with you Devon." My mother sounded suitably disappointed. I nodded my head before bowing it.

"I-I know that! But... she touched me and I w-w-wanted to leave because I told her I knew where this would lead... but she told me she needed me. With her. She said she wanted me." With that final word, my last tear fell down my face before my mother turned into a shark.

"Isaac, they're going to say that the slap could have fuelled her, that she could be lying." My father nodded before looking down at me.

"I know. But I know Devon's telling the truth. If she says this is what happened, then we will push it. Devon?" I looked up at my father, shame burning into my face as I wiped my face with a tissue my mother handed me a second later.

"Devon... why would she say it was rape?" I hung my head before I looked up.

"I don't know... afterwards... sh-she said she didn't hate me. She kissed me and we slept. It was probably Carla." My parents interest seemed to have been piqued by this comment as they both looked at each other before my father took the seat opposite me and asked in a very intrigued voice.

"And who is Carla?"

Once I related to my parents the relationship between Victoria and Carla - that being cheerleading, the pep squad, English and Drama class, not to mention countless activities and parties outside of school being their connection – that my father asked if Carla knew Michael.

A light went off in my head as I saw the route he was going.

Yes, they did know each other. In fact, Carla's older brother was one of Michael's oldest and most trusted friends and both were at NYU playing basketball together.

My father smirked as the detective entered the room a few minutes later.

The detective looked at my decidedly smug father before motioning for me; raising one finger and arrogantly making a 'come hither' motion. I stayed seated and raised an eyebrow, my composure instantly returning to me.

"Follow me, Montgomery, time for your DNA kit." My mother stood up and waved her hand dismissively at the detective.

"There will be no need for that. Devon admits to having sexual relations with Miss Louwrens." The detective raised a surprised eyebrow before looking out into the hallway.

"She admits to the charge?" My father shakes his head as he stands, chucking darkly.

"Oh Lord no... rape was never in the equation. Devon had consensual relations with Miss Louwrens." The detective's jaw clenched – he clearly knew who my parents were and once they had their minds set, there really was no stopping them.

"Miss Louwrens is under eighteen. It is still statutory rape." The detective remained steadfast.

I stood up.

"I demand a face-to-face with Victoria." The detective shook his head.

"No fucking way." Once again the detective looked out into the hallway and in that moment where his guard was dropped I was at the door, looking out into the hallway and seeing at the end Victoria, her mother and father and Carla sitting there.

"Victoria?" My voice drew the detective from his reverie and he tried to shove me back into the room.

My father was on the detective seconds later, removing his hands from my shirt and firmly keeping him back.

"Keep your hands off my daughter, Detective." The Detective remained still and my father ran another hand through his hair.

"Unless you have concrete evidence, we are leaving and we will be at your family home once you need us. If you have issues with this then take it up with the Police Commissioner... if you do, give Bob my regards." My mother smirked as she stood up, handing me my tan cashmere coat.

"If you need a warrant I'm sure Judge Montgomery would be more than willing to help out to prove the innocence of a victim of your poor system." The detective said nothing as he stepped out of the room, leaving the door open and letting our message get through – Montgomery's don't go to jail.

Clearly Victoria herself had made no accusation, but her parents or someone else had forced the issue. But it was clear she did not fight the accusation, or else I would not be in this position. I was sorely disappointed in Victoria.

My parents stood a few steps behind me as I stepped out of the interrogation room and took a deep breath of air. I put on my leather gloves that were kept safe in my coat pocket. My mother wrapped a tan Burberry scarf around my neck, preparing me for the chilly winter weather yet to come.

As I turned my head to the side, ready to welcome my mother's inevitable kiss on the cheek, I couldn't help but notice the gathering on the bench by the precinct entrance. My eyes found Victoria's and she bowed her head, unable to look at me. My father squeezed a hand lovingly on my shoulder and leaned down to my ear.

As he spoke, I kept my eyes trained on the entrance, not realising his words would be so momentous in my life.

"Don't forget that you're a Montgomery, Devon. It's your God given right to use what you've been given. No-one can hold you back. So don't let anything drag you down." My father barely contained himself but I looked up just in time to see him glance with barely restrained contempt as we made our way to the exit.

The detective finished speaking to Victoria's father, who in turn looked down to his daughter with an incredulous expression covering his features and spoke to her. She nodded her head he became angry, standing up and ready to shout.

Until he saw us walking by.

His lack of verbal outrage definitely garnered his family's attention – Victoria had often told me of his short fuse and her fear of him on his really bad days – and they all looked up, Carla included, their eyes focused on me.

Victoria's mother had tears in her eyes as she looked up at me; her eyes were filled with remorse. I looked to Victoria's father, he was just shocked.

Victoria looked as remorseful too... but I'll be damned if she didn't look like the most guilty woman I had ever seen in my life.

Carla just looked pissed off – probably annoyed that her plan to get me out of Victoria's life hadn't succeeded.

Oh, how wrong she was.

Victoria and her mother were first off the bench, Victoria's mouth open and her voice trembling;

"Devon, I-I am so so – "

"Don't." My father was forceful and he held his hand up, almost physically silencing everyone. "Don't you dare apologise after what she was just paraded through. Humiliated. No... don't you dare talk to her. Ever again." My father's anger was understandable and I did not question him, nor his words.

My mother guided me towards the exit. Before we managed to put our hand on the door, the detective called out.

"I'm sure I'll be seeing you soon." My mother didn't miss a beat in her reply.

"We'll sue for harassment."

As I walked out of the precinct with my father and mother, it was an unspoken agreement that I would not be returning to high school.

In fact, it was the last time I saw Victoria for several years.

I didn't know it at the time, but it was only when my mother handed me a tissue as we entered our chauffeur driven Bentley, but I was crying and hadn't even known it.

Victoria had unleashed the best and worst in me.

"So... the only reason the charge was dropped was because your parents bullied the police into it?" I shook my head at Ashley's frankness.

"No... they presented the facts in a desirable light. Victoria was faced with it and couldn't deny it."

Ashley sat down. Joseph kept his mouth shut as he remained next to me. He had never heard of this.

"But you did rape her, Devon. You're a psychotic individual with no regards to anyone else's physical or emotional wellbeing. Hell, you only care about your image."

I nodded, not ready to completely dismiss or embrace the idea.

"Image is everything, Detective."

Ashley seemed to contemplate this before nodding her head. She crossed her arms and spoke at an almost sultry level.

"So.. you've only told me about Michelle. There are at least five more women unaccounted for. C'mon Devon, tell me what I need to know and let's just call it a night." I waved my hand dismissively and barely registered Joseph's slightly amused chuckle.

"I got my GED a few weeks after that... I didn't have to return to school. I didn't. In fact, I got myself fast-tracked to Columbia. I wanted to study law... to know the ins and outs. But my grandfather was alumni at Yale and wanted me to consider it... I saw their Business Management course and thought of the opportunities I'd have in life if I were Montgomery Incorporated and – "

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, does this bullshit diatribe have a point?" I smirked, almost getting amused by Ashley's apparent thoughts of what made a witty comment...well, witty.

"Yes... the reason I ended up at neither Columbia or Yale was because my parents promised me an internship at the company and a friend of theirs over at NYU had me as a shoe-in for their advance placement classes in Business, Management and Law. So... I took it." Ashley nodded her head in understanding.

"And that brought you back to some of your old classmates?" I looked over to my right and saw Joseph. I nodded slowly.

"Yes... it did and to you might I add. Oh, and to my second murder. Jasmine Waylon." Ashley's eyebrows rose up on her head. Both Ashley and Joseph were shocked and I could tell.

"My girlfri -... She was head of the NYU student body... she was... that was you? I thought that was..." Ashley trailed off – still reeling in shock.

"Accidental overdose? No... it was all me." Ashley's eyes are brimming with unshed tears and at the same time her eyes are shining with an anger that threatens to bring out something dark within me.

"Tell me about her." Ashley's voice is hoarse and croaking with emotion.

"No." I watch with amusement as shock registers on her face. Before she can protest I raise my hand and dully inspect my nails.

"I mean you didn't really want to hear my other stories... why should I indulge you with one you really want to hear?" I watched as Ashley leaned over the table, her hand gripping the collar of my shirt and yanking me out of my seat.

"You will tell me you little piece of shit, or I swear to God Devon I will fucking shoot you and no jury would fucking convict me!" Her nostrils are flaring and I see the anger once more.

"All you had to do was say please." I watch as she lets go of me, intent on hiding her emotions from me, but they were all clear as day to me. Joseph leaned in close to me,

"Don't antagonise her, Devon. Jesus, think smart!"

"You wanna hear about your girlfriend's last night? I'll gladly tell you."

"Fuck you Devon." Translation?


To Be Continued

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