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Huginn and Muninn (Thought & Memory)
By Kieli


In my thoughts....

Walking side by side, we make our way down to the Japanese Gardens in the park that you know I love so much With each step planted in the new-fallen snow our boots crunch loudly in the frozen quiet.

Everything seems so picture perfect even the unearthly glow of frost crystals that Nature's loving brush painted on the trees and park benches.

We settle on a stone seat nearest to the water's edge so the canvas of infinity would be laid open before us unobstructed unsullied by humanity

You surprise me by taking my hands in yours and sticking them into one of your large coat pockets.

"It's really cold out here," you murmur in response to my raised eyebrow. Blushing slightly, you turn your head towards the first rays of light. "Look."

Icy tears slide down my cheeks as the canvas fills with hues of red, gold, blue. Gossamer strands overlay the deepening colours.

"Perfect," I say, the word nearly caught behind cracked, bleeding lips.

"I wanted to show know, find the best time," you whisper, "Since it's your last."

We say nothing for a long while; just enjoying the stillness and each other's company. You squeeze my hands tightly with one of your own, using the other to tug your hood down low over your face. I know you hate for others to see you cry.

"It's the best gift I've ever had."

In my memory

Later, as the breath of life slowly drains from my body I realised that it was true.

The End

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