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In the Morning Light
By Pure Intent


My eyelids flutter, protecting the sensitivity of my retinas in the morning light. A blind spot eludes me; there is no light there. A black mass where my heart should be. I dose for a moment, relishing in the imagined safe enclosure of unconsciousness. Vague becomes vivid and shade transforms to clarity. Your face, your slight smile is all the light I need. My throat, constricted from hours of sleep that was your stage, can form no sound so I smile back. You're stand just out of reach, always. Your smile becomes a canvass for sadness; betrayed by your eyes. My arms tighten around the pillow, a futile attempt to show my love. Victorious over the tendrils of discomfort beginning to surround us your lips part.

"You're beautiful when you sleep."

My eyes caress your face. Insincerity, lies, imagination? No. And still, you pull away. That revelation forgotten. You search, finding an escape and backtrack before sense nestles in my mind again.

You walk away and leave me to rest in my deathbed.

The End

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