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Not a Holiday Romance
By ralst


Holiday romances were simply disasters waiting to happen. You either came home feeling used and abused, heartbroken, or like you'd just graduated from slut-camp. Therefore, they were strictly to be avoided. No coy looks across a crowded room. No walks along a sandy shore at midnight. No impromptu sex in your room with one of the maids.

Claire rolled out of bed and quietly made her way to the ensuite bathroom. Turning on the overhead light, she stared blearily at her reflection and the critical case of bedhead that her ill advised romp in the hay had produced. Daily doses of salt water and burning hot sunlight might have looked good on holiday brochures, but it was murder on her hair, and coupled with the maid's surprisingly enthusiastic response to her subtle flirting, she'd be lucky if her comb could even fight its way through what was looking more and more like a rat's nest every second.

"Idiot!" she chided herself. "Stupid, slutty idiot!"

She turned on the water and angled her head under the spray, the cold water trickling down her neck and sending goosebumps racing across her skin. The feeling was oddly reminiscent of the maid's feather light touch, as she'd kissed her way down Claire's body, parting her legs to...

"Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!"

There were rules about this sort of thing. Strict rules that she herself had instigated. You did not, under any circumstances, sleep with perfect strangers while intoxicated by the freedom of foreign air. You most certainly did not sleep with the maid who accidentally caught you coming out of the shower in nothing but your birthday suit. It was tawdry and cheap, and if there was one thing Claire prided herself on, it was that she was neither of those things.


The voice was surprisingly deep, no doubt a result of their earlier activities, and it caused Claire's body to respond in the most traitorous of manners. She didn't want to be turned on by some sultry señorita who knew how to fluff towels. There was no future in it, and Claire refused to be the kind of woman who was only after a good time. She was too boring for that, at least she'd always assumed she was.


The maid's tone had definitely made a left turn on the road towards being annoyed, but rather than dampening Claire's attraction, it only increased her body's response, and before she could stop herself, she opened the door and welcomed the other woman inside. She'd already crossed the border between good girl and slut, and for the duration of the holiday, there was no point in trying to sneak back across the checkpoint.

"Call me Claire."

Innocence warred with sexual desire, both of which were easily discernible on the maid's face, until all traces of innocence were banished, and she pushed closer to her goal. The heated and passionate sex that they'd experienced for most of the morning was but a shadow of erotic pleasure compared to the feverish onslaught that overwhelmed them both in that moment. All reserve was gone and every secret desire was brought out into the open and allowed to frolic playfully in the sun.

When Claire woke for the third time that day, it was to find herself awkwardly positioned between the bathtub and toilet, the cold tile floor a poor substitute for the comfort of her bed. She peered up blearily and saw the maid carefully rearranging her hair in the mirror, her naked rear end swaying gently to some unheard rhythm as she repaired the damage their forays into the world of inappropriate actions had produced.

Claire wanted to say something profound that would turn their brief interlude into something more than the tawdry sex it was, but the only word she could muster was, "Gracias."

The maid smiled, and with that smile, Claire forgot all her rules about holiday romances and the utter stupidity of her actions and simply prayed that she'd someday get to see that smile again.

The End

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