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For Real…?
By lazydevil69


Doris sat at the bar watching Blake surreptitiously watch her and grinned behind her glass. She knew that somehow, Blake knew about her two favourite girls and that had pricked her curiosity.

Watching Blake watch her was a lesson in the art of subtlety itself, the woman had more sideswipe glances and covert looks than Interpol and the CIA, amalgamated and then joined with the Mafia. She could look at you without even looking!

"I'm in so much trouble, I'm fantasizing about Blake Marler; it's been too long since I've been with anyone and I really, really, need some satisfaction soon." Doris thought to herself. She had briefly thought about making a play for Olivia Spencer but they'd become almost friends and she realised just how much Natalia influenced her; well, no; not going there.

Oh, god, Blake just grinned and I think I'm about to…

Blake glanced up and noticed the Mayor's gaze on her again, the hooded eyes and the tongue poking out slightly behind the thin top lip of the pale brunette making her wish she was within kissing distance. She wanted a kiss from a woman to experience what it was like and why Olivia and Natalia were so hooked on one another. Doris was the perfect candidate for her little experiment. Doris would not say a word about it for fear of reprisal and outing; she was so repressed that it would probably be so hot that Blake felt her insides melt.

Blake stood and sauntered over to the bar where Doris was sitting. Boldly running her hand up the Mayor's back Blake decided that come hell or high water, she was going to get some satisfaction for the ache she felt in her groin. That ache was setting her last nerve on fire and she really needed that itch scratched. She didn't know if Doris was gay or not but she really didn't care, she knew she found the woman attractive and desperately wanted to kiss her.

The palpable heat that she was feeling was driving her to distraction and melting her slowly from the inside out. Her body hadn't realised that thinking about a woman in a sexual manner would be so … liberating or so fucking hot… she was so turned on that she needed something, almost anyone, almost anything: no that wasn't quite true, she was currently fixated on Doris Wolfe.

She needed relief and Doris was the perfect target. There would not be any uncomfortable confrontations in the morning because they wouldn't stay the night together. They would just fuck themselves into oblivion: then one of them would leave depending on which house they ended in.

There was no way she was allowing this to happen in the Beacon. That would just give Olivia ammunition for the next hundred years. Doris would never live it down and Blake would never be able to look Natalia in the face again, not now that they were almost friends as well as colleagues.

The hand that had so carefully run the length of the Mayor's back slowly settled on her hip with her fingers smoothly cupping her ass squeezing gently, sending rockets of arousal through the Mayor's body. Sensing that she was interested and at least curious about the sudden "lesbian" in her, Blake whispered softly in the shell like ear, "So, do you want to get out of here Madame Mayor?"

Doris Wolfe wasn't a shy woman, She'd been in politics too long to have anything remotely shy left in her but when Blake whispered in her ear, she suddenly felt like a teenager with her first crush. Attempting to swallow a sudden bout of nervous butterflies, she smiled and nodded.

"So, where to…? Your place: or would you prefer mine?" Blake asked as they reached the parking lot.

"Yours, Ashlee is home and I really don't want to have to explain this to her." Doris almost squeaked as Blake's hand drifted across her ass again.

"Whatever, she's your daughter but you really should tell her." Blake grinned knowingly, "Meet you at mine then. You know the way, don't you?"

Parking just behind Blake's car, Doris stepped out of her car and glanced around looking for Blake. She promptly squealed in fright as Blake sneaked up behind her and grabbed her by the waist pinning her to the car door, leaning them both against them the car door.

"There's no one here Doris, you can relax. We're on private property and no one will disturb us." Blake snuggled closer to the woman in her arms and gently carded her fingers through the other woman's hair. The light brown locks were so soft and felt heavenly in her hands. Leaning into Doris she tenderly kissed the pulse point on her neck and peppered kisses along her throat. Teasing with her tongue, she licked a trail from the pulse point straight up to her ear.

Tendrils of fire rushed straight to Doris' core and stoked the inferno already raging there. Hot pangs of arousal coursed through her veins as her breathing quickened under the gentle onslaught of Blake's tongue. Unintentionally grinding her hips into the other woman, she encouraged her kisses with one of her own as their mouths met.

Their tongues tangled as they kissed, hot, wet, open-mouthed kisses which would probably rate a porn warning if shown on a TV screen. It was deliciously erotic the way their mouths just fused together and took over from their rapidly declining ability to think.

Almost on autopilot, the two women made their way into Blake's house, stumbling and giggling like kids in playing in the summer rain. As soon as the front door closed though Doris took command of the situation and almost body slammed Blake against the door, kissing her like her life depended on it. Delving deep into her mouth with her tongue Doris demanded that Blake reciprocate her urgent need, now that she had the privacy she craved, assured by the closed door against which they were currently leaning.

The firecracker that was Doris Wolfe unleashed pleasantly surprised Blake. Returning her kiss just as passionately, she moved against the other woman, thrusting her own tongue into Doris' mouth. When she withdrew, she tasted the woman beneath the politics and found herself unintentionally and unexpectedly falling for her.

Hands that had previously been passive on her hips started roaming along the length of Blake's back until they returned to her waistband and ducked under the shirt that had worked itself loose due to their energetic coupling.

Fingers skimming across sensitive flesh sent jolts of electricity along her spine and caused her to gasp into the frantic kiss they were indulging in. Digging her own fingers into the shoulders she was currently grasping, Blake ground herself harder into Doris and moaned something that sounded suspiciously like 'fuck me' but Doris couldn't be sure what she heard as she was so lost in her own arousal.

Clothing became optional as trembling fingers undid buttons and fumbled with zips in an effort to have skin on skin contact. Blake was lost in her ecstasy, her breathing harsh and loud in her ears, her pulse thundering through her veins and her core molten with desire. She'd never be able to wear these panties again because they were drenched with her arousal.

Gripping Doris by the ass she hauled the other woman against her body, grinding her hips where they would cause the most satisfaction she demanded, "Fuck me now Doris!"

Doris almost broke her neck when she whipped her head up so fast from the creamy white skin of Blake's breasts. Did she hear Blake correctly; did Blake Marler just beg to be fucked? Oh, my God! She actually wants me to fuck her. Doris ranted in her mind her rationalisation skills all but forgotten in her lustful haze of arousal.

Taking full advantage of the situation and the permission granted Doris grinned to herself and divested Blake of the rest of her clothing; tossing the shirt in one direction as she almost ripped it from Blake's body and tossed in the bra the other way. Opening a bra one handed was a skill that Doris had perfected years ago and that made it seem effortless as it sailed from her fingers.

The slacks were, unceremoniously dragged down Blake's legs along and dumped at her feet. Gazing at the body in front of her Doris grinned in absolute joy. For a slightly older woman Blake had stayed in good health and had a smooth, slim body, which was more than attractive to look at. She ran her hands up the long legs and enjoyed the tremors coursing through Blake's body at her touch.

The see through pink lace panties were just too cute. Grinning, she gently ran her fingers over the top of the panties and slowly lowered them down off the other woman's hips and encouraged them on their journey to the floor. As soon as they moved, she could see the evidence of Blake's arousal in the dampness of her panties. Fire lanced through her veins as she thought about just how they had become so damp; it was by her machinations and she was just about to take advantage of that arousal and finally slake the lust both of them were feeling.

Oh how she just wanted a speech bubble above her head that read, "Blake Marler, saucy publisher/ author, is hot for me". Grinning at her silliness, she continued the trek back up those lovely legs, sending shivers of arousal through the other woman as she used her tongue to travel the peaks and contours of her surprisingly long legs.

Nosing her way from the outer thigh into the inner, Doris was acutely aware of just how turned on Blake was; the evidence was there for her to see on her thighs. She wasn't just damp with arousal, she was soaking. Blake moaned above her and mumbled curses under her breath as Doris continued her path closer towards her clit.

Gently parting the folds of the other woman's centre with her left hand, Doris tenderly ran her tongue through the molten heat she found there. Capturing Blake's clit in her mouth she sucked gently and had to stifle a grin when the other woman's knees almost buckled and she cussed her partner loudly while grinding her pelvis into Doris' face.

"Fucking Hell Doris, are you trying to kill me? Warn a girl before you do something like that would ya? I want you to make me come, not send me to Cedars via cardiac arrest! " Blake groaned around her arousal.

Doris just grinned and curled her tongue into the hot folds of satin in front of her. Lapping up the moisture and twirling her tongue through the other woman's hot flesh, Doris was in her element. If there was one thing that she was good at in the bedroom (or rather the living room doorway) it was oral sex. She loved it; she adored the taste and texture of another woman's body. The scent and flavours just made her mouth water to the point of orgasm and she couldn't get enough of it.

Doris brought her right hand up to join the party and moved to grip Blake's butt with her left, thoroughly enjoying the sensation of clenching cheeks in one hand and desperate thrusting against the other. Moving to tangle her fingers in the strawberry blonde curls and drifting slowly south with her mouth, Doris decided that she was going to torture Blake, to see if she could make her come by touch alone, without entering her; without doing anything more that mouthing her clit and caressing the rest of her body.

Subtly shifting her weight onto her knees and lowering her centre of gravity slightly Doris had the perfect angle of attack. Snaking her tongue slowly through the curls and damp heat she growled slightly. Laughing quietly as she felt Blake almost topple as the vibrations rattled through her core Doris continued her ministrations.

Tenderly parting the folds of skin protecting Blake's clit Doris gently moved her fingers over the petal soft flesh she found there. The heat and dampness and smell of her arousal were making Doris crazy; there was no way this was going to be a torturous affair, Doris was too horny now to do much more than relieve the pressure building in both of them.

"Blake?" she whispered, having let go of the other woman's clit with a slight pop. "Blake, I seriously need to make you come; like now, please?"

"Oh God, Yeah, now would be perfect!" Blake groaned her voice raw and gravely with passion unable to believe how the Mayor was capable of such tenderness and surprisingly exquisite oral skills while she presented such a bitchy exterior.

Doris moved her left hand from Blake's butt and gently thrust into her pussy with two fingers; her earlier promise forgotten, she moved once to adjust to the heat and strength of Blake's internal muscles and then a second time to find her g-spot then went to work on making Blake remember this experiment forever.

Blake toppled almost as soon as Doris moved her fingers the second time and never having experienced an orgasm like it before, Blake passed out in her partner's arms.

Blake couldn't believe it when she opened her eyes. She was lying flat out on expensive looking cotton sheets with her face mashed into someone's breasts. Shifting slightly she groaned, there were parts of her that hadn't been used in so long that she'd forgotten they had actually existed.

"What the FUCK?" she cried out as soon as her brain registered that she was leaning on a woman's breast. "Oh, thank God, Doris, it's you…I nearly had a heart attack thinking I'd done something completely inappropriate with some random stranger." She sighed and tenderly kissed the breast she was currently leaning on.

Doris silently grinned internally and lowered her head to kiss the top of Blake's strawberry blonde head. She doesn't think this was a mistake… yay! Oh, god I sound like Emma Spencer.

Leaning slightly to her right she dislodged Blake from her chest and leaned over to her to kiss her. Blake, now flat on her back, didn't mind the supine position as Doris commandeered her mouth in the most sultry kiss she'd ever experienced on waking up.

Losing themselves in the kiss and the hot wet heat they began to grind unconsciously against one another, Doris felt Blake's hand run down her spine and gently grip her butt pulling her up close and tight against her body as arousal began its journey through their veins. As they moved against one another, they discovered the pleasure of morning sex, that enormously pleasurable experience of having hot horny sex as soon as your eyes opened.

Slowly rubbing her hands up the spine of the considerately exposed body in front of her Doris decided to cancel all of her appointments and just concentrate on the woman currently in her arms. She was slowly but surely falling for her and there was nothing she could do about; except pray that Olivia Spencer didn't find out about it.

Moving her hand from Blake's butt she tenderly caressed her hips and traversed the length of her body, moving languidly just like their kisses. Hot, open mouthed, wet, succulent kisses that melted even the hardest hearts. Kisses that sent desire off on holiday and had passion become a regular visitor. Tongues duelling and mouths clash with one another until they bruised lips and gasped in fevered ecstasy. Moving her hands up Blake's body Doris discovered the ticklish bit just under her left shoulder blade and unable to censor herself she muttered, "Oh god, we even have the same tickly spot!"

Laughing at the Mayor's surprise Blake replied, "Yeah Doris, I think most women have a tickly bit on their back that just makes them giggle when someone runs their tongue along it, now get moving woman, my back isn't where I want your tongue."

Doris moved south, her lips and mouth worshiping the flesh revealed to her as she moved the sheet covering Blake's body. The pale flesh was so inviting, so creamy white and intoxicating that Doris couldn't help the moan that passed her lips. Blake's response was to thrust herself into the body behind her and groan into the inadvertent thrust Doris made against her hips.

Lips negotiating the length of the other woman's spine and her tongue making fancy patterns on Blake's skin made Doris hotter than she could ever remember. Oh, sure, she'd had previous lovers, but Blake was so receptive to everything she'd never dared to try out before.

Naughty thoughts almost caused her to laugh aloud; some of her thoughts were so crazy sometimes that she had to censor them consciously. 'Would Blake be receptive to trying that?'

Kissing further down Blake's back she gently nibbled and licked her way to the blonde's butt and tenderly grazed her teeth over the taut skin she found there.

As Blake almost shoved her ass into Doris' face, she groaned in satisfaction, "Oh, fuck yeah Doris… I've always wanted to try that…oh, please, Doris please, yeah, now… please, fuck me Doris…"

Blake's scream, as Doris did exactly as she asked was heard from the doorway: Blake had an early morning meeting with Natalia and Olivia had dropped her off, but since the door had been unlocked they'd let themselves in to check everything was okay. Upon reaching the slightly open door way Olivia and Natalia stood gaping open-mouthed recognising both voices as they loudly proclaimed their passion & perfection for one another into the morning… brows knit in confusion, while simultaneous thoughts ran through their heads...

Blake and Doris… for real…?

The End

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