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C is for Cookies
By Jaina


"You're baking?" Olivia asks, the hopeful lilt in her voice making her sound for all the world like Emma.

"Mmm," Natalia nodded still concentrating on the ingredients she was mixing. "Chocolate chip cookies."

Silence lingered long enough that Natalia glanced back over her shoulder. Olivia was looking around the kitchen hopefully. 

Natalia sighed. "They're for the Cookie Committee." 

Olivia pouted. There was no other word for it. The problem was Olivia knew exactly what that look did to Natalia. She tried to hold onto her indignation, but she couldn't resist that look on Olivia's face. She didn't have the heart to.

"Fine," Natalia said, caving just as Olivia had known she would. "But just one." 

Olivia grinned triumphantly as Natalia pretended to scowl. 

"One...fresh out of the oven?" 

Natalia nodded warily, waiting to see what loophole Olivia would try to wriggle through this time. Olivia loved her cookies and would do nearly anything to get one. But Olivia merely smiled innocently as she waited patiently for Natalia to hand her one. 

Taking one off the cooling rack in front of her, Natalia turned to hand it to Olivia, only to find her standing much closer than she had been a moment before, definitely in Natalia's personal space now, hardly a breath of space between them. She blinked and then held the still-warm cookie out to Olivia. 

Still smiling, Olivia just shook her head, her hands tucked firmly into her pockets. Eyes narrowing knowingly, Natalia lifted the cookie to Olivia's mouth. Olivia's smile widened, her gaze never leaving Natalia's as she bent to take a bite, showing a flash of bright, white teeth as she did. 

Olivia groaned as she began to chew, savoring every moment of it. Natalia almost rolled her eyes at the show Olivia was putting on. She would never admit it, but she loved the way that Olivia played up her love of Natalia's cookies. Olivia bent her head for another bite. Her tongue flicked out and licked Natalia's thumb. Natalia jumped, not expecting it at all, and shivered at the look in Olivia's eyes. 

"You had chocolate," Olivia said defensively. Natalia didn't believe her for a second, but sometimes, especially when Olivia had that look in her eyes, it was better just to play along. 


"I could get the rest of it for you," Olivia volunteered, oh-so-helpfully. 

Natalia couldn't suppress a snort of laughter. Amusement twinkled in her eyes and dimples tugged at her cheeks as she nodded. Olivia leaned closer, her head drifting toward Natalia's hand, only to change course at the last moment to suck on Natalia's bottom lip. Her tongue flicked over it playfully just as she began to pull away. 

Natalia swayed forward, drawn to Olivia like a moth to flame. Cookies and chocolate were the last things on her mind at the moment. She had tasted something far sweeter and she wanted more. Her hands found Olivia's hips, tugging her forward until their bodies met, and then their lips collided. The kiss intensified, tongues stroking as hands began to wander. 

"Olivia," Natalia said softly, breathlessly, as she nipped at Olivia's lips. "We can't. Emma's in the living room." 

Olivia groaned. This time not sexily, but sounding pained. Her head dropped to Natalia's shoulder and her hands shifted back to safer terrain. "'s not fair," she whined. "I can't have a cookie and I can't have you." 

"So if you could have a cookie, you wouldn't want me?" 

Olivia winced. "That didn't come out right." 

"You said it," Natalia pointed out remorselessly. 

"Can we forget I said it?" 

"Kiss me and I'll try." 

"But you said-" 

"Olivia. Kiss me."

Chastised but not particularly chastened, Olivia brushed her nose against Natalia's in apology and did as directed. Natalia's lips were soft and it was no hardship. Natalia melted into her and Olivia sighed softly, only remembering to exhale after several long moments. Still it remained lighter than before, short kisses that lingered and tasted rather than deep, seductive ones that made Natalia want to forget everything. Olivia's hand slid down her hip and then went lower, sliding over the curve of her ass. Then her hand was gone. Natalia had a startled moment where she couldn't figure out what had happened and then she caught a glimpse of motion out of the corner of her eye and remembered what was one the counter behind her. 

"I see that, Olivia Spencer," Natalia murmured, still so close to her that her lips brushed against Olivia's.

"Busted!" Olivia sing-songed in a disappointed voice. "But you love me anyway." 

Natalia smiled up at her, lacing her fingers behind Olivia's neck and resting her arms on her shoulders. "You know I do." 

"But not enough for another cookie?" 

Natalia shook her head. "No way." 

"Not even a little one?" 

"You know, I'm starting to think you just want me for my cookies." 

"Not just your cookies," Olivia said, her smile growing with every word. 

Natalia gasped and swatted her shoulder. 

"You know you love it when I'm bad, Baby." 

"Is that why you always try to steal my cookies?" 

"No, that's just because I love your cookies. The way you get so indignant and try to swat my hand away is just a bonus." 

"Olivia!" Natalia tried to act scandalized but couldn't quite manage it. Instead she settled for gazing fondly at Olivia. "What am I going to do with you?" 

"Love me and hug me and hold me and feed me cookies?" Olivia suggested.

"I think I can manage that..." Natalia said, as if she was still thinking it all through. 

Olivia's eyebrows shot up. Surely it couldn't be that easy. "Really?" 

Natalia nodded and then dropped her head down to rest on Olivia's shoulder. Her nose wrinkled as she smiled mischievously. "...All except for that last one." 


The End

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