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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I was re-watching some Otalia scenes and then watched the Kyle/Fish (Kish on OLTL) love scene. I thought that those boys had such a beautiful love scene. So, although I've written several 'first time' Otalia love scenes, I wanted to take a stab at doing one like something we really could've seen on Guiding Light if the show wasn't canceled and the world wasn't full of homophobes. Hence, the PG-13 rating. I've tried to stay as true to the characters/story as possible. Takes place the evening after the 9/10 episode. Imagine it as a cut scene. Inspired by Kish's love scene and Ashlee/Coop's (from GL) first time as well as the Behind the Scenes on Episode 6 of Venice the series (ya know the JL/CC photo-shoot). Enjoy and comments are love! <3 When I originally wrote to Ellen Wheeler and Jill Lorie Hurst both about wanting to see a love scene in May, I told them what song I would've liked to hear play over the scene. I think it would've been perfect for them. It is Naimee Coleman's 'Your Arms'.
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Your Arms
By itsalovestory


Olivia and Natalia stood on the porch watching the last of their special moving crew pull away. Snuggling further into Olivia's embrace, Natalia sighed, "What a day."

"Tell me about it. I don't think I've seen Emma so excited before."

Natalia laughed as she pulled back to look up into Olivia's eyes, "I don't think I've seen you so excited before."

Olivia returned the gaze and laughed, "Well, yah, I don't have to eat that terrible room service anymore."

"Oh I see. You just love me for my kitchen skills."

"I love all your skills. I love you," Olivia said softly as she pulled Natalia close to her chest again.

Natalia smiled and replied, "I love you, too."

Just then, Emma bounced up to the two women. She grabbed Olivia's hand and demanded, "Mommy, will you come read me a bedtime story? Please..."

"Of course, Jellybean." Olivia allowed herself to be dragged away. She grinned over her shoulder, "Duty calls."

After finishing up the story, Olivia placed the book on the night stand. "Time for bed, Em."

"Okay, Mommy." Emma burrowed further into her bed as Olivia pulled up the blanket and tucked her daughter in.

"That's my girl," Olivia proudly said. She leaned over and gave Emma a soft kiss against her forehead. Then, she pushed back some of her hair off of her face. "I love you, Sweetie."

Emma smiled and said, "Love ya, too." Her eyes fluttered shut. "I'm so happy to be back home again."

Olivia fought back the tears that had gathered in her green eyes and smiled. She hugged Emma quickly. As she flicked off the light and made her way out of the room, Olivia whispered, "Me too, Baby. Me too."

While Olivia was putting Emma to bed, Natalia had been busy putting the rest of the food away. After that chore was promptly finished, she had made her way up to her room, which was soon to be their room. She saw that some of the boxes marked 'Olivia's' had made their way into the bedroom. Their bedroom.

She sat at the vanity by the bed and brushed her hair in silence, her thoughts of Olivia, her love of Olivia washing over and through her. The brush would begin at the top of her head and slowly flow down the silky tresses until they reached the ends and there her wrist would flick and begin the journey again. The process was almost scientific, mathematical. There was a beginning and an end. One action garnered an equal reaction.

However, with Olivia, there was no rhyme, no reason. There was no beginning and certainly no end. It was emotional, physical, and spiritual. I love Olivia. And, more importantly, Olivia loves me. Natalia smiled. And, she's here. With me. Natalia hoped that tonight math and science would be forgotten. Logic had long ago left the equation. Ever since she fell in love with Olivia, she had just felt. Felt strong. Felt beautiful. Felt complete. Felt alive.

And tonight...tonight, she just wanted to feel more. Feel those lovely lush lips of Olivia's against her own. Feel her skin slick against her. Feel her fingers wrapped up in her soft hair. Feel their love. Feel how one plus one equaled one. Two becoming one. The place where soul meets body, somewhere between earth and Heaven.

Olivia silently stood in the doorway to the bedroom. Their bedroom. She smiled, transfixed by the woman before her. Her girlfriend. Inwardly, she chuckled at the memory of telling Jonathan earlier that she was moving in with her girlfriend. I feel like such a love-sick teenager. I feel so happy.

And, it hadn't come easy. And, they still had so much to work through. But, they were here...tonight...being together. Olivia stepped into the room and closed the door behind her, locking it.

Natalia's eyes flickered up at the sound. She looked into the mirror at Olivia. This was familiar and yet entirely different. This was something old and yet something entirely new. This was home. Olivia smiled softly as she strode across the room.

"How's Emma?" asked Natalia, continuing to brush her hair.

Olivia chuckled, "Out like a light." She stopped behind Natalia and reached for the brush. "Here, let me."

Natalia smiled shyly and handed Olivia the brush. "Okay."

They stayed like that for a few moments. Olivia brushing her hair, taking care of her. Natalia watching Olivia, taking her in. She's so beautiful. "Olivia," Natalia said softly, reaching for the brush and stilling Olivia's hand on her shoulder. She placed the brush on the vanity. Their eyes locked, reflections smiling, reflections blending.

After a few beats, Olivia breathed and cupped her cheek, "You're so beautiful."

Natalia grabbed her hand and held it against her face. She closed her eyes tightly. "You make me feel beautiful when you look at me like that." Slowly, Natalia stood up and turned toward Olivia. She began tracing her fingers over Olivia's face, memorizing every inch of her by touch. "I love you, Olivia."

Olivia took a deep breath. "Oh God, I love you." She cupped Natalia's face in her hands, her thumbs stroking the soft flesh. She searched Natalia's eyes, seeing truth. Desire. Love. Home.

Olivia moved closer and smiled. Natalia smiled back and leaned up to kiss Olivia. It was their first real kiss. And, it was soft. Sweet. Right. Home. When she pulled back, she brushed her nose against Olivia's tenderly. They both smiled, eyes closed, hearts open.

They kissed again. And, again. Each kiss growing more passionate with each moment. Natalia pulled back and brought her fingers to the bottom of Olivia's brown tee-shirt and slowly pulled the fabric up, revealing the soft expanse of her stomach and chest. Olivia lifted her arms up and Natalia pulled the shirt off and tossed it to the side. Natalia took a minute to take in the moment. Her eyes briefly flickered over Olivia's torso, stopping to look at her heaving breasts, hidden beneath the black bra she wore.

Olivia kissed her once more as she took off Natalia's own top. They kissed hungrily, lips crashing together. Olivia pulled her closer and crushed their bodies together. Natalia's head rolled back and Olivia took the opportunity to kiss down her jaw and across her neck.

"Olivia," Natalia breathed raspy. Olivia looked deep into her eyes. "Make love to me, please."

Olivia laid Natalia back against the bed softly, kissing her, loving her.

Awhile later, they laid together. It was now dark outside. Soft moonlight filtered into the room through the curtains, bathing them in a comforting embrace. Olivia was on her side, wrapped up behind Natalia. Her fingers traced across the silky sheet against Natalia's growing stomach. She softly kissed Natalia's bare shoulder, Natalia's long raven hair tickling her cheek.

Natalia interlaced their fingers together and pressed their joined hands tight against her stomach. They both smiled as they could feel the fluttering underneath. Olivia spoke, "Hey."

Turning to face Olivia, Natalia looked up at her and giggled, "Hey you."

Olivia grinned mischievously and then lowered her lips to Natalia's in a deep, sensual kiss. She rolled Natalia over to her back and settled on top, kissing her again, loving her again.

Sunlight streamed through the room. Natalia's head laid against Olivia's shoulder. Her arm was draped across Olivia's waist and over the sheet covering them up. She smiled slightly as she traced lazy circles against the silky fabric. Last night...that was amazing.

"That was amazing," Olivia breathed, waking up. Natalia tilted her head up to look into Olivia's smiling, dreamy eyes.

"It was." Natalia kissed her softly. "I love waking up in your arms."

"I love holding you. I love you." Olivia brushed the hair out of her eyes, kissed her softly, and smiled.

"I love you, too. Now, let's get up and start the rest of our lives...together."

Olivia kissed her once last time before they got up to face the day. "Together."

The End

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