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By Kayleigh


Silence settled around them as they stood in front of the door to Olivia's room. Natalia opened the door and wordlessly led Olivia inside. Olivia closed the door behind them with her free hand.


At the sound of her name the woman turned around to see Olivia looking more unsure than she'd ever seen her. She couldn't remember a time when the woman looked so small.

"What is it?" She asked already knowing the answer.

"I want- No I need to know that you're ok with this. That you're ready and not just doing this because you think you have to."

Natalia gave a lopsided smile as she regarded the woman in front of her and wondered what she'd done to deserve her.

"I'll tell you one more time, I'm ready. I'm here. With you. I started this. The next move is yours Olivia."

Olivia continued to eye Natalia nervously. Her eyes grew particularly wide when Natalia slipped the robe off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Olivia couldn't stop herself even if she wanted to. She pushed forward kissing Natalia and didn't stop until the back of Natalia's legs hit the foot of the bed. Not breaking the kiss she lifted Natalia with a lot less difficultly than she was expecting. She laid Natalia down in the centre of the mattress and reluctantly broke the kiss. She crawled over Natalia until her face came into view. Both women were breathing hard and Natalia could feel her head swimming. She knew what she wanted. She knew who she wanted but that didn't stop her feeling so overcome. She'd never felt like this. She'd felt passion but not on this scale. She'd always been in control of herself and her actions, but now in this moment she could feel her control slip. She felt like she needed to acknowledge this to Olivia, needed her to know that she wanted her more than she'd ever wanted anyone.

"Olivia, I want you to know that I've never-"

"It's ok Nat, I know what I'm doing."

This was news to Natalia, who couldn't help but feel a small stab of jealously at the news that Olivia had apparently slept with a woman. She knew that Olivia had slept with other people, apart from the evidence that was Emma she had heard all the stories and Olivia was one beautiful woman. She couldn't keep the jealously or surprise out of her voice as she asked;

"You've slept with a woman? When?"

Olivia's transformation was instantaneous as she realised what she had said and how it must have come across. She back-pedalled as fast as possible as Natalia leant up on her elbows, fearing she was about to be flung off the bed.

"No no no! I didn't mean that. What I mean is I- That I-!"

Apart from the serious situation Natalia was highly amused at the shade of red Olivia had gone. She probed the stuttering woman gently.

"What did you mean then?"

Olivia's reply was muffled by her hands which she had placed over her face trying to hide her embarrassment.

"Could you repeat that please?"

After a deep sigh Olivia sighed and raised her head.

"I said that I googled it. Happy?"

Natalia tried. She really did. But she couldn't stop the giggles, which then turned into full blown laughs and brought tears to her eyes. Half relief and half amusement. Olivia having expected exactly that response rolled off the other woman and allowed her to get her breath back.

After several minutes Natalia had finally calmed herself down so she could speak. She rolled on her side and regarded Olivia whose face still sported a blush.

"I'm sorry honey, I couldn't help it."

Olivia refused to look at her, and remained silent. Natalia realised she'd have to use dirty tactics and silently wished she'd had the foresight to do a little research herself. Natalia slowly leant up and swung her leg over until she was straddling Olivia. When Olivia made an attempt to look away Natalia grabbed her face and placed a small kiss on her lips.

"What I was going to say was that I needed you to know that I've never felt like this about anyone before."

That got Olivia's attention, and Natalia continued.

"I've been attracted to people before. I've wanted them but those feelings have never consumed me. I look at you and I can't stop. Sorry to sound cheesy but you make my knees weak and my palms sweaty and dear god sometimes I find myself drinking about a gallon of water just to try and keep my temperature under control. You get me hot and bothered and I can't think straight. No pun intended."

Both women shared a grin and Olivia looked like her confident self again. When she spoke her voice came out huskier than she intended.

"So where were we?"

Natalia answered by kissing Olivia and letting her hands slip to the tie on Olivia's robe, after a few seconds her shaking hands managed to undo the knot and she leant back to allow the other woman to sit up. After the robe was flung in the general direction of the floor it was time for Natalia to turn her attention to Olivia's pyjamas. Natalia took her time in undoing the buttons on her shirt, enjoying touching every new piece of skin revealed. When she finally opened the last one she slowly pushed the shirt off Olivia's shoulders. She took the time to really look at Olivia. She truly was beautiful. Natalia's eyes took in all the skin in front of her and came to focus on the long scar down Olivia's chest. Olivia noticed the focus and let Natalia do what she needed to. This had remained unspoken about, the stark physical reminder of what had happened. Natalia slowly ran a shaking finger down the scar. Olivia watched as a few tears escaped Natalia's eyes. The sudden fear that Natalia was thinking about Gus in this moment overwhelmed her. As if sensing she needed reassurance Natalia bent her head and crawled backwards placing warm open mouthed kisses down the centre of Olivia's chest. Natalia stopped at the bottom of the scar and looked up.

"I was so close to losing you. Too close. Please don't do anything like that again? Stay with me."

Olivia was taken aback. She's assumed that Natalia would think of Gus, not her. That she'd be reminded of what left and not what stayed behind. She reached out a hand and drew Natalia back up the bed.

"I'm going nowhere. I have you, Emma and Ava. I have a family and a home. I'm staying with you. Forever, if you'll have me."

Those words caused Natalia's dam to finally and irreparably break. The kiss was new all over again, passionate and tender all wrapped up together. She held nothing back, poured everything into her kiss and Olivia took it all. Natalia worked Olivia's bra open and wasted no time in running her hands down Olivia's chest. It felt different, but it felt right. She held her right hand over Olivia's heart and allowed herself to feel it thud against her palm as her left stroked Olivia's face. The beat was fast and it was strong. She sucked in a sharp breath as she felt Olivia's hand run from the outside of her thighs to her backside. She looked into Olivia's eyes and felt herself drowning in want. Without another word she raised her arms. Olivia grabbed the bottom of Natalia's nightgown and pulled it up and over her head. For what seemed like the 100th time that day Olivia was astounded. She knew Natalia was beautiful but she'd been unaware that she'd been hiding this body underneath all those sweaters and jeans. She really needed to buy her a dress.

Olivia ran her hands up Natalia's back and moaned at the delicious weight of the woman above her. In quick movements the rest of their clothes were shed and finally both naked together. They took their time to kiss and touch, but each woman could feel the need for more. Both unsure of what to do next.

Olivia was sure that she was close to combusting and after hearing soft moans escaping Natalia's lips she decided to take the lead. Rolling them both over, she settled on top of Natalia in the centre of the bed. Without breaking their kiss she moved her leg and placed it in between Natalia's. As she pushed into the woman she felt Natalia's slick centre slide over her thigh. When Natalia wantonly raised her hips Olivia thought she was going to faint. She dropped her mouth to Natalia's neck as Natalia began to undulate beneath her seeking a firmer touch. Taking the direction she reached down and replaced her thigh with her hand. Softly stroking the woman beneath her she could feel her own need like a fire coiling around in her abdomen but she was determined to give Natalia what she wanted regardless. She could feel the tide rising in Natalia, could feel it in how Natalia kissed her, how Natalia touched her, and certainly in how Natalia dragged her nails down her back pulling her impossibly closer.

At the same time Natalia raised her leg between Olivia's and pressed firmly. Olivia needed no encouragement and moved in time with Natalia. They fell perfectly into time and both felt themselves getting closer. Olivia used her thigh to push her hand further as her thumb circled the sensitive spot she knew needed attention. Natalia began repeating Olivia's name louder and louder and Olivia felt herself come even closer. She had never heard anyone say her name like that before. Olivia felt the moment Natalia climaxed. Natalia slammed her head into the pillow and let out Olivia's name in a strangled cry. At that precise moment Olivia felt herself come undone. Bright light exploded behind her eyes and all the breath rushed out of her lungs as she felt her body shake uncontrollably. Her body flooded with ecstasy and she was overcome by wave after wave of pleasure, before she finally collapsed onto the spent woman beneath her. After a few minutes Olivia realised that Natalia hadn't moved. Fearing she had somehow hurt her she raised herself up on still shaky arms and took at the woman beneath her.

Natalia was fine. Actually she was a lot more than fine. She'd never known anything quite like it. Sex had always been nice. This had been amazing. Sex had always just seemed like a mandatory exercise in a way, a way to keep someone. The connection she felt to Olivia in this moment was unreal and her body was humming. Her throat felt raw then connected to the fact that she'd heard herself scream Olivia's name and briefly wondered on the thickness of the walls. She felt herself flush as she remembered the sounds Olivia had made, sounds that she had drawn out of her. She moved to wrap her arms around Olivia's neck and pulled her down for a soft kiss.

"Thank you, Liv. That was….." As she searched for a word Olivia decided to chip in.

"Amazing? Fantastic?"

"I'm gonna go with incredible."

As both women shared a grin, Olivia couldn't stifle her yawn. She hadn't slept much the night before and this morning's activities had completely wiped her out. She was well but she still tired easily.

"Honey sleep. I'll tidy up a bit and take a shower. Emma will be home around one and she needs her Mom functioning."

Olivia reluctantly rolled aside knowing she couldn't argue this point with Natalia. Natalia suddenly seemed shy as her eyes took in the scattered clothing around the room. She reached for her robe and stood to put it on. Turning she felt her heart thud as she took in Olivia's reclining body. Softly lit by the early morning sun Olivia seemed almost angelic, and so so beautiful. Natalia bent and kissed Olivia, first on her forehead then on her lips. She felt hands tangle in her hair and she allowed herself to get lost in a feeling that was quickly becoming familiar. Pulling back she eased the covers gently over Olivia and pushed hair out of already heavy eyes. Walking to the door she giggled when she heard a muttered "Thank you Google."

An hour later and Natalia had cleaned downstairs, pouring the two cups of freezing cold coffee down the sink from this morning. Lunch was in the crock pot and would be ready not long after Emma would be home. She now had two choices, get dressed and find something to do or she could take a nap. Her mind flashed back to the woman upstairs and her mind was made up. Grabbing the glass of water she had been absently drinking she went upstairs and entered Olivia's bedroom where the woman was still sleeping. Natalia placed the glass on the bedside table then set the alarm for an hour before Emma was being dropped off. Shrugging off her robe she joined the other woman under the covers and took her in her arms. Olivia snuggled further in and draped her arm across Natalia's waist, whilst absently placing a kiss on Natalia's pulse. It didn't take long for Natalia to join Olivia in sleep. The glass of water left forgotten on the table.

The End

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