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WARNING: This fic contains depictions of straight/bisexual sexual acts including a male. With that said, I hope this doesn't scare you off from reading. It's a worthwhile A/U tale. Takes place around early 2008 and is from Olivia's POV. Companion piece to "Somewhere Along the Way".
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Not Always Polite
By itsalovestory


Sex isn't always polite. It can be dirty and quick. Rough and hard. It can make you scream in pleasure. Moan in pain. Gasp and groan and grind and grip and glide. Wet and slick bodies. Tight and full fucking. Sex was never polite for me. Until you.

Until you.

And, then it was beautiful and awe-inspiring. It was nothing and everything to me. But, we didn't start out that way.

No, I hated you.

You. You with your dimples and doe eyes and big heart.I couldn't understand why Gus would want to be with you. A holy, homly woman of simple means, and what I thought was a simple mind. You were nothing like me. I was worldly, glamorous, and elegant. I was strong and powerful. Sexual and sensual. Not sugar and spice and everything supposedly nice like you.

When Gus suggested that I come over and join you sometime, I laughed. I laughed in his face. Not that I hadn't ever considered a threesome before. No, that he would think you, Saint Natalia, would go for it. But, then, eventually, he said you were game.

Just a game.

My plan was forming. Oh, it would be so delicious. I'd come into your home, your bed and fuck him. Fuck your husband so good that it would make both of your heads spin. Fuck him so that you both would know Olivia Freakin' Spencer meant business. Fuck him so you would both know he was mine. You may have the rings, the son, and the bed. But, I would have his body.

His body.

God, how much did I want him inside me. I bet he was a good lover. So strong and attentive.

Never would I have imagined how good a lover you would be.

I came over one night. You were giggling, drunk off of cheap red wine. I sat on the chair in the corner, watching as you two kissed. He took off your shirt as you slipped off your jeans, revealing perky breasts and lean legs.

You were beautiful.

You were beautiful, and you hid it all away under old, baggy clothes. I'd have to teach you that you needed to use what you had to your advantage. To get what you wanted. In the boardroom or in the bedroom. It was the same difference, but either way I knew how to leave men crawling, begging.

I'd make Gus beg. Hell, I'd make you beg, too.

I sauntered over to your bed. Our gazes locked. Your eyes were innocent, yet clouded with arousal, with lust. They were alluring like the finest Dutch chocolates. I couldn't look away.

I couldn't look away.

Mesmerized, you both watched as I slipped off my dress and shoes. I stood proudly with my hands on my hips as you took in my scantily covered body, looking at every inch of flesh. I held back a laugh as Gus practically tumbled off the bed as he sat on the edge, whipping off his tight t-shirt, revealing his even tighter abs and chest. You nibbled and sucked as his earlobe as you felt down his body. You unbuckled his belt, his excitement already obvious.

I wanted.

I wanted my hands there. I wanted my thighs there on his body, his body in me. As he finally pleasured me with his mouth, I couldn't help but watch you. You humped the back of his jean covered thighs like some little bitch in heat. You couldn't control yourself. I don't think you even knew what was happening until it did.

Until it did.

I grinned as I came, laughing inside as I figured out you just had your first orgasm. Once we finally relaxed, Gus stood up and slipped off his jeans and boxers, leaving him happy and horny. I smiled and stared. It looked even better than I could've imagined. You took his hand.

You took.

And, he sat on the bed, taking off your bra, kissing your neck, tenderly, sweetly. I wasn't jealous. No, I had no right to be.

But, fuck.

What was so damn special about Natalia Rivera? Were you especially tight? Were you deep where he could thrust all the way inside of you? Were you...

Oh, God.

I had to fight another chuckle as he slipped off your panties. You were hairy, that's for sure. A big, untamed, unruly bushel of hair adorned your sex. My God! Did you think being au natural would make you more of a woman? A better lover? Better than me? But, I couldn't look away. I wondered how you felt, how you tasted. I couldn't understand it, but it made me wet, swollen.

You sat on his lap, guiding him inside. He grinned. You groaned. I rolled my eyes. He rocked you side to side. You rode him up and down. I rubbed my hands all over him from behind. I kissed his earlobe, tracing the tip of it around the shell of his ear before slipping it inside, fucking him with it.

Your breasts were bouncing. I just watched. Up and down they went. Nipples hard. Olive skin. A little blush. You were panting, pleasure beginning to build up inside. I don't think he could wait much longer, though.

How many times had this happened? How many times have you been fucking, and he came while you didn't? It wasn't right. It sure as hell wasn't polite.

It wasn't polite.

I slipped my right hand down and around his body from behind. I moved across his waist and stilled my hand for a moment. You looked past him to me.

To me.

And, our gazes crossed.

You kept those brown eyes on me as I slipped my hand further down, towards your wetness. It moved passed your curls, into the wet warmth. It was just like touching myself. Yet, it was different.

It was so fucking different.

I began to rub against your clit. It was swollen, silky. I've never felt anything like it. You needed to come. I was just helping. It was just sex. It wasn't polite.

I rubbed harder and faster. You moaned harder and faster. He came quick and hard, his head dropping back onto my shoulder. But, I didn't stop. I kept rubbing, frantically. I couldn't stop. You came finally, your eyes slammed shut as you screamed your release, then intensity of the moment too much to bare.

After catching our breaths, he finally withdrew from you. I pulled him into a kiss. Watching you made me so wet again. I wanted him in me. I wanted him to fuck my brains out. To forget this all. I plunged my tongue into his mouth just like I wanted him to thrust into me.

Once I was sure he was getting excited again, I looked at you. You smiled, lazy lips parted in sated pleasure. I wanted to wipe that smirk off your damn face. An idea came to me.

I knew.

I knew how to fuck him, to please him in a way you'd never would. I looked down at his crotch, and it was already getting hard again. It was stiff, but more than that it was slick. It was covered in you.

Talk about a mood killer.

I didn't want any part of you inside of me when he was inside of me. If it was you, you'd just get a pair of rubber gloves on and pat it off daintily with a fuckin' tissue.

Oh no, that wouldn't do!

I'd show you both how it was done. I grinned and lowered my head as I began to lick you all away from him.

Hours passed. Then, days and weeks. Our fucking sessions increased in frequency, increased in intensity. Until it was just you and me.


I was licking you. Your pussy was so wet. I did that. I made you writhe with your want. Your thighs held me in place as I sucked hard on your clit. I snaked a hand up, slipping my fingers deep inside you.

"Fuck me!" you cried as I added another finger. You were so tight around me, pulsing pleasure as I plunged. I moaned as you cursed and clawed at my back, your nails biting into my skin, your words biting into my heart.

I crawled up to you, swaying above you. I looked into your brown eyes, full of lust, full of love. I slid hard and fast against your thigh, pushing my sex against you, friendly friction helping me get closer and closer. I never felt anything like this. I am dying, and yet I never felt so alive.

Neither have you.

I can tell in the way you moan. I can tell in the way you pull me closer, deeper inside. I can tell in the way you beg me to kiss you. I can tell. I kiss you, pouring all my lust, all my love into it. Plunging my tongue in as fast as I'm plunging my fingers into you, as deep. You begin clenching around my fingers, crying out, "Oh God, Olivia. I love you!"

It's too much. I cannot wait. I moan long and deep as I come soon after, shuddering in your arms.

I lay there.

I lay there and just breathe. I hold your face in my hands and kiss you slowly, tenderly. I stare, and you stare. We stare. And, then I see it.

I see it.

You love me. So simple yet so profound. My heart is bursting, breaking. It's too much. It's not enough. I sob, shaking uncontrollably. I bury my head in your neck, hiding away for a moment's peace. When I stop crying, I look up at you.

I look up at you.

You are sad and smiling and so, so beautiful. I smile sadly back. "I'm dying."

"I know."

I don't think you get it. You don't understand. "I'm dying, Natalia." I shake my head in disbelief. "I could be gone tomorrow. Or next week. Or if they get me a damn heart in a year, in ten years. I need a heart."

"I know." You shrug in that adorable way. "But..."

"But?" I ask, hopeful for a moment.

"But, you're here now. With me. And, I'm in love with you. I love you, Olivia. You have my heart already. And, you're gonna be alive for twenty more years."

"Natalia." I take a breath, cradling your face again in my hands. I search for what I already know is true. "Somewhere along the way it stopped being about him and became all about you. Somewhere along the way, you became the woman I love." I kiss you, and you smile.

We lay there in each other's arms until the early morning, talking about nothing, talking about everything. Finally, we drift asleep. Me vulnerable and you oh so strong. Who would've know it?

I awaken to your gasp. I'm confused as you throw my clothes at me. Tiredly, I ask, "What's going on? What's the rush?"

You smile, a beautiful, brilliant smile that's all for me. "Let's go. They found you a heart."

I can't help but to grin as well as I stand up. We dress in silence. When we leave, I can't help myself. I give you a quick but loving kiss on those soft, supple lips of yours. You lace our fingers together, and I whisper, "Let's go start those twenty years."

The End

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