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Wandering Hands
By lazydevil69


Previously on Favour…by still_nina

The two women sprung apart guilty. "Ashlee, I-" Doris was trying to come up with an explanation for what had just happened, but since she had no idea and still hadn't quite managed to retrieve her happily wandering hands, finding the right words was entirely too difficult.

"Don't worry, mom, we're cool. Just – and believe me, I enjoy saying this – get a room." Ashlee was smiling brightly, oblivious to the shocked silence in the room; until Blake pushed herself away from the bar.

"You heard the girl. We need to find a room." Doris was still speechless, but let herself be dragged away by a grinning publisher.


They didn't hear anything more out of the usually wordy mayor, before the door shut behind her, Blake clearly on a mission. It wasn't until they heard an engine roar to life outside and the matching squeal of tires that the whole room erupted with laughter.

Eventually, Ashlee dragged Olivia over to Natalia, asking a hundred questions that both women happily answered. Their plan had worked; better than they could've hoped for.


Part 1

Blake drove like a maniac to Doris' house where she knew they would have some privacy. The ride was taut with sexual tension and you could almost touch the frustration they were feeling.

Blake glanced at Doris and took in the stunned expression, watching the hooded eyes trying to figure out what was going on and why they had kissed. She could also see Doris trying to work out why she'd returned the kiss as passionately as she had.

Doris hadn't thought about Blake in a sexual sense before and certainly didn't think that Blake Marler was 'sexually fluid' in normal life therefore this had to be a dream, surely.

Pulling into the driveway Blake parked the car and grinned slyly at Doris, "You coming?"

Almost choking on fresh air again Doris sputtered her reply quietly, "Not yet, but I might just after kissing you again for a few minutes!"

As soon as the front door slammed behind them, Blake pinned Doris against it, her lips and tongue teasing the other woman into submission, something she hadn't thought Doris would do easily as the normally dominant Mayor wasn't one to be cowed easily.

Doris finally let go of the tension holding her captive and chose to live the dream she was currently experiencing and allowed Blake control of the kiss.

Her wandering hands began a journey all of their own. Tracing her way down Blake's back, she cupped the other woman's cheeks and squeezed gently enjoying the firm, toned flesh in her hands. Cupping her hands around her rear Doris pulled Blake closer as the kisses intensified. Crushing them together from the pelvis upwards, Doris tried to regain control; she'd almost managed it when Blake pulled away.

Panting loudly Blake gasped; her need was evident in the tone that she used. "We need to take this upstairs Doris; now!"


Part 2

Doris reacted quicker than Blake could have ever imagined, grabbing her by the hand and almost dragging her to the stairs. A gentle shove on her backside propelled Blake up the first few steps before a giggling Doris gently cupped her behind and guided her to the right into her bedroom.

Those wandering hands were going to get her into so much trouble if she wasn't careful. The way they traced the contours of Blake's figure as they came to a halt inside the bedroom caused their blood to burn fire in their veins. They dallied at the supple length of her back, feasting on the feel of toned muscle under the soft silk of the shirt Blake was wearing, wishing they were somewhere around the front, aching to touch those succulent breasts.

Wandering further down Doris found her wayward hands yet again cupping Blake's bottom and squeezing gently. The motion made Blake moan into the kiss they were enjoying as Blake titled her head sideways to accept it, teeth clashing as she tried to speak. "Doris, you have to stop that, please, you're gonna make this happen too quickly if you don't." Blake panted as she pulled away to speak.

Quirking her eyebrows Doris just grinned and pulled the shorter woman closer, pelvis to pelvis, and pressed into her with the length of her body. "Oh, really Blake, I thought you'd be able to hold out longer than that?"

Almost undone when those wandering hands started moving her skirt further up her legs Blake could only gasp, "Doris, it's been a while for both of us, don't you think you could quit teasing and get on with it."

Smiling at the request, well more like demand, Doris moved her hands again while returning to the kiss, this time underneath the hem of the skirt and travelled north along the plane of leg presented to her. Raking her fingernails along the outside of Blake's thigh, she grinned into the kiss as she felt the full body shudder from her partner.

Blake almost fainted when she felt Doris drag her nails along her thighs and felt herself become completely soaked as the taller woman continued to move around to the inside of her thighs and travel closer to the well of arousal she desperately wanted her to drink from.

Doris knew from her own body's reaction that Blake was on the verge of needing release and could only grin at the thought. There was something powerful about being able to kiss a woman to the point of release with hardly anything else happening. Doris was understandably proud of her oral skills. She slowly guided them towards her bed and gently lowered Blake on to it without breaking their kiss.

Her hands were now almost at the apex of Blake's legs where she could feel the heat from the other woman. Her own arousal flared hotly as she dusted her fingertips over the other woman's underwear. Silk panties, which barely covered her, were drenched when Doris finally touched Blake. She moaned into the kiss as she gently moved them out of her way to allow her teasing touch to ghost over Blake's sex.

Blake was writhing and moaning below her in delicious agony. She desperately wanted Doris to drag her over into orgasm and relieve the pressure building in her but at the same time she didn't want this to stop. She was afraid that it would never happen again and she desperately wanted more of this happening regularly.

Bucking her hips, she encouraged Doris to touch her, to use those wandering hands of hers and enter her molten core. She moaned into their kiss as she felt Doris obey her silent command and drag her fingers through the short curls protecting her sex and into the wet heat she found between her lips and swirl them through her arousal.

Doris was in heaven, she had her fingers in the heat of another woman for the first time in ages and that woman was softly chanting her name. Her ego was doing back flips and her body was taunting her with her own arousal. She needed Blake to touch her, to relieve some of the pressure she was feeling. Smoothly pressing her fingers into Blake she revelled in the sensation of the muscles suddenly clenching against her fingers as they convulsed at the intrusion. Her own arousal was now flooding her panties and travelling along her thighs.

Blake seemed to remember that the other woman had desires too as her hands started to clench and knead Doris' bottom through her trousers. Squeezing and parting her cheeks Blake dug her fingers into the other woman, hard.

Doris almost leapt from the bed as a previously hidden desire was unintentionally fulfilled. She adored having her butt cheeks parted and gripped firmly while she had someone else writhing beneath her in ecstasy but had never been comfortable in verbalising that desire. Groaning loudly as she sucked her way down the column of Blake's throat Doris felt those deliciously long fingers travel around her body and snake between them.

'Looks like Blake has wandering hands of her own,' Doris chuckled to herself.


Part 3

Blake fumbled with the zipper to Doris' grey trousers and managed to pop the button clean off in her haste to get into the other woman's pants. She wasn't experienced in loving another woman but she did know what she liked and was determined to show Doris that this was a good idea and could be repeated regularly.

Finally able to thrust her hands inside the flimsy underwear she felt just how aroused Doris was and moaned, "Oh, Doris you feel so good." Tenderly brushing her fingers through the neatly manicured hair, Blake used her other hand to push Doris' trousers down out of the way.

Wiggling and using her free hand Doris helped in the removal of her underwear, which was quickly following the path of her slacks. She continued her soft ministrations inside Blake and felt the tiny flutters of impending orgasm as she moved her fingers over her g-spot. Finally parting their mouths Doris groaned, "Blake, I need you inside me, now!" She was panting from both her arousal and her impending orgasm.

Blake's wandering hands obeyed the command, entering the hot core of her lover, and revelling in the wet heat she found there. She now knew why it felt so good to have someone inside her as she moved her fingers further inside until she was buried knuckle deep inside the Mayor; the feeling was addictive.

Bucking at the gentle intrusion Doris claimed Blake's lips again and thrust her tongue into the other's mouth. Using her tongue as a guide, she taught Blake exactly how she liked someone else's fingers to move inside her. Always a quick study Blake followed the directions and on a whim decided to add another finger to the mix as she slowly withdrew and added her ring finger.

Her reward was a pelvic thrust, which almost broke her hips and a kiss that literally astounded her and a groan so loud that she could swear the neighbours two streets away heard. "Blake, you need to …uh, need… to… oh, yeah… that... you need to… keep doing that!"

Doris sucked on Blake's neck, having relinquished the kiss in order to breathe, she was sure that there would be a mark there later but part of her dirty little mind didn't care. Blake could wear it with pride, marked by the big bad Wolfe while having the best sex this year was something she thought the other woman wouldn't mind doing since the rewards were so ... well, rewarding.

Blake felt Doris mark her throat, too high to hide, and the fingers inside her move slightly faster. She wanted to watch her lover's face as she came so she dragged her free hand up the brunette's body and moved her face to where she could see it. "I want to watch you come," Blake announced quietly.

Doris had been under the impression that Blake would be first to orgasm but at those words she felt herself crash in waves as her orgasm took hold and plunged her over the edge into bliss. Blake followed her with a long, loud groan of satisfaction as she watched the piercing eyes above her close as her release crashed through her as those wandering hands achieved perfection.

Doris had barely recovered from her orgasm when Blake turned to her, grinning and laughing quietly, "can we do that again?"

"My God woman, you are insatiable, I didn't even know you liked women, never mind knew how to do what you just did." Doris replied unevenly, still trying to catch her breath.

"I don't like women Doris, I like you. I've always noticed you but you were always too busy to talk to me much. Now, can we do that again?" She repeated her request.

Doris grinned and rolled over on top of Blake, gently resting most of her weight on her elbows and tenderly kissed her. Slow, gentle caresses of her lips ghosted along Blake's mouth, cheek, and chin before roaming back to her mouth to escalate the kiss into something more passionate.

Her wandering hands took a journey all of their own and one found Blake's breast while the other moved to cup her face. Her kisses became more open mouthed as her tongue breached Blake's defences and duelled with hers. Blake moaned into the kiss and used her own hands to rake her nails down the length of Doris' back, knowing that she'd leave marks there for all to see if Doris wore a low cut top.

Blake's hands stopped at the juncture of Doris' lower back and caressed gently, "Doris, I want to try something I've never done before, will you let me?" She whispered.

Almost breathless again with desire and desperately turned on again, Doris cautiously replied, "well, that all depends on what it is?"

Blake grinned; she just knew that Doris would like what she wanted to do...

The End

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