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Under Her Control
By itsalovestory


The fabric was silky and soft against the skin of her wrists. Her eyes were covered, keeping out the little bit of light in the room. She was nude and spread open, waiting to be ravished, devoured. Every other sense was heightened. Every whisper of warm air across her skin caused goosebumps to awaken. Every dirty phrase hummed into her ear made her sex swell with desire. Every teasing touch became torture as she could not move; she could only wait.

Slow moments passed until she was taken.

By her.

She felt agile fingers slip through her wetness and slide up into her. Like petals, her silken flesh parted and bloomed. She gasped, "Oh baby...fuck!"

Her lover growled into her ear, "That's right, my love. Nobody can fuck you like I can, can they?"

The restrained woman grunted in response, "No...nobody...only you....oo-ohh God."

"That's right." Straight, white teeth bit at her earlobe and then took the tender flesh into their owner's mouth. "You're mine." She sucked on the flesh, flicking her wet tongue out and tracing it along her lover's ear.Olivia sighed as her lover plunged slow and deep into her. "All yours." Natalia giggled, dimples showing. She withdrew her fingers and wiped her lover's wetness on her breasts. "Now let me show you how much you belong to me. You want that, don't you?" Natalia leaned down, biting Olivia's engorged, wet nipple.

Olivia hissed as her hips rocked against Natalia, "Yes! Take me!"

No more words were spoken.

Natalia suckled Olivia's breast while she pinched the other breast's nipple in time to her sucking. Her nipples grew dark and plump as blood rushed to the aroused area. Her tongue flicked rapidly against the puckered flesh, giving Olivia a preview of what was to come.

Fingertips trickled down Olivia's body once again, teasing her soaked, short hairs. Natalia gasped as she glided into Olivia again. It amazed her that even after all this time, Olivia was so wet, so willing to be taken by her. Olivia began to pant and groan as Natalia took more and more control, more of her, all of her.

Kissing her way down Olivia's body, Natalia felt Olivia's stomach muscles flutter and her pussy tighten around her fingers. She plunged a fourth finger inside. Olivia's hips thrashed frantically as she pleaded silently for more, for all.

Suddenly, Natalia twisted her hand and entered her completely, filling her up. She breathed in her lover's scent, her nostrils flaring and her mouth watering in anticipation of the sweetness that awaited her. Natalia turned her hand inside Olivia, feeling as though she could feel her womb, feel the very center of her lover. She lowered her head and quickly sucked Olivia's stiff, swollen clit into her mouth, humming with passion.

Olivia began to moan louder and louder, pulling her hands against the silk holding them. Her head thrashed side to side, her eyes still covered by the blindfold, but clearly seeing everything, feeling everything Natalia had to offer.

With her free hand, Natalia's finger began to tease Olivia's most intimate flesh. It traced around the rim, and then inside, Olivia's wetness easily allowing Natalia's finger to slip into her.

Her lover was close. Her lover was begging through her body. Her lover was taken. Her lover was under her control.

Natalia licked Olivia's clit, pushing her tongue harder and faster against the hard pearl. Natalia fucked Olivia's pussy, moving her fist deeper and quicker in the ever tightening and wetter hole. Natalia fingered Olivia's ass, thrusting her finger in and out, in and out.

Olivia's pleasure built and built until her body could take no more. Coming apart in a rush, Olivia screamed out, cumming hard and long. Olivia was controlled by Natalia and always would be.

The End

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